2023.01.19 — The Word of God on the Feast of the Epiphany

billy dean
12 min readFeb 12, 2023

The Word of God[1] on the Feast of the Epiphany

The sky of the Romanian land is filled with angelic glory on the day of the feast of Epiphany, and the heavenly powers are standing in groups-groups above the citadel of My word and I am waking up My watchmen to make My entrance into the citadel and into the book on the day of holy feast.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, I, and the breath of My mouth, My word over the earth. The angelic hosts will be soon seen on the sky above the Romanian land sounding their trumpets, as it is written, and giving glory to the Lord, Who is speaking from above, and behold, My word must be searched a lot so that man may establish his walk with God, for My day is making great haste and no one can stop it from its coming, on the contrary, My enemies can even hasten it and do this, which they do not want to be and come, oh, but no, for the Romanian saints are singing in the air here the awakening of the Romanian people, and they are singing with My longing and they are saying in a choir: “Wake up Romanian from the sleep of death in which the barbarian tyrants have buried you, now or never make yourself another destiny, to which your cruel enemies may worship.”[2]

Oh, all the saints in heaven are singing with the saints of the Romanian people when they see the breath of My mouth over the Romanian land, how it commands the antichrist man to get out, to flee quickly from My country chosen for the end of the time to be My table and house and My reception with the saints.

The saints in the land without longing are waiting My promised coming to be fulfilled. I will let Myself be seen coming with My saints, (See 1 Thessalonians: 3/13)[3] and those, who now are writing, working and sharing faith denial, before their bowing to the antichrist man, will come to believe in the end; however, terror is coming over all the unbelievers; the promised terror is coming over the unbelievers, who have wanted to drive Me away from everywhere so that only they may remain and all the nations of the earth to worship them, and these satans think that they will be able to make the world believe that there is no God; nevertheless, if there is no God, oh, then who are they fighting against, really?

Behold, on a day of the Epiphany I am embracing within glory of My word the Romanian people and I am sealing over it on this day its faith from ancestors, that of two thousand years ago, faith like no other country has, the faith from the beginning, from the fathers and up to this day, oh, and do not let go of this faith, Romanian people, no, son, no, for you will be clothed in great glory from above for your faith and for the fathers from whom you inherit it, oh, and step away from the way and from the game of the antichrist man, (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.) about which the Scriptures and the holy fathers speak so clearly, those who are full of the grace of the heavenly revelations through them for the foundation of My church on a solid rock. Behold, pray to your shepherds as I also am asking them and telling them this: Do not give the Orthodox people over to satan’s hand so as you and the people to lose salvation. Save the Romanian nation from under the sole of antichrist, Christian for two thousand years as no other nation that have become Christian afterwards has ever been; nevertheless, there have been here even from the beginning bishops and priests according to the order left from the saints, and no one must touch it, because the Romanian country is in the upper plane to be My people of unchanging faith, and through which I may return from the Father, for behold, I am returning, and here is how I am coming back because I have found faith for the Scriptures in the midst of this chosen nation!

Great fulfillments are coming; the new birth of the world is coming, and which satan the antichrist would like to fulfill it, but in devilishly way and not in a Christian way, for he wants at all costs first the denial of faith and then to come and show himself, oh, but do not be weak, you nations and peoples that may allow yourselves to be deceived, oh, no, for the fulfillments from heaven are coming, and they are coming with Me from above; they are not coming from the people, and as far people concern, let them put down their false work, for I, the Lord, am going to destroy from everywhere with the breath of My mouth this lawless antichrist, who will soon, soon fade like grass at the appearance above the Romanian nation of the angelic hosts fighting and overcoming with those in heaven all the enemies of faith and who had better repent before receiving what is coming to them and the shame of the lack of faith and their devilish pride? Oh, what will they do when they will stand face to face with My great glory, for that time has come? (See the selection topic: „The glory of God”, r.n.)

Oh, My coming with the saints has come and I will find the unbelievers against Me. Elijah, the prophet, rose to heaven in the sky, and this is how one goes to heaven but those who are not faithful cannot do and, nor believe this, because they do not want to know this, that is the way to heaven, because they have their hell, they have lie as their support and father and they are foreign wanderers like death, which goes everywhere in sin, for sin is death, as a blind wanderer, of which all who love sin have a share.

You, priests and bishops of the Romanian people, do not subscribe with the faith denial. I am writing to you, your forgiveness for your sin worked 100 years ago through the church, (In 1924, when the feasts were changed from the “Old Style” of the Julian Calendar, to the “New Style” of the Catholic one, of the Gregorian Calendar[4], r.n.), and when the Christian flock was deceived to change its feasts and traditions from the fathers. I am writing forgiveness but draw back from the fire with a hidden face of the antichrist man. What is he looking through Christ’s Church? Oh, do not mess up the Orthodoxy with the things foreign to it and to the fathers! There are not two Christmas. I am the Christmas, but the Romanian people has been deceived by its priests more than any other nation, and behold, again and again Christ’s enemy wants to deal with the things well established at the very foundation of the church at its beginnings through the fathers. (It is intended to move the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection from the Orthodox to Catholic order, r.n.) (See the selection topic: „The change of feasts — the denial (apostasy) of faith”, r.n.)

I am bowing now and asking you in a heavenly way: draw yourself back from the hidden work of the enemy man, dressed within the lamb’s clothing. Get out from this mixture and listen to the Lord, lest you may come to work what you do not know and give in this way Christ’s flock over to the enemy. It is written to be fulfilled the new birth of the world, but it is not for My enemy and yours to do this, for he cannot do it. Look at those who cast Me out from them two thousand years ago and gave the people of Israel over to great guilt, by giving Me over to crucifixion. Be wide awake, if you sit under the name of shepherds, for it will not go well with you if you do not remain on My side now, when faith denial is tried upon you to work. It is a day of Epiphany on this day and I am baptizing you with My word to strengthen your fear of God and then your faith, which anyhow you will have soon, soon, for I will come visibly into the midst of the angelic hosts standing above in heaven in your land and fulfilling the Scriptures in this way to overcome the beast, the antichrist, for it is written that the Lord will destroy him with the breath of His mouth, (II Thessalonians: 2/8)[5] and behold My word which is fulfilling this now!

Oh, Romanian sons, oh, sons, do not love to be rich, but love to be diligent and to be full of holy faith, for the antichrist man wants to say that he takes everything under his authority so that you may say like him, what he may give to you; however, you keep your hearth away from him and do not receive him one way or another to do your order, rather cast him outside from your land, as I have always told him: Go away!

It is a day of Epiphany and I want to fill your heart with the grace from above so that you may keep on in the faith from the beginning, Romanian people, oh, for I do no longer find any faith on earth now, and the antichrist tramples everything under his feet, but do not let him do this in your country; you shall not receive this cunning wolf with his things, which wants to deceive you and do you bad and then to give you away, for he has nothing to offer you, but he only wants to put his pride and stupidity at test.

I, the Lord, tell you again, and again, and I am telling you on a day of Epiphany: pagan enemy, do not lay down your hand, do not put your hand on the things from My coming country now with My saints, for you are a very deceitful enemy and I know your deceit. Get out and go far away from the land and from around the Romanian people! This place is Mine. Do you hear this? Get behind Me, satan, for the Romanian people worships only the Lord, and you, humble yourself and fear God and fear the Romanian too, for the name of Romanian is the new name of Christ’s people, for you have an ugly name and you are called My adversary, the antichrist.

Oh, do you hear, Romanian people from here and from all over the earth? May the work of My word on this holy day be blessed! I am here, on the Romanian land with the book open and I am writing all My word in it and then I put it on the way to be able to work like God, for My word has power in it and it can work.

The birth of My word is My book during this time, and I fulfill through it the new birth of the world, and I am fulfilling it with the word.

I am blessing My little and tiny people which opens to Me when I come as word into the citadel and into the book. I am standing above and speaking, and I let Myself be heard as on the holy mountain when I was speaking with Moses when he brought My word to the holy people.

Oh, you shall be good, little and tiny people, and listen to God with fear and with great love, for I bring to you from heaven to share over the earth, sons. Seek to be seen and looked at always for all of your things, so that you may be visited and that My work for your making may work over you, for without ongoing watch over you, My angel, your protecting angel over your life always worked, would not been able to come before Me. I know how to watch, and you should know to receive the work of the watch upon you, for you stepped on the way with Me for your new making, that from heaven, by My word upon you, and that it may work you, sons. Man is inclined to the habits of his old nature, but on his way with Me, all these have to be changed; a new creation is needed, as though the man died and came back to life again and after that he comes before Me with his new image.

Put a lock on your mind, oh, sons, for if you put it only to your mouth, your mind goes wrong inside man, and it is hard for the devilish temptation to avoid him and not to give him work to do. Therefore, speak much with God and less with yourselves, oh, for man does not know this great mystery of avoiding the temptation of the mind. And, finally, stay with great awe face to face with the protection angel, sons, for he helps you at the work of the weeding of the field sown with seed from above, for the weeds have their own work and they also bring forth their seed which springs out, and which all the time has to be weeded so that his good growth and fruit may not be chocked.

Be humble and gentle in your heart, be small, so that you may stay as humble as I am, sons. I am bowing and embracing you and I thank you because you keep Me on the way when I come as word into the book, and then I travel over the earth with the breath of My mouth, with My voice, which becomes word.

Oh, sons, peace to you now, peace to you, and to those who have joined on this day at the table with Us and with you at the feast of Epiphany! Let all learn from My word upon you the new making, so that I may have a holy people, sons. I did not have and I do not have on earth a place sweeter than the one here with you, and that is why I have written over this citadel: «There the Lord is» as it is written about it in the Scriptures.

You have set before Me a sweet feast and full with symbols by those you have prepared for this meeting with Us, those in heaven, and with those who have joined at the feast of Epiphany, at the holy water and served near you by the great saints in heaven, who have accompanied My work with you.

Oh, peace to you, peace, sons! The whole heaven above is the miracle from above that has served to My glory with you on this holy day, and I have said that the time is coming for My glory to be seen on the sky of the Romanian people, to the stirring of the holy faith in many, for I, the Lord, have as love and coming from the Father, the Romanian country, and the news about it will spread and nations will rejoice over it, oh, sons, as it is written.

I am blessing with you the water of Epiphany in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and let there have work with great grace where it will drop.

Now, I, Jesus Christ, am remain with you and go with My work over the earth and I am telling you, peace, sons, peace to you, peace to you, peace to you, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.

[2] Lyrics from Romania’s National Anthem, r.n.

[3] «And may he establish your hearts, blameless in holiness before our God and Father even to end, at the coming of our Lord Jesus with all His saints». (1 Thessalonians: 3/13)

[4] Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Style_and_New_Style_dates) are sometimes used with dates to indicate either whether the start of the Julian year has been adjusted to start on 1 January (N.S.) even though documents written at the time use a different start of year (O.S.), or whether a date conforms to the Julian calendar (O.S.), formerly in use in many countries, rather than the Gregorian (N.S.)

The Church Calendar (in Romania) up to 1924 was the same as that of Nicaea, based on severe apostolic canons, but in 1924, the Scripture of the prophet Daniel was fulfilled: «the people made bold to even change the times», when the primate metropolitan — of that time, Miron Cristea, (Primate metropolitan = (in the past) a title given to the first metropolitan of a country; today it would be equal to that of a patriarch) introduced the Gregorian Calendar (Catholic) as result of a „pan-Orthodox” congress that took place in 1923, in Constantinople. At that congress, the patriarch of that time, Meletie, proposed the acceptance of the „revised” Julian Calendar, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revised_Julian_calendar) which was in accord with the Catholic one for a period up to the year 2800 and „it was allowing that all the feasts to be celebrated at the same time with those of other confessions”. «… and he shall wear out the saints of the Most High and he shall think to change the times and the law…» (Daniel 7/25), r.n.

[5] «Then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will kill with the breath of His mouth and destroy by the manifestation of His coming». (II Thessalonians: 2/8)