2022.09.21 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother

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The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother

I am embracing My citadel and those in it with the voice of My word on a day of holy feast for My Virgin mother, I am putting My word into the book and I am sharing it to those who seek Me here, at the spring of My voice, the place from which it springs over the earth the voice of God’s word, My word during these days, My coming from the Father as word on earth during My time with you, sons, and there is no wise mind for this mystery of God in the midst of the people on earth! (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.)

With this work of Mine with you it happened and it happens as two thousand years ago, as then when I came from the Father a born Child of the Virgin mother and when I grew once with God’s new mystery, sons. Then I set those coming with Me from heaven in the place of the old ones that had been by that time, and I began with the order of the renewed church, oh, and none of the great ones of the temple knew enough what had been ordained for the future and those coming with Me from heaven, and when they were finding out something they were killing those included within the new mystery and others were springing up sprinkled with the blood of those killed like Me by the rulers of that time.

I and My disciples of that time worked then at the renewal of all things, as the harsh law pressed on the salvation of the sinful man; however, I died on the cross for the forgiveness of the sins of the sinful ones and through this I worked their salvation, of those who believed in the things with which I had come from the Father to work further over the people, and behold, I worked with a great mystery.

I took fishermen from their fishing and they left their nets and followed Me and I set them as priests, bishops and apostles over the earth and rulers of the renewed church by My sacrifice on the cross, and among them was also Jacob, the patriarch of Jerusalem, and Jerusalem did not know that, but the faithful Christians of the renewed settlement knew this, and in this way it was fulfilled My word of that time by which I was speaking to the Father: «I thank You, oh, Father, that You have hidden these things from the wise and understanding, and revealed them to little children, to the ignorant, to the disregarded by the great of the time, scribes and Pharisees». (See Luke: 10/21)

Behold, I am walking today, too, with those who know they are the ministers of the temple, the rulers of the church built two thousand years ago and who do no longer have any mercy on God and on the flock and they mind only their own business; however, I am calling out in this way to them as I was calling by the voice of the prophets those of that time who did not shepherd the flock with mercy, and even since that time, I promised that I would come and ask them to give an account for the sheep they had not been tending and that had been wandering through the thorns and I would take them out of their hand and I Myself would shepherd the sheep, and I would bind their wounds and take them in My arms to My springs, for I am the Great Shepherd and I visit My flock all the time, as it is written.

Behold, I have mercy on whom I want to have mercy; so, it is written. I am the One Who works, not man, and man obeys. Behold, I will make all things new as I did two thousand years ago. Then I came down to renew all the things, too. And it is likewise now. I am coming, working and strengthening the work of My church, for it is written for Me to come and visit My flock and to give it healthy pasture and to lead it to the Father.

Those at that time boasted that they had Moses whom they obeyed, as they used to say, and that is why they did not receive Me, and I was telling them: «For had you believed Moses, you would have believed Me, for he wrote concerning Me». (John: 5/46)

I am saying today for those of nowadays that if they had believed in the Christ of two thousand years ago, they would believe Him now when, behold, He is the word over the earth, but they, like those at that time, have something else to do and they submit to the work of lie in the world and to the rulers of the world and not to Christ, under whose name they serve. And I suffer for the flock and this has been hurting Me for two thousand years because there is only lie in the world and the faith on earth perishes from the man’s mind, and Christians no longer have works of faith and miracle-working shepherds in order to give food to the sheep of the flock, oh, and the sheep get lost and wolves come and take them away from the fold, and that is why I am mourning for the sheep and coming after them. I am coming as word from the Father, I am coming and calling them out and teaching them to gather together in the fold and to keep away from the wolves’ way, not to stray from the flock, for behold, I am coming from heaven and I am coming as word over the earth to visit My flock which is without any watch over it.

Oh, people of My word, I have been crying in your midst and I saying to man: “Man, teach Me what to do to find My day of rest because I lost it once with man’s fall to satan in paradise.”

I am speaking now on a day of holy feast for My Virgin mother, I am speaking a clear word for all who know the teaching of My word during this time, for all those who look into it and do not fulfill it, or they fulfill it as much as they want, and they do this because of their lack of self-denial, a sin that does not leave man to become a lover of God and one with Me in the holy thing of My coming as word on earth by the faith and steadfastness of the people close to Me.

Behold, draw closer in your heart to Me, and not to one another on the way to Christ because if no one teaches you the way with Christ and how one walks on it with the brothers, you will have no way to perceive the mystery of the brotherhood in Christ, and you will fall into mistakes and into troubles of the heart, into separation from God when you do not even think about or expect it, when you do not feel this.

Oh, sons, guided from heaven, from the place of love, loves means God, only God, and let the Christians become one in one spirit for the love of God and only then will they understand what God with people on earth means, for otherwise Christians see to their own things and to each other and the Lord is no longer their love, their life, their true way and they fall into all kinds of sins, after they have known the Lord and His mystery with man. Oh, for this kind of sins I was nailed on the cross and the nails were the sins of those who love sin, and all who sin are the nails from My hands and legs, in My coast, the place from where I took from Adam and made his woman, and she made Adam fell from God together with her, oh, and the woman crushed the work of the man’s creation.

You, those who want to learn God’s rest in you and My day of rest lost by the man’s lack of humiliation, behold, learn from Me, learn from My work on earth. I worked humiliation. I have always bowed down even before the unfaithful ones, for I have My Father resting within Me and that is why I have humbled Myself. Bowing down is the sign of My rest in man. He who cannot bow shows that I, the Lord, do not have any place to rest within him. He who does not bow indicates that is prone to sin and not to the obedience of God and of his brothers, and even to the unbelievers to whom man obeys so many times on earth, for this is required on earth.

Sons, sons, I teach you what humiliation is. This proves you as lovers of God and of brothers. When you do not listen, when you do not bow or love, that is why you do not humble yourself. The lack of love is your fault for which you do not bow, and I, the Lord, want to teach you to be in My image and after My likeness, to be a Christian, to be with God and to let Him coming within you with His work, for He bows before you so that you may take after Him in the work of humiliation, and those who are many and live together have much opportunity to humble themselves again and again for their resemblance to Christ. And here it also works your living until now; it depends on the way of your being by this time and more humiliation is needed if you have not had this practice by this time and if you want to come and follow Christ now.

Oh, My mother, I am teaching the Christians on the day of the celebration of your birth on earth among people, mother. I look for My days of rest. I have been looking for seven thousand years, since the man I had built by My own hand sinned by his disobedience, mother. I have been seeking with tears and crying out: Where are you, My rest? I keep asking the man: Man, teach Me what shall I do to find My day of rest?

Oh, My mother, how much I have been speaking during this time! How long I have been seeking to find My rest, mother! I have been working humiliation so that I may not spoil My Father’s dwelling within Me, but man bows before the evil spirit and gives him room to dwell in him, mother.

Oh, how shall I not cry? I made the man to be My place of rest and My work, and he has been giving himself to the spirit opposing to Me, and I suffer more than on the cross from the man’s departure of Me and from his proneness to sin.

I want to rejoice you on your day of the feast and now I am wiping out My tear and giving strong exhortation over those who carry Us over the earth with the works from above, oh, and We are seeking comfort with them, mother. And now, teach them, too, and let them all take and receive the teaching from above and those who truly receive will really learn what humiliation is; they will give within them the rest I lost and will give Me comfort, My mother.

Oh, my Son and my God, we have comfort through those who bow and know this mystery of Your dwelling within them, and only those whom the Father reveals, only they will understand this mystery, the mystery of Your rest within them, my dear Son.

Oh, beloved people, you, who are near to the spring of my Son, the grace of humiliation is great among those who bow; it is great because of my Son’s rest within them. They are God’s lost comfort. They are bearers of God, His rest within them. You have to be great saints, where God may be able to rest, to bow before you by your humiliation, for His rest within you. Humiliation is a great mystery and it starts from down upwards, from the smallest proofs of humiliation and it begins from up down, from the great poofs of humiliation of those who are humble, oh, and only those who work the bowing down, only they are the people who work humiliation, too, for to the one who has, it will be given more, as it is written about those who cannot carry God and He is given to be carried to those who carry Him with His many works, according to the requirements from heaven and earth according to the time, according to conditions.

Christ has placed much teaching and advice into the book on this day of teaching. All the mystery of God’s rest is humiliation, oh, sons. Nothing and no one can throw down the one who humbles himself, and the spirits opposing to God flee away from the one who bows after God’s image and in His likeness, Who humbles Himself.

Those who want to learn and stay in the work of humiliation of spirit, let those always say to themselves this: God is love but man is sin, and that is why let him humble himself and learn from God; let him learn to humble like God and he will be then the Lord’s rest; he will be a bearer of God. Oh, this is what should say the one who wants to work out his humiliation, for this is how I worked, too, and this is how I was a useful vessel to the Lord, His way on earth for the people.

And now, Jesus Son, glorify Yourself within the word over them and for their steadfastness in those they have learned, and let the grace of humiliation grow over them from one another by humiliation, and let them learn what humiliation is from us, from You, from me, and then from those who do not humble themselves, seeing through these the departure from God of those who are not humbled, dear Son Jesus.

— Oh, My mother, faith and steadfastness in faith, this work is understood only by those who humble themselves because otherwise faith is useless, mother. Behold, the work of the steadfast faith brings God from heaven down on earth and the Lord comes by the faith of those who receive Him. How shall I go to speak to those who do not believe and do not do the works of the faith? Would the people of the church receive Me if I went to speak to them from above and to tell them what I tell them here and send to them to know My speaking for them?

Oh, unbelief is God’s stumbling block towards people. The Lord cannot put His works on earth but only with those who are faithful and humble before Him, My mother.

Oh, sons, I want you to speak among yourselves, too, and I to look at you from above with all those in heaven, with whom I may watch in the feasts. The mystery and the work of humiliation and then its fruit in you, these you need to have as work among you, oh, sons, for I do not have where to find My rest in other places but only where humiliation is, oh, sons.

I hold you close to My heart so that you may feel its beats and to remain united hearts within One, within My heart, which bows down before you and teaches you what humiliation is, always humiliation, always like God, always like that, always, always like that, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.