The Word of God about the false prophet and the ecumenism (9)

The Word of God about the false prophet and the ecumenism (9)

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The false prophet, who rises from everywhere and announces peace between Me and the man who has always sinned, this false prophet is the reward for the man’s works who has departed from God, because it is written: «For when they announce peace, then My wrath will suddenly come and will catch them all under it». (See also 1 Thess. 5:3) The false prophet has arisen and set himself as peacemaker between God and the man who has always sinned serving the idols of this age, which are: eating and drinking, marriage and giving in marriage, and all that come out of these as the fruit of the tree of death. The false prophet pretends to be God’s friend before the people, but I expose him and tell him that he is not My friend, but he is My enemy instead, like the first man, who overthrew My chair from him so that he may stay and eat of the forbidden tree, the tree of death, which killed the man.

I will get up and deliver the word of My truth against the lying man who pretended to be My friend serving the idols of the age, wishing, he says, to shake up even those who serve Me with their lives. I will take then My word and I will sent it to all the margins and to all the rulers of the people’s souls and bodies on earth, to let them know about the work of the false prophet, the one with a Christian mantle, and I will utter the truth about his work with a hidden face, the work of the antichrist, the one who is coming ahead of Me, and who is a thief and a sheep robber, and whose voice is not like My voice and whose life is not like My life. I will deliver My word over all the earth for those who are clean who are waiting for My coming watching and I will tell them: «Let us stand well, let us stand with fear and take heed!», as My the deliverance is with those who are afraid of God. Amen, amen, amen. Once again it will be heard this angelic word: «Let us stand well and in fear and be attentive to the Lord’s voice, at the Lord’s coming!» I will come like the lighting which is seen from east to west. I will come when no one expects Me to come. I will not come when the man wants Me to come; rather I will come as it is written about My coming, when no one expects Me to come, and I will give each one according to his own deeds, and it will not be otherwise. Then the false prophet will tear his lying garment for shame, as he stole the shape of My garment and hid under it, under a lying garment, as this is not his garment. His garment is a garment of many colors and it is perfumed so that it may not smell from underneath it, and it is not My anointing upon his garment, for My too sweet smelling myrrh is for the saints, not for the sinful ones who hide their sins in order to seal the hearts of the people and to lead them astray from the way of the truth which is coming near on earth at the same time with the coming of My word with the saints and angels and with days of holy feasting on earth. Which is this feasting? It is My word and it is called a holy feasting on earth. Amen.

Let it be wakefulness on the way of My word which is being prepared for its deliverance upon the antichrist’s work, with a hidden face. Amen. And you, angels and archangels, go and pick up the holy ones and give them from the feast of My word to make o feast of My wedding table, for look, I am coming, and My food is with Me to give to the one who is hungry after Me. Amen, amen, amen.

I come into you and I remember through you what a war was seven years ago, starting on the day when I placed through you My cross over the garden from you. The priests and bishops got scared, people and devils as well, as though the truth of My cross, which I carry with you between earth and heaven, was frying them. Then they started a war against Me and against you, and here, their war has not come to an end yet. Let them wage the war as it is written: «The stone will come back to its place», for «He who takes the sword will die by the sword». Their war is without a heavenly mind as they fight against you from earth. If they saw that they could not turn into a lie My work of a New Jerusalem with you, they got up to believe in the mystery of the New Jerusalem on earth as well, and to make, they said, as you make and I make with you, to make a New Jerusalem from what they have: from wood, stones, from people who sin enormously, from eating and drinking and money from all and everywhere. But the money is the eye of the devil, the measure of the devil, the rope which the devil measures his kingdom upon the people with, for My measure is the Holy Spirit, My eye which I measure the holy man with to make him a New Jerusalem and a rock of the church and peace between man and God.

Behold, I will deliver My word and will proclaim Myself victorious by it with you, and I will announce My plan and course and My house, and his house, of My enemy who is fighting against you because of Me.

Lift up before Me a worship of praise for this day of remembrance of the beginning of the holy war between you and the people of the church from the world, together with the rulers of the earth who serve without knowing the thing of the antichrist, which sits in a holy place to devastate the way of holiness, the thing of the church, which was let upon the sons of the church: fasting and prayer, not interfering with the spirit of the world, and the humble humiliation before Me. But I overcome him with the breath of My mouth and I raise My word above all and say: “Peace to those who serve to My commandments in fear of God and with a holy love”, and to those who sin and sit in My name, they say, over the people, I declare war to them, amen, for I have opened the trial case of the nations and My word is the judge. Amen, amen, amen.

Sons, prepare the way of My word, prepare the peace of My word upon you; prepare a dwelling for the Holy Spirit in you to be with you forever. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the Saints Archangels Michael and Gabriel, from 21–11–1998.


I come into My garden made out of you, the country of pain, but also the country of comfort from the Lord. I come and proclaim Myself on and on with My day of victory through you over all the earth. I come for you cried a lot and you are still crying a lot. The antichrist was cunning; he has caught up with the news about My plans with you, land of Romanians, and antichrist has never had peace and worked out from son to son to have you, because you are full of My ornaments, placed over you since My birth and your birth. The Father brought us both to into the world once. He made you a new people, and He made Me your Beginner and Savior all the time. Oh, you are full of hypocrite sons who are selling you to My enemies for nothing, for they will remain with nothing; not even with you for I will take them out of you. I get up in the word and proclaim Myself as the Judge over the false prophet who put his head into you so that you might belong to him and to make use, he says, of your blessing and ornaments that you have from Me upon you, country full of gifts. A little while and I will utter the antichrist judgment in you, and then I will fulfill. Amen, amen, amen.

I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, come down into My garden and make Myself a feasting of work for My mother, the one forever a Virgin, who was a door to Me from heaven to earth in order to accomplish the work of My Father, Sabaoth.

Oh, mother, mother with pain like Me, your heavenly Son! No one on earth bore a son from heaven, none but you, for I came down from heaven in you. I was the word of the archangel who came down from heaven and spoke to you about Me, and the word became flesh in you so that I may be born a man from the Virgin, and the word became man. Who else became man as I did from the heavenly word and from a virginal body? I could do nothing by Myself; however, all that I hear from My Father that is what I am doing. I become a clean body out of a clean body. All that I make, I make them from My Father, and I make them by the word and then I bring them into view. This way I have been working forever and ever, until today. And today, what work I make out to bring it into view? Today I am preparing Myself upon the garden to proclaim Myself as the Judge over the false prophet who put his heads into My country full of gifts of the holy faith, which are in it from Me and from the fathers. This is written in the Scriptures of My coming: «An angel standing in the sun cried out a powerful word to all the birds which fly high into the sky: “Come and get together to Most High God’s supper! Come and eat the bodies of the kings, the bodies of the chiefs, the bodies of the braves, the bodies of the horses and riders, the bodies of those that are free and of the slaves, the bodies of the small and great, for the beast and all the kings of the earth with their hosts got together to make war against the One sitting on the throne, on a white horse, with a host. But the beast was slain and with it the false prophet which was making miracles before the beast with which it deceived those who wore the mark of the beast worshipping its image. These both were thrown alive into the like of fire where brimstone is burning, and the others, were killed by the sword which was getting out from the mouth of Him sitting on a white horse. And all the birds were filled with their bodies.”» Amen.

Oh, Son Emmanuel, the pain of a mother is the most painful, but the people on the earth do not know what mother means, truly mother. The people call mother the woman who gives birth to the man from the fruit of death, from the tree of death, of which God told the man: «You shall not eat of this tree man, for you will die when you eat!» Oh, Son, the man did not know what this word of Yours was, which You told the first man built by Your hand, that You were the word of the Father, the hand of the Father and the Father’s Spirit.

The church on the earth does not want to be mother. Here it is its sin: the church in your endless country has taken after those who are foreign to You. People with a beastly heart have arisen and set themselves as great over the churches and said that the Holy Spirit does what He wants and He does not ask You about what He does, and that He blows wherever He wants. People with beastly hearts have arisen, dear Son, and they have spoiled the dogma of the godhead and said that the Holy Spirit of the godly Trinity works in secret and separated from You. Behold, this is the heresy before Your coming, the heresy by which people with beastly spirit have come in the country of Your word. However, You separated Yourself from the human church on the earth, for You have always warned it not to make any heresy through the man who came and declared denial of the faith from the fathers, and he called this denial of the Christian church “ecumenism,” because the beast has come by an earthly force, that is with money, to buy the one who has got its faith from the fathers and as in the time of Your crucifixion, it has also come to Your selling with money today, Son. You separated Yourself with the Spirit from the church on the earth and which is earthly and not heavenly. You have separated Yourself, Son, sold on money, for the church has come to be heretic, and it is written into the Scriptures: «After the first and second admonition depart from the heretic one, knowing that a man like this has turned away and fallen into sin, being alone condemned by himself».

The church has separated itself from the saints and fathers and does the will of the false prophet, who serves the beast with its hidden heads. In vain it calls itself “one holy and apostolic church;” it is in vain, Son of the Father and mine, it is vain that it says so. Instead of having no pain, no sadness and not sigh in heaven, Your apostles cry in heaven. Son, Your apostles of two thousand years cry. The disciple You loved is also crying; the apostle John, which wrote the prophecy of Your coming with New Jerusalem on earth. Your disciple is crying too, Son, and he is saying now what he said at that time. This is what he said then to the church: «Whoever goes onward and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, has not God; and if anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your house and do not give him any greeting, for he that gives him greeting partakes in his evil works». (2 John 1:9–11) Behold, this is what John spoke to those who are Your church, Lord, my Son.

Oh, there is sufferance, sadness and sighing in heaven, because Your name has been sold on money for two thousand years and to this very day, from the Jews and up to Your coming. However, I am aggrieved and as I am, I enter into the church on the earth, which has spoiled its name. I come in, Son, for the church of today needs to know what the feast of today means, which is called Christian: the entrance of the Lord’s Mother into the church. Two thousand years ago, I entered as a three-year old child to prepare myself in the Holy of Holies for the day of the salvation of the human kind, for Your birth on earth, heavenly Son. And now, I am coming again mother and I speak like a mother over Your living church so that the lifeless church may take from it and hear what the word “mother” means, for the pain of a mother is the most painful among pains, but the people on earth do not know what a mother means, a real mother. The people call mother the woman who gives birth to a man of the fruit of the tree of death, of which God told the man not to eat. However, who understands this mystery in the church, Son? (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman[1]”, r.n.)

Oh, it was written from the beginning: «The woman will bruise the head of the serpent, and it will bruise her heel». (Gen. 3:15) I get up like a mother for her heavenly Son, and I sit next to You and next to those on earth who are Your living church, a living mother for the human people, to bruise the head of antichrist, as I bruised it two thousand years ago, when I was a door for Your coming to the people. And today we are working again to have a door between heaven and earth, a living church out of living hearts, which has settled itself as a new beginning, a new foundation, a New Jerusalem, a mother church, a church with mercy and sufferance for the human people, for the human people is Your longing of seven thousand years, Son coming out from heaven to earth once, and then once again, with thousand of thousands of saints, as the prophecy of the Scriptures for this time of the end is, for all have come to an end.

My speaking with You will come into the worldly church, and it will come through the sons of today, who are Your chosen ones from among people so that they may hear You as word over the earth, for You come, because everything has come to an end. Amen, amen, amen.

– May you be blessed by all of the faithful and unfaithful nations, mother Virgin, My mother who come into the church by the word of Your son, to speak up heresy over the work of the church, which was to be a mother for My faithful children, to grow them for Me. Behold a heresy which people call “ecumenism,” a heresy which drove the stake through the Romanian country, My country from the beginning and from the end, because I made the man out of it, and I make the man out of it again, New Jerusalem, but I do not work like man, who wants to become Jerusalem out of sinful people, and I work like God instead, Who makes New Jerusalem out of living and holy people, who live My living between heaven and earth.

Sons of My garden, I come soon and I leave a book with you over the false prophet who bows before the beast, the harlot of Babylon, and this has nothing between Me and it. Sons, prepare My peace in you, prepare My coming down and the day when I will be glorified over the earth by this word: the judgment of antichrist, the false prophet, who comes before Me, for it is written: «Whoever goes onward and does not remain in the teaching of Christ, does not have God».

Sons from the garden prepare My way on earth; prepare the day of the marking with My holiness for the little house over the hill, a day on which I will be proclaimed on earth by the glory of My word, for I have sent a book to the false prophet who sits hidden under the robe of My church. I have delivered upon you this work and I will do it, for I am not a lying God. No one wants to help Me on earth and I have no one to stretch out My hand by over the church from the world so that someone may cling to the skirts of My garment, someone who still might have a clean heart and an intact mind. I am working with you, for no one wants to help Me; however I, the Lord, did My duty and cried out and prayed far and wide to be opened so that it may also be found for Me a voice which cries out to people for they to repent. But now it is finished! All are finished! We are working hard as there is no one to come and join to our heaviness as everything is finished. Man is finished and God in man as well, and I have no one on My side and with My pain.

Let us get up sons and let you receive My deliverance, My book upon the false prophet, the antichrist, who comes ahead of Me to thwart, he says, My coming of today. I will help you. We will follow the line and show the work of the antichrist, the beast with its hidden heads; however, I will overcome him with the breath of My mouth and it will no longer be. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Mother Entrance the Church, from 04–12–1998.

[1] You can also see on:!AN8ggIiZ!AAss33OU6Izfhc_7GKmET4Hy4dpIxHPV8mS7DicAhzs



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