2023.04.30 — The Word of God on the third Sunday of the Holly Passover, of the Holy Prudes

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The Word of God[1] on the third Sunday of the Holy Passover, of the Holy Prudes

The holy hosts are seated in celebration on earth, here, above the citadel of My word and they heavenly sing Christ has risen, and for two thousand years it has been sung in heaven and on earth My victory over death, over satan and over the unbelievers of all times under heaven, oh, and the heaven and earth are singing too, the saints and angels, the birds and people are singing Christ has risen!

Now, peace to you, citadel of My word! Peace to you, those in the citadel! Peace to you, sons who put My word into the book and its journey over the earth!

Christ is risen! From heaven to earth the Lord is proclaiming Himself in your days and going speaking knocking at the doors and He is entering through the locked doors, for such are the resurrected ones; they enter and do not have any borders, oh, they do not have any, and behold, it is a great meeting, great sons, on this day, here in the garden! All human race from Adam and to the last one asleep by this time, is called and placed now at this table of meeting.

In My time with Verginica (Verginica — the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet see selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) I gave a holy command and I told her to do, year by year with her little power, and to make a memorial prayer before heaven for those who are asleep from the beginning and until My time with her and to call for the Lord’s forgiveness upon them and the resurrection then, for My work with her was and is for the resurrection of those asleep first and then for My glory with those who believe in My coming as word on the Romanian land so that the Scripture of My coming may be fulfilled, oh, because it is impossible that those announced not to be fulfilled and My complete victory as well at the end of the time, and let us put them at the table, sons, for they are waiting with fearfulness with respect to My staying with you and they stand waiting to be put at the table of joy for them, that they may sing with the heavenly and angelic hosts and to sing here in the garden, Christ is risen! (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead[2]”, r.n.)

Sons, sons, those asleep in Christ are sharing this joy and a song of joy and victory, but at such great assemblies we also give to those who did not take care of their lives with Christ on earth, for all are being called today to share this day of joy, because you, following people of My work through My trumpet Verginica, you have an inheritance from My Verginica to bring to heaven on the day of the third Sunday after Passover the memorial of the prudes of My resurrection, witnesses of the resurrection of those asleep and resurrected once with Me two thousand years ago, (Matt: 27/52, 53)[3] and you are to call all those asleep at the table of this memorial, oh, and their comfort is great now, as great as the heaven and earth, great, sons, as only those who are resurrected can testify about the power if this joy.

And now, blessed be their commemoration, of those mentioned for a day of resurrection and their sitting at the table with Us and with you here, in the Garden of the Meeting, sons, for you support My coming upon earth, and behold, those who are called at the table are sitting, here, where I am together with you, and they are sitting with holy fearfulness, and their movement and spirit are under the look of My eyes, and I am blessing with the word, and those anointed here are blessing from the earth and we start the festive party and we are singing Christ is risen, and satan and his army lose their power before the spirit of resurrection, the spirit of My word that breathes and announces two times: the last time and then the new time, (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord[4]”, r.n.) that is the kingdom of the heavens, the heaven on earth, with all their mystery in which are worked and placed all things that I, the Lord, have worked by the word during this time and they are sitting and waiting for their visible revelation when the curtain between the two times is ready to fall and it will fall, and then it will be the embrace of the heaven with the earth, as also on this very day it is happening here in a great mystery, for the heaven at sight, and for those on earth by faith, oh, for all have been fulfilled only by faith, sons.

Now, we are embracing the mystery of the feast for My male and female disciples, My witnesses of two thousand years ago, and My mother Virgin together with them as well, and we are dedicating this sweet Sunday to their faith, to My witnesses of that time, part of them witnesses of those thirty three years of Mine on earth with the people, and to the others, witnesses of My visible time as God working and proving with signs and miracles that I was the Son of the Father Sabaoth, sent on earth to give the reward to the enemies for the saving of the lost man, overcame by satan even from paradise, and I, Jesus Christ, paid then through the cross the price for the man’s redemption.

Rejoice together with those who are bearing with My work today, oh, male and female disciples, together with Me two thousand years ago, and you, My mother and theirs as well, for you had known Me before My birth and known where I came from and Who I was, and then they believed like you and announced Me as coming from the Father on earth to the people and they are now in My glory, they are where I am, and My glory is on the right side of the Father, as written, oh, My mother.

We are blessing You, we, Your disciples of that time, resurrected Lord, and those that fell upon You on behalf of Your enemies who were showing their justice against You then, all confessed You then as the resurrected Christ, and afterwards they were put to shame! Oh, in the same way it will be now. All those who struck You with unbelief in Your word, in Your people, born by this word, will be brought to shame, but give them Your forgiveness, Lord, for the unbelievers do not know what they do, they do not know God.

Praise to You for the joy of today’s fellowship with us and with You, oh, because those on earth do not know how the heavenly ones are, Yours from heaven near you, for our place is with You, Lord, and only those who believe feel and can feel the happiness from heaven of Your saints and they also take from it in their hearts and bring forward the glory of the faith by which You make everything as in all the times, oh, and let us cry for a moment for the unbelievers so that our tear may bring forth their deliverance, oh, Lord, because the pain of those in heaven is heavy from those that stay on the way of perdition on earth, and we want their return to God too, for that is why You sent us to the margins with the news about You after You had risen, and You are Savior, Lord, and we are likewise for we are from You, and now we are here, at the feast with a great spirit of resurrection in it and we are singing together with our sister prudes Your resurrection, Christ is risen!

— Oh, we are singing Lord, we are singing for joy, for the memory of the joy of two thousand years ago, because we, Your prudes, ran to find You, to see You, to have Your further with us, and now we are having a celebration in heaven and on earth for the memory of our love of You, because the faith brought us to the mystery of the love from above and we loved only You, Lord, and we loved You with pain, because the love for You is the pain full of comfort and this comfort is eternal for those who tasted fully on earth with You, Lord, oh, and now it is a day of comfort for we here, and we are singing Your resurrection, we are singing with Your disciples, with Peter and Paul, with James and John, with all Yours of that time, gathered here now, at the feast of resurrection, and our spirit is calling out for love: Christ is risen, Christ is risen, Christ is risen!

— Oh, I am also with You, Son Jesus, and I am tasting the celebration for Your prudes and disciples of that time, and we are all embracing those called at a table of the feast of resurrection and memorial of the prudes of Your resurrection, for their joy and life with You has remained eternally now in heaven, Lord, and I am embracing You just as I did at that time when You were a little child, as then when You were on the cross, and then when You came to life again, and then You gave me the peace of my heart, dear Son, oh, and now we are singing from heaven to earth Your day of victory and we are singing with joy, Christ is risen!

— Oh, beloved, again and again We live the mysterious thrill of My resurrection, of the joy which I gave you when I was resurrected and appeared before you.

We are giving consolation to those who arrived at their table of memorial together with the feast for you. We are having a sunny day here in the garden, and let it be known on earth that here is the place of the celebration of those from heaven in the feasts and that the heavenly hosts are placed at the table with those on earth, who are welcoming those from above, oh, and how true is the spending of the heaven with the earth in the Lord’s garden with you, sons, who have received faith by the sharing from heaven in My coming with the saints because they are coming on earth, and then you are to proclaim that the Lord is here with you, and He is giving from heaven to those who have faith and part for them by their faith.

May be blessed the food set on the table, oh, and there are plenty and are gathered at the table!

And now, sons, may be blessed the printing of the book of My trumpet Virginia, and we are going to prepare with great glory this celebration and the sharing of this testimony, because I said: All would be written and known.

Oh, we have to prepare the great celebration, sons, and behold, again and again I am giving blessing from above for all the works started for the celebration of the book and they will end well and with help from heaven, oh, for I, the Lord, worked only miracles in the midst of this people, but these were only for the believers, for those who were not steadfast in their faith and had their desires and slipped to them and in the end they have remained only with the memories of My miracles during My time with this people born by My work with My trumpet Virginia.

Oh, laboring sons under My coming to you word on earth, oh, give Me power to come, sons, and you will have power and we will have heavenly comfort from one another.

I am opening My arms to embrace you all, all of you. I want you to rejoice, sons, and I want to have a sweet place among you and with you by your warm conduct with God. When you clean your mill, clean it from words too, oh, sons, because I want to have sweet hearts in the people of My word, and to work just as sweetly, oh, sons.

And now in the end I am giving peace over you and the glory in which you stay. You should give glory to God all your time spend with God by the glory you have given to Him, and now let us sing, now, at the today’s memorial, the song of My resurrection once with all the creation that is singing now Christ is risen, and I am going to remain with you, and that is why, you should remain with Me too, because I remain with you, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.

[2] You can also see on: https://jumpshare.com/v/ehaVlHcShxzcQZAIJQgZ



[3] «The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised and came out of the tombs after His resurrection. (They entered into the holy citadel and appeared to many)». (Matt: 27/52, 53)

[4] You can also see on: https://files.fm/f/d3thh64y5