2023.04.21 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Healing Spring

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The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Healing Spring

I am with the heavenly hosts above, here, in My garden with you, the Garden of the Meeting, sons, and I am proclaiming upon you the greeting of the Passover: Christ has risen!

On My right side, from her place, My Virgin Mother, is also giving you her joy that she had after My cross and she is telling you now: Christ has risen! It is her celebration on this day written by the holy fathers in the calendar, and the order of the feasts of the saints entered into the heavenly mysteries, all ordained for the Christian people by the Holy Spirit, only that on earth it is no longer as in heaven, because it is like the man who dares to overthrow what has been revealed by the Holy Spirit and then set on earth, and behold, here with you the saints are celebrating as in heaven, sons, for in heaven God’s will is done, and this is how I taught My disciples to say when they bowed in prayer to the Father: Father, Your will be done on earth as in heaven.

Satan does not like that God works on earth and, therefore, he sneaks through his people and overturns the order left through the fathers, for the earthly power of all works is in the hand of man and he is proud face to face with God, as he was in paradise when he overthrew God’s will for his will, and behold, man does not listen to God, and God does not listen to him either, but it leaves him do to his will because I teach him and he does not listen, and this is written in the Scriptures when the Lord says: «Listen My people and I will testify to you; but My people would not hearken to My voice; and Israel would not obey Me. So, I gave them up to their own hearts lust; and they walked in their counsels». (Ps: 81- 81 MT = 80 LXX — /8, 11, 12)

Oh, but it is different with those who obey, because obedience is always born of love, and love can do everything, and it bows to be able to do it, and whoever cannot do so, then he does not bow because of his lack of love, and this is how pride is born in man not to bow before God and before his neighbor, oh, and he is nothing, the one who does not bow is nothing; it is nothing of the one who does not have love as his joy, of his being.

Sons, sons, it is a healing feast on this day, oh, and how careful the holy fathers of My church were to arrange all the establishments for the edifying and saving benefit of God’s sons, of those who listen with humility, with faith working in love, sons. My mother Virgin is listening now too, and she is waiting for My healing word to be comforted from My mercy for the Christians and for the people, because she wants very much and she wants as much as I want the salvation and forgiveness of everyone, and everything by grace, sons.

Man is nothing before God except by grace, for grace works on the one who can work for things above in man. Not long ago, I have brought to your attention the work of grace, revealed to be known for those who want to learnt and to be able to work to the joy of the heaven, and I have spoken about the bowing with love, with unrelenting love only in humility, sons. How can that really be?

Oh, when you are wanted and you have lowliness of heart at that moment, or when you are despised and rejected but still remain in love, when you are tested by calumny and you do not show yourself to be pressed down or displeased, when trials, anguishes of mind or pains in your body come then grace asks to choose you then to give you work to do, after you had been tested in every way possible for self-denial, for humility, greatly and always. But when you are not able to humble yourself in order to receive with patience, to become small and contended in all things and through all, then grace does not come near to you to work on you for God’s sake. When you want to be right at any cost, when you try to overcome everyone with your pride, then you stay in vain near God and do not seek after His forgiveness of your sins, by your humility for the bad things of your conduct and disobedience. Oh, you have not yet learned, you have not known yet your little path to your likeness to God, to the only One without sin and still humble to anyone as an ordinary sinner, and you are even worse than such a sinner, and this is because you lack the grace from above which works and forms the Christian as God’s son. And if you do not know how to understand deeply your union with God, with Whom you need to resemble afterwards, then it may happen to you as it happened to Judas who took God from the Last Supper’s table, but then left and betrayed and gave to death the One Who had also given him the earnest of the kingdom of the heavens, and behold, this is what happens with those who do not have faithfulness to the end because of self-love, and these do not have any happiness at all, but share sin and receive the rewards of sin, and that is why, oh, let not stay in God’s presence the one who may only try to come and want to be in the midst of God’s sons.

Oh, if you, Christian, do not have that mind to understand fully that you cannot earn the sweet life with God in eternity but only if on earth you bear pains, tears, trials and humiliation, so that you may not have part of these after you will have passed into eternal life, oh, then what is to be done with such lack of wisdom and searching after the wisdom from above for Christians? It is better for your life here to be sorrowful and lived under the cross because sweet payment you will collect for the eternal life, and I see how little care a man takes for his eternal life, for what he will have there, oh, and I also see how little work the man does in order to gather there wealth which does not get lost like that which is gathered on earth.

Oh, My Christian raised by heaven, this is what I am saying to you: When you have a pain, an illness, a test for your love of God, then you shall say this: It doesn’t hurt me, but it rather hurts God, and He has chosen to suffer within me to prepare me for grace so that I may be able to work for Him on earth and up to heaven, and by no means to stay idle just because I am in pains, but rather to work even through pains, because without pains we do not belong to the Lord, we do not take after Him and we have not understood the way with Him and to Him.

I give healing to the Christian people that want to be with God from earth to heaven, because there is a long way to walk to the reward for the Christian life on earth, and here is the plain truth that not to all, it is not given to many people to believe with humiliation in My word of growth of a people to be able to be with the Lord on the way to heaven. Oh, not many understand, but onto those who are given from the Father to understand, and only the wise are those who understand, just as the unwise are those who do not understand and do not work listening with humiliation for the receiving of the grace building of new man, of new powers, of new love, after the commandment renewed by grace.

I have put in the book the hope of healing from the lack of the grace in the Christian’s life, and My mother is greatly comforted on the day of the celebration for her.

Oh, healing mother like your Son, Christ, We are sending them healing water and exhortation for the receiving of the grace which comprises everything by its work upon God’s sons, and let Us bring them comfort and consolation for their healing, because there is great lack of working grace, My mother, and grace is diligent and it comprises everything within its work, the work of God’s sons, mother.

Oh, risen Son, You have comforted all my heavy pain by Your resurrection, but not the pain for the Christians, because the Christians cannot bear pains, and that is why this has always, always hurt Us, Son, resurrected for the man’s resurrection, who does not work for his eternal life in his time on earth. Oh, how little thinking a man has concerning his richness gathered in heaven, and this fall of the man hurts in heaven, and man is only on earth with everything he has got.

I am receiving great comfort and hope from Your today’s exhortation for the Christians, saving Son, oh, and for a long time I have been waiting for Your today’s people to submit to the work of grace to receive grace so that those who are Yours may be able to go to the end, because without work man has nothing gathered at his home in heaven, and all his things on earth will severely judge him, and which will turn into tears; however, let Us hope in the grace from above, and for which will bow those who will understand what a great lesson You have set into Your today’s book, with the people of Your word, resurrected Jesus, and given to Your beloved ones by the Supper in Emmaus to remain with them as they also asked You to remain with them, and You answered to the prayer and stayed with them and You remained mysteriously with them in the image of bread and wine, as You had ordained for God’s sons to have You on earth to the end.

Now, risen Lord, I am bowing to thank You for the self-healing that You have left to the sons of Your today’s people to learn, and I am telling them: Christ has risen, Christs’ children! Follow with your finger on today’s book and all stand up for the wisdom coming from above for the receiving of the grace and through it to comprise your work on earth to be able to dedicate it to the Lord and to have it as your gathering in heaven so that you may be written as together working with the heaven, sons. Oh, peace to you! Christ has risen! Share my today’s joy and all stand up to your healing, sons!

And as for You, resurrected Son, Jesus Christ, I am bowing because grace means bowing, much, much humiliation, oh, Jesus Son.

— Oh, My mother, how diligent is he who stays under the power of the working grace through grace, mother! How comprehensive and giving is the work and sacrifice of such a hard-working son! Oh, how much healing Christians need to search after, My mother! I have told them to know how to allow the healing to come over them. I gave and I am giving them, for I am with them, mother.

Oh, sons, My Spirit with you is sweet in the feasts. Remain small to take after Me, to take from Me because only those who are little take, learn, have and can do the same after that.

May all your works be blessed, everything that you have started for the preparation of the feast that is coming for we have been waiting for Virginia’s feast, My trumpet, oh, sons! You should bring to completion with My grace upon you all the works that have been started and let them be placed together with you as an ornament before the day of feast for My trumpet, when the whole heaven will stand, look and see My way and My trumpeting through her, My work with her, for behold, it is being written now, this book here with you, the history of this work of word with My trumpet, and which started once with Virginia’s birth, whom I prepared after that step by step for Me, for My way as word over the earth, and she was the trumpet of My word. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.)

May your steps and your work for this great feast be blessed, and now I am saying again upon you: Christ has risen!

And now, we are setting the service of this day of feast which is called the Spring of healing, and peace to you, sons! Christ has risen! Peace to you and I leave work of grace upon you all, and you should make room for it with you and among you, and especially between you and God so that you may have in heaven, and to have richly in heaven, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen!


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.