2023.02.15 — The Word of God on the feast of the Lord’s Meeting

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The Word of God[1] on the feast of the Lord’s Meeting

I am coming into the book and writing a day of royal feast, forty days from My birth of My Virgin mother, and it was according to the law of Israel for My parents to go to the temple for cleansing after the birth so that they would be able to go to the temple for prayer according to the tradition, and behold, it is a great day in the Christian calendar, oh, and many look through the window (The window to the world, the screen of the monitor, — see the selection topic: „As lightning that comes from the east, so is the coming of the Lord”, r.n.).) to find My word for the feast, and I am giving Myself to them through holy advice, because I am a Shepherd and I take care of My flock as a true and unpaid Shepherd, the One from heaven, Who does not ask anything but those that I shepherd to be God’s sons according to the truth, and therefore, let God’s sons learn well what they have to do, work and keep so that they may truly be sons, because, I, the Lord, in order to be a Shepherd, I passed through the whole order of a son, and then I gave My body as a sacrifice so that God’s sons may be see how they can remain sons according to the word coming from above in order to gather them into the Lord’s flock as sons, and behold, crucifixion must be in order to take after the Shepherd that laid down His body to be nailed to the cross as a sign of the holiness of the spirit and body, oh, and this is how God’s sons have to work so that they may be holy like their Shepherd, and they have to keep their hands and legs in nails so that they may not commit any sin, for those who are without a cross always commit sins.

Behold, sacrifice is needed, because I said: «If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me». (Matt: 16/24) And the carrying of the cross means crucifixion so that man may no longer commit any sin in his body. Someone who is crucified has his hands and legs nailed and is in God’s image and after His likeness, like his Shepherd, and this means the man who does no longer sins and who is forever with the Lord.

Oh, how beautiful are those who choose Me as an example for their lives, how beautiful! These have sufficiently understood the word I said for those who want to follow Me with a cross, and not without a cross. Oh, how few are those who choose to be as beautiful as God, beautiful through the cross, and how great would be this flock of Christ, these beautiful people of the heaven on earth! For almost seventy years I have been staying over the earth as word in order to build a little hand of people, beautiful like God, oh, and how hard it was My progress with this word, and I humbled Myself very much to bring beautiful forth fruit to the Father. However, man is used as on earth and that is why it is hard for him to understand what God means and what a man should do before God then.

Behold, man always commits sin, and he does this because he does not know what God mans and what man means. My Virgin mother understood this and lived her life only in God, only with God in her little and clean heart, and then she was My mother and went to the temple forty days after My birth to bring the sacrifice of cleaning according to the tradition, but she was as clean as heaven and remained that way, only because the Lord does according to the laws set on earth so that it may be fully understood that the Son of God became a man and grew up, and then He was crucified for man in order to bring him to repentance and then to the forgiveness of his sins, for I was resurrected after My crucifixion to perfect the whole man’s way to God and so that the man may be free though Me, by all that I did for his life, and that is why I am a Shepherd and man has to learn because I showed him by My own life and walk on earth.

Therefore, let man learn from Me and let him learn from My Virgin mother, as he has nothing to take from the earth, and that is why man must take from heaven; he must take and work and always be with the heaven on earth, because I, the Lord, want to have a holy people and I want to bring with it the heaven on earth so that it may be on earth as in heaven, as it is written, and I want to put the mystery of the longing of heaven in the man’s heart to be able to work together with him the new heaven and the new earth and to have someone for whom to work and set them as happiness of those who love God on earth, learning this love from heaven, for there is other kind of love and earth and man falls through it from God. (See the selection topic: „The heaven — the throne, the earth — the footstool: the man deified”, r.n.)

I am staying on the hearth of the Romanian people with the mystery of the new birth of the world, which I promised as God’s work at the end of the time, only that the man on earth tries to spin out the time, to make it longer and that he may have the time for his things; however, I long for the heaven on earth and the saints long after this too, and that is why I keep coming into the midst of this nation, where I set the tabernacle of My second coming from the Father, and from here I am calling out and urging the Romanian people to receive the love of God in their hearts. But first, behold, just as I, the Lord, love this country so much and I come with so much longing on its land with My heavenly work, oh, the same is to be with you, Romanian sons; love your country and love your people as well, for whoever does not love his country and people cannot love God, for God is love and He loves and protects the Romanian land and people, and therefore, let man love what God loves, because he who loves will be loved.

Oh, people of My word, you should love like God, son shepherded from heaven! Raise warm prayers for the Romanian people, for the wisdom from above upon it, for the longing of God in the hearts of the Romanian people, for the peace, which is holy and building of welfare into the midst of this nation, for light, for the forgiveness of the sins, and then let the sons of this people and land learn what holiness is. And if there is a will and faith, if there is love for the country and people, then let the sons who went abroad to live among foreigners, come back home, for the mystery of this nation is great on earth and it will share a great light over the nations, as it is written, (See Isaiah from chapter 54 to 66 and Apocalypse chapter 21, r.n.) oh, and it is well for the Romanian to be in his homeland, and it is well with God, too, oh, and is bad to be without God, but how few understand this, how few see this looking over the earth!

And now, peace over the Romanian land and people, and let this peace be spread everywhere where there is no peace on earth, and let the peace be multiplied on earth, for peace brings forth peace!

And again, peace and wisdom from heaven over those who rule over the peoples, and happy are and will be the peacemakers, as it is written! Peace is needed on earth and in hearts, but love, mercy and faith are needed as well.

Peace to you, citadel of My word, peace to you, sons in the citadel! Let My word of peace goes and work! Let the love of country and people be strengthened and let it work the love of God afterwards, too. I rely on you in order to be able to set My word over the earth, sons, for the earth needs heaven; it needs those from heaven as much as man does not know on earth, dear sons, and what is impossible with people, it is possible with God, as this is written.

Therefore, I want you to help Me to proclaim My word over the earth, sons, for I have great comfort when I come to speak and to give Myself and My word to work everything what is impossible for people, and therefore, you rejoice Me because you help Me, and that is why I always bestow upon you My peace and its work and now I am saying: Peace to you, oh, peace to you, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.