2021.08.29 — The word of God at the Feast of the Holy Voivodes and martyrs Brâncoveanus

The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Holy voivodes and martyrs Brâncoveni

The heavenly hosts have remained with Me here, above, and day and night they are watching over the citadel of My word so that the Lord may be able to remain today with you in the word, to be with you today too, sons in the citadel, oh, and you have little brothers from far away as guests at the holy table, for they are coming for food, they are coming for the food that turns the one who becomes one with it into a son of God, for I have placed the kingdom of the heavens at you and you have the Lord on your table as food, oh, sons. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.)

However, today we are sitting at the table of word, we make a little halt today, too, to write into the book what is still to put there for the perfection of the feast for My mother Virgin and for the spirit of the teaching, which, behold, I am setting on My table at you for you to work and know to fulfill the Lord over you with His whole word, with all your living as God’s sons, the sons of this word and of this people, sons.

Yesterday’s moments of the feast were joys for the souls. The souls of your brothers coming to My table with you from far away have rejoiced with thrills of holy joy, sons. I said, on the time of My beginning with My trumpet Virginia, I said that the Christians who remained prepared for My time with you, would go hundreds of kilometers, they will walk a long way in order to come here, at you, so that they may take from My table with you the food of eternal life, for I said: «He who eats of My flesh and drinks of My blood has eternal life and will not be judged». (See John: 6/53)

This little people is set by Me on the way to heaven with all its fulfillments for this step, and little by little, I have established the man’s turning back, oh, and I have worked with patience, with mercy, because man is weak for his life with God in him, and I, the Lord, have hardly grown in those who gave themselves to Me with their heart and faith, oh, for it is very hard for the man with his life of heaven lived on earth, when everything on earth is pleasant to the man’s heart and body and man is attracted, poor of him, but when I and My love take whole being in man, the man becomes a son of God, for this is how I have worked to give man power to become a son of God, being helped by the Father’s love Who gave Me over to be sacrificed for the redemption of the man who fell from paradise on earth, and then to turn him back in those that he fell from when his love grew cold, when he lost the joy to be with God in paradise, and not alone, oh, the two were not alone, but one body, not two, and this body to be God’s dwelling place of rest, the man’s Creator.

We are writing into the book a little word, sons I am giving you sweet instruction, sweet exhortation today, too, to you and to those who are still at the table here, and we are looking at the day of the feast and are still receiving from its joy, sons. You should know, dear sons, that any weakness of spirit or of body, any pain is healed through joy, through the spirit of the holy joy, which has its faith as food, as power of healing, oh, faith, sons, and everything is possible through it, when it has God as its work, for it is not man but God who can work, dear sons, and He can do everything, oh, God can do everything that man cannot do, only that he may have faith that God can work.

The grace of the faith, this great grace I want to always have on the head of this people, and when some of the sons are shaken in the storms, this grace comes to his help; it comes the faith with its power; it comes in time of trial and it passes you beyond the wave that blows to produce weakness, to weaken those that are tested by storms. Oh, but these storms also have to be and to come, for I need to have a reason to give a reward to the victorious Christian and to open his door to come into My things prepared for those who come from the great tribulation, from all kinds of trials over the sons of faith, and who cannot forget the Lord, in Whom they believe for all their moments on their way with God. (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.)

Sons, sons, it is not well for the man to be rich. Oh, it is not well, at all; it is not good for man to have everything and always to have everything; rather it is better for him to work for each day and in each day, for if he did not work, he would become lazy, he would fall from God by laziness, by days without work for the bread and for the food of his soul. He who has for tomorrow is not working today. He who gathers to have, is an unfaithful man, and he can lose God, God can always work for the faithful one. Therefore, I said: «Do not be anxious for your life, what you will eat, or what you will drink, nor yet for your body, what you will wear, for the Father takes care of these». (See Matt: 6/25)

However, what is supposed to do the one who is not anxious for these things? Oh, what shall he do? He has many things to do. Behold, the sons of the citadel of My word, they serve the Lord and the sons of God’s people. They do not live for themselves but for God every day and they are worthy that the Lord may give Himself to them every day. Behold, I have wanted to reach to this step with a people and with My kingdom on earth.

I have worked and modeled a people to have it for Me and that he may do My will, only My will. I could not leave it on the hand of the priests who have women in their beds and share the ministry for God with the ministry for their women. Oh, I could not, I could not do that in order to be able to have any progress, for I was waiting to fulfill the Holy Scriptures, and not to keep on bowing together with the world, with the mixture that does very much evil, for it keeps on staining everything that is holy and clean for God.

Oh, I could not but set apart the Virgin that had to give Me birth on earth in a place cleaned from the world, in a humble place, not in the midst of the sinful world. Oh, I could not come to an end with My word and with the grace of My word for the preparation of this special people and who is to walk with Me, not with the world on earth, not with the mixture that spoils the laws of the heaven. I was saying with mourning to the Christians at My beginning with Virginia, (Saint Virginia, the sixth apocalyptic trumpet see selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) I was telling them to be good, to learn how to be good and holy with every passing day and I was always looking at them and telling them with great longing: “Oh, son Christian, I would like you to be obedient, I would like you no longer to stay alone in your house with your woman, no longer to take your children outside to play so that you may remain alone with your woman in the house.”

Oh, it has been long My waiting for the one weak in nature, in his love, in his faith, with the fulfilling for holiness! A man does not like to give birth to sons and that is all and then no longer to live the rest of his time for debauchery. Marriage has not been given for the immorality of the body, oh, no, but behold what the man has done, how much he has pulled himself out from God and how much he has joined with his woman as Adam did in paradise, and then further on those who have fallen from paradise on earth in the time of their lives. (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman”, r.n.)

Oh, the Lord needs holy Christians, He needs holy sons, who do not look after the lusts of the flesh, as God did not make man for these things but for His rest in man always and with man, and that is why man should not live without the Lord any moment. I want to be the man’s joy, all his joy, all his love. Does he really know that I have to be his joy, his search, and that man should not call joy anything else for himself?

Oh, how shall you keep with steadfastness your faith for God, well Christian well, if you do not have the Lord as your endless joy? Your faith shakes when you meet some other joys, some other longings, some other works and habits, and the easy life of your days leads you to sin, to laziness for your body and soul, and the body and soul need to have life, and you should work every day so that they may not die so that the watching may not perish for their lives.

Behold, the poor work hard for their daily bread and they are happy and healthy in their body and spirit, and the rich with many possessions go into sin, to sinful parties, for they are not happy, oh, they are not, but they only look for their happiness in every way possible that is on earth to walk in it and they do not find their happiness because happiness always works and it is the work of the poor man who does not gather for tomorrow and who, day by day, gets up to work with joy and for every day, as God has left the daily work to be for man.

However, faith has to be seen in everything and for all the beginning and the end of each work and the working days, oh, sons, and I, the Lord, overcome for man by his faith; I overcome, sons, as I overcame the death and the fear of death in the time of the martyrdom of Brâncoveanu’s house, the voivode of the Romanians, for he chose faith, not fear; he chose life not death, and life means faith and keeping the faith.

Oh, the martyred voivode has put away fear, for he was looking to his resurrection, not to his death, and in the same way he placed his sons; he placed them before resurrection, not before death. Oh, what would have been like for the voivode of the country to deny God and to do so because of fear? What would have happened with the faith of the Romanian people on the moment of the denial of God of its voivode, if Brâncoveanu would have been weak at the helm for the people and for his offspring and then in the time of the testing of his faith?

Sons, sons, that day of their resurrection was great, and it was for the Romanian people a day of Passover, a day of resurrection, for Brâncoveanu was the type of Christ, Who died for his people, for faith and for resurrection, and behold such a stature of Christian! Oh, what shall you do with those who shake, with those who are discontent, unsteady with Christ? What else shall you do when you see a Christian not fitted for this table, who puts on airs when he is a small man, when he does not try to be a holy man and to look only to Christ and seek only after the conduct by the teaching received from the example of My life on earth face to face with the people?

Oh, dear Christian, the man does not enter the paradise when he tries to do merciful acts with someone else’s hand. No one can enter the paradise for you, you cannot enter through another one, but your work for paradise opens for you to get in.

Oh, learn sons; learn to get the assurance for your eternal life. A man pays with money his assurance for life, poor of him. Oh, what foolishness, what great foolishness! Only the small man is capable of such foolishness. Oh, flee and seek after the life of the sons born of God so that you may not remain only men and that is all, oh, sons of the calling from above for a true life on earth!

Sons, sons, gather together to learn to work for the wisdom of the eternal life, to give your mind to school to grow into Christians with big grades, and to enrich your souls, not your bodies, sons taught by God. Be worthy and take example from the little bees, sons. God did not make them in vain, but He did that in order that man may look at them and take an example of life before God and so that man may know his work and his purpose on earth and in My people of the sons grown for heaven.

Oh, the life of the little bees is holy. They eat everything that is clean and they live cleanly. This is an example for the true Christian people of My church, sons living together in God’s work, the hive full of honey, full of God, full of love and of sacrifice, for laziness is a sin that leads to death, it is death sons. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.)

Oh, work for faith and strengthen the faith in you, sons, for behold, the place of those who are faithful and fallen with respect of the faith, and not for sin! All those in the house of Voivode Brâncoveanu are in the arms of My mother Virgin. She made their passing away into their resurrection. She is praising them in heaven, she is walking with them above the Romanian land, which she has for protection, oh, and she is giving them voice on this day and here it is their voice:

She received us in her arms at the passing of the border on the day of our martyrdom, of our passing away to be with the Lord, with those in heaven. She was our strength and steadfastness in our faith to the end of our walking on earth.

Oh, you must love your children as I loved my children! Carry them on the arms of the holy faith to the arms of our mother from above, who arrived there where we arrived too. Oh, your faith is not tested but you should not rejoice over this because you can fall into the laziness for faith then.

Eat with great hunger, eat love, you, children of the Word of Christ, Romanians after blood and seed, Romanians after Christ, Who made the man out of the clay of the Romanian land. (About this, see the selection topic: „Romania — The New Jerusalem — The New Canaan”, r.n.) Oh, do not stay without love! Lose your life for the sake of the love of Christ and the love of His Mother given to us as the mother of the Christians, of the Romanians, for the Romanian people is a holy seal among the heavenly things of the Lord; it is specially marked; this mysterious seed is God’s mystery, and we, those who arrived in heaven, see and know.

We are giving you now gifts and we are giving them to you in secret, and you will work with them and know their origin. And now we are signing our speaking with the family and voivodeship name of the Romanians in heaven: Romanian woiwodes, the Brâncoveanus. (In Romanian: Brâncovenii)

Oh, what a confessing day, what great work God has had with you and over you, sons of the citadel of My word, and you, those who love them for My name upon them and upon you!

Come to your rest now, after the hard work you have done for the feast, sons, for the celebration day of the feast of My mother Virgin is calming down now, but you should come down too, dear sons.

Oh, behold, you will get rest by working, this is your choice, and you will gather the table and the feast and you will work and get rest and you will work again, again and again, everything again and again, oh, sons. You will work like the little bees, you will work like Me, and you will work again and again, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.