The Word of God over the nations and their leaders (2017.12.19)

The Word of God[1] over the nations and their leaders

The Word of God at the feast of Saint Hierarch Nicholas[2]

I come near you and I prove that I am near you by the voice of My mouth, by My word, sons, who receive and share My coming to you. However, I come near you with the saints, well sons, for they get very much impatient when the days of their feast come, and I see and put them near Me into the book with you with My entire word and theirs.

The Christian people is having a feast of saints today, and the heaven is having the joy of today too for My hierarch full of Holy Spirit, the one kneaded by the work of the Holy Spirit to be My chosen vessel, God’s support on earth, the hierarch Nicholas, for I, the Lord, have always sought for the support with man, because it is very much to be worked and fulfilled, and I have no one to work with on earth if man has departed so much from Me, from the Lord, and the Holy Spirit can no longer find its nest, and by working, to raise a Christian people, God’s people, just as in the beginning of My church I was building a Christian people for My kingdom.

Sons, sons, those who are called Christians, do they really know which is the messenger sign, the sign, which indicates that a man is a Christian? Oh, rarer and rarer are those who understand what would indicate that they are Christians, that I can work with them in order to rely on them on earth. Those who make their steps to a Christian life have to know from the Scriptures the work of the receiving of the Holy Spirit, and which goal they are to look for.

Oh, it is easy to be written on earth that you are Christian, that you are baptized and ready to work with God and to rely on the Lord with His much work. The speaking of the Holy Spirit in the man’s mouth, this is the sign and the goal, which the man is supposed to look for a Christian name and life, and if this search is not in the Christian’s life, then he will not receive the Holy Spirit, Who proves that those who choose this are Christians.

My today’s teaching over those who seek after My word here at the spring, from where I, the Lord, take and preach My coming and its work, oh, this clear teaching I am giving now to those who desire to know about it, and by which they can measure the shortage of their Christian life, the lack of the Holy Spirit, Who works all things and make them grow in man, or they can also measure the Lord’s fruit in them, the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the fruit of the Christian life, if it is working.

I have a great example for the understanding of the teaching of today; I have the hierarch Nicholas, on whom the Holy Spirit worked and confirmed him with this bearing of God gift, under which he sheltered and hid, for he humbled himself very much and in secret he gave help to the people tested by temptations and weaknesses, for the Holy Spirit is humble and He has life, work of grace and power to raise many from sin only in those who deny themselves and in those who are humble.

Oh, this is how I built My church in its beginning, and I put the Holy Spirit as sign upon it, Whom those who were baptized received in them, and who spoke then by the Holy Spirit and proved out their resurrection, God’s sons, becoming Christians with My name, and by this sign and work from above, they became the sons of the Father and My brothers.

You, those who find the Lord by the spring of this word, you should know, sons, that your purpose has to be this: to receive the Holy Spirit and to work within Him, for the Holy Spirit in the working man puts out the longing from those that are earthly and sees through man to those that remain, and then He works them, being separated from the spirit of the world.

Oh, let no one boast or believe that he can be a Christian anyhow if he does not receive the Holy Spirit Who proves him as God’s son. It would be enough deception for man, and it would be better for him to start with his seeking and receiving of the Holy Spirit, but without self-denial or without cross, oh, let no one follow My steps, for this is what I have asked from those who seek after the Lord, lest they may seek in vain if they start otherwise.

And now, oh, it is your day among the saints, humble and mysterious disciple with your work of mercy and awakening for the Lord, and the work of help of those who are oppressed by trials and temptations. Oh, sit down next to your Lord, Whom you followed within great humility, with much self-denial, because that is why you had the work of a son, of great servant with the Holy Spirit among people. You had much, much decency, and this because you saw yourself a limited and humble man for this, and the Holy Spirit worked great miracles and signs by the grace that shadowed you from your love of God and of neighbors, for you wanted to live and dedicate your life for others. Come now; put your word into My book of today. Amen.

Oh, Lord, my Shepherd and Teacher, like the psalmist, I can also say from heaven for Your work with me on earth in the time of my body, that I was small, I felt small among Your brothers of that time, serving You and preaching God, but You sent Your angel and anointed me with Your oil and You were well pleased with me, Lord. The more I hid from the face of those who were big and small, the more You brought me forward and ordained me as a great shepherd and I have remained to a great memorial into the midst of the Christian people. I loved You without knowing how small I was, and then I loved You more and more, and I suffered for You when Your enemies wanted to speak about You according to the language of their mind foreign from the Holy Spirit. I stood surety for Your truth and I was punished for that, but by my punishment from the right ones, as they thought of themselves when it was to judge my cause, You raised me more and more, and You took me out of the pressure and gave me Your book to put into the Christian hearts as it is and as it requires of the Christian man to be. I was always modest before You and before the people, but love and mercy prompted me to those without protection, to those who were weak and deprived of everything, and if I had, then I gave them according to their needs. I held nothing for Me but You alone, Lord, oh, and who was as rich and free as I was for You?

I was a true Christian even since I was born and until I arrived at You, up there, Lord. Oh, let the Christians look into my life[3] and humble themselves, because I also was humble, and I did not look for anything for me, but even more I disposed of all my possessions inherited from my fathers, and as a good steward, I gave them all and relieved many tears with them, and I wiped out many tears and stopped people from sinning as well.

Lord, I want to speak today about the weakness of those without God, who look for money and money again for them in all the days of their lives, and who do not know what they do, poor of them, and they do not know what money is. Money is the biggest enemy of the man’s soul, the greatest danger of his life and peace, and it is worse than the devil, with greater power against man when the man sells himself selling his neighbor on money, for the lie was worked even from the very beginning, and it has not died and all serve it, and it is the devil’s daughter, the man destroying tool even from paradise, when man was still there.

Money is the tool, which takes the man’s eye and mind, and it is the deadly enemy of the man’s soul. Oh, only if the man knew what is hidden behind this face, by which he buys and sells, and everything to sin, for this is what the money handling means; oh, the man would give everything to live the poorest life, his cleanest days, and he would flee from money even faster than the devil, for the money is the devil’s trap by which the devil sees the man’s heart; he sees the longings and the desires in man, which are born through money, but the man, poor of him, too, does not know what he holds in his hand and pocket and how much he worships it, for money is the king the human kind is subjected to, but people do not believe this. However, I had given the use of the money to a holy purpose and I overcame the devil and escaped from the bonds of death, as behold what kind of death the money brings about on earth! The lie is sold on the earth, only the lie, for the truth is not for selling or buying, but is to be lived within it and it is to be worked on earth, and especially its seed is to be sown in order to be multiplied to the salvation of many from the poisonous lie of soul and life.

Oh, Lord, this was my thirst in heaven, to be able to tell everyone to flee away from this trap, that all may escape from it who know that will remain with nothing, those who do not deny themselves on earth to be able to follow You and to deny of the work sold to the money and its lawlessness.

And I am bowing humbly now, for Your goodness, and I am coming into Your book of today with my longing, to tell those who take my advice and to deny of themselves like me, and I was able to be Your true son and great servant within the Holy Spirit in my time on earth. Amen.

Oh, bishop servant, oh, who is freer of himself on earth? All the nations and all the rulers over the people, all fight to have peace, to be peace, but they make weapons to defend the peace in their land, and I am telling them this: It is not possible to be peace, for peace is in heaven and when it comes, it comes from heaven.

You, countries and nations, hear the Lord, for He is speaking to you! Do not defend your countries, not you, not your peoples, but rather defend the peace among nations, so that the Lord may see and protect your country and that He may come and tell you in time of trials: peace to you! When you want to forsake about God, oh, so much the more, I, the Lord, come and remind you that you are people, and that you are weak in times of trial, and that only the Lord can truly come to your help and be victorious for you and for your peace.

Oh, all your possessions will be destroyed. Do you hear? What will you do then without the Lord, without the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man? Oh, only I, the Lord, only I can remain for you and near you in times of sufferance and unexpected temptations when they come. (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.)

You, countries and nations, I call you to My peace upon you. The Lord calls you. His love, and yours for Him then, this brings your peace and all the good and eternal care for those who love the Lord. Oh, do no longer fight to be gods. Pride is not good. It draws you to destruction, not for greatness. Those who die are no gods. Only God does not die, only I, oh, peoples and leaders over the nations.

I open up My arms to receive you, to protect your nation and country, to comfort you in My Spirit.

I will stop you from making wars. Do you want Me to tell you how I will do this? Oh, no! You will understand by yourselves and will see that you are humans and man is weak and this only for the Lord to be strong and right and to be King over the creatures, and you to be those on whom I will have had mercy and comfort, after I, the Lord, will look with favor to you, and all, all the Scriptures, have to be fulfilled, as it is written in them, for I, the Lord, am the beginning and the end, I am the Alpha and the Omega, I and only I. I am, behold, in the end too, and I will work with the man to establish My kingdom on earth, as it is written about this truth.

Oh nations, hear the Lord! Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

You can see more documents containing the Word of God here:

[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.


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