2022.08.28 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Assumption of the Lord’s Mother

The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Assumption of the Lord’s Mother

This day of holy feast has fallen this year on Sunday, the first day of the week, the day when God made light through the word, the day of the new man’s creation, for I, the Lord, came out of the earth and rose from the dead and since then I have been the light of the world, the day when God made the light as written, oh, and I want this day to speak and explain the mystery of the new beginning of two thousand years ago, for I, the Lord, I and My name clothed then in the mystery of making the new the humanity on earth under the name of Jesus Christ, the Initiator of the new age, as since then the years and times have been counted again, the man and the way he is to walk, the light for the earthlings, the Lord, risen from the dead, and whoever still opposes this new beginning under the name of Jesus Christ, let that one be anathema as written, oh, for there is no greater or heavier sin than unbelief, and the unbelieving man hardly escapes from this cold and big slab; however, harder still is the darkness of unbelief over those on earth, over those without God over the days of their life, over their spirit, conceited without measure, and let the Christians rejoice and daily embrace the mystery and the work of their faith with the Lord and with the mother who gave birth to the Son of God, Jesus Christ, Who wrote on earth end and beginning, beginning and end, Alpha and Omega.

And on this day My peace is upon you with the feast for My Virgin mother in My garden with you, sons set by My mystery with you in this large garden with the name, The Garden of the encounter with God of those who seek Me with you for their faith in My word that comes to you with the clouds, because I am standing above on the clouds above and I am setting a table of word with you and I am giving Myself through you, sons, and you are a new beginning, for through you I have renewed the man’s life with God, and I did this by your faith, sons. (See the selection topic: „He comes in the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.)

Oh, peace to you, peace, sons, to you and to those gathered around you for the glory of this holy feast of My Virgin mother, oh, sons! Your faith in My coming to you as word has made a way for Me to come, as two thousand years ago, the family and the people through whom My Father prepared My coming among the people, helped Me with their faith in the word of My revelation to them so that they might set the way of My coming, My Virgin mother and all My mysterious work of that time, and behold, again My coming as word on earth, for the Father is sending Me and you are opening to Me and putting My word into the book, oh, sons.

Oh, it is very dear to Me and I am getting comforted when, again and again, I can speak about My coming, for you are My way of coming now, in the end of the time, sons. I am above with heavenly armies, with My Virgin mother and with My disciples and with all that accompany Me, for when I come, I come with the saints, with those who have written themselves with a great name by their work with God, confessing in time and confessing eternally like God, for God is eternal, and all that is temporarily fades before Him and makes room for eternity and makes a way to God on earth with the people, for the time has come for Me to come and glorify My coming, and you are within My coming, oh, sons.

Now, behold, on this day, I want to speak and explain about the enemies of faith for My Virgin mother, when she separated from the visible things and sat near Me, near the Father, near God’s glory, in God’s invisible things.

I spoke in My time with the disciples that I was walking with and they also spoke about this time of unbelief, about the enemies of faith, that behold, I would come and not find faith for My coming, for the resurrection of the sinful man who would want to come to life from sin and to believe in My word of the resurrection of man, for it is for the resurrection of the man that I come as word on earth.

In all the time of the life of My confessing church there have come out all the heresies by conceited and mocking people of the faith and of the faithful fathers, and now, in the end, the heresies are striking even harder, and there are no longer those who watch against them, and the flock, baptized with My name, keeps on falling apart. It keeps on losing its way, it keeps on being deformed, oh, and it hurts Me and that is why I am coming, with pain for those who go astray because of their ignorance of God. That is why I am coming, and behold, I am crying in the word, and My Virgin mother is weeping for the mercy of those who slander her under the name of a common woman, when she has such a great name next to the name of God, when she has a prophecy over her as the queen of the Christians, as Christ’s mother, as a protector of the Christian nation, for I am her obedient Son and I give whatever she asks Me, the one who gave Me birth, nursed Me, protected Me, and bore the pains of My crucifixion, and now she is sitting at My right side near the Father and weeping for the mercy of those who mock her by the wandering of their mind, that does not take in it from heaven but takes from the people, wandering and mocking of fathers and saints, and they wander away with the Scriptures in their hand, and woe to them, for they do not know how to walk with this sword and walk without a spiritual counselor over them, without teachers on My behalf for this book, confessing of God and of God’s saints, of everything that means the way with God, the way of the Christianity, starting with the first I set to carry the mystery of My church over time until My coming!

And now I am telling those who want to remain under the mystery of Christian, and I am telling them this:

You, who are baptized with My name and with witnesses before Me, oh, I am advising you to beware of the beasts that want to tear you apart. I am not speaking this about wolves, bears or other hungry beasts that seek after food from God, but I am speaking about those who spread heresies and separation from the two-thousand-year way of the ancestral church. Oh, beware them as of bears, as of wolves, beware of those who took cloak upon cloak and name upon name to share unforgiven heresies and curses, unbelief and mockery of the fathers who carried their cross on the way from the beginning! Oh, keep away from heretics and from their names put over them! Keep away from Adventists, from Pentecostals, from so-called Evangelists, from all those with a name put over them, names foreign from the name of Christ’s church for they sing and have fun under My name and invite at their party those who are poor of knowledge and holy powers!

And to the wandering ones I am telling this: I am telling them that the name they gave for those who follow them is not known in heaven, and only the ancestral church is known, that from the apostles and from the holy successors, and who have a great name over time and not erased from the earth, and the names of the wandering ones have a mark of curse upon them and that is why now, I, the Lord, declare their names set upon those who follow them, the names of the deceivers among the multitudes to test the faith of the strong and steadfast, but behold, the weak souls are hunted and drawn to them, and they are the enemies behind a garment, foreign from the garment of Christ’s church, and they use My name to be able to draw out of the nest those who are not watched and to denigrate Christ’s name and His church. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)

You, shepherds of church, I am asking you again and again, stand up and fight against these beasts, hungry after the pray! I wake you up again and again! Teach the flock to worship God with the sign of the holy cross, from which the evil spirit flees and stands away, for the animal worship with his foot making the sign of the holy cross the place where it sits down to rest, and then look and see the dogs, the horses, the sheep and the birds that get food grubbing the ground in the sign of the holy cross, and the man does no longer worship with this sign, and there come the mockers that left the worshipping sign, Christ’s cross; they come and say that the harvest has come yet and there are no harvesters, and they come to cut down the Christians from their feet, oh, and where do they take them if they harvest them? (See the selection topic: „About the graven image (icon) and the sign of the cross”, r.n.)

Oh, who sends you, those who infiltrate heresies in order to cheat those with a holy name, received at baptism, and who hardly breath through the mist and poison of the time without God of the men’s sons? You are written in the Scriptures that you will come to uproot the weak ones who are zealous for a sinful life, but I am telling you that happier are the sinners than those whom you draw to give a life without sin, when you sin twice or thrice as much as they do against God with the sin of your wandering away from the way of Christ’s truth.

Oh, where do you come from and who has sent you to draw to you those who believe in God? You have found yourself to take advice from other wanderers, and who have not been for a long time, but only for one hundred years, two hundred years or even less, not from the beginning of the church, oh, no, but they are foretold by the Scriptures that would come and sneak in and spread fresh heresies and that they would deceive many.

The great and small in their knowledge go to heresies, they go away for it is a time of great heresy through those who are conceited and subject to satan’s will, who teaches man to step over the mysteries of the first church and of the holy fathers who guide the Christian flock, oh, and great pain goes up to heaven when those, who are so weak in their lives of Christian, fall under heresies and are swallowed up by the spirit of perdition.

Behold the Romanian people with Christian ancestors for so many years and times! Two thousand years of Christianism of this people, voivods who left their descendants a country guarded with their blood, who erected places of worship for their descendants, to the memorial of Christs and of His church, (See the large number of old Orthodox churches and monasteries that now stand as testimony to the order of Christians in these lands, as an example Densus Church, Princely Church of Saint Nicholas, Curtea de Argeș, Putna Monastery, Comana Monastery and many others, r.n.) and those who are springing up like mushrooms after the rain, are coming and mocking the strong faith of the holy ancestors, and they are doing this for a handful of money, or to have someone to hear them and that they may boast about their subjects, about those who are listening to them and their pride, when they could remain worshippers in the church if they wanted to serve the Lord with their lives.

Oh, if My mother had not been praying with her endless and never dry tears, if she had not stood before God, day and night, with her prayer, oh, there would have been only beatings, only punishments for sin, for unbelief and for unbelievers, there were and are heavier punishments on earth, but she, together with the prayers of the saints, bring God to mercy, only that there may not be unbelief and obstinacy everywhere between man and God.

Here is what I say: Even if this word cannot be easily believed and fulfilled by faith, I, the Lord, build Myself with the word and stand in defense of the prayed flock and of the shepherds of flock, even if they are not watchmen for the protection of the flock; however, they have as a foundation the establishment of My church, that from the beginning, and they also have interceding fathers in heaven, and the prayers of the saints stand before Me as written, (Apoc: 5/8; 8/3, 4)[2] oh, but are there any longer those who know how to read and count all that is to be known and unforgettable then for the holy progress and steadfast of the ancestors of this people?

Oh, My mother, show your love and mercy by the word and let Us strengthen the people of My word, the one who believes and helps Us with faith to come and do Our work! I am the Son of the Father and I am your Son by birth, oh, mother, and you are the mother of the Christians on My behalf, of My brothers in faith and walk, My mother. Now give them power and comfort, give them, for you have from Me to give and that they may have from God, My mother!

I am giving them, Son Jesus, for I gave You two thousand years ago to be with Yours to the end, as Your promise was. And now, I am saying to the little ones of the time of Your word, and I am telling them this:

You, the little ones of the time of the word of my Son, know that the time at His beginning with Virginia trumpet and then the time in the middle, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) in these two times everything was difficult for Us and for those who were persecuted on earth because of the Lord’s word upon them, for there were among them betrayers of mysteries, sellers of brothers, slanderers, gossipers, gatherers of holy states that were taken to enemies, to those who persecuted the people then, (Persecuted by the Secret Security Service of the communist red beast dictatorship of that time, r.n.) squeezing the power of the patience under the cross, oh, and there was suffering, prison, fear and enemies who called enemies the Christians of this word. However, you come in a good time. You have not suffered anything yet, you have not carried the cross, not even reprimand for your mistakes, for the Lord is long-enduring for His heavier walking. You have not known what was the fear under the threats for faith from the rulers of the time and from the unbelievers. But you even have the great gift from God to have the new wine (Mark: 14/25; Luke: 22/18)[3] on the table, that for the saints, oh, and you have the great duty to be holy for my Son, Who is giving Himself to you so that you may have power and love for Him, for His coming and for His walking over the earth as word. Therefore, appreciate this peaceful time for your walking with the Lord, but also pray for yourselves and for those who come near to take life from God; however, without all the fulfillment of the word from above there is no whole life and neither the Lord’s walking for those who come near to this great grace descending from heaven for those who believe in the coming of my Son as word over the earth. Thorns and thistles bear fruit in the flesh of the man forsaken by the fear of God, but you have forsaken the love of the world and come for holiness. Therefore, be vessels of honor, useful to the Lord, for the life without God passes away and then punishes man; on the contrary, the life full of grace from above does no pass away, oh, no, but it magnifies on earth and in heaven then the one who has it as life in the time of his body.

The one who came to know my Son Jesus by this word, and then he despised Him because of his lack of fulfillment, then one like that will tremble a lot and heavily before justice between man and God, because he knew about God and did not do according to His advice, oh, and he did not stand up when he went wrong. However, you remain undivided, remain strong to the end, sons! Feed yourselves with the great faith of the new wine, for my Son, once with the wedding in Cana of Galilee, ordained the new wine for the saints and then started the new age of His church, and you are the little ones and have everything refreshed on your table and set apart for you, not mixed with those of the world of Christ’s church, and you have the duty to keep to the holiness of my Son, for He said: «Be holy, for I am holy». (1 Peter: 1/16)

This work has a great name, the name of my Son, the Word of God and its trumpet sounding over the earth. Be diligent for the confession of this word, and you will have your names written with its confessors, sons.

All those together with you on my day of celebration, I give them all this word of mine and I wish them faith and completion of the fulfillment of my Son’s word upon them, for without fulfilment there is no fulfilled faith; this is what you may all know.

And now, Lord and Son, place Your name over Your today’s word, and with Your blessing strengthen all their work of today for the glory of Our celebration with them.

— Oh, My mother, there is mysterious work here, mother. Here they strengthen My mystery with them, with man, My mother.

You, those who come to see their work in the garden, oh, seek to learn the holy life and untouched by the spirit of the world, the corrupting spirit of this age. Come and learn and do not forget to learn! Out of the Romanian nation I have raised children of My hope and this nation has favor with God; this is what you have to know and to believe and this is how you have to follow your ancestors, for this is what I teach you.

He who wants to be with Me must deny himself, this is what I said. He who cannot do this, even if he comes, falls backwards and My word will stand face to face with him as a testimony that he it taught him and he did not listen to God.

Therefore, remain within My love to the end, you, those who have eaten of its sweetness, but beware of heresies, beware of heretics so that you may not defile your little shirt and heart within it, sons. Let the sheep sit on My right, not on My left; however, let them remain sheep.

Now I am setting My name on the heart and on the face of those who remain with Me to the end. Only I know those who remain to the end, and as for you, strive day and night to watch and remain Mine.

Peace to you and remain My people! Peace to you and learn how you can remain My people! Oh, peace to you, sons! Let it not be hard for you to live with God and for God!

I am Who I am, and now I am placing My name over the word of today’s feast:

Jesus Christ, the Word of God. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

You can see more documents containing the Word of God here:


[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.

[2] «When he had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four presbyters fell down before the Lamb, each one having a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints». (Apoc: 5/8)

«Another angel came and stood at the altar with a golden censer. A lot of incense was given to him, so that the angel should add it to the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar which was before the throne.

The smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God from the angel’s hand». (Apoc: 8/3, 4)

[3] «Amen, I tell you: I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it anew in the Kingdom of God.”» (Mark: 14/25)

«… for I tell you, I shall never again drink from the fruit of the vine until the Kingdom of God comes». (Luke: 22/18)



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