2020.08.28 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Assumption

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The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Assumption

I am descending into the garden. I am coming down with those in heaven. Those from heaven are coming in groups-groups; they are coming at the feast of the mother Virgin, My mother.

The heavenly host is coming down, sons; it is coming with Me and with My mother, for it is a day of feast in My garden with you and We are setting the table of holy fellowship together with the heavenly hosts here, but also with all the spirits of the hearts gathered here, oh, here, where they have used to come for the holy feasts, and let no heart have any pain or sadness, (Because of the lack of participation at the feast due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, r.n.), for behold, We are setting the table, and We are setting the table from above and from below as well, and may it be blessed the table of feast and the food on it, and they will be shared like wafer, for I, the Lord, am sanctifying the whole preparation of the table of the feast, and they will lack nothing of the today’s things from here, and they will receive from the table, sons!

Oh, My love is great when I see the thoughts of the hearts gathered here, oh, sons, and you have prepared a table of feast and all the food on the table, and We are welcoming them to the holy feast! If their steps have not been set on the way to the spring today, their hearts are still with Me here, with Me, with the heavenly host and with you too, oh, and there is no separation, for the love of God and the love of those in heaven binds everything and shares to all those who bring their minds together in the One, in the Lord, sons, and may you be blessed and rewarded with My love for you. And peace to you too, because you have prepared the day of the holy feast for those in heaven, who are celebrating My mother Virgin, and behold, behold, it is very beautiful here with you, oh, and you have set the bedding for the stopover of those in heaven with you here very beautifully!

It is a song of praise among the heavenly armies, here. The bedding of the feast is only comfort for them now, and the time is bringing Us a sweet and gentle day, and everything is listening now to the spirit of the today’s feast and of its glory.

And as for you, My mother, you are the glory of the feast, and the heavenly armies are singing to your celebration, to your coming among those in heaven, in the palaces of the heavenly love, mother, into your sweet rest near your Son, Jesus Christ, because it was not long before I came and opened widely for your entrance and you came in near to Me and near to My Father, oh, and you are the comfort of the heavenly armies for the greatness that the Father gave you to be the mother of the Son of God, to give Him birth among the people and to take care of Him as your child, until the day came when you suffered as well as He did from His crucifixion on the cross, mother, but you were comforted once from this heavy pain, because you knew that I would be resurrected victoriously and that I would ascend into the place from where I had come down, on the right side of the Father, and then you were good, My mother, and you did a lot of work after I had left for My church in the time of My disciples, who carried My Gospel to the margins of the earth, when you were in a fair way and had a field to work and to sow the seed of the kingdom of the heavens over the people, that is your Son and King, I, true God of true God, oh, My mother, and then you came near to Me; you came home and We are now working from the Father’s presence over the earth, over those who have set apart for the kingdom of the heavens on earth, and who have Me as their Lord and Shepherd, mother, the Shepherd from heaven for My sheep, My mother.

Now, I want to give you voice over your feast and to share peace and comfort over the citadel and over the sons who watch here over the citadel and My coming with the table of word over the earth, and over those who have not taken their steps on the way to come to the spring here, now, but have humble hearts on this holy day, and the comfort is coming now and is it being shared, and I am saying: Peace to you on your day of feast and blessing to you and to your voice which is shared by giving comfort, and your spirit getting comforted, My mother!

I am bowing before You, Son Jesus, for You are God, and I am the Lord’s slave, I am the one who humbled and I am bowing, for this is what You did and I am taking after You, for this is what the Father did to be with You and with me, for people need models, they need an holly example to follow, and We appeared on behalf of the Father and We were His work among the people, oh, and the antichrist man was not able repress the heavenly glory left from the Father for We to have it and to preach it over the earth, comforting those who have been comforted with Us for their life under the cross of their life on earth, oh, my Son Jesus, for the man’s life is a cross, and the cross is comfort for those who know its eternal mystery, the comfort for the carrying of the cross after You, for You are the Shepherd with the cross, oh, and this is how I comfort those who follow You with the cross to the end of their walking, and behold, the sufferance is sweet, the sufferance of the cross is the way with God, and after that there comes the comfort, oh, my Son Jesus.

All those on earth have to know that after the finishing the way of the life on earth, it is comfort, and for this eternal comfort they have to decide, either to go towards it walking on the way known by those who know You as their Shepherd, or throwing away their way with God and walking on the wide way of the world, that without God, and who decide for the emptiness of the days of life, with the way of their life being barren on earth, Son Jesus.

However, you, sons from the citadel of the Lord, you have prepared my feast in the garden here, for the Lord, my Son Jesus, told you that we would gather with you with the memorial of the day when I stepped into the heavenly palaces, where I found so much comfort; however, my rest is to gather a people on earth for my Son and to always refresh the submission and the grace full of submission of God’s work among the people so that it may be strengthened the mystery of the kingdom of the heavens, with which God’s Sons announced Himself on earth two thousand years ago, and Who laid His foundation once and for all, and on which, the mystery of the New Jerusalem and its sons, that is its heirs, has kept on being built. There is here with you a very sweet beginning and it is the sweet voice of the Shepherd, Jesus Christ, and the wind of the Holy Spirit is going with His voice over the earth from margins to margins, for the Lord is coming to you as word, and you are some little shepherds who are giving voice to this little flute, which is whistling His word of love over you, His voice over the earth during this time, sons.

With great affection I am embracing you now and I am comforting you, oh, sons, for I have seen your labor at the preparation of the feast for me here, and the grace from above has overshadowed, strengthened and supported you in order to set the bedding of the glory of this day so that those from heaven may come from heaven down on earth to be at the table with you here, and to spend together in the Lord’s courts, which you keep and watch.

I am carefully watching over you, sons, especially over you, for you carry my Son, Jesus Christ and you are His way of coming, the way of His today’s word over the earth, oh, and how shall I not bow for those who carry my Son with the voice of His word on earth?

Oh, sons, be humble as long as my Son requires this of you, for He has great and much comfort when you sit down to receive His word, to carry it on the wings of wind and to go all over the earth, oh, and my Son will take care so that the sowed seed may bring forth fruit and to have at His table those who like the food from Him and who like their walking with Him then on the way of their lives.

I would like, oh, I would like to advise the daughters of the Lord’s people, and I would like that my advice to be taken into consideration, for I would ask them not to flee from the hardships of the Christian life. I would like them to come to know more clearly my spirit, my conduct, my way of speaking, my way of love and gratitude before God, Who revealed Himself to us, that they may have the entire little shirt of God’s ministering grace, everything to the joy of those in heaven so that it may be around them as in heaven, in their spirit and conduct, for on earth it flows only poison from the woman, devastating of souls, from the woman’s spirit and body, and the Lord and the whole heaven of saints are crying because so much death is being born moment by moment through the woman on earth and over those who live on earth.

The man cannot flee from the woman, poor of him, but the grace from above can help him against this murderous venom. Oh, flee, you who want to belong to God on earth; flee under the Lord’s protection, for the poison thrown by the woman is being born in you on earth, oh, for this is how it is on earth. I, the Christ’s mother, am teaching you this, Christian, for I want you to belong to the Lord on earth and then in heaven, and behold how I am teaching you, for then when you walk alone on the way, a serpent comes into your way, threatening you with death by its venom, by its bite, and then you must flee as fast as you can. Oh, and in this way you have to keep away from the woman, for she is much more dangerous than the serpent which poisons your heart and then the whole body, for the woman takes you away from God’s presence, as she did with Adam in paradise at the beginning, and as a result, Adam fell from paradise, oh, and what else can you be after your falling from paradise?

Oh, flee from the world, too, my dear Christian son, and flee from its spirit as well, for the works of the men’s sons are without God over them and they lead most of the people on earth to iniquities, and there are no longer many people to know about the danger that comes from the spirit of the world, the spirit which separates God from man. And I am telling about my longing and calling to God’s eternal kingdom to all those who want this inheritance, which does not disappoint and gains the man’s eternal life and its comfort against the comfort to which man would go forever through his life without love of God on earth.

And as for you, those gathered here at the feast with your hearts, with your spirit and thought, receive freely the heavenly reward, receive in you my comfort and do not be sad. Oh, rejoice, as much as you would have rejoiced if you were in your body here, for the today’s time helps you to learn better to come out of the world, sons, and out of its roads without God on earth.

Oh, sons, love much in order to bring clean prayer to the Lord and that the Lord may come with longing in it with the glory of His days with His saints, and that He may come as it is written to come. Oh, do not be sad, for you have got used to be protected from the world, for the world will pass through sufferance, oh, sons, and those from heaven will protect those who love the heaven with them on earth. (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.)

Oh, flee from the hidden face of immorality, sons, of which, even the Christians are no longer afraid, and, therefore, they do not listen so that they may flee from this venom, which is going to bring much sufferance on earth, whose festering is going to be squeezed out unexpectedly, and which hides its killing face of God in man. Sufferance will be according to man’s disobedience, oh, because my Son spoke to the Christians and to the sons of men; He told them to stand aside and not adhere to this immorality destroying of souls, for behold how it pulls the Christian out of God’s bosom and urges him to walk stealthily with this toy, which easily kills the man’s way with God; it takes the man into the world and takes him out of the world, oh, and he does not know what a dangerous time has come out on earth once with the television, with the telephone, with the internet, as man may call this ocean in which the venomous asp swarms, oh, and it cannot make man believe what I tell him, and this is the man’s carelessness.

Oh, the infection, the man speaks about, is not dangerous (The pandemic of corona virus, r.n.) and which has been sold well on the market, rather more and more dangerous was and is the infection through which it is shared to the people the spirit of the world and its work by television or by telephone. And You, Son Jesus, it is in vain that You have always spoken to the Christians not to give themselves over to this death, those who have food from above from You for their minds, for their eyes, for their ears, but to flee from this mixture. Oh, but they have not obeyed; they have not believed that they can die because of this disobedience, and behold the danger in which they stay, oh, and they do no longer have a pure heart, pure eyes, a spirit clean from the world, and You cry and keep on crying always with sadness, oh, and You keep on seeing Your work wasted under this blow against You and against man, and no one on earth is able to escape from this hidden and venomous bite and from this sickness against the love of God of the Christian man, oh, for you cannot, Christian, cheat God with a prayer, with a half–made bow before God, because you stay with your mind and with your eyes in the world and say that you have to do so, and behold, this is how it is with this longing, and this is how the Lord has lost from His presence and from His work those who were to help Him under His today’s cross, and now they have the fleeting baggage that takes out from God’s kingdom those who have decided for the Lord at that time when they came and knocked to come in.

Oh, Son, Jesus, I am teaching them the lack of the separation from You, and blessed are those who will obey like that! The table is set, Your word and my word is set on the table and We are bringing them to take from the table, my dear and sorrowful Son from the spirit of disobedience, of those who could not love You perfectly on earth, for they let themselves be poisoned from the spirit of the woman and from the spirit of the lie in the world, which takes the man out from God’s kingdom.

I would like very much to speak, to bring and put on the table, but let Us come back after the feast is over and send enough heavenly exhortation to those who have come into the citadel only with their longing and thought on this holy day, for the time is with a thick fog, and we have to take care, and a support rod is needed to help those who walk as they always, always need holy exhortation, oh, my Son Jesus.

⸻ Yes, mother, your heart has always watched, My mother, for the lie is too big; it is wide spread all over the earth and over the people and the whole work of lie is seen from heaven, and it is like in the fairy story that speaks about the clothes of the king, who did not see anything of the things about which the tailors, who were hired to make him clothes, spoke to him, and in this way they stole his money and gold and did not make him any clothes, but on the contrary, they left him completely naked before the people, and he thought he had clothes on him, even if he felt that his nakedness was uncovered. Oh, and it is the same with those from above, from the high seats of Romania, and they say like those who concocted the lie about the illness on the people, lest they may be seen that they do not believe the lie which causes the nations to sleep under the heel of those who want it to happen like that. However, We are telling the truth, but the truth is not loved, My mother, rather it is believed the lie, which is spread at will, and many people are on its side.

We are teaching those who receive true news from the heaven, and We are going to teach by the word over the earth those who find Us by the Father’s will, for We have to ask for His will on earth, My mother.

However, you, sons, who carry My coming, oh, be rewarded with love and with My mercy on you, for you, too, have mercy on God and stay in the service of My coming as word on earth and produce Me great comfort because you bow before the will of the Father, Who has sent Me on earth to bring My teaching, now, when it has nowhere to spring and to be kept what belongs to the Lord on earth.

Let the day of the feast run under the blessing and all its glory from above and from below, and happy are the heavenly armies because of this great day of the feast!

Oh, and We are coming back, sons, to fulfill the day’s word, and the whole exhortation we are putting on the table. You, and those who help Us to your burden, be all blessed and comforted in the feasts!

Oh, bring up your love for the Lord, sons! The whole work of the feast is coming up from you to Us, and all your comfort that you are giving to Us, We will give you back twofold, and the spirit of comfort, this is the work that you and We have to do on earth, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


We are sitting down again with the comfort, with the spirit of the comfort, My mother, and the soothing word is going to help on the way those who are gentle and faithful to this comforting spring, to teach them the spiritual work, that which keeps Us closely to the one who does it between God and him, My mother, as two thousand years ago, I said that this time would come and here it is, mother, and Father, has expected it to come and to have many to worship Him in truth, with their spirit full of faith and longing, a spirit that brings the Lord in an instant near the one who calls Him and prays to Him calling Him, oh, because the Lord is longing after His rest, mother, and He has no other dwelling place except the hearts that join Him closely, and the longing from above and that from below becoming one, the love that brings the Lord closely to the man, oh, and these miracles is the Father expecting to do the one who loves God on earth excluding the distance, for it actually does not exist; however, the distance is the heart that does not long for God and keeps the Lord without rest, without man, My mother.

The greatest miracle God did between heaven and earth was the miracle from the beginning; it was the man, the creation of man, mother. I had not had other greater joy than that at that time, when I built My resting place, such a wonderful place, whom I made after My likeness and in My image, with the visible and invisible things of the same building, as well as God’s whole creation, of God’s visible and invisible creation, mother. Oh, and so was the man built, to take very much after his Creator in God’s visible and invisible things and in His building. And I am telling the whole mystery now so that the whole breath may understand, and the man too, so that he may understand why I have been crying for man so painfully, after the dwelling place I build with My own hand and love, to have My rest in him, and I did not do this miracle for any other reason, as great a miracle as God in the beginning, in the time of the creation of all things by the word; and then I created the man, worked by My own hand, in the same way the man sets his hand at work when he builds his house to live in it, as his rest on earth.

I built a house for Me on earth too, and then I made a garden for it and I set My house in the garden, mother. Oh, I had not made the garden first, My mother. First, I had built My house and then I built the garden for it, and in the garden I set a great mystery, beauty and miracle, all kinds of trees with choice fruit, and among them I put the tree of life, mother, but also that of the knowledge of good and evil, oh, because I did not hide this mystery. Then I told the man not take from the God’s things in the garden, I told him not to take from God’s mysteries but to have of those that were planted in the garden for him only.

However, the man could not stay in humility for the word God had put on him, but he rather yielded to temptation, mother, and since then the woman he worshipped became a temptation for man, a hard temptation, My mother, oh, and that is why a man leaves God, mother and father and joins with his wife, mother, and this because of his staying apart from the Lord in his heart, with his longing for the Lord, with his obedience, My mother. Oh, and the man can no longer do this. He has his woman close to him and listens to her desires, which separates him from God, oh, and she has always, always separated him from God so that the man may join with her, and although she is not God to do this over man, she still does it, and she brings forth death over man, and behold, you had to come on earth, My mother, to be the house of the love of God, the longing of Him and obedience before Him, mother, a holy sprig, a pure bride, My paradise, My rest, God’s temple, in which the Holy Spirit has found His work and place and My fulfillment, My coming down on earth, so that We may repair what man has completely crushed, oh, for man crushed God’s mystery, My rest in him, My mother, and I after that I have been crying all the time, I have always mourned, mother.

⸻ Oh, Lord, oh, my Son and Bride, oh, how beautifully, how wonderfully did We work two thousand years ago in order to repair what man had fully destroyed, being weakened by the woman in paradise, in the dwelling place of the saints and of Your angels, Lord Creator!

Oh, behold why I have spoken with my today’s voice that a helping rod is needed for those who are walking now on the way of Your today’s word, on Your steps, Shepherd Lord, and for this walking holy exhortation is needed always, always, Child Son and perfect God, for You were so humble so inclined after man and came down from the heavenly glories and descended to be born as a man and to be my child, and at the same time to be perfect God, and through the virginity of my soul and body You were protected, Holy Lord, through my share of protection for You, as the woman would be to protect her companion from all that is not God, if she would love like me with her love, Lord. Behold, I am working with You the holy word between You and me, between me and You on my day of the feast and ascension to the heaven among the saints, and with the whole word of today, We are helping those who are walking in Your steps as a Shepherd, for holy exhortation is always, always needed, because the weakness to love God is great in man; it is great, Lord, because, behold, the man does not know, he does not want to know and then to understand his visible and invisible creation, for those inside of Your creation in man are not visible, they are covered, and only the man on the outside is in those that are visible of Your creation, but man took control over the invisible things of his creation when he lost the paradise, when he fell from the paradise by the disobedience to Your word upon him, oh, and since then the man has been inquiring, he has wanted to know everything and always, to show how sinful he is, fallen through his sin, fallen in sin, Lord. However, the time is coming for the man to give an answer once again before You for his destiny, oh, and his testimony could no longer be kept in secret, for each one will receive from You according to the works of his life, and no one will blame anyone else when he will stand for his works, for even satan will not do anything else on Your day of glory, when all and everything will stay face to face with that what they did with their hands, with their word, with their thought, and behold, the man can still have part of a sponge, to wipe out his face and the whole works of his life before You, and the man’s birth from above resides in Your word of love and longing after man, Lord, aggrieved and full of mercy on You and on man.

And We have spoken Our word and still have its comfort in it for all those who will choose to obey and take after Us, a new day of the beginning of their lives, the new love, the renewal of the commandment of the love of God, and to be great love in those who walk with their steps on the way of Your word of Shepherd, for You are grazing them sweetly, and sweetly are You teaching them too, Lord, and Your mercy is the miracle in this time, and with which You are building the man again, if he is humbling himself under Your hand, under Your rod of Shepherd and Creator of man in Your image and after Your likeness.

Oh, sons and daughters, who are seeking this word of the Shepherd, of my Son, the Word, oh, He is coming to you as word to make you divine and that it may no longer be any work of sin in man to the end of the time, but the Lord to have a holy people, set apart for Him, and with which He will judge the world that does not leave off the fruit of sin, of the tree, the man did not listen not to take of when he was in paradise. (See the selection topic „The mystery of humankind salvation — the mystery of incorruptibility”, r.n.)

Oh, people of my Son, Jesus, oh, man after man comes on earth out of sin, man from man, but I am coming down and speaking over you so that you may be able to share this word, therefore, let yourselves be transformed into a godly nature more and more, oh, and more and more to be able to see what a sweet life can be tasted when you have the Lord as your Being, and you will be His hope for the end of the time and you will tell many people the miracle of the new man, born of God, of God’s word from the end of the time.

All those who receive Christ’s word from the spring, oh, put away the carelessness of the soul! Take love for your life, for the love gives you my Son as Shepherd over you; it holds your little hand to be holy, for the Lord is holy, and He wants you to be like Him.

Oh, receive the paradise in you! This is how I chose within my life on earth. I was dreaming with my eyes open of the paradise and its love. I was only love, only longing, only pain with a wound for the Lord. I could not have any other love but only the love He had. You should also love like Him! You need much exhortation again and again for you are weak because of your little love you have for Him. Oh, your love is also weak, and this time is requiring great love, and the Lord is coming, oh, sons, but behold, the love in man for Him is cold.

Man is very much guilty, and this not because of his great sin, but because of the lack of his love for God. Love, oh, only love, only it can work for you, for man. Take and learn what love is, you, those who have before you my Son as word over the earth. If man does not have this love, the love for the Lord, then the man is nothing, nothing, nothing at all. Love, on the other hand, is, but take from my love to learn, to get away with your wandering astray when you want to love, and, finally, ask, and the Lord will give you.

Oh, We have fulfilled the entire word of the feast, Lord Jesus. Oh, only if those who want to walk in Your steps may no longer sin in their walking! Oh, how much pain was in paradise when man chose to sin, forsaking You because of sin, Lord!

You, people who are completely weak for love, oh, be reconciled to God by your great humiliation, by your painful humility after the Lord, and He will heal you from the lack of your love and you will love like Him. Moreover, as He loves man, you will love Him, too, and you will be like Him.

Behold, I have given you my Son as the Shepherd over you, and now you have to listen to Him!

⸻ Now, mother, We are finishing the feast and the heavenly hosts are going back to their place of glory, in God’s invisible things.

Now, mother, We have written into the book the entire exhortation. We are bowing before those who always organize a sweet stopover for My coming as word on earth, and We are giving them power for Us and for their work with Us, mother.

Oh, sons receiving of God, My comfort is great because you come to meet Me whenever I come to you as word! I am giving you the comfort back, too. And as for you, be the people who are sharing now on My behalf, and be comforting in everything you do for your walking with the Lord of those who follow Him after My voice of Shepherd, of the Gentle Shepherd, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.