2023.08.02 — The Word of God at the feast of the Holy Prophet Elijah, the Tishbite

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13 min readSep 10, 2023

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Holy Prophet Elijah, the Tishbite

I am coming and set as word into My book of this time with days of feast for those in heaven, and I am sitting at the table with them and with you here, in the garden, in the citadel of My word, sons, who are sitting before Me to write My word and to put it on its way so that I may speak over the earth from margins to margins, as it is written for Me to work the good tidings from the end of the time[2], (Apoc: 14/6) and to prepare the day of the manifestation of My glory, My visible coming with the saints, oh, sons, because everything that came out of My mouth two thousand years ago, cannot fail to be fulfilled, and the prophecies of the Holy Spirit left on earth at their time through God’s vessels, through the prophets and saints that I worked with as with you, cannot fail to be fulfilled, too, oh, sons.

And I have here, at the table with you, the prophets and the saints, and I have in the glory of the today’s feast Elijah, the prophet, with his day of celebration in heaven and on earth, and We are sitting down in the book with his feast, with his work, and he has always stood near Me as he did two thousand years ago, when I appeared before My disciples with two of My companions, Moses and Elijah, for the Father took them up in heaven and gave them to Me as My companions all the time, and peace to you, peace over you from Me and from them, and let Us work as it is written to be worked during the time of the end the return of men to God and to the fathers, and of God to men, and come, for the time passes and there will be no longer; (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord[3]”, r.n.) come, for the heaven becomes a scroll; it becomes a written book on earth (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb — The Book of Life[4]”, r.n.) so that My word and its book may burn, the sin on earth to burn, the devilish work of the people without God over their lives and that works only sin, only fire in which the sinful men burn, oh, and behold what I am telling you this day:

A mother gives birth to a son, then she carries him into her arms, she loves him, nurses him, cares for him, protects him from blows, from dangers, she raises him with sacrifice, and then she gives him over to sin and rejoices over this and then she makes him a wedding for sin (The sin of debauchery, r.n.) and gives him support to take the sin as his life after that, to fall like Adam into the sin by which he lost the eternal life for which he was created, and the paradise which was given to him as his eternal dwelling, and behold what a mother is, the mother that gives her son joyfully to sin, to death, because sin is death, oh, and those who live on earth in sin do not know, they do not know that the life without sin is a beautiful life, that which is lived for God, oh, and they do not know this, those who know to choose only sin as their lives on earth.

I have at today’s table with you, I have, sons, the one who knows, the one who knew on earth of the life lived for God, and he brought many disciples and brothers to such a life in his time on earth, because Elijah, the prophet, had many disciples who followed him far from the sin-working world, oh, and what a great work he had and has this holy father full of God’s Being, full of mercy for the Lord in his being, for the One forsaken by the people who choose sin and separation from God for sin!

Peace to you, again and again peace to you, sons from My today’s citadel, and let this peace remain between Me and you and keep My citadel with you for Me as My house of coming, and be My Bethany for My coming from the Father and again after the man not separated from sin and from the death coming from sin!

I am coming with those in heaven and the sky is becoming a scroll of book (Apoc: 6/14)[5] at you and this scroll is spreading out and embracing the whole earth, oh, sons. The new things are coming, the renewal of everything is coming with Me and with the heaven, as it is written, and the flock is no longer waiting for Me as its Shepherd, oh, no, because it has not been tended to God, since it has not had merciful shepherds and with holiness in their work, and it has also not been watched against Satan, who has thoughtlessly erased My name from the house that has the name of church.

Oh, it has been a long time since the church of the Romanian people no longer had My name on its name, and it had to bear a Christian name, not just an Orthodox one and that is all, because anyone can call himself Orthodox according to the choice he has made, but My name is that which proves that it is My church and its flock, and it needs to have the name of a Christian church, and only after that the name of Orthodox, but satan could not endure this and had been doing foreign work; he has worked in the dark and erased Christ from the head of the church. However, I wrote and I will continue to write My word of Shepherd and the name of Romanian of those who take Me from the spring and satisfy their soul with the glory of My coming, and it will be known from margins to margins that Christ, the Lord, the Shepherd sent by the Father, that He shepherds His flock and calls to life as in heaven on earth all those who will clothe themselves within a Christian garment and who will be called Romanians, after the name of the country in which I have set My citadel of coming, the throne of the word and its good tidings over the earth, oh, and I suffer from the lack of My name on the head of the church of the Romanian people, that does no longer have God’s name against satan’s kingdom from all over, and that does no longer have any shame for no one and nothing, who claps his hands against God, and he claps his hands proudly and tries to cover everywhere with the sin of faith denial, the sin that precedes the antichrist rule over the earth built by God. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast[6]”, r.n.)

I am mourning over you, I, the Lord, I mourn and mourn again, church of the Romanian people, I am mourning over you because you do no longer have the name of Christian, oh, and you have not had it for a long time, since you called yourself as you call yourself now, when you had to be called Christian Orthodox Church, but you let yourself be deceived by the enemy when you no longer watched, because you have no longer wanted to watch like Christ’s loving of church fathers did, oh, and your enemy has erased My name over you from everywhere. Oh, do you see what it has happened to you? Do you see what it happens to you when you do not receive Me when I come to you, when you do not listen to open for Me so that I may watch over your house and life? Behold, the painted enemy is coming and taking all your part and then he is making you like him, and then he is throwing you down so that you may no longer be, and so that he may be alone. However, I have worked once with the destruction that the antichrist man has done to you and I have taken sons out of you and put a good order over them as at the beginning of My church, (See the selection topic: The true church[7]”, r.n.) and satan will be afraid of everything, for My light will melt him away and there will be fire over him, because I am the light, and it will overcome the darkness as it is written, and the work of sin will be sunken into the deep like Sodom and Gomorrah, and all those who have chosen sin as their lives will receive their wages, for behold, those who violate the holy laws have gone out in the street. (The March of the LGBTOIA+ community, Bucharest Pride, 2023, where they asked for equal rights for all the citizens, regardless of the sexual orientation, r.n.) and who forget that it is written in the Scriptures that a child is not supposed to see the naked body of his parents, and that the parents should do the same to their grown-up children, lest Sodom and Gomorrah may enter with their curse in every house, but behold, the hell has come out, and all the sin-loving people hide their sins to keep on doing them.

However, I am coming with the saints and I am striving together with them to raise up by the fulfilled word a handful of people who will listen to Me and take of My nature and work with them so that the one who fulfills My life in him may be able to be Mine, because Father told those who wanted to be Mine: «He is My Son. Listen to Him!» (Matt: 17/5)

I have near Me the two with whom I go between heaven and earth, Moses and Elijah, those so meek and humble in their heart and work for God, because God has a different way of measuring, compared to that a man may want to measure according to his own mind. And behold, you speak now, the one celebrated today on this day, and who had and have of My nature for your work, and may it be blessed your speech to the people of My word and then through it to all those on the earth, for you have received from the Father the work of the turning of the man to his father, to God, and the work of God’s turning back to the people, and behold, I, the Lord, have set you as a teacher during this day by the book of My word, in which I have been writing Myself for more than sixty years and with which I go over the earth, for the renewal is coming and I am hastening it to come, and it is coming.

Oh, Lord, I longed for You, I longed only for You and all people that I brought to You to be able to long for You too as I did and to stay with You with their lives even from the earth, and then with You in eternity as well!

Humility and meekness are needed, oh, sons of Christ, the Word. Search yourselves and let yourselves be visited for these holy features of God’s sons. Those who have humility are those who feel themselves as the most sinful ones, the most unworthy of God and of people, and that is why they have been humbled before all people all the time and in all circumstances, and whom they have had in their hearts as saints, and one like that feels himself a sinner, oh, and he would not dare think that there are more other sinners, for behold, the tax collector lamented for his own sins because he was a tax collector, and the Pharisee saw the tax collector as a sinner, because a lover of sin sees all other as sinful as himself, and is quiet as far as his sins concerns, and behold, one more revelation of the nature and of the men’s work and of their mind, in which they keep many as sinners, and this because man, due to the sin of his body, sees all people as he is, and he stays quietly as if he is not the only alone a sinner.

Behold, the Lord cannot judge all alike as the lovers of sin would like Him to do. The Lord judges according to the man’s heart, not according to his weaknesses, not as a man may think of another man. Therefore, when you see that someone throws bad words against the one, he sees as a sinner, then that one does this with the things lived within himself and in the work of his mind and sees the sinners as he sees himself. Therefore, man, whether you are clean from the work of sin, whether you are weak or a lover of sin, oh, do not let it come up to your mind and then to your speech, because you, behold, you do not want to see even yourself, let alone another man on whom you cast reproach in order to slander him and that he may be slandered by those who are judgers like you, for, be careful to what I am telling you, you draw upon yourself a very shameful reward, because this is what you are after when you mock. However, I urge you from near my Lord Christ, humble yourself all the time, humble yourself a lot, a lot, because behold, you are not humble, you do not have any humility. The Lord is gentle and humble in His heart, and His saints are likewise, and that is why we do not want to judge the man, and you are not like that, and that is why you judge your neighbor.

Oh, what are you doing without humbleness, without gentleness? What are you doing man, devoid of Christ’s nature, through your nature? Many have the Spirit of the Lord, the gentle and humble spirit, and these sees their fellows as saints, and themselves as mere sinners. Why do you not learn from God and from those who have from God? You are a sinful man and need forgiveness, and you do not work the things for your forgiveness from God.

When you are not well and at peace with those on earth all the time, oh, you cannot be at peace with God too, you cannot be by all means, the Lord does not know you as of one being on His side, and neither does the work of your soul reach before God, for the Lord is love and peace, He is and works gentleness and humbleness and He is also faithfulness and wisdom of the holy works, oh, and the Lord is the truth, too. However, man is not true. Man is a liar and hides himself from the truth about himself, but by the Lord he is known with all that he means, the man and his deeds

Oh, you cannot say, man, that you stumble because the other one is not right, and then to blame another on your behalf, after you have wanted to get weak as though you have stumbled. Humility is not humility anyhow when you try to work on your humility. I was lifted up into heaven in a chariot of fire because of my humility, because of my life lived in humility. You need to become easy to bear in the heart of the people next to you, and by no means heavy and to come to love the darkness between you and them, because the lie for hiding is darkness. Oh, no, not by justifying yourself, not by being discontent, not by wanting things for you, not by blaming others for you, not by posing as worthy so that you may receive righteousness, credit and preeminence, which the one you keep in a lower position may be worthy of, if that one has a giving conduct, grand, submissive and a humble attitude among and to his fellows.

I want to turn you with your nature to Christ’s nature, son, not steadfast on the way. Christ shepherds you and keeps your path to get you used to receiving and following Him. Oh, have mercy on the sinners and on yourself for their return to God, Who calls all people to the Father and to the eternity with Him.

This, Lord, I had put in their being, of those who follow You to give over the earth Your work with the saints and the people to believe that You have turned back to them and that You want them all to be Yours. And now, I am giving all my joy to You, all to You, and I am remaining humble near You and I am now bowing to thank You because You love all people. Amen.

— And, I, the Lord, humbly thank you for your humility, which has given you to Me even from your childhood, and you were and are Mine, and I yours.

Oh, be meek and humble in your heart, and examine yourselves all the time whether you are in the faith by these two great divine attributes: meek and humble in your heart like Me, oh, sons. I have always looked at you, at your work over the people of My word in the feasts and in the citadel, giving you as an example of holy growth to those who want to be with God, too.

And now, peace to you, because if you have a gentle and humble heart while working, then you are the fruit of peace, which I have always placed by the word upon you, because I have always, always spoken and declared over you this holy word: Peace to you, peace to you, peace to you, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


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