2020.06.14 — The Word of God on the first Sunday after the Pentecost, of All Saints

The Word of God[1] on the first Sunday after the Pentecost, of All Saints, and the memorial of the Feast of the Birth of Saint Virginia, God’s Trumpet

There is preparation among those in heaven for a Sunday celebration in a synod, the Sunday of all saints, and I, the Lord, am setting the table with the word of the feast for those who are celebrated, for My saints, and for all those who are celebrating on earth, for the people of My word, because in the citadel of My word it is now celebrated with a feast My trumpet Virginia, born on earth on the Sunday of all saints, oh, and how beautiful is she placed in the midst of the feast of My saints, for the work of My word is sweet to them, through which I have been speaking on the Romanian land beginning with 1955, after I had prepared Virginia to be My trumpet, in order to give voice through her to My today’s word, God’s speaking over the earth, to lift up to faith and to obedience a people and to teach it in a special way to love God and to keep with holiness the Christian customs left through the church from the beginning for My faithful ones, who take their cross and follow Me to do My will on earth and I to feed them from heaven with the Holy Spirit the Comforter, to strengthen their walking so that they may be the witnesses of the descending of My word for the time when I will bring it into the open and to be known far and wide that God has descended and spoken His word from the end of the time in the midst of the Romanian people, because this time has already come. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.)

Oh, peace to you, My today’s people on earth, peace to you, to the one who are more or less according to your deed and faith the people of My word! Oh, get up and listen to My word, with which I am speaking in heaven and on earth on this day of the feast, that is with those in heaven and with you on earth, My people that are on earth, oh, for the saints have got a synod, and they take for them from the earth comfort and joy from those who bring worship and festive memorial according to the custom, the Sunday of all saints, and after it there comes the time of the feast for the meeting of the feast of the holy apostles, the feast which has become very little once with its time, after that in the Romanian people, the days of the feast of My saints have been changed by removing them from their place in the calendar, and thus losing the custom for their observance at their due time.

Oh, I started My word in the year of 1955, but I could not make this announcement for the observance of the holy feasts at their place as in the beginning of My church, because the buyers were coming (The security service agents of the communist red beast dictatorship, r.n.), and the sellers of mysteries (So called the “informers” of the security, paid or not paid, r.n.), among those who were coming closer to hear My word, and I had to wait with patience as a God and to make a favorable way to be able to bring the restoration. (After so-called “anti-communism revolution” in December 1989, r.n.). That the antichrist man came and caught in his trap the ruler over the church of the Romanian people and forced him to make the movement, to bring disaster, (In the year of 1924[2]), to strike in the old course of My church in the Romanian people, the most struck people at that time, the most kneeling one under the spirit of errancy which started persecution over the Christians at that time, oh, because it was so hard for the Christians to commit this sin required by the rulers of the church, who did not watch for the life of the flock and left it under the persecution of the antichrist, who had and has as his work the destitution of the holy garment of the sons of the Orthodox church, (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.) and for which the antichrist’s servants cannot rest from their hostile work against God and against God’s servants, but I, the Lord, worked once with this hostile work and brought into being on earth a little girl in order to repair through her those that were struck by the enemy, oh, and I brought her up covered under My mystery, I had prepared her much and I appeared to her, and in the year of 1955 I started to sound My trumpet through her. (See The Life of Saint Virginia, r.n.) I was speaking My word with My mouth and I was passing through her mouth with it, and I gave to be written God’s word, to be able to show it at the right time and to be able to fulfill then the things that were announced through it, and then by its preaching all over the earth after that.

Oh, people of My word, be careful at My today’s speaking, for I am speaking to you about the mystery with which I stayed and stay into your midst. And if many of those, who sat at My table of word during this time after the year of 1995 and up to this day, left the earth, behold, I am bringing them all before My word, so that they may be a table, all those who have drunk of this spring of word in all the years of My descending to shepherd a people and mysteriously to show it the work of My coming of word on earth, oh, because this is written, My people.

It is almost one hundred years from the full beginning of the persecution of the Christians of My church, of those who endured the great shaking at that time, the removing of the feasts of My saints from the calendar. Then the little girl Verginica (Verginica — the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) was born in a family destitute of all the earthly things and I, the Lord, took her in the care of the heavenly powers and the mystery of her life on earth was great in a time of the persecution of the holy customs, and she was growing under the heavenly looks of My saints, who were waiting for her growth, oh, and I appeared to her and I told her that she would be taken by the hand, that she would be My trumpet and that I would prepare her, and I made her preparation and left over her the gift of the bearing of God, the Word, My speaking through her speaking, God’s trumpet.

Oh, My people, My work of sounding the trumpet through Verginica was a great mystery on earth, for I was bringing her into a deep sleep like that by which I caused Adam to fall asleep in paradise and took from him to build the woman, for I made him wholly at his creation, and then I took the woman out of him and I brought her before him.

I was sending a deep sleep over My trumpet, and her body was not feeling anything because it was burned, blown, stuck, crushed, and I was passing with My word through her and God’s word was coming out of her over the earth. Oh, this is how she had carried Me for twenty-five years to speak My word, and the sufferance of her body and spirit was great. Rivers of sweat were flowing from her in the time of My speaking through her mouth full of fragrance felt by those who were listening My word through her, oh, and only I knew her sufferance and the fire in her so that it might not burn her body, oh, and the saints were looking from heaven at My work through her, and the armies of the saints were greatly marveling at this, and My mystery with Verginica was great on earth, My dear people, and suspicions and words, carried about by those who were coming and spying, were passing through the minds of many people, and she was taken and brought to investigation, to defamation and sufferance, but My hand protected her, and I put her under the protection of the angels so that her persecutors and investigators might not bring her down, oh, and now she is looking from the heaven of the saints at My coming with her on earth and she suffers; it makes her suffer for all those who did not have the grace to understand God’s work and to come to find My will, which I had for them to understand it and then to follow it.

Oh, sons, oh, sons, those who are inquisitive within their mind, those have not found the path yet, even if they stayed and stay closely to the voice of My word, oh, because they keep on searching with their minds according to the human knowledge. However, the saints of the Lord, those who are awake and firm in their mind, they throw down the mind imaginations of those who search in secret God’s mysteries and the mysteries of the holy people, for the man’s pride comes out like the vegetable oil above the water and it does not let the man find the path of his life, if he keeps on examining through the things of his mind, or through the things he has read from the books. However, one should know that all those that are worked and breathed from God are those who strengthen the Christian way and the church, and are useful only for those who are helped by their mind not to feed with the spirit of the human pride; however, if you do not know how to harvest or what to do with your harvest, then it is because your mind does not help you but only for your inquisitiveness and then for the spirit of the haughtiness and disbelief helped by haughtiness, and which cannot give light to man. And all those who have been fed with My word and who have not remained on the way to the end, those stepped to the sides, and it was not because of their sins but because of the spirit of haughtiness that they fell from God, like the angels who fell by their haughtiness.

I worked and work through this word to reveal My will to those who want to find out and to follow it and then to be a faithful and steadfast people for Me, and by My today’s word I have built a people, a citadel, and I keep on building the word in the book to fulfill it afterwards, as I had done in all the times under the heaven, for first I was revealing God’s will and then I was fulfilling it. I have a citadel here, I am stopping over above it and in it with the heavenly armies, and I am looking and watching the course of the work of My word, and God is working and going, and once with Me, the wickedness of the opposing man, the antichrist, is also going, and I like to call him by his name so that he may hear Me that I call him an enemy so that he may step aside because I am walking to victory and he does not have to stay in My way, for God is a consuming fire for all His opponents, as it is written.

Oh, My Verginica, the saints are celebrating you on their feast of today, on the Sunday of all saints, as the holy fathers ordained this feast for all of My saints. Oh, how beautiful was your submission before My will, My Verginica! Oh, how beautiful is the man whose heart does not know any pride and conceit! He stands before Me and discovers My will for him.

Oh, what a great care I had with all My saints, and how beautifully I worked when I started with you the sounding of My trumpet and then the whole way of My word over the earth from then on and up to this day, My Verginica! You are the root, you are the foundation on which I began, and on which I have built the course of My word further over the earth so that I may not stop from My progress, from the way made by sufferance and patience in order to advance with the work of the creation of the new heaven and earth, as it is written to reach with the new creation, worked by the word of My mouth over the earth.

All the saints are looking at you insatiably and waiting for your speech over My citadel of word and over their feast and yours, My Verginica. I am all that you are, I am, as you were everything to be able to work through you in My time with you on earth, and now I am, and all My saints live in Me, as it is written.

Oh, who, Lord, who can boast about something according to the truth except with Your Being in him? You are my praise. I was born for You on earth, as Your will was, and then You grew me up in Your will, and I listened to You. My obedience to You was the whole support on earth in the pains of life, pains that keep us to be Yours, us, those who suffer pains.

Oh, I would tell them too, Lord, I would tell those from near You, I would tell all those on earth, all those who know or do not know Your mystery enough, the mystery of Your word over the earth, working for more than sixty-five years coming with You on earth, and here it is what I am telling them:

Oh, keep away, and let this word be holy for you, keep away from being inquisitive, from speaking evil or from calumniating against the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ, as word over the earth now, and against the people to which He is coming with His today’s work, for all those who tested themselves in this double-edged sword of the glory of His word in order to question it, to defame or not to believe it, all of them have remained powerless, all of them have suffered because of their lack of faith, because of their lack of steadfastness. Oh, bite your tongue before you want to speak evil against this word! Stand aside if you cannot bow with your faith, but do not lift up your hand to this sword which protects God’s mystery, which is working now for the Lord’s coming as word on earth, for the new birth of the world, as the Lord said that it would come to be fulfilled.

To the people of Your word, to all those who are faithful and steadfast with You, I am telling, Lord, and I am saying this: Sons, sons, do not eat, oh, do not be nourished with yourselves. It is dangerous, it is very dangerous for the eternal salvation of the soul, and then you do not know if you still have time to humble yourselves in your heart and then to correct the sight of your mind.

Oh, only the love among them; only it can keep the brothers together to the end; do not forget that. He who cannot stay with great humility before the Lord and before the common brothers, I invite him to look at his guilty and at his shameful past before God, or, on the contrary, if he is so holy as he may want to be and to appear, then one like this needs to take into consideration how sinful he could have been and died in this way, if God had not died for his sin to diminish it, to wipe it out with His torment on the heavy cross, which He lifted up to carry and to be put on it and nailed — God condemned to death on the cross, and this shame or mourning will help you escape from the completely blind pride and from the darkness from it, and you will know who you were, or who you could be, and what price was paid for you so that you may not perish as a sinner.

Sons who are weaker in your love and stature within Christ, oh, change your conduct into a holy propriety towards all people, and from which it will come to you a strong feeling of love for the spirit of the holy brotherhood and of the joy that joins you all in one, and then holy peace will come, and after that a new and comforting joy, a strong faith, worked by a comforting hope, and you will be filled with power, with health, for all these feelings are called health and healing from the old man, sons, and a renewal of the mind, of the holy desires, a heavenly beauty in a new heart, a lot of spirit and little flesh, comprised by the great spirit, and this is how one is able to pass from body into spirit, and the spirit is the happiness unknown by those who are fleshly and very much in the flesh, and this happiness makes the man to enlighten the past of his life in order to see his mistakes from which he came out to hover over the body and to heal the guilt of his past, because he who sees his sins is transformed through all this joints, and by a holy shame he is filled with the joy of the humility against his own self, for the body is not useful for anything that is good, except the Spirit, sons: He gives life and the joy for life.

Keep away from discontent, sons, for someone like this is a lover of his own self and is proud. He looks for a price for himself and he seeks it with man, not from heaven. There goes a little story about five friends who lived happily, even if they were different in the body. They gathered to live together, and all were small; five little friends. Those who are little live in love and stay together out of love. Moreover, the community of these little friends was made of two dwarves, a little bird, a little frog and a little mouse, all living together in a little house. The little ones stay together to the end for they are small. This parable is for those who are Christians and can stay together more or less in peace and in holy love just because they are small.

The healthiest man, the most healing one for himself is that who sees and acknowledges the sins of his life and humbles much because of them, and it is healthy the one who sees his sins and has a mind to do so, if he sees his wrong doings, which he has committed and that he may come over his sin, and he does good to his own life by the humility of his heart that humbles itself. This is what I am teaching on my day of the feast among the saints, and do not forget your inclination to teaching, for if you do not learn, you do not know how to work, sons.

Oh, listen to the Lord! He has always brought to you what you have to obey, and it is dangerous not to obey God, sons. I am asking you, I, that who always prays to the Lord for you to help you to stand for Him, to follow Him always, always, and in this way to learn your walking, the walking according to His word upon you, oh, sons.

In addition, to You, Lord, oh, praise to You, Lord, to You and to Your glory to the people of Your word! My voice has become a trumpet sounding over it on my day of the feast among the saints, and praise be to Your great name upon them, oh, Lord, praise to Your word upon them! Amen.

⸻ Oh, you have aroused them to great watch, My Verginica. You are voice of My voice, you are spirit of My spirit, and this is how you are to work when you speak over them. Oh, peace to you among all of My saints! You are like a treasure among them. You were promised to carry Me in the last time, My Verginica. Your sufferance has become only glory in heaven and is shining in God’s glory now. Oh, peace to you, peace to you, My trumpet!

Be attentive, My people, oh, be attentive in your spirit. My trumpet sounded, mind you.

And you, citadel of My word, you are in a feast and you have received My saints at the table here in the garden, and the groups of the saints are staying above, and I set the table of word for them, for you and for the people that is fed from God with days of feast and word, and to which I say again and again:

Oh, do not forget, My people, do not forget to do My will and not your will on earth, and you will be the one protected and praised by My saints, who give praise to My work with you, sitting with them at the table with you here, in the time of the descending of My word to you. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.

[2] The Church Calendar (in Romania) up to 1924 was the same as that of Nicaea, based on severe apostolic canons, but in 1924, the Scripture of the prophet Daniel was fulfilled: «the people made bold to even change the times», when the primate metropolitan — of that time, Miron Cristea, (Primate metropolitan = (in the past) a title given to the first metropolitan of a country; today it would be equal to that of a patriarch) introduced the Gregorian Calendar (Catholic) as result of a „pan-Orthodox” congress that took place in 1923, in Constantinople. At that congress, the patriarch of that time, Meletie, proposed the acceptance of the „revised” Julian Calendar, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revised_Julian_calendar) which was in accord with the Catholic one for a period up to the year 2800 and „it was allowing that all the feasts to be celebrated at the same time with those of other confessions”. «… and he shall wear out the saints of the Most High and he shall think to change the times and the law…» (Daniel 7/25), r.n.