2017.02.26 — The Word of God on the Sunday of Adam’s Expulsion from Paradise

The Word of God[1] on the Sunday of Adam’s Expulsion from Paradise[2]

I am Who I am, and I am the Messenger of the Father Sabaoth on earth as word. I speak with man on earth as I spoke with Adam in paradise, with the man I made by My hand from the dust of the earth and in whom I breathed breath of life, for I breathed over the man made from the dust and he had breath of life as God’s and he became a living being, with the capacity to move, to see, to hear, to feel all the things that surrounded and saw him, and each and everything rejoiced when they saw him, all things that were in paradise and that were founded when the Paradise garden were made, for God said that a garden of paradise to be made for man after He had built him, and then He gave it to man as his dwelling place, as his house and garden of unspeakable beauty and God put man to take care of it and to work in paradise, for woe to the one without any work given by God and without obedience for the whole work to be done!

Oh, this is what happened with the man made by God and set in the garden of paradise, who did not want to listen to the laws of the garden, for God gave him as his commandment what to eat and what not to eat, but the man’s disobedience to God’s commandment took him out of the garden and thus Adam fell from paradise because of his disobedience.

Oh, peace to you, sons who put My word into the book! Oh, sons, it is a great thing that I, the Lord, have a church on earth with all its foundation from the beginning of My church, in which I had all My body members and out of which all the gifts of the Holy Spirit were working and giving priority to each other for the work according to the needs of the church, and anyone had work to do, for there were apostles and prophets, there were people who spoke in tongues and healed sicknesses, there were some who worked miracles, and others who were stewards for the needs of the church, and anyone had work to do, and there have been servants for everything God and His church may have needed, (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.) and saints full of the Holy Spirit and of the gifts of the Holy Spirit have stood up and organized the whole way of My church up until My coming as the Church’s Bridegroom with the table of wedding, and behold, this day of Sunday has in it, ordained by the saints before the Lent, and it has the memorial of Adam’s expulsion from paradise, and starting with the day of tomorrow it is written a churchly commandment for the forty-day fasting and even longer, a time in which man should learn about his coming back to the former state of paradise, the state of resurrection, of repentance, of the love for God and of spending in this love, and this spending time means its fruit, the fruit of love, the life of heaven, and out of which man cannot fall, because love cannot fail, for its fruit does not cause the fall of the one who works it, but, on the contrary, it lifts him up at the condition of the paradise, at his spending with the Lord in the holiness of the body, of the soul and of the spirit, as it should have been between Adam and the Lord if man had listened to God’s commandment in paradise, in the man’s paradisiacal life.

Oh, sons, My speaking takes place on earth only if I, the Lord, have someone to speak with, if there is someone to listen to My speaking. I am speaking with you, after I had given you ears to hear, and it hurts Me because there are still some that want to change the way of My today’s speaking over the earth and he speaks according to his mind and gives to the people his own explanation about My coming on earth as word. Oh, it is not well for that man to do this according to his mind. It cannot be comprehended by the man’s mind the work spoken by My mouth and its laying down on earth into its book. My explanation for this mystery should be enough. However, man is naughty and he arises with his mind and mouth and speaks from himself, not from Me, for how were to speak from the Lord those who are naughty with respect to God’s mysteries?

Behold, when I speak, I come and say: “Sons, sons, listen to My word and write it down into My book on earth.” Moreover, I also tell those who hear from Me, and more than that man were not supposed to try and misinterpret and share to the sides according to his mind, and he had better be afraid to do this, since he does not know more from Me about the mystery of the work of My word, which comes on earth, and which, when I speak, all the living beings between heaven and earth hear it, the whole earth and heaven hear it and everything between heaven and earth and they are witnesses for the speaking of My mouth, the speaking so much waited by the whole creation. Oh, only man, oh, only he cannot confess this mystery of My speaking over the earth, for man is haughty, he is naughty, he is exceedingly bold and he thinks that he is a confessor and thinks that he knows and can clarify the things worked by God, but woe to those who tempt and want to speak with their tongue the work of God’s word, which fills the world!

You, those who have heard from My mouth the word that has cradled your soul and earth for such a long time, but you, too, those who have not heard the Lord speaking yet, who have been taking His speaking from the book, oh, listen to what I, the Lord, am going to reveal to you:

I spoke and always speak with the Father, and the Father always speaks with Me, for I am His Son. I spoke to the creation, and it came into being and it stood before God. I spoke with the Father to build man out of the dust of the earth in Our image and after Our likeness, and then We took him and breathed breath of life upon him and We spoke with him, and he spoke with God, too. Oh, I spoke with Adam, I spoke with his woman, I spoke with their sons, even if they did not see Me but heard Me speaking only, walking and rustling under My steps My walking and its smooth wind, on whose wings I go. Oh, since then I have always, always spoken over My creation, which has been listening to Me as I want it to do, for who is the one who really puts holy fragrances in flowers when they open their buds and give themselves to God and to the people with their fragrance and with their various beauty, color and form? Or, who has put the song in the leaves from the trees when the wind sways through their little branches to become glory for the Lord, their Maker? Oh, who makes the unreasoning to hear, to understand and to worship the Lord because of all His benefits through which He gives them food, light and life?

You, those who have been witnesses to My speaking with you, hearing the voice of My word so many times, oh, I let you know that all the things will be witnesses between you and Me for My speaking with you, and even the clothes on you will be witnesses even if you do not have them on you now, but they will be called and appear and testify about My speaking with you, and the leaves in the tree will testify, too; the flowers, the grass, the birds and all the living beings, for all will be charmed at the hearing of My word when it speaks on earth. Your houses and the things in the house, those that are near the house and around them, the wood, the stones, the table and the chairs, the bed and its bedding, the water and food, the salt and honey, sweet and bitter, all, all things, and especially the book of My word that I have prophesied to be written and founded on earth, (See The Book of the Lamb (The Book of Life) — The Word of God, r.n.) and behold, all these will give testimony about God’s word as many times as the Lord has spoken with you and whenever you speak against the Lord, and especially against the places and the servants that have been helping Me in My work where I have made a ruling citadel and a cradle for the word of My mouth, the book of My word over the earth, of which the whole creature and all God’s creation has eaten and has been nourished, for all need comfort, they all need the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and about whom you, who are daring in your mind, want to discern His work over the earth and over the people, the work of the Spirit from heaven, sons.

Oh, well sons, proud in your spirit, oh, if you were to be wise, then it would be for you to know and not play with the fire; it would be for you to know this, too, but behold, you do not know what you play with, as neither did Adam and did not try to think and confess the mysterious beauty of the paradise, about the Spirit in the paradise. Oh, only if he spoke about this beauty, about this power of spirit, to have marveled at it, to have dealt with his look and his feel with this holy mystery. However, he became accustomed to disobedience, did not become accustomed to God and His greatness or to the sweetness of the heaven and to the angelic birds’ melodies and to everything that had used to live in paradise for man’s happiness.

Oh, sons, crushed by your own mind and decision, after you have got sweetened for such a long time with God and with the things in heaven, oh, how can you sweeten now your heart with the things on the earth and with the people spending on earth, and those you have chosen in exchange of My church with sons who give Me help on the way of My word over the earth? Oh, after you have wanted to be born again from above, from heaven, you have given yourselves again to falling from grace, and this is what I am confessing on your behalf, since you also want to speak to the world with an open mouth on behalf of the work of My word and on behalf of the people that I have been using when I have come on earth and spoken during this time.

Oh, sons, remember Adam, who did not love to obey God and who only listened to his own will and to his wife’s will. Oh, sons, you have not wanted to flee from weaknesses and lusts and before those who have made you weak, for all the things on earth make man weak and draw him to them and they do this to his own destruction, and you have not even tried to understand the Lord fully, and behold, you want to speak on your own behalf about the work of My word. Oh, you cannot lead the Lord by the nose as you try to do with the people, whom you tell your own words about you and about your walking or not walking with God. It is difficult for you to admit your condition. I want to make you cry with remorse, but your pride, this harmful spirit, does not let you do this, and on the contrary, you have inflicted blows blaming My church through which I, the Lord, perfect Myself as word during this time, as you know this very well.

Oh, you inflicted pains to Me, sons, and I am coming to you with a request and I am telling you this: it is better not to speak any more about My place of descending and about the coming of My word and about those who help Me, the Lord, for behold, you go wrong very much and these mistakes are counted for you. I am not telling you to confess your condition and your hidden heart, but I am asking you to examine yourselves when you want to go wrong with respect to My path of word on earth or concerning your living or not living with Me further on the way. Oh, examine yourselves, for you make many mistakes, sons, and your words are heard and are misinterpreted. I receive the one who knocks to come in and I do not cast him out and I will not remove him from Me, but if he does not love Me and does not want to remain, oh, then it is not well to be blame the Lord for this. Oh, what benefit did Adam have when he blamed Me because I had given him a woman? It would have been useful for him to bow and humble because of his disobedience and not hide from God because of what he had done. However, he did not do so, and he did just as you are doing now and got upset with God because he lost the paradise. Oh, it would have been better to get upset with himself and repent instead, to seek after his conciliation and forgiveness. However, he did not do so, and he worked alone his expulsion from the Lord, and went out, and both he and his son, who murdered his brother because of the sin of envy, suffered, until My comfort woke him up and it started to work him in order to make a new heart in him and to come back with repentance into the dust out of which he was taken at the creation of the world, and when I call him, he hears Me and answers to Me, as he also answered Me when I called him in paradise.

Oh, Lord, how, my Maker, how can I not hear You or answer to You so that I may be able to see Your pain which I inflicted to You, and which all men like me have done against You, for I caused You great grief in paradise, Lord, and I did not want to pay attention to this great danger that I was to inflict upon Your creation and how much pain I have caused because of my disobedience to You, my merciful Lord, oh, because I did not try to understand Your mercy shown to me when I went wrong against You with my disobedience to Your commandment in paradise.

I was afraid after I had done wrong and I tried to hide. Oh, how beautiful it would have been to be afraid before my mistake had been done that I might have not violated Your commandment, my merciful Lord; however, then You came into my way to correct me and to help me cleanse my wrong doing. However, I hid because of that and I blamed You because of the woman You had given to me and further she blamed the serpent and we did not repent because what we had done and not listened to Your word. Oh, all those who go wrong against You do the same. They hid and then they blame because they have the spirit of pride and self-aggrandizement in them, that I am becoming only eyes and ears on hearing Your speaking on this day of my memorial when I lost the paradise, Lord, and I see how hurt You are from those who left You after they had come and gone for a while with You with their love on the way of Your word, and after that they turned back to go on the way of the world, and I also see how hurt You are from them, Lord.

Oh, I cry, I cry for each man who does as I did in paradise, refusing the fault they do not want to assume because they cannot bear it, just as I could not bear it either, and all these weaknesses come from the man’s disobedience to You, Lord. I am speaking with You, my merciful Lord, I am speaking before the human people with You so that man may hear and wake up his feeling, his understanding and the truth about You, for all the people speak about other people, as do those who have gone away from near the today’s people of Your word, too. Oh, because of the hiding in oneself, that is why man has no power to show his repentance and the truth about himself and those who do this commit sin upon sin. However, there will be remorse and shame that can hardly be endured since they do not look for their lost direction to bow for it, Lord, for man needs humility and repentance, and You have to bow down to him to forgive him according to the power of his repentance, and because I had not done this I had suffered for five thousands of years and even more because of my departure from You, and I am still suffering today for every man who does not listen to You because of his free will that he chooses, and in this way he does not belong to anyone, and he does not know to understand this.

Oh, I am hurt from you and for you man. I, the one built by God, am telling you this on a day of the memorial of my expulsion from the paradise, from the house which my Creator made for me and gave it to me to keep and work, and I worked only great wandering away for me and I bowed to listen to God’s adversary in man, and because I had received advice from my woman, I fell through her, and people keep on falling from then and up to this day, and few are those who have not fallen through the woman and for the woman, and now I am saying this: let the woman cry out aloud in desperation, the woman who wakens the man to draw him to her, for man is the one who loves sin, not woman, and the woman has no mind to think that man loses first his mind because of his woman and only after that he gets confused and sees that black is white and behold, and in this way sin is born between man and woman and by no means love, and man falls into sin not by love, because love does not fall and it keeps man within holiness instead, but on the contrary, man falls into sin through the woman, just as it happened to me, the man created by God, and after that I had no longer loved my Lord and I loved my woman instead, the one who had drawn me to her and to my evil and hers too, and the man who does not love God loves sin, and that is why man cannot love God. (See the selection topic: „The mystery of the man and of the woman”, r.n.)

You, those who want to be holy in your mind, in your heart and life, flee from temptation, stay away from the woman without God great in her, because the woman without God in her has power to kill, and she has this power of death upon man from satan. Oh, the whole earth is full of superficial women, and the women with God in them do not stay, but they keep on walking with the Lord on the way and do not stop anyone for them on their way, but on the contrary, they keep on walking and bringing many people to the Lord, and they do this by their whole love given to the Lord, for they are born of God, they are not taken from man as the woman who was made, when I, Adam, did not find any help for me among the creatures God had created, and then I found falling because of my haughtiness.

Oh, I made You so upset, so miserably, Lord. I feel so sorry for You, because of all the sufferance I brought forth in paradise, and You have been only sufferance from then and up to this day. I have nothing but tears for Your pain and I cannot forget my sin when I see the pain on Your face, on the Holy Spirit, because of what I did. I am full of pain, full of tears, full of longing for the paradise, and I have no other comfort than Your look, sweet, comfortable and merciful to me, who I went wrong so much against You.

Oh, have mercy on those who fell and keep on falling through my fall and through the woman and bring them to the wisdom from above and give it to them, Lord! Wipe out the sin and its taste in man and free him from sin, because I am hurt from my wicked fruit and I do not find any comfort. Oh, I wait, I keep waiting for the great day of the renewal of the world, of the new birth from everything, the day of resurrection, Lord, and then I will get comforted, then when man will no longer sin as I sinned, oh, Lord of my body, soul and spirit. Amen.

— I am speaking with you too before the human kind, suffering son for your sin. Oh, the pain that comes from the repentance because of sin is sweet. You are God’s confessor when you stand with your speaking before those on earth, before those in heaven, before those in hell, and before God’s whole creation, and you have spoken on your day of memorial about your sin, for it has been My pain and yours even since We were together in paradise speaking with each other. Many keep asking themselves, while they wander away, about those that happened in paradise and about God’s creation written in the Scriptures. Oh, who are those who do this and ask themselves so? These, are the people who have nothing to do with their mind, they are those in whom the Lord does not enter with His mysteries and with His revelation. Many ask themselves, who wrote about everything that is written and happened at the creation of the world, and who wrote about those things that happened in paradise, about all God’s words that have showed the Lord’s works and about the things of the man who have served God and about the things experienced with God in time? In the same way some people also keep asking about My today’s word. I am answering them by giving the example of Abraham’s faith, who met God as Adam met the Lord in paradise, for I, the Lord, speak with man and tell him all My mysteries and I tell him to write them down on earth, revealing them to him. Oh, in the same way it has been written God’s entire history and that of men, the history of the heaven and earth and the history of all that are and have happened between heaven and earth, for God is the worker, and He has within Him all those that were, all those that are or will be worked, and He has been writing them down into the book on earth, for God speaks with His people, He speaks with those who are prepared by Him for His speaking and works between heaven and earth.

I am He Who reveals Himself to the man who reveals himself to Me and becomes one spirit with Me and one body with Me through the work of the church. I have let My body and blood on the table of My loving church and My bride, for My bride is no other, and she is that who has Me as her body and her word in an inseparable way, and I have no other love on earth.

And I have spoken My entire word of today, and I have spoken it for those who may try to put obstacles with their mind into the way of My mysteries in the middle of the people for the awakening of the sinful people to repentance, for I, the Lord, have been preparing greatly, during this time, the way of the kingdom (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) and I am coming with it before men so that they may be able to see the way to the place from which Adam fell, after he had not fulfilled God’s word.

Oh, people of My word, the Christians in the world are denounced Christians, (false, pretended Christians, just call itself a Christian, r.n.) for Christians are those who listen to God and to the law of holiness and to those things that are required by holiness. They know that tonight is Shrove Tuesday for the sweet food, meet, milk, eggs, fish, but people observe this only with a table full of all kinds of food, and then they pretend that they fast, but they always sin in their body because they have women and go to women and always fall through a woman and have in their nature that sinful inclination to sin.

However sons, you should not even have a Shrove Tuesday any longer, for you have always, always eaten clean food, without meat, without eggs or milk or fish on your table. Oh, may it be blessed your life with God, for God and for all those who do not want to listen to God and for a life of paradise on earth! (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.)

Sons, sons, strengthen your prayer and work for My walking as word on earth, for the man’s way to the Lord, who wanders away on paths without God for their steps. I give you much power and greater grace for the time of a holier fasting, according to how the holy fathers have left it into the book for My church, and you should be obedient to your fathers, sons, you should be obedient with love and be holy as well, for this, this is My desire, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

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