2022.04.29 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Spring of Healing

The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Spring of Healing

My word during these days is My love with which I walk between heaven and earth to reach the man’s heart and to make him long after God, after the love of God, which the man at the beginning did not have in order to remain as the inheritance of the man’s heart, and now, in the end, I am walking speaking, and the spirit of My word is walking above; it is walking from place to place to find a dwelling place and welcome, oh, and man can hardly open himself to believe and understand My speaking with man, for I am speaking with man as in the beginning, oh, and as at that time no one wants to have fellowship with Me to take from God word and obedience with love after that, and I am staying as word with you, sons from the citadel of My word, and I am coming to you as house and table of dinner with you and I show My fulfillments as I have to fulfill the Scriptures that still are, and all God’s works I have fulfilled with man in all the times, but now, in the end of the time, I do not find any man to have his heart for God; oh, I do no longer find any faith on earth, sons, and as many times I have fulfilled My word from the prophets spoken to come to fulfillment, I had to prepare My people and to put in them the spirit of faith in Me and then to fulfill by their faith, as I can do My works only by man’s faith, My Father’s will for the man’s return to heaven, who lost the Lord and the Lord’s dwelling place and then fell on earth and since then he has been groaning without knowing where the man’s looking after rest and peace comes and keeps on coming, after the comfort lost at the beginning by his lack of love of God, oh, and I do not know how I may find any way of word to reach to the ear and heart of the one who wanders on earth and to give him the sight of the spirit then, so that he may see God with it for He is waiting for him and knocking to be open and then to come in to make a dwelling place in man, a table with food, rest and holy and comforting feast for the man’s heart and that he may want to become a son of God, for man is no longer God’s son, oh, sons, and the men’s sons have multiplied on earth, and God’s sons are looking after the customs of the man’s sons, too, and the Lord is coming on earth as word and is calling far and wide to give His kingdom to man, the salvation of the lost soul for the kingdom of the passing world, which passes and is no more after that; however, the Lord does not pass and remains forever, and I want the man to be like God, that man may have love for life and richness, and not have and seek after earthly riches.

I want to heal you from the spirit of perdition, you man who keep on gaining in order to have. You lost the humility of heart, which kept you bound in your heart to God; you lost this rest and took in your mind and heart the pride to separate you from God for the spirit of the world, and the world and its ruler have taught you the love of silver, the second heavy sin from the seven sins of death, oh, and there is no longer any man, any child that may no longer play with this serpent, which touches with his hand whenever he wants to satisfy the pleasures of his heart, for only with the money man can buy the world, its pleasures and needs for a life far from the Lord, and the wisdom of the healing of the love of silver has no place to enter men, oh, it has no more time, too.

Behold the ruler of this age, how easily has control over man as man cannot get away to God! Oh, how shall I heal the man anymore? The sin of the love of silver is too much covered from the man’s mind and eyes. Man is after money, he goes over seas and countries to get the money, this serpent which has taken great control over man’s heart, and satan helps every man to walk with his tools and stay in the spirit of the world, the hidden enemy even by those who are chosen for the Lord on earth, oh, and there are so few from among those who flee from this serpent: money.

Oh, you man hungry after the spirit of the world; the money is that which fills your mind and heart with worries. Do you see what you are walking with? Do you see what you are after? You are after the money. Behold, the money is the serpent that took the man out of God, the Father God, and you do no longer have God as your Father and you walk with the serpent in your hand and do no longer fill his bite that digs little by little over your life. Oh, what shall I do with you so that the spirit of the wisdom from above may seize you, the spirit of resurrection from this death, which seems life to you?

Oh, what shall I do to those who are rich with possessions and money? What shall I do to those who have kept on gathering and doing the pleasures of the heart and putting in their stores in order to have? How shall I heal them any more from their love of silver, the root of all the sins?

Man seeks after money to fulfill his desires, oh, and he does no longer fears of this sin, he does no longer flee from the serpent, he can no longer escape from it. I go from place to place to find the man and heal him from the sin in him and to have him clean from sin. The spirit of the world wanted to take Me and make Me bow before him and bring the world under My feet, but he left defeated and ashamed, for those who are God’s on earth must worship God only. Oh, man cannot do this; he cannot resist in order to say to him: “Go away, satan!” Satan gives money to man, and with the money he buys everything from satan, everything from the world under his authority, and this is how satan keeps man under his control. Man cannot buy anything with money but only from satan, for the money is the fruit of sin and the love of silver is at the hand of everyone who does not want to love God on earth

Oh, who shall tell man what only God can tell and reveal to him? Who is to tell the rich what they have earned with their life on earth? It comes to the man’s mind and nature the money-making at any price. You can no longer see a man to be afraid of the money; man is no longer afraid of this work of the soul perdition. Man has pulled himself out of God from the beginning, and I, the Lord, am walking now crying, in the end of the time, to call the man, to make him used to the word, to show him the emptiness of his searching, to tell him about how God is crying in pains for him, to advise him to flee from satan, from all his schemes hidden from the mind and heart in man so that he may not break loose to the freedom from God, oh, and I do not longer have any rest seeking to embrace the man in the love of God and that he may no longer have so many worries with which to fill the time of his life and to forget about the life of his soul.

Oh, it is very hard to have as Mine the one who seeks after Me with the heart in him. The man has retiring pension and he does not know, poor of him, what this work of the ruler of this age is, who made his plan well so that he could have man under his control on earth until the end.

Satan’s plan is infamous and well covered. I am speaking with you, sons who have separated yourselves from the world and given over to Me to take care of you and to outwit satan, dear sons. I have taught you not to put your hand on the money, (Just as the Lord Jesus did not lay hands on money in the days of the flesh on earth, r.n.) and I have blessed among you how one should work with the money how to stay away from this touch and to work in obedience, sons. I have taught you to work with your own hands so that satan may not accuse you of the love of silver. I need you to stay in obedience to God, sons. Who wants to be compared to you so they can be wrong will receive the due reward for you have to carry My coming as word over the earth, and those who compare with you do not have this measure and work with them.

I want to set much healing over those who are still tested by the spirit of mixture and which accuses them, sons. I want those, whom I love, to love Me for their faith in My coming as word. It is not the world that you have to earn with your temporary life, oh, no, but your life with God here and in eternity, Christian son, child grown with the glory of My word. Oh, seek to know and understand what God wants from you if you have come to the Lord to teach you the obedience that protects your life.

Oh, you do not need many things for your life in Christ, sons, but you need a few things, to be able to love God, for otherwise you are divided and not whole, not on one side, nor on the other, dear sons. Flee from money, flee as much as you can, and do not let yourselves enchanted by it. Let the money you use be clean, clean, (Clean by honest work and correctly evaluated, honest, sincere, and used for the necessities that cannot be made with the hands of those in the community, r.n.), and seek to understand, and let many understand this law, which does not accuse you of sin. The money buries the man in hell, it does not free him from worries, but, on the contrary, it fills him with worries, he needs money all the time and always is within satan’s trap, for he who has money also has the taste for sin and wants to have many in abundance. The sons of My word give everything and do not gather anything, nothing at all; they do not want to gather anything lest the devil may have any hook among them, and the men’s sons, oh, where are they to know this? Who is to tell them to know?

Those who love the Lord do not need money; rather they need God and the love of God, for money teaches the man to sin, to be discontent, to murmur, to argument, to be proud and disobedient to God. However, the love of God heals the man from these sins as I healed the thief, the tax collector, the harlot, those who chose love, for if you do not have love to flow over you, to feel how it seizes you, oh, how your sins may be wiped out and no longer to be judged because of them?

Oh, you who have tasted the salvation of My word, learn from it, sons, and especially learn the glory of the thanksgiving for your good that is given to you, dear sons. Behave with those who have grown you in your body or soul, behave before them as I did before My Father, as a content son, obedient in all things, obedient and humble, not with reproach as did Adam with the One Who built him, answering to God with dissatisfaction after he had gone wrong, one through the other, the two sons of God: Adam and Eva, and their sons, those who have not been satisfied with God.

I am now kneeling down before you and saying this with the voice of My mouth, and you shall believe, and on My knees, I am asking you, do God’s will, become joy for the Lord, Christian sons that know Me and believe Me in this word that I am and that I am speaking to you! I gave Myself over to the cross to redeem you, to hide you within Me and I within you forever and ever, sons.

I will bow on My knees and speak a healing word for the servants at the altars too, for I want to clean from sin their love for God as much as still is in them, and then to be able to be more on the Lord’s side, more for the unadvised flock, for behold how I, the Lord, am guiding with holy word those who have become faithful to My today’ coming on earth as word!

And now, peace to you, those in the citadel of My word, and to those who will take from you healings through My word! And again, I will speak with you and do God’s works, sons!

On a day of healing, I have set holy teaching before those who will take it from God from their salvation. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

You can see more documents containing the Word of God here:


[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.



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