The Word of God about antichrist and the apocalyptic beast (14)

The Word of God about antichrist and the apocalyptic beast (14)


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We are staying in a great work of word on this day with the Romanian people, which has had now to overcome by war the great and hidden work of the red beast, (The Communists and their successors, r.n.), who have been struggling in secret to take over again the control over the Romanian people. Oh, no, because I have been watching with all the heaven of saints and angels, spread everywhere the lots have been cast for the helmsman of My ship, the Romanian country, My country from the end of the time, and I have overcome, but I had to set you to great watch, to great sacrifice of prayer and holy faith and to days of fast for the victory against demons, as it seems taken out from the Scriptures the page on «the beast which has made the war on the Lamb of God, Who has fought against the great red dragon, having seven heads and tens horns and with its tail to draw the stars of the sky and to throw them on the earth, but he did not prevail, neither was a place found for him any more in heaven», (See also Apoc: 12/3–8), because I was victorious, I and you, My people victorious by My blood and by the word of My testimony, as those who wanted to overcome now again upon My Romanian people, all have gathered with one mind, (All the parties united in a coalition against the president Traian Băsescu at the presidential elections on 12/06/2009, r.n.), as it is written in the Scriptures, and they gave the power and control to the red beast, (To the president of S.D.P. — Social Democratic Party, Mircea Geoană, r.n.), all to make war against My holy plan with the Romanian people and against the one I wanted to be helmsman for it through the waves, (Traian Băsescu, reelected for a new mandate, r.n.); however, I, the Lamb of the Father, have overcome by My people working together with Me, called, chosen and faithful, to work with him the victory for the Romanian people, My today’s people. Amen.

Oh, Romanian people, oh My Romanian people, get rest now from the hardships we have gone through, I with My heaven of saints and angels, and My people in your midst, set to great watch for your destiny, and you, Romanian people. Let us go to rest now, for the day of the lots has passed for the helmsman in front of you, and I, the Lord, am sitting now at the table of word, for this is what I have promised you. Oh, sit down with faith at the table with Me, for I give you the spirit and the power to believe and to see, for you have seen now how wonderfully I have worked to save you, after I have called out to you for a very long time to stay awake for your future and not to fall asleep, for the red dragon have lain in ambush for a long, very long time, to take over My Romanian people into bondage and crushing. I, I am the One Who has been working wonderfully, and I told to the helmsman upon you to let Me work skillfully on his behalf, for the rebellion against him was great, and the lie was ready to work. I, I am the One Who put into their hearts to work according to My advice, as it is written in the Scriptures, «and to come together in one mind and all, all to give their power to the red beast, until all the words of God will be fulfilled», and behold the fulfilled Scriptures, the work which is written on the Scriptures about: the dragon with seven heads, (Seven presidents of parties, from the coalition against the president, coalition led by the Social Democrat Party — the successor of the communists, r.n.) overcome now by the Lamb of God and by those who are faithful to Him. Amen.

Oh, I have kept My people in great watch, in a woken spirit of prayer with their little hands raised during all the day of the lots, and when I saw how satan and his red offspring have dug underneath, I have immediately strengthened and urged the people of My word to intensify the prayer within a stronger spirit, within a more painful crying for the awakening of the Romanian people to get up and to give help to his victory, and it was so, and it was a wonderful miracle and this man could not work, but only I, the little victorious Lamb, and I did not let the Romanian people to be overcome again by the power of the red beast, that full of the spirit of the lie inside and outside of it and which was brought into the light with its hidden work, and it fell in its own trap because it did not prevail, and neither was found any place for it and for its offspring, as it is written, for the work of the heaven has been working during these days on the Romanian land and it has been making the kingdom of God into salvation and power on this land meant to be its land.

Oh, behold a page of the Scripture fulfilled on your hearth by My victory for you, Romanian people! The red dragon with seven heads and ten horns, all gathered in one mind and in all spirit, gave their power to the beast for one hour (The opinion polls announced at the end of the election days that the winner was the president of the left coalition — Mircea Geoană, r.n.), and they started to make war against My plan, of the Lamb of God, and against the Romanian people, shepherded now by the Lamb of the Father, but I, the victorious little Lamb, prevailed against him and his angels because I am the King of the kings and the Lord of the lords, and I have overcome together with those who were called, chosen and faithful, as it is written in the Scriptures.

Oh, sons of My people of Romanians, and you, Romanians from everywhere, faithful and clean in your heart! Play with the string instruments, play with the lutes and sing your praises to My holy name, the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13.) and give praises to Him and say: “Oh, how wonderful are Your works, Lord, because for Your great power even Your enemies flatter You by their hypocrisy! Let all the nations of the earth worship You and let them all sing praising Your great name! Oh, come, come, hear and see God’s works and see how wonderful He is in His works upon people! He rules the age with His great power and His eye searches over the nations, and let those who are rebellious not be proud, because the Lord has given us life and has not allowed our steps to shake. He has tested and cleansed us like silver and took us out to great joy, and we bring our hearts to Him like a burnt offering. Come, come and hear and listen, you who fear God, as behold how many things He has done to us! He has listened to us and given ear to the voice of our prayer, and may He be blessed because He has not forsaken our prayer, but He has showed us His mercy!” Amen.

And now, I am speaking to you, (Traian Băsescu, r.n.), to you who sit and sit down again at the helm of My ship of today, the Romanian people and My people on it. Oh, I have not left you alone although you felt alone and many were against you. I have stood on your side with all the heavenly armies as in the time of the prophet Elisha, when I stood with the entire heavenly army on his side on the day when the great enemy army came to overcome him because he was My servant, and he stood on the side of justice. The red dragon and all of his offspring have now fulfilled one page of the Scripture and gathered together with one mind to prevail against you, as his spirit is the spirit of lying. This page of history is written in the Scriptures, it is prophesied to be and here it is, but for this one needs mind with wisdom. The beast with seven heads and ten horns, gathered with one mind, kings by their power, they gave for an hour their power and authority to the beast in order to prevail against you, to remove you from the helm and to bring the Romanian nation into bondage again. (On the day of the elections, the polls taken at the ballot boxes put forward Mircea Geoană as winner by 52% r.n.) However, I did not allow the evil power to prevail in the end, and I arose to the end of the election days, I woke up the Romanian people and I brought the miracle for which I have been waging a great war with the entire heavenly army, because I told you that the rebellion was great and that you would have Me to work for you, as you were alone against those who were many, assembled with one thought against you.

Oh, I was filled with tears and heartbreaking pain when I saw them all celebrating and embracing each other like the conquerors, lying to those who were looking at them and calling out their victory against the Romanian people. Then I aroused with the people set to watch on that day, I urged them for a more burning spirit of prayer and calling, and then I woke up the spirit of the Romanian people and woke it up to draw the lots for you, and the scales drew upwards for you and then I brought the miracle and this was how I prevailed in a wonderful manner and gave you victory, because it was not possible to work otherwise against the great rebellion and against the pride that was aroused against you. Then I made them all blind and they thought that they won and sang and played from evening to morning everywhere on the hearth of this nation and they sent gifts and hugs to each other, (In the evening, after the closing of the elections, Mircea Geoană and the parties who supported him declared themselves winners, celebrating their victory, r.n.) but their wedding changed into funeral early in the next morning when I prevailed against them for you. (On the next morning, the Electoral Bureau, after the counting of the votes declared Traian Băsescu winner by 50, 33%, r.n.). Oh, this is how I overcame with you, those clean in your heart, on that day of great trial for the destiny of the Romanian people. I told you to have hope and you listened to Me, and by your hope I took you out victoriously. Now be brave and may a clean heart keep on beating in you. Take care of My country of today, keep it away as much as you can from the whole debauchery on the earth, from lie, form the violation of the commandments of life, and seek after My commandments so that your heart may get used more perfectly with them, to honor Me, son, for I, the Lord, gave you salvation and I have protected you as a faithful son of this elected nation, into whose midst I have been dwelling for more than fifty years with a table of word, work with history into the midst of the Romanian people, work persecuted by the red beast in all manners, and if you want to look into the pages of the time, you will find the persecution against My people and against the vessels bearing of God, with whom I did and do the work of the coming of My word on this holy land, the Romanian land.

Excerpt from the Word of God at the feast of the Saint martyrs Catherine and Mercurius, from 08–12–2009. (On Calameo; on edocr; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


Oh, My people of today, I had sounded the sixth trumpet before I opened My book with you on earth, and I had been sounding for twenty-five years and preparing My way by which I came out, and I came out with you, as it is written for the way of My kingdom and of its sons to be prepared, and with whom I am to fight against the kings of the earth, gathering them with one mind by their thought to make war with Me to overcome them by the voice of My mouth, released in the sky over the earth; and moreover, I am to cry out from the temple of the heaven: «It is done!» and then to show to the heaven the work by which I overcome satan, the old serpent.

Oh, My people, when the red beast, (The Communism, r.n.), put its name on this Romanian land and started fighting with Me, I, the Lord, woke up My last trumpets by turns and I called out to the people to repent, and once with the word of the beast I also called out against it and against its lie, and I started to call out from the door of the holy temple, waking up the spirit of My servant Joseph, (The priest Joseph Trifa, the first apocalyptic trumpet, r,n.) and he called out and wake up many to sing the victorious song of the Lamb, and then I started fighting against the red beast. And I kept on calling out again and again by the other trumpets and then I called out by the sixth trumpet, My Verginica, and I poured out over the earth the river of My word, through which I prepared the way of My kingdom, and then I came and I opened My book, the book of the judgment of the creature, and I worked mysteriously, and I worked into your midst and I work according to the Scriptures, and not otherwise, sons.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the feast of the saint Virginia, God’s trumpet, from 14–12–2009. (On Calameo; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


I am speaking now to the servants of the church of the Romanian people. I am coming from heaven to earth on this day and I am speaking to you, those who are not faithful to the power of God, for I have this power to speak to you. Oh, only the sin in you entices you not to submit to the truth that I am this word, which speaks with you by the spirit of prophesy, as God has spoken through all the ages. You have become slow in understanding or you do not want to understand, you who are stiff-necked, that My testimony is the spirit of prophecy. You have read the Scripture to know what is written in it and the knowledge has made you proud, and because of your pride, you do not bow to know God on the earth with the people. Oh, whoever does not know God on earth, does not know Him in heaven either. Nothing is true on earth but God alone, and you do not know Him. Then why do you still become proud with those that you say you know from the Scriptures? Behold, you pose as truer than God upon people, since you break My walking among them with the spirit of prophecy and by which God is with the people on earth. Well, how are you not supposed to do this if you have someone to cheat on? How are you not supposed to stay close to your great seats upon people, to whom you say that God is with you! Well, if I am with you, then show Me! However, you show yourselves in a holy robe, but the one who is holy is he who takes after Me, not after you on earth.

I am speaking to you out of My great pain from you on this day when you are reminding in the churches the word of My Gospel for the day of the fearful judgment. Oh, many times I have spoken upon you by the thread of My word of today, which flows like a river of My mouth, above those who are faithful to Me and to My coming with the judgment of the creature. It is not for one or two days; it is not for a little while that I have become word into the midst of the Romanian people, but for more than fifty years I have been staying with My table of word and feeding My faithful people, who has known Me within his heart, as My disciples knew Me two thousand years ago, when no one wanted to know Me from among those who sat on the seats clothed within the robe of God’s servants among people then. And behold now, it is as at that time, all those who are big in the church over it are those who do not want Me with the people on earth.

Oh, either you want it or not, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, am speaking to you from the midst of My people faithful to My coming of today on earth into the midst of the Romanian people and I am telling you that I am the Alpha and the Omega. Do you believe that you can just wash your hands from Me, by putting this word on man’s account, and which flows out of My mouth to wash the man from unbelief and from emptiness and chasing after the wind? I have sent you the book of My word of fifty years, but because of the pride of your mind, the heart in you does not want to find Me in this word. I have not come to take your seats on which you sit to be great upon the people’s souls, but I have come to heal you from sin and from the unbelief with which you want to cover your sins. Oh, it is not that you do not have faith in My today’s word, but you are ashamed to give up for the cleansing of your sins to take them from you and to be able to have the first place at the helm of your life, the work of life giving upon man. Oh, what happens to Me because of you, it happened to Me because of Adam either, who did not want Me to be the Lord over My creation, but rather he wanted to be upon Me with his throne, because he who does this, that one dies to God as Adam died.

Oh, how long will it take you to clothe with My Scripture, which says that the law and the prophets had been until John? How long will you put away the spirit of the prophecy from the earth, by which God is with people on earth? Do you believe by this that you will get away from the wrath that comes and it has already come upon the sons of disobedience, whipped by the damnation of the unbelief? Take a good look into the Scriptures, as near this word you also find written that from the preaching of John, the Baptizer, who showed Me to the world at Jordan, the kingdom of God is taken with great perseverance only by those who strive for it and with faith in it inside the man faithful to it.

Oh, how shall I give you the account that I am not on earth with the people by the spirit of prophecy, which is My way on the earth among the people? Well, if I am not, then how are you supposed to be? How am I supposed to be with you and through you when you say that I am through you? You say that you come through succession by an apostolic thread. If you were not able to say so also for the spirit of the prophecy, then which would be the helm of the church, God the body and the word through the church? On the other hand, do you not know that it is written: “Woe to the city, which does not have any word of prophecy in it?” Oh, you do not want many to know the Scripture, but you rather want to tell everyone that only you know it, that only you have the right to know, but only if you would take it as your guide, as your truth, and not only to take from it from here and there, as you may need it, and only to keep your thrones over the mobs departed from My way with a cross for man, for he who sees this way has to be like Me and he sees Me as Shepherd on it with the cross.

All the prophesies until John were fulfilled in Me, and those that My Spirit is prophesying today will be fulfilled in Me either. Oh, I was not a prophet and Teacher only two thousand years ago, but I have also remained with My kingdom eternally and the same with My work for it, for since and up to this day it has not come to its end, and I prove this and I am with the people on earth, for I am with the faithful ones under My tent with them, I dwell with them and I am their God, as it is prophesied by the apostle John, to whom I showed how I would be with the people in the end of the time, the Scriptures, which is being fulfilled now more than anytime, and this on the hearth of the Romanian people, the country of brightness, which prophet Daniel announced for the end of the time and I, the Lord, am the Alpha and the Omega, and My coming of word shines on the earth into the midst of this nation. Amen.

Oh, how well it would be with you if you only wanted for a moment to honestly ask yourselves: who has been blowing by this spring of word for more than fifty years, and which has not run dry, but on the contrary, it has flown full of love, calling the man to the life of the kingdom of the heavens with the people? Oh, from the greatest upon you and to the least under you, all clothed in garments of church, I, the Lord am telling you this: fast and pray with perseverance so that God may reveal Himself to you and that He may give you wisdom from heaven, and furthermore, that He may show you the Spirit Who blows by My Spring of word in days like these into the midst of the Romanian people, and I, the Lord, will show you then that I am, and that it is not the devil, and that it is not the man, and that I am with those who are faithful, who gave Me a dwelling place to be with them and they gave Me power to come and to fulfill with them the Scripture of the revealing of the sons of God, as it is written, and here they are, and here I am, speaking with them as with Lucas and Cleopas on the road to Emmaus, and I am coming down on their table as body and word and they are giving Me further, and you cannot wash your hands or the hands of the people before Me and say that I am not this word, for I have not given it to you to know Me by it, and if you say that I am not in this word, then give an answer to this: who blows if I am not the One Who blows by this word, if it is not My Spirit, Who blows wherever He wants and not where you want or do not want?

Oh, your stubbornness makes Me speak like that to you, for I worked with the open Scriptures two thousand years ago when I was unsealing, explaining and then perfecting them on earth, as I am also doing now with those that are prophesied now by the prophets and by My apostles in My time, by John, by Peter, by Paul and by many others like them, who had gifts and prophesied for the time of the end, for Me in the end of the time, and this after that John, the Baptizer, prophesied as the last prophet before Me.

You, servants of the church, how comes that you did not want to receive My comfort, the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Who takes from what is Mine and preaches and teaches, as I promised that He would come and through Him I would be to the end of the time with My comfort over the faithful ones? Oh, I did not want you to be antichrists who, like those two thousand years ago, have stood against My coming with the saints in tens of thousands, as it is written that I, Myself, may come by the spirit of prophecy!

Oh, do no longer stand against Me, rather be for Me, sons, and prove this by the wisdom from above in you! Oh, repent from this sin, which you make against My comforting word of today; a sin made because of envy, sons. Cleanse away the sin of envy of brother. Wash it away, as it has destroyed in you the spirit of the fear of God, sons. It is the time to embrace with love the under-privileged among you, the bishop (Irineu of Bistriţa, r.n.), who was touched by My Spirit in such a way he may be able to deeply understand the mystery of My today’s word over the earth, a mystery that prepares for Me the day of My coming with the glory of angels and with the armies of saints and with My trumpet sounding for the raising of those who have waited for Me in the graves to come and to open for them the day of their resurrection. Oh, release My bishop from his affliction and give him your love, since he listened to you and chose you and left Me and My people, loving you with patience until the illuminating light from My Spirit for those who will be to see My truth in the river of My today’s word! Oh, do no longer persecute him, son, who is the least among you, the one who has been so much brought low by you, when he could breathe over many the grace of My love for those who are saved, for he has got the spirit of the heavenly feeling in him and he is gentle and humble in his heart and spirit, as I am. Oh, it is not nice what you have done with him that you have covered him in the darkness. What will you do if you were to pay on earth and in heaven for the deep wound in which you keep him in bondage and persecution, after you took from him the chair of apostle (Of Metropolitan from Cluj, r.n.) and gave it to someone else, thus removing him as a convict, as the bishops of that time did with Me? Oh, I cry in him with My Spirit, because you persecute both him and Me, sons.

You will meet Me, you those who wanted to put under a bushel the light of My word upon the country of My coming of word on the earth in the end of the time, the country of brightness from which the earth and the heaven shine by My grace, a mystery that those who say that have in their control the mystery of the heaven on earth did not want to find.

Oh, I call you to reconciliation, for the Father is in Me when I speak, and I and the Father are One, and you may have Me as the Intercessor before the Father, if you want. I try to open your sight and understanding so that you may receive Me; so that I may also give you place in the dwelling places of My Father. I ask you nothing, I take nothing from you, but more than this, I give you My love, I give you My glory and I give you power to become well pleased with Me, as without Me is harder and harder, more and more painful on earth for man, because everything that the man has worked without God in his work comes against man, forgetting that My plans are not like his plans. (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation[1]”, r.n.)

I have spoken to you, those who stay by the names of the servants of the church of the Romanian people. I have spoken to you in a fatherly way, and your welcome or not welcome will prove you once again that you are God’s sons or not, for the sons are those who believe by obedience, and those who love being obedient also listen in love.

Excerpt from the Word of God on the Sunday of the fearful judgment, from 07–02–2010. (On Calameo; on edocr; on; on jumpshare; on Google Drive)


To be continued.

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