2019.01.19 — The Word of God at the Feast of Epiphany

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The Word of God[1] at the Feast of Epiphany[2]

Here I speak with man as I did in Paradise, as I did with Adam in Paradise, and I speak as I also spoke with Moses on the holy mountain and as I did with Saul of Tars on his way, and I speak with the sons of the holy faith, too, and there is faith on earth for My coming, because the Father has sent Me once again on earth as word[3], (Apoc: 19/13) as it is written into the Scriptures for Me to come, to open the books[4] and to judge the living and the dead according to them, and the Father fulfills with Me those that are written into the Scriptures and are fulfilled on earth.

Oh, peace to you in a spirit of Epiphany, watching sons! We are standing up and meeting our guests at the table. Pour out water with the little cans to our guests to wash their hands and then invite them at the table with the food for the feast. But first, after their arrival, we are going to lift up to heaven the service of Epiphany and we are setting a great word over the waters, and the waters will receive God upon them and their work will have great power after that, and the Christians will take cleaning and sanctifying water, which urges them on My behalf to be all the time clean and holy for the Lord so that they may be able to walk with Me to the end on the way, for the walking with the Lord does not end if man keeps himself for God.

Oh, peace and rest to you in all things, sons! Now share God to those who are coming to His spring of word, for I am teaching them on a day of the feast of Epiphany and I am telling them to watch with the spiritual power and not endanger the mystery of baptism as all people do when they forget about their Christian duties after the baptism that dedicates man to the Lord. Oh, sons, those, who come home after a little child is baptized, undress the man from his baptism to his bare bones, for they worship idols, for they worship idols, drunkenness, fornication, worldly joy, to words that are not decent, oh, and what else does it remain out of the mystery of baptism, the mystery of which man does not take care, oh, sons? However, I am teaching you to watching, for the mystery of the worship in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Who has brought us before God for baptism, needs to be understood very well. And more than this, there is no one to tell the world what I am saying now so that all those who are baptized may know what their duties are in order to be God’s sons after that and not to fall. (See the selection topic: „About baptism”, r.n.)

We are now inviting the Christian guests at the table of word and we are speaking to all of them:

Peace to you, travelling sons! You have come to the spring to drink and to be. Peace to you! Here I speak with man as I spoke with Adam in Paradise, as I spoke with Moses on the holy mountain, and as I spoke with Saul of Tars on his way. Oh, but because Adam had not listened to God to the end, to his Maker, then I no longer spoke with him, and he remained within his own mind. However, Moses listened to Me and because he did so, I kept on speaking with him to the end of his way, and even today I am speaking with him and he is coming to help Me at My work from the Father as he did then on earth.

And behold, sons, how easy one can understand why man does not have the Lord with His speaking upon him. Oh, well, how is man supposed to have if he always separates himself from the Lord by his disobedience from His word and then by not standing up, as Adam did, who after he had not listened, and he did not get right after he had gone wrong, and more than that he got upset for such a long time between him and Me.

I promised you that I would come to tell you a great mystery, sons. It is a day of holy feast and this feast upon waters is full of mysteries between God and man. The waters work out birth, sons, and they serve the man’s making and the making of all those on which it is worked with holy water by the word. At the beginning of the creation of the heaven and earth, the Spirit of God was working as He is working today by My word and the Spirit, Who was hovering over the surface of the waters, as it is written, made word upon waters and the waters listened to Him and were divided in the waters from above and the waters from below, those on the right and those on the left, and then the dry land appeared, sons, and the first little patch of the dry land which appeared from the waters was the Romanian land, the top of the earth, the crown of the earth, the first land born of the waters, full of God’s mystery for the beginning. And because I made the man out of this clay of mystery, I called the first man built Romanian even beginning with that time, and I have kept in eternity this mystery and this great name for the end of the time, and the time has come for this country of Mine to bear its name from the beginning because the Father has given it to Me at My birth among people, so that it may know Me and to receive Me at My coming after two thousand years, and here I am in it speaking and doing the work of the Father.

I have come after man here, on the place where I built him at the beginning and I called him Romanian even from that time, oh, and this Romanian people is weak in its faith when it hears what kind of mystery God has kept for the Romanian land. Oh, that is why, sons, I have confessed by this spring of prophecy and I said that every man who wears a Christian shirt will be called Romanian. (See the selection topic: Romania — The New Jerusalem — The New Canaan”, r.n.)

All the people on earth are Romanians, for all come from Adam, the first man built out of the Romanian clay. And when I came down from heaven two thousand years ago, I took the flesh of a man to redeem the man, and if all are from Adam after the flesh, then behold, I, the Son of God, the Father, am Romanian, too, for I took the flesh of a man, and all people are Romanians, even if they did not choose to belong to God and to prove to be like that, and they are not the sons of disobedience, who have separated themselves from the Lord for their pleasures and for another name on earth, for people have chosen countries and put a name on them after the country they have lived in, but after the flesh they all are Romanians, for man starts from here, even if he is not able to know and to perceive this mystery as all the nature knows God and His mystery, for Jordan knew Me and confessed Me by a sign, and the sea knew Me as well when I was walking on it as on dry land, and the sun knew Me as well, because it got dark on My mourning on the cross, and the whole earth knew Me and trembled, and its foundations shook because of My pain on Golgotha. However, man is stiff-necked and does not want to bow before God, oh, and I cannot do anything with those who are stiff-necked and unfaithful, who decide for themselves to be on the right and on the left, by My word spoken according to the works pleasant to God, and according to those unpleasant, and by this they decide to be on the right or on the left.

This mystery, which I have revealed it into My today’s book, oh, this mystery is great in heaven. The Romanians are great in heaven, and all the saints of the heaven are Romanians, they belong to the heaven, of the country of the comfort from above, and those who did not love and do not love the Lord on earth, oh, then to whom do they belong and whose works do they follow being separated from God?

Oh, sons fed from My mouth full of word, you are the first Christians of My coming of today as word on earth. I have come with the mystery kept from the beginning and I took Romania out of this mystery. It is the land with the treasure in it, with God’s mystery in it in its creation, and its name from the end of the time is beautiful and the name of God’s sons on earth and in heaven will be like its name, like its origin, and for this mystery and great truth, humility, faith and joy in the Lord are needed.

Sons, sons, you need humility between you and Me, and especially among you as God’s sons, for humility is great grace, for love works humility, which is the fruit of love, sons. The spirit opposing God and man always wants to harden the man’s heart and its feeling to make it ugly as it is, but the Christian is the one who watches, always preparing himself for His Lord, for His likeness with Him and for his humility, sons, for this is that, which shows that man has love and the quietness of love, and My entire words are born of My looking down on earth, of My looking at you, sons, because I am your Teacher and I watch upon you with My looking and word.

Oh, keep away even from the smallest sin, sons, and you will get away from its punishment. Set your spirit, your soul and body on the way of prayer when the evil spirit beats about and tries to knock you down from the spirit of life. I am ready to hear that you call Me to give you light, to refresh you with new powers then, and this only when you call Me at the time when you leave Me, for you know My will, and it has to be fulfilled so that it may not happen to you as it happened to Adam, who lost God, and that I may come to help you in times of trial when you call Me, sons. Oh, learn to say like Me: «Not my will, but Your will may be done, Lord!»

Now I am speaking through you, I am speaking upon waters, and we are saying: “These waters are being blessed and sanctified with the power, with the work and with the coming of the Holy Spirit, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit!” Oh, is there any other place on earth to speak with man and to repeat at the same time with him prayers and requests of doing miracles and powers from Got?

Sons, sons, the greatest gift in the Christian church, Christ’s church, is the gift of prophecy. With it there start all those that come from God with men and for men. Wherever the spirit of prophecy is absent in the work of the church, there only the man is and that is all, (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.) and you know with what kind of people the Spirit of God has worked for God’s works on earth with people. Therefore, your holiness is your love of God, it is My love of you, and I am teaching you as I was teaching in the wilderness the great saint among the prophets of the heaven, and he has his memorial here with Me now, for He was the godfather at My baptism on behalf of the Father and he was the beginning of the cleaning of the man for the kingdom with which I came on earth then, and no one, almost no one of those who lived then knew the time of their visitation, as it is not today either with the men of the literature of the church, though they are without a teacher always upon them, for man always goes wrong and he always needs resurrection and encouraging, if he wants this.

John, the Baptizer, made known the Lamb of God, and he himself was like a little and gentle, gentle, lamb, under the spirit of My teaching, by which I put him on the way to preach God to the people, and behold, there is not My disciple the one who does not have Me as His teacher like John, the Baptizer, who was My disciple with great obedience, sons. He was little under the Spirit of his Teacher and proved to be great among My disciples, and the evil people had no place on earth because of him, that is, those people who were so little among people and who cleaned away the saints around them, sending them to Me in heaven; however, My saints are merciful and full of the gift of forgiveness against those who do not know what they do, by so much wickedness they are able to do on earth.

However, now, I, the Lord, am spending time with you, I am looking upon you, I am taking heed sons, and I am strengthening the holy powers and comforting you under the burden that you carry, for I also need comfort from you and we share it to each other.

And in the end of the day of the feast, I am going to give to the angels the work of the watching on the way of those who are going to go back to their business, until I meet them again.

On this day the waters are listening to Me and to you and they are receiving the power from above. Moreover, you, sons, receive from Me the power to listen to Me by the love that you have in you, for love obeys. As many times as you may not listen, then you have to know that it is because of the lack of love that you would do this. Therefore, My love is coming down to you, and in the same way it makes you come before Me and it binds Us together; humility binds us together, sons.

And John, the Baptizer, is preparing his coming down and then we are going to write ourselves into the book with the spirit of love, and he is comforted now and with much peace he is telling to himself that he is Romanian, too, and this name is great, sons, and it fills the heaven with the mystery from the beginning; it fills everything, everything, with mystery and longing, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

[3] «He is clothed in a garment sprinkled with blood, and His Name is “The Word of God.”» (Apoc: 19/13)

[4] «And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne. Books were opened, and another book was opened: the book of life. The dead were judged according to what was written in the books, according to their works.» (Apoc: 20/12)