2018.02.11 — The Word of God on the Sunday of the Fearful Judgment

The Word of God[1] on the Sunday of the Fearful Judgment[2]

I am writing Myself down with you into the book of My word during this time, My book with you, sons who are receiving Me to speak to you. I am strengthening your little hearts with the spirit of peace and holy hope, for My mysterious work with you works over the earth, and I pray to My Father for you to take care of Me with you, to take care of the fulfilling of the Scriptures for which He has sent Me on earth as word, for the Father works according to the book, but people need wisdom from above to understand the book, to know how to read in it, and I am bringing word into My book of today to sprinkle it over the people so that they may find it and grow in wisdom for God, for there are great fulfillments in waiting, and faith from heaven over the people is needed, and hope is needed, as well, sons.

Into My book of two thousand years ago with My disciples of that time, I wrote that I would come with all the holy angels and I would sit among them on the throne of My glory and all the nations would gather and stand before Me, and I would separate some from the others as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats and I would pass the sheep on My right side and the goats on My left, and I would bless those on My right side because they had visited Me and helped Me when in need of bread, water and clothes, because they had been near Me in weaknesses, because they had comforted Me in times of trials and they had done these whenever they had done it to the least of My brothers, to those who had suffered for Me and with Me, carrying out My work with its tasks; however, those who had not done this would stay on My left hand side and receive the wages of being idle and not working or helping, while those who had been close to Me and helpful would go into eternal life, as it is written.

I was preparing the hope of their reward for My disciples, because the time was coming near to be given into the hands of those who had no mercy on Me when they saw Me in pains and shortcomings, and behold, those who are remembered in My Gospel of today are divided in three parts. First come those who seem to be insignificant in the eyes of men because of My name, because of My work with them and because of the cross they have been carrying. Then come those who help them with mercy and faith, and in the end there come those who have ignored those who are My least ones in the eyes of those who have thought that they are the big ones, who boast that are and can do everything in My name.

Oh, sons, those who think that they are wise and that know to interpret the Scriptures do not understand the Lord. Oh, how are they supposed to understand the Scriptures if they do not take after the Lord in love and humility. The Gospel of this Sunday, is read and remembered in churches, and it was ordained by the saints with great meaning close to the beginning of the Lent, but it passes by the mind and ear of those who are gathered, for they do not have a mind from heaven with the help of which to interpret My speaking, the word which judged then those who did not know Me and did not help Me, but on the contrary, they oppressed My disciples, those insignificant in their eyes, and those who were strong in their authority over the people.

Oh, how are the people to understand who are My least ones, the most insignificant in the eyes of the great? My least ones are My brothers; they are those who love Me with self-denial and serve Me after My will, and I take care of them by those who are merciful, by those who have a good heart, who take care of those who are under My cross and help My steps when I work on earth through those who receive Me and listen to Me and stay under the burden of the cross with patience and hope, and I, the Lord, prepare them a reward on My right side for those who sustain My course and work on earth. (See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving”, r.n.)

In order to sustain the Lord and earn wages from Him, people have to know how they can do this. However, they learn and do otherwise, and all their ignorance comes upon them because of the lack of their looking into the Scriptures, which they should interpret and study with great care and prayer to their knowledge. Oh, if you do not ask the Lord to open your mind when you want to put your hand and open the Scriptures, behold, that is why you do not understand what the Lord has written in them for your wisdom, man who do not know from God!

Behold, there is no benefit for the people to have the Scripture in their homes if they do not read in it with holy prayer and humility before the Lord in order to understand its mysteries hidden in the Scriptures. Behold, I am coming; the Lord is coming to speak with man! If man does not read the Scriptures with the wisdom from above, shall I not come to help and teach him?

The parable of the Gospel of today is teaching man what to do in his time on earth until My coming with the throne of My glory, so that, at that time, he may not say then that he did not know. There are many who think that they know and that do not wander away from the Scriptures, but who has told them that they know? Oh, the spirit of pride has many faces, especially on those who choose alone how to believe, what to believe when it is about the man’s way to the Lord. However, two thousand years ago, I left a confirmed guide for those who want to come after Me and to follow Me with their life, and My disciples also confirmed those who were revealed to them from heaven step by step, and then disciples from disciples have taken the guide and kept on confirming it by the revelations from above given to them for a holy life upon those who want to find the way and to stay in it after that, either with the service by calling, or with help and support for those who serve Me for the salvation of the people.

Oh, people of My word, you should understand like God all the word, all the Scriptures and everything it is given to you today to understand for the fulfilling of the Scriptures, for you are a people taught by God and you have to love and ask from the Lord for the renewal and illumination of the mind of those who do not know like you from the Lord the fulfillments by keeping of the Christian duties, for behold, sons, there will pass another week and many from the world, too, will spend the Shrovetide in order to begin the Lent, even if they do not keep the fasting. However, I am strengthening you with My blessing to serve Me with fasting according to the Christian tradition and with holy and burning prayer within you for the fulfillment of the Scriptures of My coming, which has My forerunning proclamation and calling in the streets of the world by this word in such a way that no one may exculpate himself that he did not know that the Lord was coming with the throne of His glory and with His day, accompanied by all the holy angels, for satan has also got his angels that accompany him, but they are not holy, rather they are rebellious and dark.

Oh, learn well the mystery and the work of the Scriptures, My people, because your power comes from Me, do not forget that. You are the little one, the most insignificant in the eyes of those who are clothed in the vestments used for the saints, and they do not love you because you are Mine and they denigrate you either, and more than that, they slander you; however, your light shines on your face, into your midst, for I am with you in the world and I am your light and I want to make you the light of the world and I want you to serve Me like that, and I also want to be able to say on My day of glory: “Let there be light!” And you should open your flower and show your growth from God, your Christian stature, church sharing light, to which I may be able to call the nations and to tell them: Come, come and receive light! (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)

Now, peace to you! And let us come down into the book with those who wait in queue to come with Me on their day of synod among the saints: the bishops with whom I have been doing My work of today, Basil, Gregory and John.

Oh, remain with the book open, sons, and receive the Lord, for the Lord is coming to you, and He is coming with His saints, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.