2023.02.12 — The Word of God on the Sunday of the Prodigal son

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The Word of God[1] on the Sunday of the Prodigal son. The feast of the three saint hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John

On this great day I am writing into the book of My word the spirit of the holy awakening and all the watch for it, and I am raising from the bed those who have received My coming as word over the earth and I am saying this: Peace over the citadel of My word and over the Romanian people and land, and let Me be received and put into the book and then proclaimed over the earth with the glory of My word!

Oh, how much I would like man to have God as his Father with a lot of faithfulness and that he may feel like a son, oh, how much I would like this! I created man and I put life in him to remain Mine and to work for Me and for himself, too, and then to enjoy the paradise and all its love. I created the paradise with so much love and it was only love for man, the garden of Eden was all beauty, all sweetness, all harmony, oh, and there would have been more than enough for man and for his soul in him. Oh, and then man fell from paradise, and this happened because he did not want Me to be with him, too; that is, he to be My son and both to have the paradise as a home and holy feast.

Oh, man, oh, man, how much danger on God and on you to cast aside the Lord’s counsel and to act according to your own mind! You are hungry and thirsty and you are still looking for salvation, and you do not know how to find it because you lost the wealth Father gave to you at your creation. You have always looked that it may go well with you and it does not come to your mind what you are looking for. Oh, you are looking for the paradise from which you fell through your fallen mind. Your mind fell from God when you were in paradise, where you could not stay without Me, for I had given your life for your body and then to the spirit in it from Me.

Oh, you left Me in paradise, man, you forsook Me completely. Then the paradise also left you, if you forsook your Father and everything Father had done for you. The paradise left you, wandering man, after you had fallen from paradise. With all the mystery and work of the paradise, I have been looking for you for more than seven thousand years, from margins to margins, and I have been keeping into your way for you to understand that Father has been looking for His lost son to show him the way back, the love that awaits to teach him the way back.

The land of wandering is full of debauchery and every bitter deceit. Oh, it is only debauchery on earth, because on earth is the man who forsook the Father God in paradise and fell on earth, because he chose immorality and the time in exchange for his eternity in paradise. I wrote forgiveness for man after he had forsaken God and fallen from paradise, and it was for Me, the Son of the Father, to come and pay for his forgiveness on earth, and then love came on earth after man, the love from paradise, oh, for only love can heal the man from sin, only it, and behold, now I am crying in the word for man to hear Me so that I may give him back the paradise and his entrance into paradise, his likeness to God and his coming back home, in the glory of the son of the Father God.

Oh, My love is great, and with it I am calling out after man and saying: Do no longer sin, man lost through sin! God did not create you for sin but for your likeness to Him by holiness, and whoever love so and sanctifies himself, becomes a dwelling place for the paradise, for the Lord, for the glory from above, who is waiting to descend on earth with all the mysteries of the invisible things of God’s creation, the kingdom from above on earth with those who love, with God’s sons, with those who have God as their Father on earth, and with whom, I, the Lord, want to defeat satan, and behold, I want to start the renewal of the world into the midst of the Romanian people, for here I have set My tent to come as word on earth and to work everything by the word as in the beginning, as it is written for Me to come and to work under My new name: the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13)

Oh, this Sunday, the Sunday of the Prodigal son, is rich in work and word, because on this day, both in heaven and on earth, we have the feast of the great saint hierarchs: Basil, Gregory and John, My helpers in the today’s work of My coming as word on earth even from its beginning in 1955, and they are working likewise over My work with My bearers today, and here they are speaking from near Me in the midst of their host from above, and now I am blessing their entrance into the book, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Oh, we are praising You, Lord our God, that you have hidden Your mysteries from those with the name called wise men and shepherds and revealed them to the faithful ones of Your coming as word on earth, and behold, with how much glory You are working and doing Your work of word over the earth now, when this time has come!

Oh, it is Your time, Son of God the Father; it is Your time again, for satan thinks he is a king over the earth and over all the people on it, but You are coming, and meeting him all over with the word so that he may know that it is Your time and that You will overcome, as it is written, and there will be great shame, because the servants of the antichrist will be taken out from under the shepherd’s robe, oh, because they could not work better against You than being hidden under this name and robe, and the fight is great, for You are great, Lord, and You have much to cleanse and wash and to put on burning fire, for You have to clean and renew the earth, Lord, oh, for there is sin all over; it is a thick crust and it is painted on the outside and its heavy smell has to be revealed, and then Your holy fragrance, so that the human people may feel and know that You have come to overcome and to renew for a state of paradise, for the setting on earth of God’s will, for behold, the antichrist has taken on the robe of a church minister and brought to the ground the people who love You, from the flock and from over the flock, but no, he is going to be revealed now, for this is written, and the fight is at its end, because You, Lord, have to prevail and shorten this bad time and then to reward the patience of those who have waited for You to come and to cleanse everything from satan on earth, starting from here, from the Romanian country, the country of Your coming on earth as word, now, at the end of the time, Lord, oh, and how much joy on Your saints, and especially on the saints of the Romanian people, on those who have fought and endured for You to come.

You, bishops and priests that do not work for the Lord’s glory and have hidden yourselves with the evil work of the antichrist enemy under the garment of Christ’s church, oh, the time has come for you to be brought out into the light by the Word of Christ, for behold, you have made bold to put pressure on the flock, to drive away from the church the righteous ones and to work in secret in the service of the antichrist enemy, for you love money and temporariness and your soul is sold to the strangers of God. Oh, humble yourselves, if you still want, if you still can, if you are let to do this! (See the selection topic: „The true church”, r.n.)

We, the bishops of the Lord, Jesus Christ, urge you to repentance, for you work as adversaries. Oh, you do not have the right to rule over the righteous ones, if you have taken high seats! The Lord is whole in every church and city by the ministering priests, oh, and it is not you, but the Lord Who that has power over His church.

Behold, you have been making a lot of abomination and want to plague the Lord’s vineyard, as it is written about the work of the paid shepherds. Oh, draw back from your fight against Christ, this is what we, the three bishops, Basil, Gregory and John, are telling you. We command you this from above, and you are going to listen either if you want or not, for this word is from heaven. You do not work for the Lord under the garment with which you cover yourselves on the outside, and that is why let yourselves be defeated, and if your mind and heart can, repent and separate yourselves from the work of the antichrist man, who has filled the earth and found that it is good for him to hide under holy vestment so that his cunning and face of Christ’s enemy may not be suspected.

Therefore, let the Lord rebuke you satan with the name of the antichrist, to get out from the holy vestment and be afraid of the name of God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and if you bear the flesh of the man repent in sight, for the Lord is waiting for the salvation of the sinners who call Him for them!

Lord, bless the power of our word for Your great glory over the Romanian people and over Your loving church into the midst of this people, oh, for great are this land and people before You, and this truth is great for all those in heaven, too! Sanctify the Romanians, forgive their sins and make them worthy to carry Your coming and glory with them and for them, and rejoice us, those in heaven, with Your victory through the Romanian people against the antichrist one, blackened by the weather, the man of lawlessness, the hidden fugitive under a cunning spirit so that his evil work may not be known; however, it is written in the pages of the Scriptures all his foolishness and shame which he will have because he made bold to bring blasphemy against Jesus Christ, against God, the Creator of the heaven, earth and man, and then of all visible and invisible things of God’s creation. Amen.

You, holy fathers of the flock of My church from its beginning and until My coming again from the Father on earth, were true shepherds, lovers of God and lovers of His flock. You have left through My work with you all that My church was to know and work on earth.

Oh, these are the shepherds of My church. You should listen to them to the end, you those who have remained faithful to God’s mystery through the church set on its foundation from the beginning by the fathers! And may those, who want to change the things set forever, be anathema! Amen.

And now I am crowning My today’s glory with you, those in the citadel of My word and I am bestowing upon you My comfort and I am saying: Peace to you, sons! I rely on you with My coming as word on earth. Peace to you! Oh, and you should also rely on Me with all My work with you, for I take care of you, only that you may be holy, good and condemn sin so that it may be stopped on earth, oh, for it is the time to bring the heaven on earth and the earth to be paradise, and that is why I am giving you power from Me, to be able to work for Me and that I may be able to set the Scriptures that are to be worked between heaven and earth, for satan is at his end, and I, the Lord, am coming with the renewal, sons. Oh, peace to you, peace to you, peace to you, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.