2020.02.16 — The Word of God on the Sunday of the Prodigal Son

The Word of God[1] on the Sunday of the Prodigal Son

My great and ongoing work, oh, is this: to shepherd you, sons, and your work is to receive the Lord and to put it on the way to go to the margins the world and the work of tending the sheep, for woe to the sheep without a shepherd, My sons! I wait for man to come back to God and that it may be well to God with man, for God cries after man, and man does not know that God cries for him, that He cries and waits.

Oh, I cry with the Father and the Father cries with Me, and We both cry after man. God looks into the distance to see man turning back from his life without God. The man created by God’s hand got lost from his Father and has raised up his descendants, oh, and God has chosen some of them and blessed a people, starting with Abraham, and going on with his descendants after him, but this people did not understand God’s word and it always, always denied God because of its lack of humility, oh, and God had made many promises over that people; however, that people neglected them.

Oh, sons, I am speaking about My pain, for at the right time, My Father sent Me after the people, as for many years God had been suffering from it, from its conduct, from its pride and from its disobedience to God. Oh, and what a sending My Father had prepared for Me, because first He had announced Me, and then He sent Me, and He had not sent Me without announcing Me, oh, but the people chosen by God was so far away from God that treated Me like a wrongdoer, while it was doing so many iniquities against the commandments of life, and then it took Me out from the camp and gave Me over to mockery and to the cross. However, because I had come from haven, it was not possible to remain knocked down by them, by those to whom I came to cleanse them from their sins and to forgive them of their big evil things. Oh, and then I came out from the dead and I was resurrected so wonderfully, and I appeared before them working and setting over many the kingdom of God on earth with them, so that it might remain over the people, over many that were touched by its mystery, for it does not cry, but rather it sets itself mysteriously, as God’s heaven is mysterious and it is, oh, and the Lord has a mysterious kingdom on earth with those who take after Him for it, with those who believe and know how to believe, and the faith in God coming from heaven makes a house with man for the heaven on earth, sons. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.)

I built and build from place to place the work of the grace, the work of new man, and I do not do this only for those who are built by God in their own body, soul and spirit, but I rather do this to bring those who are many and fallen from the Father in heaven, and I do this with longing, sons, like the man who lost his house and rest, oh, and man does not understand why he comes and why he lives on earth, and man does not make his way to his Father in heaven, for he has learned too much the departure from the Father and keeps wandering far away, far from the kingdom of his Father.

Sons, sons, how much the God-enlightened people have worked with the grace of the faith and wisdom from above, from God, for the knowledge of God, so that many may follow the Lord after that! Oh, how much grace I have descended upon people to help those who are many all over, so that man may have a calling and a place for the kingdom of the heavens with him on earth!

Oh, how difficult it is for man to listen and then to know what to do with his life! Man has used to be without God too much. Oh, how shall I do that man may know Me, to know about Me and then to receive Me and take Me closer to him?

Sons, sons, I have come to you as word to proclaim Myself with you on earth by the word and to be heard far and wide My voice of Shepherd, Who calls to a sweet pasture, to a heavenly table and that I may give from it to many and to help them understand their destiny, if they were born on earth.

Oh, sons, you should always have My love in you and among you. I said that not only faith is needed but also love, and with it, man may be able to follow the Lord. The lesson of love must be put to work as many times as the man forgets about love. Love forgives; it forgives the evil, it overlooks mistakes, it makes the man grow less so that God may grow bigger in him.

Oh, love has got great and holy work, sons. It keeps God’s dwelling among brothers; it does not punish, it does not seek its own way, but it gives itself all the time. Love never fails for it is God in man. Man always needs mercy from God and all the good, and if he shares love all the time in all his works, then man proves to be God’s dwelling place, the man of love, My rest in him.

The love in man loves its enemies, My sons, and the man, who shares love over those who are cold to him and not skillful for love, takes after God. He who has God in him leaves the Lord to judge whatever reason may arise in his way with the Lord, and he loves like God, and especially humbles himself like God before those who are cold with him, for this is how God does all the time, oh, and this is how the heaven and the earth stay at the place of their making, by God’s love and patience, sons, for man is not used to taking care of those made by God and to their obedience to God all the time.

Oh, how much comfort I have, and how much I rejoice that I have someone with whom to set the word of My Spirit on earth! I thank you by giving love in your hearts; love as Mine for brothers and for enemies, for you take after Me in love, sons. My love proves Me that I am God, for God is love, My sons. You shall have love and be love as well, for you are My help to come and to shepherd from among you many to whom I reveal Myself in order to bring them back to My Father.

Oh, beware much and always and be careful, beware of the spirit of brotherly judgment, My sons. All people have got a great division between God and them because of the spirit of judgment and of the judgments among them, for they oppress one another and assume the right to do their justice, to justify themselves, and to think that they are righteous and worthy to judge those who are guilty about them, and they also assume the right to brag to each other; however, in order to humble one another, to be beautiful like God, gentle and humble in their heart like God, oh, this love does not come to their mind, that is the love of their neighbors, sons, for the commandment of life is the love of God and the love of neighbors, and this commandment is written in the Scriptures for man in order to fulfill it.

It is being reminded now of the son who left the fatherly house and asked from the hand of his father for his share of the fortune to go away from his country. Oh, and then he had an immoral life and lived in the earthly and guilty pleasures, but the thought that followed him coming from his father’s heart made God remember the sorrow of the grieving father for the loss of his fugitive son, and after a while, the Lord sent much poverty over the foreign country that no one had anything to give the wandering son to eat, the foreign one over there. Oh, no one gave him anything, and then the spirit of humility came upon him and helped him, and the son, wandering away from his country, humbled himself and painfully thought at his father whom he forsook, and set out back to receive mercy from his father, and while he was approaching, his father saw him from the distance, ran to meet him and cried with him, and greatly rejoiced to see alive the one who was believed to be dead far away.

Oh, here they are, humility and love, mercy and obedience, for these work out great miracles, sons. Oh, how beautiful, how mercifully God works for each man, sons! God suffers because man does not perceive this for him and for God’s great expectation after man.

Oh, sons, do not forget to forgive everything and always to everyone. Oh, do not remember evil, and do not judge in God’s place the causes that arise and bring you displeasure. Every man needs forgiveness from God, for two thousand years ago I said: «Forgive and it will be forgiven to you!» Oh, do not leave anything among you that may separate you from the work of love and forgiveness, for only love forgives. Moreover, keep away from pride as from fire, for it does not forgive, rather it takes God’s place in man so that man may not humble for the peace among brothers.

Sons, if a cause arises among brothers, oh, in this case, what is to be done? Let everyone not forget that one needs the forgiveness of his mistakes from the Lord and from his neighbors, and let him not take away the Lord’s forgiveness for him when he does not forgive his neighbor. Oh, let nothing bring joy to the devil by delayed mercilessness by the lack humility of his hear, for there is no man without guilt before God, sons, and because he is forgiven, he must also forgive so that the Father may forgive him what he has done wrong. And he must do the same, because the brother of the prodigal son, who came back from his wandering, was filled with the spirit of judgment against his father, who forgave the one guilty of his sin, but who humbled very much with tears of sorrow and repentance, sons. And his father sought to remove the sin of judgment from the judging son of his father and brother, and exhorted the rebellious brother to the joy of finding the guilty one, the one that had been lost for such a long time in sin and was found.

And now I am looking over the people of My word to see how much it is receiving Me, how much wisdom it is receiving from My mouth for him, and also to see how much it is forgiving for the sake of its resemblance to God.

Oh, and I am also looking over all those who are taking of My pasture for their lives with God, for My joy from them, from those who believe My coming on earth as word after man.

And peace to you, sons, who welcome Me and put My word into the book, and then its course over the earth! Ask that I may give you what you need for My walking with you, sons. Pray to the Lord for you so that I may give you, for by My praying to the Father I was receiving and working. Oh, and this is how you are to work, too; work like Me so that you may receive by prayer, and then give the Lord to those who seek Him and to those who find him with you.

Peace to you, sons! I would like that this wish may be understood, the wish I am giving to you, saying: peace to you! This wish is a great gift. Oh, and let all the people that know Me with you, understand this great gift upon it and upon you, for this gift is very expensive when I give it.

Peace to you, peace to you, peace to you, sons!

I am speaking this word over the whole earth and I am saying: Peace to you, to those all over the earth! And My word carries in it the power of its fulfillment. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, translated by I.A., redactor note.



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