The Word of God about baptism (2)

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The Word of God about baptism (2)

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Amen, amen, I say to you, those faithful and saints of My new people: the time comes, but it has already come, for the heaven to celebrate with the people on the earth, the heaven together with the earth. Amen.

But who is My new people? Only he who is new can be people of the Lord, for it is written: «Those that are old will pass away with a great noise». Blessed are those who hear My word and get up to become sons in My people, in My new people, for only that one is My people. He who is not born again is a man among men; he is not a son among the sons of God. But the man of the world church, will say that he who is baptized in Christ, that one is a new man and a son among the sons of God. Oh, it is not so, you intelligent man that have knowledge of the things from above, it is not so. The new man is the one who is clean and born of heaven, from above, and the sons of the heaven are clean. What man that is baptized in Christ through water, spirit and blood, who among all that are baptized into My name, follow Me, like the apostles, the saints, the martyrs and all the clean sons who followed Me among the sons of the people? Who of those that are indifferent to the baptism and to the church and holiness in body and spirit, who of those are new people and a new nation? Oh, the one who is not born again, and born to remain afterwards, that one remains a man among men, and not a son among the sons of God. The sons of God are otherwise; they are those that even cannot die, for they are the sons of life, as it is written about in the Scriptures. Soon, soon, every man who is indifferent to the eternal life will see the people of the eternal life, for I will stay into its midst and I will make it shine with a great brightness and I will work according to its deed, and I will not work otherwise. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the Lord’s Mother, from 08–01–1998. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


The man on the earth does not want to have wisdom to understand what it means the birth of the man who wants to see God’s kingdom. The man’s birth from above is the holiness in man. If the sanctified man does not sanctify himself within his mind, his heart and body, then he does not have any birth in him. Men baptize men into My name in vain: in vain, if the baptized man does not serve Me after that. Behold, man does not want the birth from above.

I have come with a new word upon the earth to make sons for Me, sons born by the word to the obedience of faith. The men who have become teachers upon people for God, they hide the lamp under a bushel, for the light is holiness, which shines in man, because the holy man is My house, but the great who have set themselves over My house, blow into the light of My house, they blow against My saints, who are My church on the earth. (See the selection topic: The true church[1]”, r.n.) The wise man does not want to have holy wisdom, for the wise man loves sin, he wallows in it and gets dirty in it, like the child who relieves himself and then his mother washes him; his mother washes him of his dirt. The same is with man who gets dirty in sins and then he comes back to Me to wash away his dirt and to keep on cleaning him. Oh, the earth has been filled with the dirt of man’s sins, and it has to be burned with fire; it has to be, to make it clean and to make it new as a newborn baby. And I am going to work by word and fire, as I have come to cast fire on the earth. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire[2], r.n.)

Excerpt from the Word of God at the Feast of the forty martyrs from Sebaste, from 22–03–1999.


I am the One Who has been working over the earth from Creation to this day, and I will work further to accomplish all that was written about Me in the law of Moses, in the prophets and in Psalms. Amen. It is written into the Scriptures about the new birth of the world, about the making of the new man, after My image and likeness, and I fulfill and will fulfill it. Amen. The image of the new man is the revelation of the Holy Spirit put in the man by Me, shining from the man over every creature. And there will be one Lord, one faith and one baptism over every creature, for My word will go and baptize everywhere, as the waters of Jordan became holy by My baptism from John, and they made holy the nature of the waters from the waters in waters, from margins to margins, from heaven to earth, from above the heaven and down beneath the earth, for I was the One waited by every creature, and I fulfilled the prophecy which says: «The Lord will shake once again, not only the earth but also the heaven». Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism (Epiphany), from 19–01–2000 (06–01–2000 Old style / after the Julian calendar) (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


I am the One Who told those that follow Me into the world: «Get out of the world and do not touch what is unclean, so that I may receive you and take from you and we may be Father and sons». And I also told them: «Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel of My coming and baptize those that get out of the world, so that they may believe in Me». And I also said: «You are not from the world, and that is why the world hates you». The apostle Paul was walking the same way as I did, and he was always taking care so that no one should go astray because of him, a time when he became like all, to draw some of them to Me and to My Father, and the one, who was baptized at that time, was seen that he was baptized, as the baptism was proved out that it really was by the work of the Holy Spirit, which became a river into the mouth of the baptized one to the work of the building of My living church. If the baptism does not find its fruits in the man, then the man is something else; he is not a Christian; he is not christened and does not have the sign of the baptism upon him, and the sign of obedience, which points to the one that is baptized. The man is still haughty and says that he has Me and that I love him, and he does not even have the sign of the submission upon him. Every man walks with his head uncovered, being sinful and without a master, and the women, to My mocking, stand against Me by haughtiness, walking uncovered before the people and before the angels and before the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and putting away from around them the angels and the saints and the forefathers, and the man is haughty and says that he has Me and that I love him as he is, and the man wakes up and says: „How comes that God speaks so much?” And I speak much and answer the man by a long talk, for the man has departed much from those that I asked him to do, and to be a church for Me. And behold, the man walks to seek the church, and it is nowhere. He walks to seek for My kingdom, the kingdom of peace, and it is nowhere; it is found neither in schools, nor on long travelled roads, nor over the oceans, nor in the air; it is seen nowhere, and those that have it, do no longer walk, do no longer seek, as it is in their inside, and they do no longer travel a long way for it, as the wise men do, who always learn but have no penny.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the St. Anthony the Great, from 30–01–2000. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


I am Who I am. The Father Sabaoth glorifies in Me because I am His beloved Son. The Holy Spirit, the Counselor, glorifies Me in the word over the earth and He celebrates Me, for it is a feast of Epiphany. Amen, amen, amen.

I asked you to come to the spring and you have come. I told those who asked for Me to come to give them from Me. I am full of word and I give Myself. May the meeting of the spring of the little people be blessed! May its growth, obedience, love, work and My peace with it be blessed as well! I want to build it as a new age in the way of My coming. I want the little one who listens only to Me to make him the comfort of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

I asked you to come to the spring and you have come. Blessed is the one who knows to come, as is great the mystery of the man built in Me to be. Oh, if man knew what the mystery of the baptism is, it would be a great miracle, but man does not know how big this mystery is, and that is why he does not remain in it. When I came out of the water of Jordan, of the water of baptism, I brought on the earth the power of this mystery, the life of the new man, the man with the spirit of life giving, the man deified by baptism.

Be careful with My word, which springs from Me, little people, for you have come that I may teach you and for to know. The power of the Christian mysteries has gone out from the men’s practice; however, people play at God’s mysteries and they do not have life by themselves in them and man does not have any power by baptism. I came as Man on the earth, but after I got out of the water of baptism, I was confessed by the Father and by the Holy Spirit and then I worked all the mysteries of the heaven upon man, so that man may take and know after that and to have life from heaven on earth. The life in heaven is for man to love God with his soul, with his body and with his spirit all the time, as I worked before the Father. I came from the Father for man, and I came to give him birth and to baptize him, to grow him and to glorify him and then to have him forever, for the man coming out from man cannot be if he is not born from Me for his life.

I would cry out like a wounded lion to break the man’s heart and to wake him up to hear from Me and to receive the wisdom of the mysteries of life upon him, to know that he who is baptized, that one is born from God and he has to be if he gets baptized.

Oh, I am seized with endless pain, as man does not have his own beginning; man does not have fear of God to stand up for his beginning to become a new man. He who does not believe in the life to be, that one violates the commandments of this life, and he who believes works this life for himself. He who is baptized, he who is born by baptism, has to become a baby; he needs to become a child after that, for this is the mystery of the baptism: that is, man to be a child who does no longer pass away and who inherits those coming from heaven in him, not those on the earth, but only the things that belong to the life that is to come. I became so little under the hand of My baptizer, who did not dare touch Me, for I was God of God, but I humbled Myself to exalt man to life, to the place that he has lost by his self-aggrandizement.

I want that man no longer die and I want to teach him what life is. I want man to take his garment from heaven, his house from heaven and to be My dwelling place, and I to appear with him in heaven and on earth. This is what I want. And you should also want this, little people who have come to grow. But, how comes this: how comes to come to grow? You stay to grow only if you become a child, only if you stay like a child. Those who do not stay like a child get lost in themselves and do no longer receive growth and come out of the kingdom of the heavens; they come out of their house and lose their salvation and those who do not longer stay as children do not want it anymore. I have come from heaven on earth to make the man a child, a child loving of comfort, loving of teaching and of its work, as this means comfort.

Oh, man can hardly understand the mysteries of life! I have gathered you at the spring of the mysteries of life. I asked you to come to the spring, and you have come. (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life[3]”, r.n.) Moreover, I say this: blessed is the one who knows to come when I call him, for great is the mystery of the new man, built in Me to be. I want to build you as a new age in the way of My coming before all the human kind, a building as in heaven not as on earth. The life of the age to come is in heaven and no one can take it from the earth. Baptism is from heaven, faith is from heaven, and these cannot be received from the earth. And he who can receive these becomes a child and has got in him the face of the kingdom of heavens, the man’s spirit with a life giving spirit, for where there is no death, there it is the place of the kingdom of the heavens. Amen. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God[4]”, r.n.)

My teaching is a spirit of comfort, but who is not a child does not need any comfort and he wears away his life in pleasures that bring along their bitterness. I want to draw the man to the spirit of comfort, to the spirit of My teaching. Behold, I become word over the earth to give Myself to man with the spirit of My comfort and the man to learn from Me and to come to comfort. Let man step aside from him and make room for Me in him, so that he may be after that. Amen.

The water of Jordan spoke with its Maker; it stood on both sides of My body when I bowed under the hand of My confessor, John the Baptist. Everything I have made knows Me as their Master, but man does not want it. He who has wanted to be great does not want it. He who is great does not want too, but the mystery of the baptism exhorts the man to understand from Me the life and the face of the one baptized.

Oh, man, come to repentance, come to baptism! Come to take from Me this teaching, for no one teaches you on earth the power of this mystery, the mystery of the man’s birth from Me by way of baptism. Come, and get used to coming, for many want to come but they do not know to come. I want to give you this knowledge. Many want to be baptized but they do not know what this mystery carries in it. It makes the man’s body, spirit and soul younger. It gives birth to man for heaven, not for earth.

I want to teach you, I want to get you used to talking with Me, man coming from man. At My baptism, the water of Jordan and the Father from heaven talked with Me, and I want you to know what baptism and what your birth from above mean so that you may be after that, as behold, you are not, and you always die and you are not, for you love death and not life. Oh, I came from the Father for you and I became a Man, and I thoroughly passed through the human things to crush them in My body and for you to hear how many things I have done for you. Come to hear My teaching from the end of the time, for I want to work again for your life, man. I am coming again from the Father and with the Father to give you My hand and you to learn to come to life, for I have given My life to you and I always give it you to take from it and to be. Sink within My word of the new creation and baptize in it, man, for I am speaking to you this word of new birth, because I do not want your death, but rather I want you to come back and to be alive. Amen, amen, amen.

I have asked them to come and to give from Me to those who ask for Me. You should also come, little and tiny people, and take Me from the spring and get used to staying a child so that I may give you comfort. When you come to the spring you come to comfort, and I comfort you with the word, but be careful that two thousand years ago I became a Man, and I also need comfort, and I come to the spring to drink and to comfort each other. Great and sweet is the mystery of comfort and I want so much to see you working with it, little people from My coming! When I became a perfect Man near the Father two thousand years ago, I sent you the Spirit of comfort on earth, for He is only for those who follow Me on their way to the Father. But the fullness of the Comforter is now and it is with you, for I become a river of comforting word for those who are born of Me. Whoever is born of Me, before he passes through the bath of repentance, which brings the forgiveness of sins, cannot be born for life. My Comfort is the spirit of knowledge of the heavenly things by the spirit of the man’s humility. I comfort the one who humbles before Me, I give him clean wisdom, and I give you a humble and gentle spirit so that he may be like Me and to have him as comfort from the earth. I am getting ready to come down on earth and I do not have any spirit of comfort from below to come gently and to come with love, for man does no longer waits for Me and does not stay into My way with longing. I wait for longing on the earth. I wait for preparation on the earth. I wait for man to come to meet Me and he does not want. Man has grown cold for Me and he does no longer want it.

John, My baptizer, came into My way and prepared it and he became My way to people and called them to the kingdom of the heavens. Moreover, I have also made you, little and tiny people, My way over the earth, that I may come and fulfill the Scriptures of My coming. Oh, I could hardly get through with the word of My coming, for man is seized with his own things. However, I fulfilled My word spoken ahead of time and I came out over the country of My coming and I have been calling out on it, and I have been calling out from it so that My coming may be heard, which is descending speaking from above the earth and renewing the man’s spirit. Amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism (The Epiphany) from 19–01–2001


Oh, the mystery of comfort is with the man who puts My word upon him, the greatest comfort. And now, in the last days, I have brought the comfort on the earth, I have brought the mystery of the heaven, My word with man, that I Myself may comfort the man and to give him power to come back within the mystery of comfort, for the heaven is the comfort itself, the mystery of the comfort of the garden of life and the life from the garden, the eternal life upon man, and I am bringing it now on the earth to man. Amen.

John comforted Me on the day of My baptism. John spoke with Me and I got comforted, for the word is comfort. We spoke with each other and the spirit of comfort was between us on the day of Epiphany. The word sanctifies everything. The water washes and comforts the word, as baptism is a sweet mystery and full of comfort. Baptism is fire and water, both of them cleanse the man, and both testify. What makes the man come to baptism? The word. It is like a fire, which cleanses the evil in man, and man is renewed by the word that cleanses. And the water is the comfort of the word, the sign of washing, the sign that testifies the mystery of the baptism, the life from above upon man.

Oh, comforted children! John, My baptizer, comforted Me. We both spoke at the Jordan and We comforted each other. This comfort has become the fruit of the man’s faith who knew that I was God and that I left the baptism for man through John. Without baptism man is not born. Without baptism man has no beginning. And he who has a beginning through baptism, that one remains with this beginning and does no longer get lost in it and does no longer grow worse but becomes My comfort instead, and he takes Me and gives Me further from him to those who are thirsty for truth. Amen.

I am with you again, as in the day past. I am with you by the word. You are with Me by the word. We comfort each other by the word, for it is the comfort and the mystery of life, the mystery that comforts and which is taken from the eternal life.

… I have brought to you the clarification of the mystery of comfort. The mystery of the paradise is the word, that is, the comfort that comes from the word. The word is the love from paradise, between Me and man, and without word there is no love. Amen. Love is only from the word, and the work of love is the comfort itself, the word, which has in it the mystery of the comfort between Me and man, between man and Me, and between man and man. Amen, amen, amen.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the synod of the saint John, the Baptism, from 20–01–2001.

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