2023.07.12 — The Word of God on the Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul

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The Word of God[1] on the Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul

I am setting the peace of My coming over the citadel of My word, as I am coming here as word on earth and I am sharing Myself everywhere all over from margins to margins as it is written, oh, and there has been no more and greater work of word between Me and man after I had built the man between earth and heaven, but because it has now come this time written in the Scriptures to come[2], (Apoc: 14/6) that I Myself may shepherd the people on earth, then behold, I am coming, and I am coming with tens of thousands of saints, and I have a new name, the Word of God, (Apoc: 19/13) as My work is also nowadays.

Oh, what will you do, man, who say that there is no God, that God is not coming and that only you are, only you know and speak? There is no man who does not believe that God is, but the lust for sin, the longing for self and the pride of this longing has corrupted the man’s mind and the man shares from it the corruption over many who sleep; however, I am coming with power of word and fulfilling My coming for the preparation of the day of My glory, when My Father will glorify Me with the glory never seen before, and all the people will understand then that God’s creation is not only what is seen, oh, no, because the invisible things of creation will be brought into view, the eternities that have not all been revealed by this time, all God’s dwelling places, all things that are and are not seen just as God is not seen, but the Lord is and He rules the world as much as the man’s mind cannot perceive, for man is only man and that is all, and God is God, the man’s Creator and He is the only One Creator. Amen.

Oh, peace to you, peace to the sons in the citadel of My word, and to you as well, those coming for the feasts here at the spring, where I come with My saints in order to fulfill this Scripture! (Thessalonians: 3/13)[3]

I have at the today’s table with you My twelve disciples, and among them, the two leaders, Peter and Paul, all witnesses for the holy work of their feast of today, as the holy fathers established the celebration for them through and over My church. They are walking through this kingdom of Mine with you and they are feeling the present spirit of My works with you and are bowing under the fragrance of the flowers that stand witness to their Creator and they are looking into the citadel and outside of it and are feeling the blessing of this earth, on which I built with you the citadel of My word, and everything that is here is My fulfilled word, and each stone in the wall of the citadel has its own story to tell and all the testimonies that were and are here.

However, all the visible things are accompanied by the invisible things of the citadel of My word, the invisible citadel, and which support and fill the visible things from here, oh, and I cannot tell enough about these mysteries, about the invisible beauty of My citadel with you, for behold, We are going with the invisible things and We stay with them and work when We come to you as word and work, oh, sons, and that is why, you should always be heavenly if you stay with the Lord and with the saints at the table of word, and that is why I have always spoken to those who were coming telling them to make themselves a wedding dress for My table with you if they want to be with the Lord at the table here during the holy feasts, when the heaven joins with you here, oh, sons. (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb”, r.n.)

How, how much faith must grow and work for those that I am telling you, sons, and I suffer from those that do not know what the faith in My word upon you is.

Oh, Christian, son, you can be called that you have complete faith in My word only if you listen to it and fulfill it exactly as your daily life, as obedience by faith. However, if you do not fulfill many things after you have heard them from Me for your whole standing before Me, oh, how can you have power, how do you want to overcome, to control yourself, how, for behold, you cannot overcome yourself for My sake? Oh, you cannot because you need love of Me, not love of yourself, and you cannot have any love but only when I am your love, I, not you, oh, and you do not know, you do not understand this, and the time is passing, and you do not understand how great the Lord in His citadel is, in His holy mountain to the joy of the whole earth, as it is written about the place where the Lord is. (See Isaiah: 27/13; 66/20; Ezechiel: 20/40; Joel: 3/17; etc., r.n.)[4]

Oh, you do not know Christian, about those who trust the Lord, and who are like the Mountain of Zion, and the one who dwells in Jerusalem does not shake to fall, for the Lord is around His people, oh, and you do not know and do not understand yet about those who go astray on the crooked ways, and who the Lord take with those who work lawlessness if they do not know how to believe and how to stay and live their lives for the Lord.

Oh, how mysterious My teaching is, sons in the citadel! Oh, how little do Christians try to understand My word of new creation, after that man had ruined so much, so much! A Christian has to learn as God gives so that he may not fall like those who work lawlessness, and which is the punishment for those that do not know to believe with power of faith and steadfastness to the end, and behold, I want to strengthen My church of New Jerusalem and to begin My work with you in the citadel, sons, and I also want to give them holy work to do as in the time of the first Christians who were raised to Me through My apostles of that time, who remained further to do My work so that the Lord might raise and grow a holy flock, just as I am working today with you for the new creature of those who come and take of My spring of word to their lives and working faith, for what can the faith without fruit do for God?

We are setting one more child at the holy work, and let all be to My glory at you and with you, and say the blessing, anointed sons in the garden, and set over the blessed child life and working cross on this day with witnesses from heaven so that holy work may be raised to heaven from the midst of My citadel with you, because I want to be glorified at you, and I want you to be the sons of My glory, oh, sons.

Let the work of the hand be done to the glory of the work with the spirit, and let everything have fruit for heaven, and My word is a rod of guidance, (Apoc: 2/27; 19/15)[5], oh, and also let all My word become work, sons, for behold, I am sitting at the table with you and with those in heaven and We are giving them joy and comfort from here, but they are also giving this to you, and behold, My disciples are speaking with you now.

— Oh, You are great and praised in Your citadel, here, in Your holy mountain, here, a well-founded citadel for the joy of the whole earth, as it is written, and the kings of the earth will marvel at it, at Your glory in it, oh, Lord! Our joy is great and we are Your witnesses in Your works from the citadel and Your glory is increasing, Lord!

Oh, sons and disciples of Christ, Our and your Shepherd, peace to you from Us at the Lord’s table with you and with Us! The days of the Lord’s glory are coming; they are coming with haste, and so you also have to make haste with them and bring the Lord on earth so that those who do not want to be God, or faith, may be put to shame; however, God is and is working here, on the land of the Romanian people to the shame of the unbelievers, because the Creator of all things is coming with the renewal and with the revelation of those invisible of God’s creation, and which will take the place of the visible ones and which had been taken under the control of the unbelieving man, oh, but the Lord is coming, and here He is, He is coming, and those who love Him, wait for Him and confess Him will rejoice, and the lawless ones will remain with nothing but the terror that they will have worked out of ignorance through unbelief and pride, by the spirit of satan.

Oh, Lord, oh, Lord, among those in heaven the longing for Your glory in the end of the time is growing. Show Your glory, Lord! Help those on earth to make time to rise to the love of God and to put out the power of sin in men, for sin separates all people from You, and come, raise the country of Your light, raise Romania into visible glory and make it light from Your light over the earth; make it, because there is no longer any light on earth, Lord! Put the power of Your new creation in Your word on earth and bring the renewal of the world, Lord! We are praying in the citadel of Your word here with them and with You in front. Let us go over the earth again with Your news as at that time and sound the trumpet of Your coming, its glory and Your today’s work for the new birth of the world, Lord!

We, near You, are also blessing Your work with them, with Your people anointed today and with the sons who listen to the fulfillment of Your word with faith, because if there is no faith, there is no fulfillment. And now You speak to them again, Lord.

— I am your and their Shepherd and Teacher as well, oh, My disciples of that time. I am the One Who fulfills everything that is written to the end, but I also need calling with prayer and faith so that I may work through faith as in all the ages. (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.)

And as for you, My today’s country, arise step by step to the Lord, Your God, who wants very much to appear with you over the earth, because I have in you the citadel of My word and the river of My mouth springing up over the earth. Peace to you, glory to you, for you are My country on earth, and I have you in heaven as well, and you are very beautiful in heaven, in those that are not seen of God’s creation, My today’s country!

It is a day of celebration of saints on this day, My country. I am rejoicing within you and I am glorifying Myself in your midst. Peace to you! I want you to be the peace of the nations. Do you hear what I want you to be? Oh, arise and fulfill My word, the word of the Lord, your God! Get up, oh, My today’s country, stand up at My word! Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.

[2] «Then I saw another angel flying in mid-heaven [Or “midair”], having an eternal Good News [Or “the eternal Gospel”] to proclaim to the inhabitants of the earth, and to every nation, tribe, language, and people.» (Apoc: 14/6)

[3] «And may he establish your hearts, blameless in holiness before our God and Father even to end, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all His saints». (Thess: 3/13)

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«They shall bring your brothers out of all nations for a gift to the Lord with horses and chariots, in litters drawn by mules with awnings, to My holy mountain to the holy citadel Jerusalem, said the Lord, as though the children of Israel should bring their sacrifices to Me with psalms into the house of the Lord.» (Isaiah: 66/20)

«For upon My holy mountain, on the high mountain, says the Lord, even the Lord, there shall all the house of Israel serve Me for ever: and there will I accept you and there will I have respect to your first-fruits and the first-fruits of your offerings, in all your holy things.» (Ezechiel: 20/40)

«The Lord shall cry out of Zion and shall utter His voice from Jerusalem; and the heaven and the earth shall be shaken, but the Lord shall spare His people and shall strengthen the children of Israel.

You shall know that I am the Lord your God, Who dwell in Zion My holy mountain: and Jerusalem shall be holy and strangers shall not pass through her anymore.» (Joel: 3/16, 17) (The Eastern Orthodox Bible — EOB)

[5] «They will rule the nations with a rod of iron, shattering them like clay pots; as I also have received of My Father:» (Apoc: 2/27)

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