2020.04.26 — The Word of God on the second Sunday after the Holy Passover, of Saint Thomas, the Apostle

The Word of God[1] on the second Sunday after the Holy Passover, of Saint Apostle Thomas

Oh, My word over the earth is not much, no, it is not much. Woe to the earth and woe to the man on it; woe, if the Lord is not with His work, with His protection over the earth and over the people! Man seeks after this protection in vain if it does not come on behalf of God at the man’s calling, or according to the man’s stature before God.

It is written in the psalms about the one who stays within God’s help, under the shelter of the God of the heavens, and who has the Lord as his support, salvation and hope, and who is not afraid of the terror of night, of the arrow that flies during the day, of the thing walking in the dark, or of the pestilence infesting at the high noon, (As it is the pandemic of corona virus, r.n.), but which will not come close to touch him as it does with those who are sinful, who are falling down cut by this in thousands, on the left and on the right of the one who has the Lord as his shelter in bad times and God’s angels watching over him on the way of his life, and who will lift him up and carry him on their hands, and this because of his hope in God, Whom he calls out and receives from Him protection, the length of his days and salvation, as this promise is written for those who have the Lord as their endless hope in times of trial, in days of danger that come because of the sins of man on earth, and behold, man needs shelter from the Lord, and he has to be God’s friend, not His enemy. (To be seen the small number of the deceases due to the new corona virus from the Orthodox countries in comparison with those that have a great inclination to money and all kinds of lusts, r.n.).

Oh, but how can man be God’s enemy? Sons, sons, he really can be. He can be God’s enemy by the violation of the commandments of life, which tell the man to love the Lord, to honor His ordinances and the days of the feast of the heavens and of the saints, and to love the brothers; then he does not have to steal or testify falsely, that is, the does not have to tell lies, kill or go into sexual immorality before the Lord, Who sees everything and everywhere on earth; the man does not have to acquire what does not belong to him or what belongs to his neighbor, and this is the way how man can be God’s friend and not His enemy. And if he cannot do so, then his hope to receive God’s help is little, and he is afraid in times of trial, in the times of danger of his life, and he can fall with the sinful ones, who work their own destruction by the man’s violation of the commandments of life with God, for the Lord has taken great care to show to the man what it can save him from evil, and what it can punish him for his wrong doings, and behold, the word of God is not much over the earth, and there is great need of God for those on earth. And if I teach man how to flee from before the punishments incurred by the men’s sins, oh, then how is man supposed to receive Me, how is he supposed to open to Me when I call out to him, when I teach him to repent from his sins, to do this again and again and to get up from death, from sin, for the sin throws the man down when he does not watch over him so that he may not sin and in this way to incur bad payment on himself, the punishment for his sin.

Oh, it is a day of Sunday, the second Sunday after the Holy Passover, and I am writing Myself down into My today’s book, with the days and the work of My resurrection from the dead, and on this Sunday I am reminding man of the happiness that I promised to those with a pure heart and I said: «Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!» (Matt: 5/8)

Those with a pure heart before God always repent from their wrong doings, they repent with a crush heart, and they make room for Me in their heart for My dwelling within it, and then they feel and see this, for those who are pure in heart see God with His help for them.

Two thousand years ago, the pain for Me of My male and female disciples raised Me from the tomb to go to them, to meet them after My resurrection, as it was for them that I was resurrected, that they could see that I was resurrected, according to the promise for those who are pure in heart. My Spirit, working for the disciples, gathered them to one places, all of them, to see Me resurrected, and Thomas, who was not with them at My first appearance after My resurrection, and Thomas’ heart was longing, it was burning in him for My longing because he wanted to see Me, that he may have the whole faith that I was resurrected, according to My promise to them, and at the desire of his heart, I answered, I appeared before them all and I sealed their faith in My resurrection, oh, for I showed them the wounds in My hands and rib and I completely confirmed that it was I, and that I was alive, the living One forever and ever, and that I was their God, oh, and they repented from all their heart from all their mistakes concerning Me and from their faith in Me, which was also shaking from time to time, and especially at the time of My crucifixion, and they had a clean heart even with their shaking in their faith in Me, and if I saw that they were clean in their little heart, then I appeared before them so that they could see Me.

Oh, how could I not appear before them, before My male and female disciples, after that for such a long time I had taught them God’s mysteries walking with them from place to place in a time written by the Father for Me to be with them, and to be with them until My cross?

Sons, sons, at that time I could as well appear to many more, even before those who were the greatest in the temple, to Anna and Caiaphas, even before Pilate or before the Pharisees who had stirred up the act of My crucifixion, oh, but their hearts were not clean, rather they were filled with the spirit of lie, which served their pride to have precedence on the high seats of the Israel’s people, and they were ashamed of their wicked works, devilish works, for the father of lie is the devil, and those who do the works of the lie have the devil as their father, oh, and I cannot appear before those who are not pure in heart, and who do not repent from their whole heart from the works of the darkness in them.

Oh, behold why those who are not pure in heart cannot see Me, and behold why those who are pure in heart see Me! Let all hear this word and understand why those who see Me, are able to see Me, and why those who do not see Me, are not able to see Me. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.)

Oh, sons, who carry and preach My word of the heavenly teaching all over the earth, oh, sons, the people do not have repentance for their life so far from God because of their violation of the commandments of life. Therefore, with God’s knowledge, there are released over people dangers, spiritual struggle, fears, blows and death, for the devil is right when he comes and asks from God punishment for those who sin without fear before God during the time of the commitment of their sins.

Oh, what should stop the people from the way of their iniquities but the payment according to their works? However, I am waiting for the repentance of the good conduct of the man after that, and then I can work out satan’s shame, but without correction over the man’s life, oh, with what shall I stand against the devil to stop him from seeking his rights, for this evil power strives against God’s power to put down those who are guilty of their sins? Only the heart in man, oh, only it can overcome and can come out from the devil’s dominion, if it wants, and it can do so by a man’s remorse before God, Who listens to the cry of those in bondage and gives them salvation and correction after that, and that is why I am waiting for the man to call Me out to come to his help, and to come at the calling of the pure heart.

Oh, sons, the kingdom of God with the people on earth is always put in danger by those who sin and have their lives without the fear in God among people, and they are a danger to those who love and honor God on earth, and here it is where come the dangers from and where they are brought forth from when they come! However, I protect in the midst of the sinful people those who stay under My help with their life and hope, and I want to make the sinful ones to correct their lives before the Lord, to have a good conduct, to holiness and not to remain on the side of the devil by their heavy sins and without peace in them and among them. For if this trial (Pandemic, r.n.) would have not been appeared, then all the places for the doing of their sins were full of the iniquities of those who love and seek the sins and the sinful pleasures, to which the Lord, together with those in heaven, are looking and sighing, as He did in the old time over Sodom and Gomorrah, cities that were sexually immoral, which incurred the cleansing fire from the sins over their land.

Oh, when I see such a lot of struggle for the enactment of the immorality on earth, I am overwhelmed with grief. The people without God in them try to bring, without knowing what they do by this action, fire and brimstone over the earth and over those who are far less sinful before God than those who work their immorality day and night face to face with the Lord, with the heavenly and angelic powers of the Lord’s glory, and by so doing pressing on ruination over people. However, I, the Lord, can I stand and do nothing to stop these people? Can I let Myself overthrown from the throne of the heavenly glory and let them act up in the name of their people, over which they are incurring wrath and curse? Oh, no, I cannot! And the prophet Elijah is coming and doing his work full of zeal for God, (See the selection topic: „Enoch and Elijah”, r.n.) to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers, and the holy fathers to their followers, as it is written about the coming and the work of saint Elijah in the end of the time, for otherwise the curse is coming; it is coming for I cannot tolerate those who trample over God. And for My elect that are on earth, I am going to cut short these days and satanic works, as it is written, and I have to fulfill the Scriptures, written to be fulfilled, and I have much more work to do than those who keep on testing My power, which is eternally unshaken. (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.)

Oh, but I have mercy, I have mercy on them, on those who do not have mercy on the people and on themselves, and that is why I am coming as the proclaiming word over the earth, that maybe they will hear Me and from among them too, and thus they will seek salvation and faith from those who are now on the side of the immorality on earth, and this hurts God very much, it hurts God extremely hard.

Oh, we have come with the feast of the days of resurrection, sons who welcome God, and I have My male and female disciples with Me, My witnesses and the witnesses of My resurrection, for I appeared before them after My resurrection because of their pure heart, sons, and among them is speaking with Me now, face to face with you, the disciple so deeply seized with My mysteries, the apostle Thomas, the one who after one week from My resurrection wanted Me with great longing, and he wanted to see and touch Me, and to grow from him the faith in My resurrection in all the disciples, and to wish great happiness to those who would believe by his testimony.

Come, disciple son, your Lord is speaking! In heaven and on earth your voice is being written and set into My today’s book on a day of memorial for you, because you wanted to believe and to see, to see and to believe, so that your faith and the faith of those after you might be sealed that I, the crucified Lord, rose from the grave, I came out alive and I appeared resurrected before you.

Oh, my Lord, Jesus Christ, oh, my beloved Lord, and especially loved by my great heart for You, You spoke with me a great word, a happy word, Lord, on that day after I had wanted with longing to caress Your wounds with my own hand and to know that they also pierced Your godly body on my behalf, Lord. Oh, then You made for the descendants a great promise, that is, love much greater than the one given to us on the day of Your resurrection, and You said that happier were and would be those who would believe without seeing what we saw, that is You, resurrected, You, wounded by the wounds of the crucifixion in Your body nailed on the cross to keep You on the cross, Lord. Oh, and I myself am telling them, I am especially telling to those of nowadays, for I am speaking with them now, and I am telling them that You have kept greater happiness and love for them, greater than ours at that time, as a result of Your resurrection, as long as You had appeared before us, Your male and female disciples.

Oh, Lord, happy, happier, much happier are and will be those who did not see and do not see as we saw, but who believed and believe in Your resurrection that we confessed, especially mine, my resurrected Lord. My heart was fully filled with the grace of confession, my Lord. At that holy moment, I touched the wounds of Your love for us, Your body nailed on the cross, Lord.

Oh, for those after us, You meant love greater than ours at that time, greater than the day of the resurrection, Lord, extremely happier than ours, and for this great glory You worked and work a great deal, and You make on earth before You living hearts, clean, with great faith in them, with rich grace, and with the glory that comes over Your gifts in them, in those who believe by our confession of that time, and everything by Your word so great, so sweet, so gentle and so affectionate, so that there may be able to be with You those to whom You have given the gift of faith for the end of the time, when You are coming as word on earth and are comprising everything within it, kings and peoples, rich and poor, faithful and unfaithful, righteous and sinful, and Your mercy is endless, because You want to draw them to faith, even the most stubborn ones. Oh, for behold how much they have hardened their hearts against Your word during these days, even the servants of the Church of the Romanian people, for they have not humbled themselves with joy and holy propriety before Your great gift, coming down from heaven, for You are coming down from heaven as word to the Romanians, Lord, and You are speaking over the earth far and wide in the language of the Romanian people, a two-thousand-year Christian people, and a people that has remained to be Christian up to this day, the people given to You by the Father for the end of the time to be the bedding of Your coming, Lord.

Oh, how much love, oh, how much of it, my Lord and my God! You chose Romanian! Oh, how much love, Lord! However, how much love it would be for Romania to have, and how much faith is required to come up to You from the heart and soul of this nation, into whose midst the citadel of Your word from the Dimboviţa area is set with great blessing, (Dimboviţa= knoll or mound of the vineyard, r.n.) oh and those who serve it and You for Your coming down as word on earth, and for whom You have prepared love greater than the one on the day of Your resurrection, Lord, for they believe in Your coming, oh, and these little disciples of Yours are setting it on earth.

Oh, glory to You for Your great love, Lord, love from us up to them! Oh, our joy is great, and we are looking from haven with You near us, we are being filled with comfort and with Your joy with them, with those who are Your workers in the end of the time, Your least disciples.

Glory to You because You have overcome in this way! Glory to You, resurrected Lord! And we are telling to those on earth the greeting of Your resurrection: Christ has risen!

⸻ Oh, your confession is great joy and great comfort for Me, faithful disciple. Nevertheless, the day of the feast of My prudes together with you for the feast is coming.

And let the people of My word not be disheartened at all because of their good steps back home, for I, the Lord, am giving Myself all over with the word. I am comforting and giving mercy, and I am going and sharing from the feast that is coming to heaven on the Sunday of the prudes and yours, too, oh, My disciples, loved at that time and loved now as well.

Oh, sons of My coming now, peace to you! Christ has risen, sons! We are preparing the feast for the next Sunday and We are coming with it before those who love My today’s coming as word on earth. I am comforting you in your hard work for Me and for them. I am giving you power and help, sons. Prepare the feast and come within it before Me so that I may come as word of feast for the people of My word, for the whole earth and for those in heaven, who are waiting for Me to speak over you.

May you way to the people of My word be blessed with the comfort from here for them, for We are sharing with them from the table, sons, and they are carrying to those who are waiting for the memorial and are taking the feast with them; they are taking it to those in heaven and to those who are in the place of their waiting to heaven.

Peace to you in your work with those in heaven, and peace for those who are waiting to take the Lord from the table at you for them, for their release through you, sons!

“Christ has risen!”, I am declaring over all the people that believe in My coming as word on earth, and who take and eat from My table with you, from the bread of life, the bread that is coming down from heaven, oh, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.