2022.09.11 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John, the Baptist

The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Beheading of Saint John, the Baptist

I announce My arrival with the sound of My voice, and so I knock to be opened for Me and that I may be welcomed into the citadel.

I enter the book as word and with it I shepherd over the earth, and My word is the staff of a Shepherd and I shepherd with it.

Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit! I shepherd into this name from above and I am within godly Trinity, for I am the Son of the Father, I am the Word of the Father, I am a Shepherd and I take care of the Father’s flock to give it food and everything it needs for the life in God of the flock, because without Me no one can do anything, as it is written.

Peace to you, to those who are shepherded with heavenly food, especially to you, those who know the voice of My coming during this time and who believe Me, seek Me and keep My way in order to find My word! Oh, but I have also sought after you to find out if the word of My mouth is useful to you, for if you do not fulfill it, then it is of no use to you, and I suffer when I see My seed sown on the soil with thorns that are not weeded or taken care of so that the sown seed may spring and then cultivated and watered to grow and to give forth fruit.

But now, peace to you, to those in the citadel of My word, and I am giving Myself to you so that you may have peace, sons! It is a feast, a day marked with a big sign in the Christian calendar, and I have come with food to you and then you are to share it all over the earth, because it is not growing less but rather it increases more and more when it is broken of it and is given all over abundantly.

Now, I am clarifying for all the meaning of the mystery of shepherd, for it must be known, since so many keep on rising up to learn from the book and take on shepherding over those around them without even knowing the duties of the one who rises to be a shepherd and to work by this name. Such a servant cannot take for himself but only if he is sent from heaven by appointment and with blessing by the greater one, and who, in his turn, is a messenger.

When I, the Lord, began My work as a Shepherd, I had been sent to earth because the Father had sent Me to descend from Him and to be born on earth as a man and to grow in spiritual things and then to come out perfectly with the work of the Shepherd and to tend the sheep of My Father, those that hear My voice and follow Me in order to tend them with those given from the Father to share with them. I do not force anyone to follow Me and only those who hear and know My voice come.

A shepherd is known by his life and then by his voice, by the food he gives and especially by the power that he proves through the word and through the fulfillment of the word, by proven signs, as it happened with the disciples sent two thousand years ago in My name and who worked from Me, not from them, and they appeared wonderfully with great signs; shepherds who laid down their lives for the sheep.

Oh, but let no one forget that a shepherd has the appearance of a shepherd, he is known by his appearance, by the clothing of the shepherd, of apostle, and especially by the sign of the shepherd sent by Christ: the cross. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image (icon) and the sign of the cross”, r.n.)

Behold the multitude of those without the shepherd’s signs; behold the many who have come out to the harvest, as they may say! I, the Lord, speak for them, and here is what I am saying:

The Lord’s people and all the workers from the Lord among those who are shepherded, this kind of people has not been since the age anyhow in appearance and clothing, but they have been only with holy garments and only like God. And let those who shepherd anyhow, let them look at Jesus Christ’s church, at the ministers in the churches, who kept their God-given garment for the shepherds, and that is why monasteries and holy settlements have been built so that those who have taken on a holy life and garment to gather together and to live likewise. But you, who dress like the sons of this age, with a suit and tie, tied around your neck, is your tie the sign of the shepherd to you, I am asking you? Oh, where have you heard in the Scriptures that you have been reading that God’s servants, the prophets and the apostles wore worldly suits and neck ties? Behold, the ministers in the churches, that are a stumbling block for you and for others, these keep the garment that look like that of Christs and His saints’ and you take after the sons of the world, not after God’s sons. You need a blessing according to the tradition for everything you do in the name of the Lord upon people, not on your own, and you take the blessing from God through the one who is given to bless, and then you are to work for the Lord and for the people, but not for you and for your pride.

Oh, it is written into the Scriptures, but man does not read, or he does not want to understand with faith and, therefore, he reads in vain and then he easily gets deceived by the error of those who rise up to deceive with the spirit of perdition many on the way among the ignorant and who do not even stay under exhortation and then foreign shepherds come and steal from the way only those who are not strengthened with the knowledge that is for the steadfast Christians on Christ’s side and of His order of two thousand years ago through the church, through the saints and ancestors.

I am at the table of the word with John the Baptist, with the one sent by the Father to be born on earth, oh, and so come those sent from heaven and show themselves in garments of God’s sons before the people, and not like the worldly people in their appearance but like shepherds by what they are with their lives and appearance, and John taught them all how to have their sins forgiven so that the kingdom of the heavens and its mysteries with man could be shared with them, and those who did not listen to his voice crying: «Repent!», oh, those did not understand anything of those coming from heaven on earth to be fulfilled at that time before their eyes. They did not understand because those who heard John crying: «Repent», did not repent.

Behold, I am also crying out at this time and I have been crying out for almost sixty years. I am crying out to the Christians and to those without the life of a Christian in their works. I am crying and keep on crying because after that I release the wrath for the sins (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.) to help the sinners to mourn over their sins and the repentance for their sins to help them, because otherwise man knows nothing else but to commit sin from the small ones to the big ones, from the big ones to the small ones, and the sins prepare the sufferance for sin, as written, only that all the blind and heavy for faith and repentance do not feel; they do not feel, do not use God’s calling, and they see to their wandering to the end, to their lack of love, in which they are cold with respect to God and who are lovers of sin.

Oh, there are no more shepherds with mercy for the soul and for the eternity of the man’s soul. Mercy emptied of life and of repentance of life, this kind of mercy gives to each other those who lack eternal life for man, oh, and I do no longer find any man to help Me and to make room in his soul blinded by the self-love, and I seek and keep waiting to find sons who will have mercy on God and on people.

Oh, sons who carry My word over the earth, oh, what would have happened if I, the Lord, had worked with harmful mercy to leave Adam in paradise after the sin of disobedience, through which he went to listen to the devil through the untampered and disobedient woman to God? And behold, you do not know, Christian, how to have mercy on your brother who is guilty of self-love, guilty of not loving God, and you let him die when you help him with your mercy for him and not with correction to take him out of sin when you see him doing wrong against the love of God through his ignorance of himself, poor man.

When I saw that man is only dust after I had given him life and knowledge that he might be a heavenly place for his Creator, I said to him with great pain: «you are only dust». (Gen: 3/19) Oh, the man ruined My house, he turned his back on Me for sin, he sided with sin and remained dust, only dust, and then he came back into the dust, because he did not want to be with God and with the heaven. Then the whole human race fell, because it had no guiding shepherds to heaven, because if your people see that you know what God wants from you and you do not put into practice your fulfillment and your life with God, your people do not grow either, and neither do they escape from disobedience to God, oh, and great sorrow comes on the day of repentance to the obedient and to the disobedient, for some receive joy and the others see then what they have lost.

Behold, sons, unfaithfulness brings a man into contempt and the one who is unfaithful will be despised because if you do not have faithfulness for the one who guides you and watches over you, how could you have this before God? And if you had no faithfulness to God, how could you be steadfast to a man whom you want instead of God with you? Behold, King Herod was led by the nose by his brother’s unfaithful wife and the king thought that she would be different with respect to him, but she was working only for self-love by all that she was plotting through her spirit of untamed woman, and the king of Israel fell smitten by her at her unworthy feet, oh, and this happens with the sin of infidelity and it is to be watched for the one who loves himself and who brings you down by his lack of faith he has wrought, and if you do not watch, you deserve the fate of your falling from God, because you loved disobedience instead of God and you worked like the unfaithful Adam, who destroyed withing himself the rest of God by his boldness of not loving to listen to his Maker and to Whom he owned his life.

And behold, John the Baptist, hears the greatness of My word on his day of the celebration of the entry among the saints and receives advice to sit down near Me as word and to speak at today’s table about My rest lost by the man without the love of God in paradise, and I, the Lord, am blessing his speech today.

Oh, Lord and Little Lamb, the work of Your word with Your today’s people is Your victory at the end of the time, it is the battle of the Lamb against the wounded beast that howls and stirs its young to fight against You, but the end of the battle is coming, not like that of two thousand years ago, and it comes glorified as at the end, oh, Lord, for the antichrist forgets that You are the Word from the beginning, when God was the Word and when the Word was with God and all things were made through Him. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.)

Antichrist wanted to make a man on earth without sin, as he said, and he wanted and still wants to make a woman out of man and he has tried to struggle every way possible to do what only God did, but his blindness is huge and as long as seven thousand years and by his haughtiness he keeps on struggling to take his place in man, but he will be brought to shame through all the witnesses in heaven, who prevailed against him on earth and then through those on earth, who will stand firm until the end for Your glory with them, may it be only the sufferance for You, oh, Lord, victorious through the cross, and not without the cross, because without the cross there is no victory.

We have been watching ahead of time to enter the book for my day among those in heaven, and I have taken from here, from the brotherly table, a word that reminds of Your speaking that said many years ago: “Man, teach Me what to do and to find My day of rest, as I had lost it once with the man’s falling in paradise.”

Oh, Lord, who is to teach You, who can? Oh, You lost Your rest, You lost the man, Lord. He is Your day of rest, and now I am asking You to make a word descent with this mystery lost between You and man by man’s lack of bowing before You. (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) And let the people of Your word learn to bow down, Lord, and let it keep learning this mystery of faith and its steadfastness for the faith, for otherwise his faith is useless, oh, Lord.

And now glory to You I am giving You among the saints for Your great speaking on the day of the memorial of my coming to You among the saints! And You have always taught Your people what humiliation is and only humiliation again, as from this grace You receive Your rest, You receive Your comfort lost through the disobedient man in paradise.

The mystery of humiliation, this makes a man good and then a bearer of God. Let the sons of the people of Your word step with fear on the land You chose! Let them live, behave and act in fear before You here, and let them show their faithfulness and humiliation in this way, for I did not live my days on earth anyhow but only full of faithfulness to You, full of modesty and with harsh treatment of my body and You rested within me and You showed Yourself through me at Jordan, confirmed by the Father as His Son. Now we are confessing each other before them and let them learn from us to work like us, for great mysteries seize them here, and may them only be able to comprehend them, Lor, for You have great work with them now on earth.

— Oh, holy disciple, the man ate My day of rest because he did not allow Me to have rest after he had sinned before God. Oh, even on the cross I did not have rest after I had given away My Spirit in the body; however, I will have rest because great saints will arise and they will give Me rest in them, just as the man built by God at the creation of the world would have been to be My day of rest, and then the man will teach Me how to find My lost rest and its day. (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman”, r.n.)

I will come with a lot of clarification of the mystery of My day of rest and I will bring before those on earth this explanation of mystery, and now peace to you, people who receive Me on earth as word when I come from the Father to enter the book!

And again, glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, for in this name I shepherd those who believe and welcome My day in the word during this time of My glory with you on earth, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.



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