2021.05.23 — The Word of God on the fourth Sunday after the Passover, of the Paralytic, and the Feast of the Saint Apostle Simon, the Canaanite

The Word of God[1] on the fourth Sunday after the Passover, of the Paralytic, and the Feast of the Saint Apostle Simon, the Canaanite

Peace from heaven, peace over the citadel of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people! Peace to you, the citadel of the Lord! Peace to you too, sons in the citadel, peace! With you I carry My burden, with you I bear My coming as word on earth. You should stand watch before Me in order to set My word into the book when I come, and if I find you weak, I will strengthen you to stand before Me and to welcome Me, watching sons!

Therefore, come, encourage each other and let us set the table of word and let us also sit down, sons, and put on the table the Lord’s exhortation with you! The preparation of the days of Pentecost is at the door and much hard work is needed, with the soul and with the spirit and with the body, sons, and you are few in number and little, therefore, you need power from the Lord and you always need refreshing love and faith to be able to work so that My power may come upon you and to you, for when I come with a feast of word on earth to you, heavenly hosts and powers come together with you, because the Christian life of God’s sons is the footstool of the heavenly feasts of the Lord and of the saints, sons.

The heaven has got sweet and great moments on earth with God’s sons and those in heaven need accommodation and reception then on holidays here with you, sons. Oh, peace to you in all things and in all those that you have worked and prepared for My stopover with My saints and angels at you, sons! And until the feast of My Ascension to the Father, forty days after the feast of My Resurrection through the cross, we are bringing together between heaven and earth the song for the Passover: Christ has risen!

And now is Sunday, sons, and on this Sunday, after the order of the fatherly tradition, left over the Christian host, it is ordained the memorial of the miracle of the healing of the sick man for many years in his suffering and waiting for God to heal him, because at that time I had to work on earth everything I had seen that the Father worked so that I could do what He did, oh, and I really did, and I approached the healing pool through angel and I found among the sick, the one who had been sick and helpless in his walking for thirty-eight years, and who could hardly reach the bank of the pool with the hope of his healing. I visited him on behalf of the Father, Who had sent Me to do God’s miracles and that they might make Me known that I came from the Father and that I was His Son. I gently asked the paralytic: «Do you want to be made well? Arise, take up your mat, and walk!» (John: 5/6–8) Immediately, the man was made well, and he took up his mat and walked. After a while, I found him in the temple, and I said to him: «Behold, you are made well. Sin no more, so that nothing worse happens to you». Since then, the Jews started to persecute Me and sought to kill Me because I was working on a Sabbath day; however, after the man was made well, he went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus Who had made him well. (See John: 5/14–15)

Oh, sons, behold, wisdom and understanding are needed; watch for the Lord and for the Christians on the way of the Lord is needed as well, lest the sheep may stir the wolf against the shepherd of the sheep and then against his sheep. At that time the man who was made well did not have this measure, and I fell under the satan’s eyes, who was looking for Me to take up My life, for I was his enemy.

It was given to Me to do great signs to leave on earth the truth of My coming from the Father after the man who fell from paradise because of the violation of the word that God had set upon him. I did great miracles and signs that could not be equaled to gather together a handful of disciples for Me, with whom to go from place to place and to leave them to share all over the earth the testimony about Me, after I would be taken up to the Father once with the accomplishment of My mission at that time in the flesh and after leaving the Spirit of God to work through those chosen to be Mine then.

Oh, but what a match on this day, sons! I have with Me the beloved disciples, John. He was My cousin on earth among some other cousins. My mother and his mother were cousin sisters, and the mother of My mother and the mother of his mother were sisters, a bunch of close relatives, and I was made out of them God’s holy relative. And two days ago, it was the remembrance of the disciple John among My disciples, and he longed to set the table of the word here in the citadel, oh, but I did not have any strengthened power to keep Us with Our coming and speaking, but I promised him that We would wait and enter, and now We are entering and setting his longing on the table and We are setting the exhortation at work over the faithful people to My word during this time, and you come, beloved one, come, clean child, come to quench the fire of your longing! I have left open your feast and I have stayed with it at the gates. (Gates — those by whom the Lord speaks, the Lord comes as word, r.n.) Therefore, sit down and let your book on the table in the book of My word with them!

Oh, my sweet and dear Shepherd and Teacher, how sweet my life was, after the sweetness of Your had seized within it my little heart and my entire life! And now I want to leave a holy gift to Your disciples here, in the citadel, for I am giving them the gift that I had and stayed close to You, oh, Lord, and I am giving them the grace to feel Your presence as I felt it and lived near Your at that time, and then again, within Your heavenly glory, Lord, with those who have loved and walked with You close on earth.

Oh, beloved ones, the Lord of resurrection has His entire love upon you. I am leaving upon you the feeling of my spirit and soul during my time with the Lord on the earth. I am proclaiming upon you in His name: Receive the Holy Spirit; receive fire and scatter it everywhere, oh, for this fire of the love of the saints is very sweet, oh, beloved ones!

We have remained at the gates with a great longing to come to you with the Lord of love, with the Bridegroom of the heavenly love. And now, I am telling you to ask from the Lord the wisdom of the saints and of the revealing of the miracles of the last Scriptures, lest you may lose the holy watch for those that are and are coming now over the people on earth. Oh, seek after the wisdom for the present days more than anything you may want to know, for the satanic time works stealthily to catch under the seal of the separation from God even those who have God’s word as watch upon them during this time filled on all sides with the spirit of satan, well-dressed within a spirit of well-doing, (With a first attempt, through the “free passport” of those vaccinated, the seal of vaccination, — see Apoc: 13/16, 17,[2] r.n.) but with evil power over the earth, and the sons of men do not know this and many go willingly to be sealed with the seal of the eternal perdition, with which satan is walking now on earth to put on as many as possible and to have them on his name and under his watch.

However, the Lord is telling those who believe in Him and in His love for them by this river of word, and the unfaithful are receiving their reward; the reward of disbelief is coming closer to them, satan with his needle in their flesh, after for such a long time he has been looking for this occasion to mark those who do his will so that he may not lose them, oh, and he is not content only with that, as he also wants to stretch his black robe over those who do not do his will either.

Oh, let all who choose to be on the side of the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Victor of the apocalyptic beast, let them all withdraw from satan’s way! Amen. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.)

You, beloved of the Lord, you, who love the Lord, hear my calling to you: come out from the world, beloved ones, come out, Christ’s children! (1 Corinthians: 5/10) Come out and overcome with the Lord, by overcoming the world as He did for the men’s sons, behold, they let themselves be caught willingly and they are afraid! Oh, flee from the way of satan with his today’ name, the antichrist, which has been struggling for two thousand years to snatch Christ’s victory, after the Lord defeated him on the cross and He judged the guilty one forever and ever and completely overcame him, as it is written. Now, you should also overcome him, Christ’s children, and you should come closer to the Lord, and let His cross be the seal over your body and hearts, against satan’s seal, who has now found this occasion with which to deceive the whole nations of the earth, and he would also give a try to blacken even the Lord’s elected, with his black seal, set upon those who stagger and do not know to stop their looks and see God and satan well and only after that to choose.

Therefore, as many as of you have been baptized, remain clothed within Christ, and remain with the seal of the baptism left through the fathers from the Lord for the sons of His church! Oh, and again, tell to as many as possible that satan is walking with the seal of death and the Lord is walking with the seal of the living God, and man has to choose. Amen.

Oh, and now, behold what a miracle, what a match, what a day of the heavenly miracles, for You, Lord, are here with all Your disciples, and I have the privilege to leave my burning longing from Your table into Your book on earth with them and to tell Your today’s disciples to get on fire after You, to burn for Your sake as I did, oh dear of my soul, oh, Lord, for You are the love of those who love You, You are alive in them, and love burns and never dies out and it loves forever and ever.

And now the miracle is great, for this day with Your disciples is the feast of one of them, of the bridegroom from the Cana of Galilee. It is his day in the calendar and the miracle has matched perfectly, for I have quenched my longing, Lord, at Your table with us here, and now is coming at the pulpit the one who was bridegroom at the wedding where You were invited together with us, with Your disciples. Glory to You with us here and let us all greet in one voice Your resurrection for which we confessed far and wide at that time and, Lord, let us all cry with joy at once: Christ has risen!

― Oh, true and beloved child; true, for I was resurrected like I had told you ahead of time, and then you confessed this.

And now is in the word the one whom the apostle Philip announced and told him: «We have found Him, Jesus Christ, of Whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, wrote. Come and see!» Then he came and I said: «Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit!» And he confessed Me and said: «Rabbi, You are the son of God! You are the king of Israel!» (John: 1/45–49)

Then I was invited at his wedding and I performed the miracle of the new wine and I said to be given it to the ruler of the feast to drink, and he drank and called the bridegroom, for he did not know what to believe while tasting the wine. I did this miracle in Cana of Galilee to strengthen the faith of My disciples and I showed My glory before them and before the wedding guests, oh, and the party of the wedding broke; it turned into faith and wonder and all understood what it was to be understood at that moment, for I blessed the bridegroom of the wedding with the seal of apostleship among My twelve disciples. On that day I blessed the apostleship, not marriage, as most of the people may try to say so that they may keep on marrying, poor of them. Only that at that time it was the marriage with Christ, of the bridegroom of the wedding and of the guests, and no one should disregard the work of God’s miracles, that for the strengthening of the faith of those who are given from the Father to believe and to understand that it is of no use for man to get married, oh, no, rather it is useful for him to confess Christ to the sons of men, Who is without any sin, the resurrected Lord, Who by His death on the cross paid for the lives of the sinners and for the life of those who were deep in sin so that they may believe as did the bridegroom in Cana of Galilee who knew the Lord, believed in Him and left with Him, leaving his bride, his wedding and the wedding guests being born from above, of God’s love for man.

Now, behold the bridegroom of the wedding in Cana. He was My disciple among the twelve and is sitting on this day in council with Me, with My disciples and with you, sons, with you, those who are Mine today.

Oh, it is my day of feast among Your elected from that time, Lord. I am happy that I have the privilege to thank You with my voice now because You took me from the way of sin of the men’s sons and kept me as a bridegroom, oh, Lord. I am blessed, and I am bowing in submission to Your care, as four days before my wedding day You called me to You and then You came to the wedding and took me with You to be Your son and You helped the wedding guests to understand that You are God’s Son and that we had to follow You and to leave everything for You, for Your glory, which You showed so wonderfully on the day when You asked me in marriage to be Yours; and You also taught me to leave everything for You, father and mother, brothers and sisters, bride and wedding guests and then to deny myself so that I could be Your disciple.

I suffer in heaven; I have been suffering since then to this day and tomorrow, for the day of the wedding in Cana was a good opportunity for those who choose their life for sin, marriage, and all try to forget that You, Lord, said that the wrath for sin would come as in the time of Noah, when all were eating and drinking, marrying and being given in marriage, and by so doing they incurred the flood over all the creature on earth. (See the selection topic: „As in the days of Noah”, r.n.) And I suffer in heaven as Adam suffers, for because of him people lose their obedience to God and their love for Him. They lose the paradise and give it on sin, oh, and it is to weep in heaven for the sins on earth, because on earth a man and a woman get together to spend their lives together, but first the sin draws them to each other, the lust between man and woman for sin, Lord, which does not keep long, for nothing is eternal on earth, and after the evil power leaves the two, they grow cold to each other, for sin gives nothing good to the man but only disappointment, anguish and fleshly pains, sorrow because of the waste of time and of the power for life, oh, and this is how the man’s life on earth is, a life with sin, which God and the soul in man hate, but behold, the flesh overcomes the man because of the lust of the flesh, the flesh which will go bad because of sin, and behold, man, you need much love, and love is God. If you are male, you need manhood, holy wisdom and holy stature for your walking with God, and if you are female, you need much humility, much, much propriety, great modesty and wisdom of spirit and speech, a measure given by God for the woman so that she may not do like the woman in the beginning, that who made bold so much against her man and against God, helped by the spirit of her weakness, the spirit which kills.

Behold, there is much and great difference between man and man, between Christian and Christian, as great difference as from heaven to earth between the one who knows and does everything a Christian man has to do, and the one who is not of the dough of which a Christian is born, and this difference is like that between the flax pure linen and that which mixes the thread of linen, oh, and this difference is like that between the crystal vessel and the plastic vessel, and we are speaking in the language of the earth, for its word and speech is otherwise in heaven, but on earth is like a man who makes something and then names those made by him of sin, of fire and by the fire, by a great flame, for the spirit foreign from God follows the man in order to push him to do evil, as it did in paradise and caused man to fall from God’s presence.

Oh, there is great and a lot of difference between the man pure in his heart and the cunning one in his heart and word and with his outward works which reveal his face and his deceit after that, and behold, the one among the saints of the church from the beginning of the Christian people has left a written sign that when the time comes to show that the woman’s shame will no longer be, the end of the man will come to an end and the end of the world will end as well, so that the Lord may come with beginning without sin. (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman”, r.n.)

Oh, Lord, what a great joy, Lord, what a great joy! Once with the occasion of my feast among Your elected ones, since that time I have stayed near You and spoken on earth, and this day is a great miracle, for I have had the occasion to bring upon people the news that all those who want to be with the Lord, Jesus Christ, all these should no longer seek to marry and get married, for they are God’s sons and are the sons of resurrection and are with their Lord, and they listen to Him and to Him only, and they come from among of the men’s sons, they come from the mixture which is called Babylon. (See Luke: 20/34–36)[3]

Now, we, the twelve, greatly humble ourselves before You. Our joy was great, great Lord, and the heavenly hosts are marveled at those spoken by us, Your elected ones, speaking with You on this great day by its confession, oh, and many on earth will marvel and understand like me that You do not bless the man’s way which chooses the flesh and the sin, and You bless the sanctification of the one who sanctifies himself for You, as I, good Lord, had the privilege to receive from You on the day when You set the feet of my life to Your holiness, after I had known You when You called to follow You and when I declared in great faith: «You are the Son of God. You are my king!» (See John: 1/49)

― O, My glory is wonderful through its miracles! This day has been a miracle, suddenly coming out, a testimony worked out wonderfully in due time.

I am embracing My disciples with whom I have spent here with you, sons in the citadel. Behold, you are sitting at the table here, in the garden, with those in heaven. Be, therefore, hospitable, sons, for the heavens have been opened (Apoc: 19/11–13)[4] and God’s angels are coming; they are ascending and descending over the Son of Man, over Me, taking Me to you and then to the Father from you, and this is what I told to Nathanael called Simon, and I told him this to make him My bride as I also did with you, sons.

Behold, I will come to you with My elected ones of that time, and you have to prepare and get ready My stopover with them at you, the feast of the Pentecost, the great feast in heaven and on earth, sons.

Oh, be faithful and submit in obedience, dear sons. I will speak to you, I will support you, I will provide you with great grace and We will be here with you and share the joy to the sides; We will share peace and faith over those who believe and take from Me through you, for you have also taken from Me. And now peace to you, sons!

Oh, remain in the spirit of the miracle of today, sons! The word was wonderful and refreshing for Me and for those in heaven, and let it be here with you, wonderful, wonderful, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] The Word of God in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.

[2] «He causes all people, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to be given marks on their right hands or on their foreheads

Hence, no one would be able to buy or sell, unless he has that mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name.». (Apoc: 13/16, 17)

[3] «Jesus replied to them, “The children of this age get married and are given in marriage.

But those who are considered worthy to attain to that age and to the resurrection from the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage.

For they cannot die any more, because they are like the angels, and they are children of God, being children of the resurrection». (Luke: 20/34–36)

[4] «I saw the heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! And its rider is called Faithful and True. He judges and make war in righteousness.

His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many crowns. He has names written [TR/CT omits “names written”] and a Name written which no one knows but Himself.

He is clothed in a garment sprinkled with blood, and His Name is “The Word of God.”» (Apoc: 19/11–13)