2018.03.25 — The Word of God on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the devout Mary, the Egyptian

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The Word of God[1] on the fifth Sunday of the Lent, of the devout Mary, the Egyptian[2]

Sons, you need food from above, healthy food. Oh, peace to you! I, the Lord, am the One Who protects you, for I am your Shepherd sent by the Father, as I was sent two thousand years ago to take to the pasture from above the people of Israel, the people of the Lord at that time, but the people that was blessed to belong to the Lord on earth did not know Me, and I went to be in the Father after the rulers of Israel crucified Me like a sinful man, and then, on My second coming, I did no longer go to them but I have come to you, to the Romanian people; I have been sent to you into the midst of this nation, for I am the Messenger of the Father, and the One Who was speaking with the Father and taking counsel together with Him about how to work and in this way We were working.

Oh, I am going to tell the people of Israel more clearly about its lack of knowledge, wisdom and humility and about its great pride, which made it at that time not know the One sent from heaven, the Messiah, when He came to them from heaven, oh, and Israel will feel ashamed when I tell it all these things in a clear language, for it forgot what it did not have to forget then, and even if I helped it know Me two thousand years ago, it still gave Me away from it, and when it embraces Me, it will blush with embarrassment and this people will humble itself, because it did not want to see the Son of God in Me, and the Father in Me, until the time when He withdrew from Me so that I may come closer to the death on the cross and in this way to pay for the man’s salvation, and then to rise again and sit again near My Father, on His right side with a threefold power, and to work over those who are faithful like Abraham and to give them My kingdom, the Lord as King over them and with them, as I work with you, oh, sons.

Oh, it is a day of holy memorial, of holy example of repentance, of love and resurrection from sin, and I am among you as word and I share with you My spending with the saints, for I am here with them, with the group of the devout women from heaven for the holy memorial of Mary, the Egyptian, that who knew how to die in order to come fully to life, for she died to sin and rose again to holiness, in order to appear before the sinful man on earth for it is possible to cut off in him the power of sin and no longer to commit sin after that, even if he worked with power against this enemy, as old as human age, as old as the world is, sons.

Man is sinful and not worthy. And in spite of all this, he seeks comfort as one who deserves it and this because he loves himself, poor of him. However, comfort is for those who deserve it, only that those who do not deserve it seek after it, and behold, they find it through sin, by what poisons them as it happened with the first man built, and man stays separated because of sin, separated from God almost all the time of his life.

Oh, sons, I am the Teacher from above and I am coming to teach those who keep away from sin. Sons, sons, seek not to be mocked by the devil, well sons, who receive from Me word and advice. The devil is the one who always puts, and he puts everything in the man’s mind and desire, and then he prompts him to all things and to many others as well, and in this way he mocks him, for man has to go and seek into the world, he goes and seeks among the sons of the world what he needs, and the world always baptizes him with its things, and then the devil rejoices over the weaknesses of the man who goes out into the open field and wants more than he needs for his life, who needs poverty from those on the earth instead, and obedience from those from heaven over the steps of his life and heart, only that man lets himself be mocked by the devil, and I want to spare those who are faithful to God in their heart, oh, and that is why I come down on earth and bring food, advice and time of repentance, as I brought this time before the one who was deep in sin in her time and to help her, and then she stopped from sinning and saved her soul from the hand of the mocking devil against man, for man is very weak, well sons, he is completely weak, poor of him.

Oh, man, sin always puts you down, and it is stronger than you, and you go on being weak and go to sin, and you do not fight against being mocked by the devil, but on the contrary, you fill yourself with deceit then to hide your sin, by which you put others down, and not only you, and the sin passes from man to man and man is not afraid from the wages of sin, and sin wears the man down and prepares him a bitter reward against the sweetness in him to sin, for this is how sin deceives man and entices him to commit it, and all these happen against man because of his lack of love and there is no man with a clean heart to man, for man loves all the women in a row for sin and in return they all think that they are loved when they feel that are wanted, oh, but men do not love but only lust before a woman, for before her face they do not have any bit of power to control their lust aroused at her sight, at the sight of a woman, and behold, it is hell on earth and man stands before sin and is not afraid that one days is has to give an answer for all these.

Oh, sons, who find and know My word, which flows like a spring out of My mouth, oh, protect your mind and heart, do not speak with deceit with your tongue, but rather wake up your repentance always, sons. Man cannot deceive the Lord but only himself, and if man commits this sin he does it only against another man, and this is how the fallen man works, who does not try to wake up from this bondage to start the time of his repentance and work for his salvation.

Let every man receive My word from the spring, let every man take and learn the work of the mind and heart, let man learn the work of the salvation from sin, for behold, the spirit of the one remembered today among the saints who had victory against sin, oh, and her spirit is crying and teaching the people to flee from the mocking devil against the man weak to sin, and it is crying from heaven to be heard on earth:

Oh, receive teaching from above and learn to know what the devil means, for sin is the devil, oh, sons of the human weakness! Any sin committed by man is a devil. Do you hear this? Oh, set watch over your steps for satan traces the man who walks alone and urges him if he sees him alone, and thus he is no longer alone inside and outside of him. Let no one believe that satan does not take care for his wills the one who walks alone among others near him. Therefore, go to repentance and cry with burning fire for your sins, and let your hope be as much as your repentance, for otherwise you mourn in vain this atoning mourning, which I had been mourning with hope all the years of my life in Christ’s love, to Whom I was calling out as from the mouth of the devil, who was tormenting me terribly because I pulled myself out from the way of the sin and from the way of those who were falling under my enticing looks and sweet words with which I was making them weak to come to me, oh, and many of them repented because I called out to the Lord much to come to their help, after I had been overcome completely by the mercy for them, forgetting about me in order to ask salvation to the Lord for them, because it is very had to bear the fire for sin; however, the Lord is very much praised and loved by those who seek after Him in the midst of the fight against the black sin and they come out victoriously and always cry out: “Lord, have mercy on us!” (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman”, r.n.)

Oh, how is the Lord not supposed to have mercy on those who call Him under their burden, when that is the reason why He came on earth from the Father? Oh, how is the Lord not supposed to be gentle with those who condemn sin in them, oh, how, when He became a man and appeared like that and drew to Him the sinners and made them holy by their love for Him?

Oh, how was it possible for me to separate myself from my body before telling the world from everywhere about my repentance, so that it might hear me from margins to margins to the benefit of all sinners, and to receive peace in my heart because with my mouth I had condemned my sins and I told the people about my fight on the Lord’s side, Who was good with me, forgave me, sanctified me and fed my life through the angels until I asked Him to send His priest and give me the food of eternal life, the mysterious Lord in the image of the bread and wine, as He found right to give Himself to those who love as He did on earth and to make divine their body and life by union with Him?

Oh, the Son of the Lord came two thousand years ago on earth and walked among people so mysteriously with His glory, hidden under the appearance of a humble man and full of sufferance, and then behold, in the image of the bread that comes down from haven to give itself to man to the forgiveness of the sins and to put away the trace of the devil behind the Christian loving of God.

Oh, and how mysteriously You, Lord, are going now as word on earth and how mysteriously You are staying in Your church of new Jerusalem, here, on the hearth of the Romanian people, and how well You are doing and bringing to this people chosen by You for the end of the time to have Your coming and house of coming and book in which You write Yourself with Your saints, and happy are those written into Your book of today, as it is written about this book, oh, Lord! (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb — The Book of Life”, r.n.)

However, I have found here now waiting for the group of the forty saints and martyrs, mentioned three days ago among the saints with their synod, because they wanted to be written into Your book with the Saints with their day, and I made mention of them and their waiting, because on their day of the feast there was not power to be opened the book and to be put into it, and now we are going to our place in peace because we have written ourselves with You, Lord, for Your book of these days is a great mystery, an open book, Your word of today over the earth.

Oh, give to Your church from here power for You, for all the saints wait for Your victory, Lord, by Your going of today as word between heaven and earth, by Your merciful voice, which calls and calls to repentance those who are sinners so that they may receive their reconciliation with the Father, the reconciliation through You, the One Who is sent by the Father again, oh, sent again after man on the earth. Amen.

— Yes, saved daughter by your love for the Lord, I am Who I am, I am Who is coming from the Father, for He has sent Me once again to come. Soon, soon, I will take them here with Me and bring them at My table of word those who did not bow in Israel to believe at that time and after that and up to this day that I am the Messiah promised to them by the Father to come to them and to do His work as a messenger. On that day I will speak with the people of Israel, that was and that is, and I will come in mysteriously to him riding on a white horse, for this is how I do when I come in, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic white horse”, r.n.) and this is how I entered at that time too, for it was prophesied My entrance into Jerusalem as King riding on a colt of a donkey, and many sang Hosanna to Me on that day.

Oh, sons, the feast of My Resurrection is coming. This day of feast is great and it is the day of the Lord, which the people of Israel have not got it as their glory. They have not received the Lord’s glory, the glory of the One Who was sent, and I will tell them clearly what they have not been able to understand clearly.

And now, be My help so that you may be able to write My book, sons, to be able to leave My word in it, for this is how I walk. The word is My white horse, the one enveloped in the word, the invisible one like its rider.

Oh, stay and meet Me, sons, whenever I knock to come in and to leave My word into the book. It is My glory, the Lord’s glory, and My glory is with you, and it is at you, and I go with it on the earth starting from you, and the Father is in Me, and I am in Him, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.