The Word of God about fasting and almsgiving (5)

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The Word of God about fasting and almsgiving (5)

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Today, the church of the world has it written on it from the saints and from the parents the Sunday’s celebration of the holy cross, the half period of the time of the great feast for the welcome of My crucifixion’s celebration and of My resurrection for the man. Who shall I speak to about the fast? What does the world know about this power? For the fasting has power in man; it is not weakening in man. This is My word written in the Scriptures: «Is this really a fast pleasing to Me, a day for a man to afflict his soul; to bow down his head as a rush, and to spread sackcloth and ashes under him? Is this the day that you call a fast and acceptable day to Me? They look for Me every day because they want to know My ways, as a people who works My righteousness, as a people who turn off from God’s law». Oh, this is not fast, when the man does not eat good food or not to eat it at all; it is not only this that means fast. Fast means the love for God and people. Fast means to have and give all that abounds you, for you have from God and not from you. There are people full of riches and keep fasting days. Oh, the rich who fast this way do not know; no one is to tell them what the fast means. The rich man, who does not fast from the riches, does not reach with his mind the secret of the fast. The rich do not fast, and he does not know this truth. The rich man does not fast and does not know this truth. As the poor does not fast, the same way is with the rich man, but neither of them knows what the secret of the fast means. But who are they who fast?

The spirit of God’s wisdom is coming on the earth to teach the people the truth of the words. I am the Lord, and I dwell in the heavens, and the heavens speak about God’s glory; they speak about God’s truth. What are the heavens? The heavens are the saints who lived and live worshipping God. Who are those that fast? They are those that dedicate their life to God, to the saints and to those like Him. They who dedicate their lives to God and to those that are pleased to God, are the people who fulfill God’s Scriptures and God’s wills, between the heaven and the earth, and they work the mystery of the work of the fasting.

Who has to fast? The one who does not fast, that one needs to fast. What does it mean that the man should fast? The man who does not fast is the man who violates God’s commandments, and not the man who eats. The one who violates God’s will in him, that one may not eat as long as he wants not to eat, but I tell to such a man that he does not know what fasting is.

What does it mean a man who fasts? That one does God’s good in his body; that one puts this good before the people to be seen for making wise many who want to learn the mystery of the church, the mystery of Jesus Christ, the bread of the godly man; that one shares his bread with the one hungry of bread, for there is no greater compassion between heaven and earth as then when you teach and make a man to get used to eating bread from heaven, for this is what I said: «I am the bread which is coming down from heaven to the life of the people». Amen.

Truly, truly I speak to you, Israel: the poor and the rich do not fast. The people do not know the truth of these words, poor and rich; for according to the human mind, the poor is the one who does not have, and the rich is the one who has everything. But according to the godly mind, the poor is the one who does not want to have those that are useful to the soul, to have God as wealth, glory, joy and contentment, and the rich one is he who has from God to give to those without earthly worries and who cares for the heavenly ones for him and for the people that worship God. When you do not have and do not eat, this does not mean that you fast. When you do not want to have, this it means fasting from those that are and are not for the everlasting life. Behold what fasting is: when you have everything and you do not use them, but rather you manage them for those who serve God and the saints of God, that means worshipping God and fasting for God, fasting for those who fast, and sacrificing for those who fast, not for the poor who do not eat because they do not have and who would eat everything and would do everything if they had, like the sinful world. My poor ones are others than the poor of the earth. The poor of the heaven are one thing and the poor of the earth are another thing. The rich people of the heaven are one thing, and the rich people of the earth are another thing.

Oh, My people, the people do not know the truth of the words. The spirit of wisdom of God is coming; it is coming from heaven on to the earth to teach the people the truth of the words. Not the one who fasts from food is a fasting and humble man before Me. The humble man of God, the fasting man, is the man who worships Me with his mind, with his heart, with his soul and with his virtue, loving God with these of his.

Oh, sons of the garden of My word, who are a gate for Me between heaven and earth! Discern well the mysteries of these words, so that the Israel may teach from Me through you, as these words are deep, and Israel gets confused by them. Worshipping God is a great mystery. Let the man bow before God and stay like this under God’s will and let him stay this way in love, not only with humbleness, as the true humbleness is the love of God. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the Holy Cross. The feast of the forty holy martyrs from Sevasta (Sebaste), from 22–03–1998. (On Calameo)


I, the Lord Jesus Christ, cry out to you: wake up! Amen. Wake up your spirits, turn the Spirit of God back into you and live in a heavenly way for My coming. I establish My people of today to keep the fasting of the Lord’s coming and live before Me as the first man in Paradise, that I come to give an eternal life to those who came before Me with fasting and watching for My coming. Pull aside from My anger, for I am coming with fire and brimstone for those who denigrate My name among the nations. Get under My mantle so that I may forgive your estrangement from Me. Come towards the joy which will remain on earth with those pleased to Me, for I come to roll the heaven up and to renew the earth and to give it as an eternal inheritance to those who live My righteousness on earth. Open your Scriptures and read them about My coming which is about to fulfill soon, soon. The antichrist and his angels are ready to deceive all the nations on Christ’s coming, a coming invented by the lie of the antichrist. The time rolled itself up and there is no more time for unbelief, for the scythe of the antichrist is coming to gather together for the fire all those who did not love God by their living.

Excerpt from the God’s Trumpeting and of the Holy Verginica over the town of Pucioasa and over those in her house. Healing Spring Feast, from 24–04–1998.


Woe to the man who spoils My words, and that one has as food the tree of death, the forbidden tree, the tree, which stops the man from walking on God’s way, and the man, subjected to death bears fruit. The man who bears man from the woman is a man that eats of the tree of death, as the first man did, losing the life of Eden, the life without sin. I said this to the man: «Of every tree of the heaven you may freely eat, but from this you shall not eat: for you will die when you eat». But the man ate and has no longer had eternal life from that moment on; and since then, the man that came out of the man has always been eating from the tree of death; and the man is a tree of death, the fruit of the forbidden tree, the tree, which God told the man about: «You shall not eat of it!». But I said to My apostles: «Not all know this mystery, but only those that it is given from God to know».

Oh, the man fled from the gift of the eternal life, and I came two thousand years to pay for him before My Father, so that I may give the man life if he wants it. But today the man flees from this gift likewise, as the man loves the fruit of the tree of death, the man loves the woman and does not love God. But who knows this? Who is to tell the people what they eat and what they feed on? Who is to tell them about the tree of life, which was let on earth from heaven, so that the man may come to resurrection and then to the tree of the eternal life? The resurrected man is the man who does no longer sin, receiving in him the angels. My word is an angel sent from heaven upon the people to let them know about My coming after two thousand years, after seven thousand years.

Oh, sons of the people, hear! My word of today is called the seventh angel into the Scriptures, I and My word. Oh, sons of My people, everything has come to an end! I fulfilled all My mystery written in the Scriptures. Everything has come to an end! I have nothing for you anymore. I sent all that I had to send for your coming back. I sent upon you the last calling, the voice of the seventh angel, My word of today, served by the angels. Hear what the Word said: everything has come to an end! Amen, amen, amen. I have sent from beginning to end everything that was written to for the man. And everything that I had to do for the man’s salvation came to an end. Now a reward for each deed is written into the Scriptures. Amen.

The false prophet, who arises from everywhere and proclaims peace between Me and the man, who goes on sinning, this false prophet is the reward for the deed of the man departed from God, as it is written in the Scriptures: «When they will speak peace, then My wrath will suddenly come and will catch everyone under it». The false prophet arose and posed as the reconciler between God and the man that sins on and on worshipping the idols of this age, which are: eating and drinking, marriage and given in marriage, and all that come out from these as the fruit of the tree of death. The false prophet poses oneself as God’s friend before the people, but I bring him to light and tell him that he is not My Friend, but rather he is My enemy like the first man, who overthrew My seat from him, so that he might seat and to eat from the forbidden tree, the tree of death, which killed the man. (See the selection topic: „The false prophet and the ecumenism”, r.n.)

Sons, prepare the way of My word; prepare the peace of My word upon you; prepare a dwelling of the Holy Spirit in you, to be forever in you. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God, at the Synod of the saints archangels Michael and Gabriel, from 21–11–1998.


Sons from the garden of My word, open My book from these days, for by it I teach the man the way to the eternal life, a life without death. I told you that I wanted to give a crown to those who know the truth of the words. I speak with you from heaven so that every man may hear My words from heaven, for I speak in heaven, and you hear Me from heaven. The heaven is My throne, the Lord’s throne, the eternal King’s throne, Who speaks on the earth, for He can.

Be attentive, you earth, for the One Who created you speaks over you. Amen, amen, amen. It is not the man, who rules over you, that created you, but rather I did, for I made all those that are. What man on the earth knows the truth of My words? What man knows which are those that are? Those that are, are those made by God. Amen. Let every man hear that everything he does is not. You should also hear, children of My garden, and you, children who live the holy law of My garden; and you also, those who take from My garden to eat and to settle into the life without death.

The life of the man dies and it always dies; it dies to the last drop, for the man does not know what life is; the life that does not die. The man owes the life and does not seek to pay his debt. The life in the man is from Me, and the man gives it over to the devil? How can he not give it to him, if he does not know that he owes God for his whole life in him? It is not the life, which the man has in him, that means life in the man. That is the death in the man, the flesh, which lusts against the spirit. The soul is the life of the man; this is what life means. And behold, the life of the man dies, it always dies, for the man does not know which his life is, and does not know to dedicate it to Me, and to give it to Me.

I am your life, man. Your soul from your body is broken out of My breath of life. I gave it to you when you were created in the beginning, through the first created man. It is through him that every man has his own life, which does not die, for I am the One Who does not die. My breath of life from the man does not die as well, but the man is without mind and knows nothing, nothing. He does not know how to fast from death; he does not know not to eat death, and he does not know not to give to his soul to eat death. Oh, there is no man who knows what fasting is, the true fasting. He, who fasts on the earth, abstains from food. He, who fasts from food, that one fasts to be saved, or to be saved from the troubles what come upon him, or to get away from his enemies or illnesses, or in order do well in life and to those in his house. This is how the man knows about fasting. The man fasts for his own self, not for Me, for the one who fasts for Me, does no longer live for himself, but for Me and for those who take after Me.

Oh, you sons, who hear from heaven My word over the earth, the man does not have to live for his own self, and the one who does this, does not know what life is; the life that never dies. The man lives for his own self and for those that came out of him, and he does not live for Me. The man does not fast for Me when he fasts, but he fasts for himself instead, and he fasts for his own good. If the man fasted as the fasting is supposed to be, then he should no longer work as much as he does. If the man did not love the greed for those that were not, he would be happy within many eternal gifts. But the man runs and works for those that are not, and gives his soul for them, and his soul is from Me, by the first created man. Behold, this is how the man nourishes his soul.

I put the breath of life in the man created by My hand, and he pulled himself out from Me and withdrew into himself with all of My gift, with the breath of life that I gave him, as what I put in him, I did not take back, but I call the man to account for the gift of the life which does not die. The soul does not die, and it comes back to Me, but I call the man to account for those that he had done to his soul.

Man, tell Me what the word „fast” is, in order to give you a crown, if you know. Who is the one who knows not to be indebted to the science? For the man, after he pulled himself out of Me, stole his knowledge from God and knows, and he is indebted to the knowledge of God, if he does not know about it. I told the man to eat and not to eat, and I taught him what food was and what fasting was, but the man fell off the obedience and he has no longer known what obedience is. Obedience is fasting; it, and not as the man knows that fasting is. The one who does not listen can fast anyhow he wants for he does not fast for Me. The man has to fast from his wills, as he cannot keep My commandments for everlasting life otherwise. But the man on the earth does not know what the word „obedience” means, and he does not like to live for Me and not for his own self; for other and not for himself. The one, who lives for his own self, does not make life, either for Me or for anyone else, and not even for himself. The one who lives for his own self, that one remains in his wills and does not live, for he has nothing to live for.

The man pulled himself out from Me and withdrew into himself for disobedience, for immorality, for the will of his instincts that fell from the life, which does not die. The man who woke up against Me chose disobedience towards God and the immorality of his own instincts. Let the disobedient and immoral man no longer say that he loves Me and that he believes in Me and that he knows Me; let him no longer say such a thing, for he says it in vain, and he says it to himself, not to Me. The man listens only to himself and to his own instincts, which fell on the earth. And here is a question from heaven from God: who is the one who knows what fasting for God is? The man fasts from food if he fasts, but he does not fast from greed. The man does not fast from hatred, from worldly joy, from slander, from pride, from lust and from immorality. The man does not fast from worldly clothes, from riches, from avarice. He is greedy of all these when he fasts from food. Who shall teach the man what the truth of the word “fast” means? Behold, I come and I teach him.

Be attentive, earth, for the One Who created you speaks over you. It is not the man, who rules over you, that created you, but I created you, man, who set yourself as master over the earth. I told you to eat and not to eat. When I told you to eat, I also taught you what food and obedience were. Obedience means love and life, and disobedience means pride and death, and there between the two stand belief and disbelief. The one who believes in Me has eternal life, a life that does not die, and the one who does not believe in Me, is judged because of the deed of his unbelief. Soon, soon, I bring upon all the flesh the reward of disbelief, a right reward according to the deed, for the man has not liked to listen to the commandment of the life. Behold, the man made yes from no, and no from yes. I taught him what yes meant, and what no meant. I told him that obedience meant yes, and disobedience meant no, and when I told him yes, he said no, and this is what he did; and when I told him no, he said yes, and this is what he did. From that moment on the man had no longer known what fasting was. I had to come down from heaven then in order to show the man what fasting was. When I fasted from food, I said no to any kind of evil that came to draw Me to the kingdom of this world, and I said yes to the Father, for «in God all things are yes», as it is written.

When the man speaks to himself not to eat, he does not speak to himself about those of the world, but only about food, and this is not fasting for God. The women, which are immoral and made-up, naked and proud in the things of the world, they do also fast during these fasting days. And the same is with men; they also fast from food and do not know what fasting is, and others do not even want to hear about fasting from food at all, for if those who are over them do not walk in a godly way between heaven and earth, those under them do it likewise.

Sons, teachers on My behalf, be My mirror for those who have life, which does not die, and for those who look for My life with them. Be a mirror for those who have to see their soul and their body into the mirror, for I do not have any other mirror on the earth. The people have a mirror for them on the earth, but I have not. Be My mirror, so that the man may see My mirror! The man does not like My mirror, but I do not want to be blamed by the man that I did not come into his way to help him. I come soon with the reward that every man has earned, for the man is tired of iniquities. The joy of the lawlessness has been by now the reward of the man separated by God, but now it is otherwise, and it will be the pain of lawlessness, for the man did not say no to his own iniquities, but I will speak of it, and I will speak of it with pain and by pain, for I am tired of pain. The man is tired of lawlessness, and I, the Lord, am tired of pain. The man fell for food and debauchery and is oppressed in his heart by these, and I come like a thief and this is how I find the man, for the man does not watch and does not know My day. The one who watches does no longer have to know My day, for I am his day, and he is humbled for Me, and he stays before Me with his door opened, with his house cleaned, and with his heart from heaven, an illuminated place, a place with pasture, a life that never dies.

Behold, the people prepare themselves with those that belong to them for My coming; they prepare with taverns, with worldly delights, with hearts greedy of empty glory, with the work of their hands, which is the idolatry in the last days; human creations, which hold captive the mind, the heart, the spirit and the body of the man. These, even if they do no longer remember God and the days of fasting, all are in vain, for the faith in Me and the fasting from food do good only to those who forsook the darkness of this age, and not to the sons of this age. The sons of this age are those who are born of the man, and they do the things of this age, and the sons of God are those who are born from above, at My word, the preached word, and they do the things from above, not those from below, and they lift up those from below, to work for Me and for the plan of My coming in glory, My coming with My kingdom. Then the kingdom of the man will see its own darkness, and I, the Lord, will be the King over all those that are, over everything that I make to be, for that what I do remains, and it appears to those who are; it appears to those who have life that does not die, as I am.

When I became Man, it was not for Me that I did this, but rather for the man, and that is why I have life, which does not die, for I gave it over for the man. When the man lives for his own self, that one does not have life and does not give from it, for he says that he needs it, but when the man lives for Me, and for those who are Mine with their own selves, they give themselves over with their own life, and they have life and they are as I am, and they are through Me, and they are from above, for I am Who I am. Amen, amen, amen.

The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Lent, of the holy cross, from 14–03–1999. (On Calameo)