2021.06.03 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Saint Kings, Constantine and his mother, Helen

The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Saint Kings, Constantine and his mother, Helen

Peace and power for the descending of God’s word on earth!

And peace and holy faith, with power of working miracles of the love of God; this is what I, the Lord, am giving over the Christian people on earth, but also the wisdom from God, which is to help the Christian flock so that brothers may resemble each other as much as possible, as holy as possible, citadel with citadel, in faith and in the works of faith, spiritual works, building of the kingdom of the heavens with the people, not merely fleshly and brotherly works and that is all, oh, no, but works which are to work together with fast and prayer of the Christian church so that I, the Lord, may exterminate at this time the hidden and dangerous plan of the antichrist enemy, set to work against God and against Christian flock, against the Orthodoxy, oh, for many call themselves Christians today, not only Christians but also those who speak about Christ, but the righteous Christians are only those who follow, as in the beginning of My church, the way of the cross and the fulfillment of Christ, the way which has not been turned off to the sides in its walking with Christ. And those who broke off from the flock in order to set up their own settlement, and then breaking apart in many other ways of life and churches, oh, these kinds of so called Christians, are not sheep but rather goats who jumped over the gate of the fold of My sheep and they went away with foreign shepherds who took them out of the church fold, which has remained with the truth and with its saints, with Christ’s saints, and which has given to be cursed those who came out and left to follow a foreign voice, and behold, the power from God has the spirit of the church to bless the obedient and steadfast children, and again, God has given the church and it has the power to curse those who have left the faithfulness for the way of the cross and of the victory with Christ and for Christ.

And I am declaring on this day much blessing over the Christian people, over the way of the Orthodoxy; however, I am not blessing the others who speak and sing about Christ, for they parted company with Me, with the saints, with the cross, with the mysteries of the church, with the apostleship, with the prophecy and with the fathers who kept God on earth for them and for their followers, for a nation is and remains brave only if it follows and keeps the fatherly dowry and fatherly customs of the beginning of My church, led on the way by the Holy Spirit the Comforter, not by the people, nor by the spirit of a man, but by the Spirit Who prophesies and reveals the things spoken from God and that takes after God, not after people, nor after those worked in an earthly way, oh, no, and the sign of the holy cross overcame and it always overcomes satan only to be with the power of fulfillment of Christ and with holy faith all those who want their salvation from all things through the cross and then My victory through them and for them, Christ’s victory against satan. (See the selection topic: „About the graven image (icon) and the sign of the cross”, r.n.)

Oh, peace to you now, in My descending with you in the citadel of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people, oh, saints of the heaven! Today you are keeping a feast in heaven and on earth for the first King of My Christians on earth, the king Constantine, together with his mother, the queen Helen. King Constantine’s parents were kings, lovers of Christ’s Christians and so they brought up their son in the love of God and then strengthened him on the royal throne of the citadel to follow his father Constantius, who loved the Christians with mercy and gentleness because of their great sufferance from the kings who persecuted Christ and Christ’s sons, the sons of My church.

Oh, Constantine’s father was surrounded and supported during his reign by the most powerful Christians and he ruled in this way; he ruled with Christ and with Christ’s sons. Then his son acceded to the throne and I, the Lord, set him with power, with faith and with mercy and I appeared to him and then I came into his way on the cross formed by the stars and I urged him to the victory with Christ against the pagan kings, oh, and what a great victory his army had with the cross on their weapons, and the cross made great miracles and it threw into the vortex of the water even the king of the pagans, and these miracles were done by the cross and thus Constantine’s love was strengthened and he was the first Christian king, supported by the saints and by the fathers of My church, those who had gathered then in one thought with strong faith at Nicaea to curse those inside of the church who attempted to spoil the unity of the spirit and the holy walking of the flock. Oh, and it came the miracle of the falling of the enemy by the wearing out of the ship in such a way that the waters managed to come in from beneath, and Arius was cursed, and Christ’s ship did not sink at that time, oh, and now it will not be otherwise, for it is written for the Lord to come against His enemies and against the enemies of His church. And here I am as word upon you, oh, church of the right faith! I am sitting in council with you, servants of the church of the Romanian people. Again and again, I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, am sitting into your midst as word. I am coming mysteriously among you and I am speaking with the fatherly love of My Father God.

I am declaring a written separation of the sheep from the goats and I am saying: Those who have remained with faithfulness in the fold of the church built on its rock from the beginning through the apostles, through the saints and fathers, these were and are the sheep, and those who have jumped over the sheepfold, drawing out from the flock and taking with them, those are the goats, and then goats by goats have kept on separating from the goats, as a curse of those who have fled stealing from the fold, and today they all call themselves and call all things, they call themselves Christ’s churches.

Behold, what I am exhorting and urging you, those in front of the flock: Stand up now with faith and power for apostleship and with much holy courage, for all those who have fled from the one synodal and apostolic church, they all have to be pointed out immediately, for the time has come to be brought out that they alone have drawn the curse upon them, they have departed from My church, and this wandering away was prophesied by the apostles of the Scriptures even from the beginning. Now work in detail and with great wisdom and set on the table the book of the foundation of Christ’s church and immediately set to work the thorough obedience to the fathers and saints, lest you may remain and become guilty of the spoiling of the holy laws and of the holy walking over the church. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)

Here it is what I am still exhorting you now: Oh, take courage for the Lord and for the keeping of the flock and of the Lord’s citadel, for the Romanian country is the country of My coming with the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, now, in the end of the time, to set back to their place the spoiled things and to keep you and the Christian flock from perdition, for behold it is the time of the enemy man, the antichrist, who has to be stopped and then destroyed by the sign of the holy cross, as the king Constantine overcame all the terror scattered then by the antichrist of that time, oh, and in the same way, I, the Lord, want now to overcome with the kingdom of the heavens, with you and with the Christian flock.

Therefore, listen: Let all the streets be adorned, all the houses, the places in the valleys, the places in the mountains and hills, the roads, any kind of buildings, between the borders and everywhere, let the sign of the holy cross be set, and let there be many, many crosses everywhere, and let all the ways be adorned with the sign of My victory by the cross, as I, the Lord, overcame. Oh, take an example from the sons of the citadel of My word, which works in this way around the city and in the city. Let no house, no gate, no wall, no building, no road or little street shall be without the sign of the holy cross and of My name written on the cross, and not with My crucifixion, but with the mystery that will bring to life the whole world, the mystery of the paradise, as the sons of the citadel of My word work and share crosses with flowers on them, as any cross is a place of paradise, a garden of paradise, and every cross has a written word on it for the building of the holy soul in man, and each one of them has a blessing of resurrection over the world, for the world has to be lifted to the love of God and to the feast of joy, for I said: «Pray and rejoice incessantly with the Lord!» (1 Thess: 5/15, 16). This is what I said.

Oh, sit down with faith before Me and listen to Me as sons because I want great protection over the Romanian land, and here I want to overcame satan, the antichrist enemy, the hidden one, the one hidden with his work against God and against God’s sons, oh, for this country is Orthodox, and it is the only one as much as it is before God.

And you, enemy, antichrist man, you and all your servants, be all afraid of the One Who made the heaven, the earth and the man! The Lord is coming with the heavenly army and it sounding the trumpets with great noise so that you may fall at the sound of the trumpets and fear, tremble and blindness may catch you, for the kingdom of the heavens is coming, not you; the Lord is coming and He is coming with His armies from above, with those clothed in white as it is written, and those in the dark will be brought out into the light with their black work against Christ, for Christ is coming with what is written for Him to come and He comes! (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.)

And here I am in battle against you, antichrist enemy, old enemy in all kinds of new and old evils of two thousand years, and woe to you, for now you are meeting the One Who was resurrected destroying death for all those who love My resurrection and the life of the age to come, and when enemies will no longer be!

Oh, let yourself be defeated, satan, black in your work and spirit! I will bring into the light all of your deceitfulness, your entire lie. I will destroy every evil thing you have planned, I will crush your whole work, as for two thousand years you have been fighting in vain, for I always was and always am your victor as then on the cross, when you least expected it to see that at that time.

Oh, may it be blessed the Christian people all over the earth! Moreover, may you and your servants be cursed! Have you heard, satan? Let all the earth and every man on it hear, and let you and yours hear it as well, for the Lord is declaring now over the unfaithful: Anathema!

Oh, and say something too, son of king, you who are celebrated in heaven and on earth, speak anathema over all our enemies too, for you are the son of king two times, both on earth and in heaven with your King Father.

Oh, Lord King, only You are king, only the One Who sits on the throne of the cross is the King, oh, Lord, for the kings over the cities are the sons of God, the King, if they are on Your side.

I had a great longing to build a citadel to Your name and not to my name, for I established under my name the Christian city on earth, of which all the nations know that it was laid on earth in my time for the lasting of the glory of Your church, but the enemy man, the antichrist, had hidden his tail everywhere, as at the time when he worked Your crucifixion through the rulers of the people, Lord, only that all of satan’s work has brought only victory to You, to Your church and to God’s sons in all the times under the sun. Oh, and today it will be the same, as for this day is written to be the great time of Your victory, the destruction of the beast, according to the words of the Scripture, and after that joy will come, Lord.

The feast of the Holy Spirit the Comforter is coming; we see its preparation in Your citadel, and You will take us again with You here, above the citadel of Your word, oh, and a feast of joy, singing, dancing and good will, love and faith will go up to heaven, and behold, Your saints long for these, Lord, oh, and we have always waited for the great day of Your victory when satan will be thrown into its fire.

You have confessed me now, and I did the same; I have confessed You as the Victor against satan, and the gentle Shepherd for His flock, but let all the servants of Your church hear and listen to You, and let they work apostleship for the returning to the fold at the beginning of all those who may want to come back, and who, not willing or having the wisdom from above, have been deceived and broke off from Your Christian flock.

Oh, peace to You, Lord and King! The cross is the way with God. Glory to You, the One Who defeated death by the cross as You are overcoming through the cross, too, now in the end, Lord and King!

― To you, saints who have come from heaven with Me, and to you, those from the citadel of My word, I am giving you now the one festive embrace and peace to you together here.

And over the Christian people all over the earth I am bringing My joy and peace and I am telling them this:

Do not be afraid, oh, do not be afraid little flock! My Father wants to give you the kingdom, as it is written and as He has already given it to you, and you should keep it and renew it holier and holier, more and more beautiful, and the cross is your way, the cross is your protection, and you will sit on My right side, and the goats, oh, let them be anathema now! Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.