2022.07.12 — The Word of God at the feast of the Saints Apostles Peter and Paul

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The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Saints Apostles Peter and Paul

The voice of My word is coming down over to you, watching sons in the citadel for My coming as word on earth! And peace to you, sons, to set the table of the feast in the garden, for I am above with the heavenly guests. I am with My disciples, whom I have taught to believe in Me and in My words, after I had showed with great glory My godly power working by the word before them and before those at that time. They were My witnesses to leave down over time the truth that God the Son came on earth and gave Himself as a redemption sacrifice of those who believe in Him, beginning with Adam and over the ages, and to those who believed, He gave the power to become the sons of God through Me, intercessors between man and Father, oh, and I am working in the same way today with you, and I am walking over the earth; I am walking after man to give him the power to leave sin and to give themselves to Me for their renewal for the new birth, for God’s glory on earth with man, oh, sons.

I would glorify Myself over the earth all the time, only that someone may believe in Me and in My words, for the word is My glory, as with it I made the heaven, the man and all the creation between heaven and earth in order to put the man into its midst and that he may have dominion in My name over all things. However, because man did not work and did not live in My name, oh, he has become conceited more and more and wanted to be over My throne of glory, over the God of creation and man, and because he has become conceited above God, he has become My enemy. (See the selection topic: „The glory of God”, r.n.)

I have taken a little bit of the man’s body that I had built and made the woman out of it, for I said: «It is not good that the man should be alone». (Gen: 2/18) And I gave him a helper. And because I gave him the woman, I put her before him and again man became conceited face to face with God and he said: «This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. She will be called woman, because she was taken out of man». (Gen: 2/23) And I, the Lord, Who made his woman, no longer had the name of Maker, but only he and his word spoken with respect to his woman, and he said: «She is taken out of her man, therefore, a man will leave his father and mother, and will join with his wife and they will be one flesh». (Gen: 2/24) And since then, man has separated from God for his woman, but the woman separated Adam from paradise, for without God the man has no longer had the paradise as his home, and returns into the dust of which he was made. And I, the Lord, had to come on earth and to pay for the man’s life to snatch him from the enemy, who deceived him by this woman, so that I could be able to give him life from God again, and behold, I am coming on earth as word to teach him to know Me and to believe in Me and in My words, to follow Me as a disciple, as followed Me the disciples two thousand years ago with whom I walked to prove Myself before them as God of God and so that they might confess Me far and wide by My sending them all over the earth and by their word for My confession the man may receive the power to become a son of God.

Sons, sons, in all the time of your staying before Me, ask from the Lord not to lose your faith by which you have received power to become sons of God. He who does not help Me as an obedient disciple can lose the gift of faith, oh, sons, for the faith is the gift of those who obey and prove themselves by obedience. He who does not fulfill My word is like a man who does not believe in Me and in My word and can lose the gift of faith and no longer know what he will do with God, for God and from God, and then he does evil to God as one who is foolish, without faith. That is why they do not believe in Me to keep themselves in holiness so that I may be with them and to keep them from falling from the faith, to help them not to lose their faith by being careless towards God, towards their living with Go, for what can do something good the one who separates from God by sin and then by the lack of faith?

Oh, behold those who have left Me, they do not have any way, they do not remain in Me and they get dry like the offshoot that wants to spring out of itself!

I taught My disciples not to leave Me for themselves or for their own things, to be able to remain My disciples following Me, and then I told them when all doubted and left for their things, I told them: «Do you not leave?» However, they were moved and confessed that I had the words of life and that they chose life.

Oh, sons, whoever separates from My words, that one violates them for his will first and then chooses to do his will, and then little by little he loses his faith when he does not take care not to lose it, and then great mourning awaits the one who loses his faith in Me and in My words, dear sons!

Unbelief is hardly to forgive, for hardly turns back the one who has no longer believed and scattered to the sides, unbelief, doubt and error, faction and staggering, wandering away and sin.

Oh, what shall I do to those who have walked to and from to share disbelief? Oh, but why those who do not believe, do not believe? Is it because they think they are smart? Or, because they are too good? Because they are so holy? Or, because they watch so much over the others? But where all these things come from? It is unbelief and that is all, as this gift was taken away from them, faith, and this because their desires and discontent have punished them; they have led them astray from God’s sons, and it was easy for them to separate from the priceless richness, from Christ’s brothers.

Oh, there is no longer to find faith on earth like Abraham’s faith, who did not spare his only son when God tested his faith, because today, not only that man not separates from what he has and from his own in order to come after Me as a disciple, but even more, he is coming and then sneaking looking back (See Mark: 13/15,16; Matt: 13/38)[2] and stepping over the mystery of Christ’s disciple, for he who walks with the Lord does no longer deny Him; he does no longer come back even in his thought, neither with his eyes, nor in his works.

Many have come but did not follow Me and they walked away and did their own will. They were hidden within themselves and those who disobeyed, and made My walking even harder, those who have come but did not carry the cross of obedience, of self-denial so that they may follow Me afterwards.

I taught My disciples what whole love was and they brought Me fruit through it and took after Me in the bearing the cross and then they became shepherds, for they brought forth lambs and ewes for the new flock, for they understood the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens, who has nothing within it from the earth, and there they are, they are with Me at their memorial table and speaking between Me and them!

I appreciate you, My beloved disciples, for you left parents and brothers, wives and children, jobs, houses, table and bride and denied yourselves and followed God to the end, and by heavy sufferance you have remained steadfast, for you loved, oh, sons, you loved like Me, fighting under the cross to bring forth fruit out of your work with Me, and now you are sitting on thrones of glory near Me and waiting for My day of glory, My coming with greatness with hosts of saints to fight the last battle together, and then God’s adversary no longer to be, but only I and those who overcome with Me, as it is written.

Oh, and we too, Father, we praise You through Your Son, Christ, the Shepherd, for You hid the mystery of Your kingdom from the wise and great ones on earth and revealed them to the children, for so it was well-pleasing in Your sight, to reveal Yourself to them.

And to those who have You as their Shepherd here, in the work of Your word upon them, we are praying to You to enrich their faith and its works, among which, faith, to be their first work, for You lived and worked with them on earth and You are holy, You are God, You are with them Lord. Oh, take care of them, keep them from the false prophets, who strike asunder and scatter perplexities, but You strengthen Your watch from the midst with them and be with them, exhorting them and revealing to them the dangers that lie in wait against them, to choke them and to walk with them, and to go, oh, Lord. Amen.

— Oh, beloved disciples, we are sitting in a council at your table o feast, here, in My garden with My disciples of today and I say:

Oh, man is not at the helm on earth! Only God is, only I am, and I am working by speaking the word, but the proud man cannot obey; however, this does not mean that he is at the helm, oh, no, for man always dies, he sleeps very deep and long, for if it were for him to be a ruler, he would fall down and everything would perish, the heaven, the earth and all that were made at their creation.

No one can stop the descending of My word, for it is not from man so that he might stop it, and it is as two thousand years ago, when no one could stop the setting of Christ’s love on earth and the book that rules the Lord’s Church today. Oh, and many times one has been trying to stop the river of My word, and no one and nothing has managed to do this, for this is God’s will and no one can do anything against it. (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.)

Over all time under the heaven, the kings have not been able tolerate anyone to be greater than them, and that is why they have persecuted Christ by persecuting His Christians, who were greater than them for they were the sons of the heavenly King. Oh, the rulers on earth are afraid of someone being greater than them and that is why they have not loved those who are little, who do not need the earthly kingdom, but who is to understand this mystery among those who feel they are great on earth?

And, in the end, keep away from the sting of disbelief, oh, sons! Strengthen within you and among you the work of holiness, without which the Lord cannot stay with His own, for the Lord is holy, sons. (See 1 Peter: 1/16)[3] Let it be heard this to all those who seek after their food from this word, with whom I am coming on earth on My second coming after man, for man has to be prepared for the day of My glory, when people, strongholds and nations will be separated to the right and to the left, for or against the setting of the kingdom of the heavens among people, and those on the right will go to the fruit of eternal joy and those on the left to the fruit worthy of this pertaining joy, as it is written.

Oh, I have brought you food, sons. Share of it as some disciples working with Me for the preaching of the Gospel of the kingdom of the heavens, with which I am coming to set it on earth and to renew over everything with the heavenly things, oh, and I am very much in need to be helped for My hard walking, and no one dares to deny himself for My today’s cross!

Peace to you, sons! I am word on earth and I am supported by you and by the saints of the heavens. I am coming and waiting for the people to perceive the wisdom in the Scriptures and to believe in Me and in My word, as do believe those who think they have the gift to believe keeping themselves in faith and in their steadfastness on the side of the faith, as My disciples worked and did not stop from the work kept and followed by faith.

Peace again and again, peace to you, sons! I am strengthening your power mysteriously for Me. Be little, for to those who are little, I reveal My mysteries, the mysteries of the kingdom of the heavens and their understanding between heaven and earth, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.

[2] «Then whoever is on the housetop should not go down or enter in to take anything out of the house.

He who is in the field should not come back to take his cloak». (Mark: 13/15,16)

«The field is the world, the good seed are the children of the Kingdom and the darnel weeds are the children of the evil one». (Matt: 13/38)

[3] « … because it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy». (Leviticus 11:44–45; 1 Peter: 1/16)