2019.02.17 — The Word of God on the Sunday of the tax collector and the pharisee

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The word of God[1] on the Sunday of the tax collector and the pharisee[2]

My dwelling among you brings Me comfort, sons. It is a day of memorial for My great words and with much teaching in them for the making of the new man, and I have to work by the work of My word upon you.

The flock of Christians is preparing for the seven week fasting before the crucifixion and for My resurrection, and then, on this day, it is said in the churches that the time of the Lent is coming near. However, I have prepared you and I have set you to eat all the time only what I said at the beginning of the creation and at the creation of man[3], oh, and to be happy for this ordinance of Mine upon you, for faith and obedience to God are more than the food for the body, because the spirit is that which gives life, not the body, as it is written.

Sons, sons, I am spending a little bit of time with you, as you are able to do, for I measure well all things for Me and for you and for those who eat of My mouth through the spring of My word. The Christians of this people are preparing themselves for the fast without oil, but for the fasting within their spirit too, for the spirit passes through the mind, through the heart and then through the mouth and this is the work of those who are truly the Christians that fulfill.

Oh, sons, why the saints were going into the wilderness when the Lent started? Did they really go to fast from food? Oh, no, sons! They rather went to keep themselves in control and not to go wrong in their mind, in their heart, and in their word, and to keep their soul clean, too, and they also went so that they might not go wrong by being impatient, by their lack of humility, by all things that happen and are not pleased to God by their work among brothers; in any case, they did not go to fast from food as many may believe, for fasting from food is written for the Christians both within communities and in the wilderness, but other kind of fasting is written for those who give themselves with their love of God and brothers. (See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving”, r.n.)

However, you, sons, you need to take care of the spiritual goods in long times of fasting, for you have many things to work in the times of fasting, too, and your soul needs more power and love and it also needs the fulfillments of My word among brothers, and you have to keep your speaking sweet, your humility and the entire power of your heart and mind, and everything by My love in you.

Oh, here it is what I am going to tell you and I am telling you not only for the times of fasting: Sons, sons, stay with your little finger on the lines and words of the book from which you learn from Me the life with God and with brothers, for you have to do as I tell you to work because I am your God and Shepherd, for the angels have to give you grades and to bring them to Me through the obedience of My word upon you.

Oh, behold how great significance it is for you to have a root, sons, for those without a root are blown away by the least of the winds because those who are weak do not know how much the saints had suffered and in spite of all these nothing could separate them from God, because they had a rood, they had self-denial for My sake; this is what the saints had and that is why they remained with the burden of the cross like God, for he who has no root does not know what God means for him, when the Lord comes into his way with mercy and compassion, and the reward of the separation from God always comes with pain afterwards, for only the one who loses sees what he has lost. That is why the true fasting is self-denial, which keeps you with God and grows your root in the Lord; nevertheless, you have a steadfast country, well you Christians, oh, and I am teaching you beautifully, sons of the growth from above!

We remember now the tax collector and the Pharisee, who both came near to present themselves before the Lord, and when the Pharisee, boastful by nature, seeing the tax collector bowed at the door of the temple, he started to tell to the Lord, “the sea with the salt in it;” he spoke to God about his achievements, about his fasting from food, despising the tax collector before the Lord and considering him unworthy of God. Oh, behold the pride of the Pharisee, and since then he has been called the proud Pharisee. This one has given big grades to himself, for this is the work of haughtiness in man. However, the tax collector took care of the humility of his heart as a sinful man with a clean heart before God for his wicked works and for which he was crying out to God beating his chest with great pain in his soul and he was doing this in order that the Lord may have compassion on him, too.

Oh, sons, the work of humility of the heart brings peace in the man’s soul, and then around him, and the restlessness of his soul brings discontent, and it spreads around from the soul which does not fast from his self-love. Oh, and everything I am telling you now is that for you to learn how the fasting from food has power to you before God in times of fasting.

The holy fathers have ordained preparation little by little for the beginning of the Lent and have put over the church parables and examples of preparation for the true fast, which starts with the inside behavior and then with that outside of the one who fasts. Therefore, all those who are nourished with the book of My word in order to learn from it the advice from God, they all need to have their finger put on the words of the book of My teaching for them, for the angels give them grades to bring them before Me and My angels work for those who are faithful, too, just as the angels who oppose the Lord also work on behalf of those who do not fulfill and who are counted among the unfaithful, and their books are full, and these books are not going to be closed so easy as long as one keeps on writing in them.

Oh, do not forget, sons; do not forget the work of the humility of spirit and its great work, for against this stands the exaltation of the spirit; however, it is also written: «Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted». (Matt: 23/12) Oh, you will not be able to keep yourselves humble, and do not think that you can do this alone; rather, let yourselves be protected and helped, so that it may be worked at your making, like the fruit tree that is always watered to get it strengthened in its root so that it may not be pulled out by the enemies and by the storms.

The little word set on the table on this day is My making, it is My care for the wheat, so that it may be seen what cockle is and what wheat is, for the one who does otherwise than My teaching of life and eternity with Me after that, then one like that is only cockle, and each one chooses or does not choose to be either wheat or cockle, and at the harvest everything will be clearly distinguished as each one gathers and earns by his work.

However, those who set My word into the book, I would like to be able to put it in those who hear My teaching from you, but keep away from those who are not humble for themselves, who get sick in their mind, using for it self-love, their self-esteem, when I set self-denial to be worked for those who come near to walk on the way with Me.

And finally, you sons, take the comfort of My hand for you now and have hope because I am at the helm and because we will overcome for God as it is written. And then strengthen in you My patience and protect yourselves for Me, for behold, I am relying on you and I am telling you that I am going to come to your help, too, and I always, always come to your help and I am your comfort, as well, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

[3] «God also said, ‘Look, to you I give all the seed-bearing plants everywhere on the surface of the earth, and all the trees with seed-bearing fruit; this will be your food.» (Gen: 1/29.)