2021.09.27 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Holy Cross Ascension

The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Holy Cross Ascension

Again and again My love becomes word over the citadel of My word and over the earth. I am the Shepherd with the cross, Jesus Christ. This word is My voice. I am speaking from above and the ear and the hand of those who serve Me here under the glory of My word over the earth are writing Me down into My today’s book over the hearth of the Romanian people, where I, the Lord, have prepared a dwelling place and a stopover.

On the wings of the cherubim I am coming down in the air between earth and heaven and the invisible angels of the glory of My coming cover My body, My walking and speaking with those on earth and it is great the brightness of My coming during this hard time of the lawlessness which is increasing more and more, it keeps on growing, it wants to cover the mind and the sight of the man with its darkness that are completely foreign of God for man.

I am bowing down to the man’s smallest power, as he can keep Me, for My glory and its brightness are very great, and behold, I let My walking, rustle and voice be heard. My voice is coming down in a sweet breeze before I am descending with the word into the book, which has to be placed then on the way to feed from My mouth those who have found My coming, My word and My love, with which I am leading the man to My Father, to the love of God, oh, and I have a people with whom I am sitting at the table of word to grow it with the things from heaven, oh, and I have a citadel raised to heaven at My word for its visible being and I keep on building at it, little by little, according to the human power nowadays, as the time is hard, oh, and I have faithful and steadfast sons in the citadel and I have always gathered them at My bosom and written My voice and word into the book and then on the way, as My word has to go from margins to margins as it is written in the Scriptures (Apoc: 14/6)[2] about My fore-coming so that I may come then and put aside the faith denial, (See 2 Thess: 2/3–4)[3] which has come to resist Me, as it is written, to show My truth that I am the Son of the Father God and I am the Son of Man and I am the Messenger sent from heaven after man and then God’s adversary to receive his reward, the antichrist man and all his satanic woven and then to finish his work under the brightness that comes with Me and before which darkness cannot resist, the lie and its work, the lawlessness and its servants, the evil spirit of the air and of that of the deep, and that I, the Lord, to be able to teach the man that there is God, Who loves, Who forgives and Who is and then to ask him for his heart, and then he may be able to give it to Me.

Oh, peace to you, sons from the citadel of My word, and to you, sons of My people, fed with this sweet word of love from heaven! Oh, peace to you on a day of holy feast, the feast of the holy cross, the cross, which I received as My dwelling place, of My body, rejected two thousand years ago by the rulers of the time in Jerusalem, who were very terrified at the sight of My glory with which I was working from place to place over the earth in order to prove Myself as God, true God of true God; however, they did not want to receive Me, oh, and they nailed Me on the cross, on the most holy altar, which I set as the foundation of My church, the invincible power for God’s sons.

When the man’s body starts growing little by little in the womb that is to give it birth, first, I, the Lord, bring into being the heart and the place in it, the cross, the altar, which I place in man so that I may live in him. And I am saying this so that every man may know that he is a thief and that he lays hold of what he does not do or have, of what he cannot do, of that he did not do because God did for every man so that no one may have anything to say from now on that My place in man is the man’s heart; however, man sets himself, oh, and he places in him whomever he may want and I remain without any dwelling place in man and then I am thrown out.

Oh, sons, I want to dwell inside the man’s heart, but the man does not take Me in his house, for he says that it is his house and man despises Me and he does not understand this pain, which he does to Me. The man got lost and I also lost the man, and God has been in tears for seven thousand years after His rest that he lost, for man had to be My day of rest.

Two thousand years ago I had My arms outstretched for embracing. I stayed with My arms outstretched and this is how I remained before the Father and I thanked to My Father that He helped Me to listen to Him for the work of the salvation of the lost man, and since then the cross has been the sign of My embracing, My outstretched arms, in order to embrace with them everyone, (See the selection topic: „About the graven image (icon) and the sign of the cross”, r.n.) and especially the afflicted and destitute of bread and clothing, and to take them under My cross, for those who adorn themselves with soft clothes are in rich houses, when My place is on the cross, for there is where those with high ranks and soft clothes put Me to stay. Oh, I lived in poverty on earth, because I was God and I had to be completely humble because this is how God is. Oh, man on earth, look at you, for you sit more highly that Me before Me and before all My creation and you build houses and cannot gather Me in your house, for I cannot live in your luxury, in all that you do from your desire, and behold, you commit only sins, and you do everything after your own mind and you cannot do the things from Me if you do not have love.

Oh, man, what else does your life mean in all your affairs, when you do not receive from My hand and you do not take from My Spirit in order to do and to have the saving work so that the Lord may work with you and so that it may not be any separation between man and God?

Behold, I am weeping so that you may hear Me because you keep Me at a distance, man, far away from you, for you do not love Me with your heart and in your works. My word is a spring of weeping, oh, and how much I would like to burn for Me the one who hears the sighing of My tears, for I walk in tears behind man, as he does not let Me to walk before him in order to guide him.

Oh, man, you have heaped treasures and they take you out from God because your heart is with them, with those that you do not remain for you have gathered without Me, as I do not want you to gather any possessions on earth, because I have also nothing in this world, but you have and because of this you are of the world, oh, and this is how you get lost from God.

Oh, sons of My today’s word, I have taken you under My teaching and I have taught you not to adorn your houses, your bodies and your wills, for I want you to be Mine, to be like Me so that you may be Mine! Oh, how many things I have taught you during these hard years since I have been coming down on earth as word! Satan and his works put before you all those that do not come from God for you and I have remained to wait from some of you to want to be like God and to love the things that do not perish, to be gentle and humble like Me, to be always thankful and to be partakers of My glory, to remain with the mystery, with the work and desires lest you may be separated from God for such a conduct and habit concerning the temporary life, and then to forget to adorn your life with the Lord, the eternal life, sons, and behold, one by one of those, who have heard My voice during all these years of word, have forsaken Me.

Oh, child nourished from heaven, I have exhorted you so many years and spoken to you so much and so warmly! And behold I am saying again: Do no longer work the things that separate you from God and with which you hide then because they are from the devil, as he teaches you to hide with them to your damage, oh, and this is how you fell, for this is how the devil gave you the wind to fall from God to him, and now I am weeping for your mercy when I see you a foreigner from a holy life and with longing of those that you have lost.

Oh, work, sons nourished of My mouth like some growing infants. Work those that can be seen so that you do not have to lie for those that you cover, for the things from God are light in themselves; they come out to remain in the light and to be seen, and behold, I am giving you holy exhortation to work on your way with God, oh, and who else would be able to teach you so holily, people nourished from heaven?

Oh, Christian son, I have come down and spoken so that you may be given the news on My behalf and to ask yourself how long is it since you have not talked with God? Oh, speak with the Lord, stay more with Him. Get used to speak more with the Lord about you, about your things, about the things that are hard for you. Speak to the Lord as to a good friend, who is warm and merciful, as to a Father, as to a gentle Shepherd. Tell Him always about you, about your condition and happenings, about your soul and bodily sufferance. You need to know that you will be heard. Many in Israel prayed in their times of trial: David, Daniel, Isaiah and they were listened to and helped and they received answers.

Oh, you too speak with the Lord for the time of today, for you, for the brothers, for My victory, sons. Sit down to speak to Me and to listen to you. Sit down to speak with the Lord. Make starting prayers and then speak to the Lord about your heart, your needs, your time and its conditions, about the things that you pass through, your hard experiences, your fears, your troubles that blow against you, the mistakes that you have mad, sons, as perhaps it is because of them that troubles and perplexities come upon you. Then be careful that if you come into the Lord’s arms with all your things, good and evil, you will immediately see relief and calmness in your souls, change, peace, and quietness, goodness of heart and hope, sons. Oh, pray to the Lord for the good and bad, and the Lord will work and have mercy on one side or the other, if He sees that you think at the others’ condition for whom you call out to the Lord, either close to you or for your enemies and the Lord will revive you, will give you wisdom, will give light with His Spirit everywhere, oh, sons.

Behold, speak in this way: Father, Lord, come near to Me, take me always near to You, for I am weak. Give me wisdom from You, give me Your patience on the cross, give me Your love to have and to work, give me so that I may be like You and have nothing of this world but only from You so that I may not get lost and then lose You, oh, and help my faith that keeps me near Your by its works and help my love for You to do Your will through it and not mine. Amen.

Oh, sons, be gentle, be gentle with respect to God and to one another so that you may be beautiful with your love and in your conduct, for the heaven full with My will measures you, sons. The sins that you have committed will help you; you will be more ashamed because of your conduct, because of your thinking and speaking and you will get rid of the work of pride, sons and then you will persevere for a holy building before one another and you will be gentle, you will be ashamed before the Lord and get right with humility, and the Lord will see this and you will be free from the punishment of the sins made and of those that you may keep on doing if you would not have a humble heart and a sober and painful mind due to your unworthiness, oh, and behold how it comes to fulfill My word for those who want to follow Me taking their cross and following Me with it! Oh, I, the Lord, suffered shame and spittle, mocking and crucifixion for your salvation at that time, and if I saw you have a good time all the time, laugh all the time, then I would be filled with the scorn from you for My sufferance under the cross and on the cross, for My pain at that time and now from every man that forgets about God and serves the devil.

Oh, sons, how beautifully I shepherd you! You take after Me in your love with the sufferance for it, as on earth, if you do not carry the cross, you lose the glory of the eternal life. Those who do not carry their cross on earth lose the heaven, and the cross means love and its sufferance, it means patience, humility; it means scorn and the hatred of those around that belong to satan, of those without a cross on the way for the world loves and praises only those who do not have a cross and their lives with the Lord and like the Lord and with much humility lived on earth, with the burden that brings the man near to God, for behold, he who has something on earth does not love Me and he can no longer wear My glory, oh, and without the love for Me man loses his mind from heaven; he loses his place in which I want to dwell with him and to be his God and Master, for the dwelling places built for prayer and adorned in a worldly way, oh, they are not for Me, they are not for My living Christians, for the Christians did not start the work of Christ’s church in this way, oh, for they were completely humble, they were mysterious, they were working with denial of glory, they were gathering to have fellowship with God and forget about their bodies, and about the things for the body, for they loved much and loved like Mary, Martha’s sister, and they were living in the humble things and were persevering likewise, oh, for I also did not like to stop in temples and come into palaces or in earthly riches; rather I liked to be in the midst of God’s creation, that is the man’s house, My house, oh, and behold what man does and where he tries to look for God, while I, the Lord, look for him and keep waiting for him to find Me there where I can dwell, as one of My disciples asked Me: «Lord where are You staying?» (John: 1/38) and I said to him: «Come and see». (John: 1/39) This is how I answered him, «… the foxes have holes, and the birds of the sky have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head». (Matt: 8/20)

Sons, sons, for the carrying of the cross you have to speak much with God, much and always, for otherwise the man is not in God with his dwelling place, and the Lord is not in man with His dwelling place at the helm of his life. He who speaks much with God, that one knows to speak beautifully with those around, he knows how to behave, for he has from God his beautiful conduct, he has, sons for in the way you behave with God, in the same way you behave with a man, as well, and as you behave with a man, in the same way you behave with the Lord, too, and this is how your conduct is, oh, and man does not know this, he does not know to be true man.

Oh, sons, learn to stay in God and make a manger in you for the Lord, for He likes the humble things, He likes humility, He likes to be with those who are humble like Him.

I am teaching you to have an angelic conduct, to have part of angels, sons, and then to strengthen the borders in the name of God’s angels with the power of the cross.

Now, I am spreading My arms as on the cross and I am embracing you within My love, within My mercy for you, for you are on earth, sons. Oh, love to listen to My word and to be My people!

I am rejoicing here with you in the feasts, sons. I have a house with you and at you, and I have a place where to come, I have where to come and go from and where to come back and work by the word.

I am embracing you all and I am keeping you tight with longing at My bosom. Everything you do here is your comfort for those in heaven, and you are and will be comforted, sons.

I am giving you comfort; I am giving you the Holy Spirit the Comforter, working at you and with you, and you are the sons of comfort; you are the place of comfort, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.

[2] «Then I saw another angel flying in mid-heaven [Or “midair”], having an eternal Good News to proclaim to the inhabitants of the earth, and to every nation, tribe, language, and people». (Apoc: 14/6)

[3] «Let no one deceive you in any way! This will not take place unless the apostasy comes first and the man of sin [CT reads “man of lawlessness”] is revealed, the son of destruction.

He opposes and exalts himself over all that is called God or that is an object of religion, so that he sits as God in the sanctuary of God, presenting himself up as God! [CT omits “as God”]» (2 Thess: 2/3–4.)