2023.06.11 — The Word of God on the first Sunday after Pentecost, of All the Saints

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15 min readJul 23, 2023

The Word of God[1] on the first Sunday after Pentecost, of All the Saints.

The centenary of the birth of Saint Virginia

Everything is waiting for the beginning of the celebration on this day in the garden of My word. The gates have been raised for a week, (The gates — those who receive the Lord by the word, by those through whom the Word comes — see about the apocalyptic white horse, r.n.), since I entered the garden, but also with those who have gone to sleep from the beginning of the world and up to this day, multitudes as large as leaf and grass, oh, sons from the garden, and I, the Lord, I and My trumpet Verginica, (Verginica — the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) We are expected to speak over those that have gathered here at the feast, oh, because this day of feast is great, as great as only those in heaven know this, and behold, We are sounding for the blessing and beginning of the feast, and this day for the celebration of the Holy Feast is blessed, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and may also be blessed the hearts gathered for the celebration!

Peace to all of you!

Peace to you, those in heaven with those on earth from here!

Peace to you, those on the earth from here, together with those in heaven now with a holy feast in the garden!

I would also say to the multitude of satan’s spirits, and I would tell them peace, but peace is not on their side, and behold, satan is in a treat turmoil with all his servants, with body or without body, and their woes terrify the dwelling of the hell, shaking it from all its angles now, while I, the Lord, with the heavenly retinues, are celebrating one hundred years of heavenly mystery on the Romanian land, the day of the birth among people of the trumpet of My word, the coming of Verginica among the earthlings, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) and from which I, the Lord, built My speaking and My calling out over the earth, beginning with the year of 1955, after had prepared her to be My way of returning from the Father to the people, after two thousand years, after My ascension next to the Father.

My life on earth with Verginica was persecuted all the time, always searched for in full detail by all kinds of enemies, of whom it has not been known until today, because those were hidden with their work, which was gathered little by little and kept in secret, kept in the dark, (In the files of the former Security, the oppressive service of the former regime of the communist red beast under the leadership of the head of this beast, the dictator Ceauşescu, r.n.), so that their work and My arduous walk through the time with struggle in order to be able to walk, not be known, oh, and I have raised you, those who are My today’s servants, and I have sent you to bring to Me all the gathering following My walk with Verginica and with My great word through her, and you obeyed and brought it to Me, this testimony written little by little, and from it you have chosen then and built a book, My book with My trumpet and with the time of My trumpeting through her, and behold, this book of testimony appears on the Romanian land: Verginica, the trumpet from Pucioasa.

I am here and I am going to stay with you in the word all the length of this day, sons, and we are going to work the blessing of the cross, a column of the crosses under the white tent, worked here by you for the testimony of this feast, as a sign of remembrance of this great day in heaven as well as on earth, My longing known only by My Spirit and by the Spirit of My Father, and the One Whom I have set fulfilled here together with My feasts in the garden with you, and behold, sons, we are going to begin the celebration and are raising to the Father once with the service of the prayer of this feast, we are all raising, you and We, prayers to the Father for those who had struck My way with Verginica and with her people on earth, oh, for these are not consoled now, sons, but this day is giving great mercy to them and here I am speaking for them:

Oh, draw near to My voice for you, those who passed away with your body and who had enmity, who struck and sold the people of My word, My trumpet through whom I fed My people! I, the Lord, am commanding to My ministering angels of this feast of testimony of My book with Verginica, I am commanding them to bring you here, at the mouth of My spring of word here, in the citadel of My word on the land of the Romanian people.

We are giving you consolation. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, these children, My servants for you, for all those on earth, who passed away from their body or not, these are chosen for prayer and for the release of the sins committed against My coming as word on earth through My trumpet Verginica, and then on through her following people, because I did not let the last ones to be persecuted, as I need them for you and for those that are still striking and will strike in My coming and in those who carry Me to come.

Behold, a request for forgiveness from the Father is being raised from here of those of two thousand years ago who drove Me away from this earth and of those of today, who have persecuted Me just like those of that time, for I was and I am this word of longing with which I am coming down on earth through My bearers, through the little disciples of Verginica.

We are giving now little and white shirts of linen, like those of My saints, like My shirt too, so that you may stand before the altar of fire from here, from My citadel of word, where I have My seat of judgment, for this judgment for you is coming to and end with its forgiveness, with the reconciliation to the Father and the consolation for you, for I am now as much of a Comforter as then on the cross, when My look comforted those on the cross, but especially the one who gave Me over to be sacrificed, because he then confessed My resurrection on earth. In the last time you too fulfilled the Scripture of the persecution of Christ and the contempt which you gave Me so that I might be able to come down as word and to be Your Savior and the Savior of those who have stung Me in all the times of My works with man, and now you are released from all that you did and went wrong before God and to My walk with My trumpet, and she is full of love for you and is now embracing you as God’s sons. Amen.

And now, ministering sons in the garden before Me, bring before the Father a prayer of forgiveness for them, and then We are going to bless the cross of the column of crosses, oh, and We are spending in a sweet celebration all the time of the feast, and I am with you in the word all the length of the day.

And now it is going to be the sitting at the table and then the lifting of the book to the Father for its sharing to the brothers, and My word is staying with you again and is placed into its book as a testimony for everything that is to be worked and blessed on this day.


We are sitting down again before the Father and are raising our hearts and eyes for the blessing of the book, oh, sons, so that the Father may give it to us then. You have worked very hard without any rest for bringing to the Lord the history of My word with Verginica. All the words I had spoken through My trumpet could not be written into the midst of My people, because there was not always someone to write and collect at the time when I was coming down in the word, but when My word was flowing through Verginica in front of those who were tormenting her in insane asylums and in the places of darkness of the rulers who were forcing her in order to hear what she was saying (See The Life of Saint Virginia, r.n.), oh, those had part of a lot of word and they had their servants who took from Me to them so that everything may be gathered at the high council, and they gathered and kept on gathering and there are tens of thousands of pages written and all testify step by step how the work of My word was collected, sold, or taken at the high council with everything that happened between Me and the people, between brother and brother, oh, and few among those who were investigated by fearful threats, few of them kept their temper and did not sell the Lord and brothers, because fear kept on increasing and increasing in all the Christians once with the cruelty by which the servants of the law were blowing the harshness over those sold for nothing by their betraying brothers.

This book is coming out now and is giving light, and it is being given mercy and forgiveness through the prayer to the Father, for those who went wrong either out malice, weakness or fear. Let no one in heaven be sad, and on the land of the Christians of My people, if some of the followers find in the book parents or brothers who gave the bearers of grace over to judgment, to sale or prison, for the time was very hard, and steadfastness was weak in all of them. (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.)

Now we are lifting up our eyes to the Father and are asking for the blessing of the book and its sharing and we are praying to the Father: Father, forgive all those who were weak and little in their souls and give them the reconciliation with You, and raise to holiness their descendants and those who went wrong in the time of the walking of the word.

Oh, Father, arise and bless this book of testimony and give it to us so that we may be able to share it, but also send before it the spirit of wisdom and of the holy faith to those who will open and come to know it.

And now, bless, Father!


Sons, sons, My table with you is a wedding table, and one should sit at it properly dressed in wedding garments. But how comes in wedding garments? Behold, by obedience, sons. The Christian must listen to My word of the preparation for the people that, behold, always welcome Me when I come with a table of word. (See the selection topic: „The Wedding of the Lamb”, r.n.)

Now, to those who see in My word the mystery of the wedding garment, we are telling that this garment is for a people that stands before Me to receive Me and to share Me as word, and this preparation was not fully chosen by those near you who also to want to be near you from time to time, but they are stopped at one or two of the customs, because behold, not all of them want to fulfill all the preparation required for this table, sons. Oh, I have suffered all the time because the people that knew Me by this word did not want to fully give themselves to the Lord and now I would have had a lot of people, for behold, when the Christian knocks at the door to come at My table from here with you, oh, he does not prepare himself, is not ready and he does not realize what he asks from Me when he knocks in order to come at this table of word, set between Me and you, and therefore, I delay the fulfillments that also knock at the door and want to come in, and behold, I would make a prayer for all those who know the mystery and the place of this word springing from heaven, and I would ask them to seek to perceive well the mystery of the garment of wedding for this table, oh, because it is no laughing-matter to be close to the Lord, to His throne of word from here.

Oh, I cannot, Christian, without you for you if you cannot for Me. The devil stands against Me in man, because if he would stand against Me from outside of him, I could do for the one who wants to be with Me, but when a man does not let Me in him to work for him, as he has his own will, then I am not the man’s master and rather My adversary is, the devil is, the one who has taken the man for his own wills, and behold, the Christians stay at one or two customs (The twenty four customs of the air — see “St. Theodora’s journey through the aerial toll-houses”, — aerial toll-houses, r.n.) and they cannot do anything for holiness because of their love for sin, and sin means disobedience to God.

You, sons from the citadel of My word, you have pain for those who cannot be fulfillers for this table of My word. I suffer too, and the time from the outside presses the Christian, for the Christians are from the world, sons, and the spirit of the world knocks them down both from inside and outside of them, oh, and I cannot multiply My people, I cannot, sons, because paganism has come over the earth upon the people, and it has also come in My today’s country, in My Romanian country, and all have become corrupted, men, women, children, all have gone bed in their conduct, in the way they dress, in their food, habits and faith, sons. Oh, the people of the old Israel was beautiful and I loved it very much, and this people, pleased to the Lord, became corrupted, oh, and all the people are lost because of their pride and do no longer hide with their wrong doings, and behold there are customs for those who left their bodies, customs and customs again, for those who remain with their bodies on earth, and the holy preparation for whom shall I make so that I may be able to form a sweet and beautiful flock for Me, in their word, in their clothing, according to their holy love for God?

I have you, I have only you, sons, and I keep you here as Mine, and the Christians would like to stay near you from now and then, but as unprepared as they are for the Lord, oh, that it cannot be, and it is not possible such a life with service at two masters, but is still anyone to believe this truth?

I am rejoicing now over you with those in heaven; We are rejoicing over this great and dear feast, oh, sons. There have arrived here at you to see My work with you, there are some who have come here for the first time, and maybe for the last time, since they cannot or do not want to perceive enough the mystery of this place and the work of the faith that they have to prove, those who want to be part from My flock, set aside for My glory, for the glory of many, oh, sons.

I wish for those who have just come to know My work with you, I wish them a heart full of holy love, and with which to defeat any enemy between them and Me, oh, for there is no more beautiful and sweeter time than the time of the fulfilling Christian for the people set aside for My glory, but the time outside is so mixed up and it keeps as slaves in it those who believe the mystery of My work with you, and slavery proves that they are partakers of the darkness of this passing age, out of which it is difficult for the one who would like to get out from darkness into the light.

I, the Lord, rejoice over you and with you with days of heavenly wedding, oh, sons, as you are the only ones I really have. Singing, dancing and cheerfulness, this is how it is at the wedding and that is how We are spending now here with you, and We are looking at you dearly, sons.

I leave to their will the Christians who know the work of My word and have not got any place in it according to the obedience from above, I leave them to choose God or not as their lives, for they have the guiding word, but they need fear of God too, and above all, they need love, oh, sons, because love heals the man from sin, oh, only it, only it. To be able to do everything after God’s will, this is a great and confessing miracle, sons. However, the time enchants the Christians with its things and many have given themselves to the time and I am moved to tears while looking at them and seeing how much and how many things they have borrowed from the today’s time, because if a while ago I said: “Christian, do not wear a watch at your hand, so that you may not take after the world and as a result God may not recognize you among those in the world,” oh, how can I say now something like that so that it may not take after the world the one who knows of My word with which I stay all the time on earth among the Christians and among men, to make them My sons and then to give them to the Father, beautiful raised through My word of Shepherd?

Your likeness to the world has taken you away, Christian, it has taken you away from your image with God and with your ancestors, and My longing for you proves that you are far from God. This is how I call out: Come back to your first love, to the day when you knew My word and you were built by it and came to be Mine after that, but behold, now you grow less and keep on growing less by your customs far from the Lord’s glory with you, Christian, My child, Mine from long ago.

Oh, I miss, and I remain with My longing, and the time hurts Me. However, now, I am rejoicing from the joy of this day in celebration here, in the garden, and I am speaking with My Verginica, now, with My trumpet, and I am telling her:

Behold, Verginica, the glorious day of My word with you. Take the trumpet and sound over the assembled people!

For You and for me, Lord, today is the celebration of one hundred years of my being between earth and heaven, between heaven and earth, oh, Lord. My joy today is Your today’s word at the table with the brothers, with the people from the citadel and with those who are sitting now at Your wedding table with those who are now serving from You and for You here. My book with You, Your book with me, is the story of Your longing song over an obedient people or disobedient to the voice of Your word in this time over the earth.

I am humbly asking the sons, bearing of grace, I am asking them to reveal to the people gathered at the table the story of my book with You, oh, because there is a lot of word put on the table today, and We are thinking at those who are carrying Us to speak, for they are powerless, dear ones, oh, Lord, and no one knows as well as We know this. Therefore, in the days to come, We will still be able to speak to the people gathered now, and that are seeking through the window after the word of Your mouth, (The window — the computer or phone monitor through which the Word of God can be seen, r.n.) but now the feast is full of grace, and I am going to sit in a council with the people from everywhere, and I will be sending to them a book in the days to come and We will not stay, oh, Lord, because there is a lot of work to do. However, now, We are bowing with tenderness and consolation before these ministering children, who have set during this day on earth my book with You, Your book with me, oh, Lord, and its work over the multitudes. Amen.

— Sons, sons, let us be and remain at the heavenly party here and let us leave this party to go on during this day, and let us also release those under burden and say over this day of holy meeting:

Peace to you, to those gathered at Christ’s wedding table with the people of His word!

And now, peace to you, too, those in the citadel of My word and to those close to you for your work with Me, peace, sons, and relief from burdens now, because you have completely finished the works started for this great and holy feast, and the cross on the mound in the hill has got a day prepared for its sanctification, and We are going to set over it a special word as I, the Lord, am going to ordain at you and with you!

Come, rejoice now, come, I am here with you, with all those from heaven! Rejoice and be glad, sons, sing and dance and be gland, for this is how a wedding is supposed to be. Let the hearts of those gathered near with you happily startle on this day!

I am writing Myself with My name over the book of My today’s word with you, and I am putting My name again over this day of celebration and now I am coming to an end with My speech, oh, sons.

I am Jesus Christ, the Word of the Father Sabaoth. Amen, amen, amen.



[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.