2017.02.15 — The Word of God at the Feast of the Meeting of our Lord, Jesus Christ

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The Word of God[1] at the Feast of the Meeting of our Lord, Jesus Christ[2]

I want you to meet Me when I come! Oh, sons, greet Me as I greet My people when I come, as I, the Lord, greet you when I speak My word to you to put it into the book and to share Me after that. Oh, this is how I want you to welcome Me, for I come to you, sons, and I have always spoken to you. Therefore, welcome Me when I come, sons.

Peace to You, Lord!

— And I also greet you: Peace to you, sons! You greet Me and I greet you with peace and let Us give each other the greeting of peace!

There are nations on earth whose inhabitants bow when they meet face to face, and as a sign of respect they honor each other and prove their appreciation, and their behavior is nice and good, sons. Oh, let them honor each other when they meet, the sons of the Christian people, the most powerful people on earth, God’s kingdom on earth, a boundless kingdom, for their kingdom is not of this world, as neither is their king of this world and has nothing in it.

Oh, how much exhortation, how much education is needed over those who decide to be God’s sons on earth, and whose walking is to heaven, to the saints’ dwelling place and the Lord’s angels’! Those who decide to go to heaven know better first who dwells in heaven and ask for a life like that of those in heaven and for the same way like those in heaven who always come on earth to help those who call out to them to help them on their way to heaven, a way full of dangers and full of enemies, because the world of the people for seven thousand years have been indulging in pleasures without God in them and then for pains due to the pleasures and man needs to be helped; he needs to be helped from heaven, for the real and strong help comes from there.

Oh, sons it is a feast of meeting on this day, this is how My feast on this day is called. The parents who grew Me up and watched upon Me in My time of childhood, took Me to the temple, while I was still a forty-day baby, in order to be dedicated according to the commandment of the law, and the Holy Spirit upon the old Simeon, a man with a holy life, blessed Me and told My mother: «Behold, This Child is set for the falling and the rising of many in Israel, and for a sign which is spoken against». (Luke: 2/34)

Oh, the Holy Spirit blessed Me and used a holy man, He used the mouth and voice of the holy man, well My people. The parents who took Me to the temple did not ask for this, neither did old Simeon, but the Holy Spirit, Who moved the old man to come to the temple and meet Me on behalf of the Lord and to tell about the course of My earthly life so that when the words of the Holy Spirit would be fulfilled, everyone who would have seen their fulfillment to be able to believe, and even those from that time and up to this day who will have passed through their earthly life, according to which they went or go before the Lord with their life and present it either for judgment or for salvation, as it is written.

Oh, My people, oh sons, be accustomed not to despise the Holy Spirit. You do not know how He works, what He works or when He works. Therefore be sober for the work of the Holy Spirit Who blows wherever He wants and whenever He wants, and I advise you for this because you have not got used to this care yet, for which you need faith, welcome and watch for receiving, oh, sons, and you need to be heavenly on earth, and the heaven has to be your homeland on earth, for how are you able to receive from heaven otherwise?

Oh, you need much, much forgiveness, much correction, if by this time you have not had sufficient care not to turn your back against the Holy Spirit.

Oh, be born of the Spirit, sons, for I, the Lord, have clarified well how those who are born of the Spirit are, and I spoke this through the Scriptures. Oh, behold how much faith and how much care you need for the way your faith works, for faith works the man to be born again from the Spirit after that. When the Spirit is with you, He teaches you all the time, He leads you if you are not against Him, and if you say “No” to Him, then He withdraws, turns into a scroll and goes away from you with His speaking.

I am telling you, sons that the Spirit has not become accustomed to you yet, because you have not become familiar with Him and with His speaking to you. Therefore, that is why I am telling you this, for blessed and peaceful are those who are led and guided by the Holy Spirit Who wants you to be blessed, sons, but you saw how He worked and spoke by the voice of old Simeon, and how he announced My work and its signs upon the people in Israel, and how My mother Virgin received the voice and the word of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit brings peace and power of fulfillment by His work. He can do and show works far beyond human capacity, even to those who do not expect and do not know about the things in heaven.

I am rejoicing with the Holy Spirit and with the saints because I had the occasion on this day of the feast of meeting to be able to tell you how the Holy Spirit resides, speaks and works for you and with you, and how your attitude towards Him is and how you receive Him when He comes to you. He is God, One of the Godly Trinity and He not separated in His work and Unity, and you should seek to learn the whole work and power of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit at work at the same time, not by turns, not part of the work, oh, no sons, no, but God is Three in One, this is how God is and works, and the Spirit of the Lord breathes and gives birth to the people, He gives them birth from above, He forms them, He always exhorts them, and it is written that He will give birth again to the whole world. And you should fight, sons, oh, fight and be part of the world that is born again and to remain; you to remain forever in it and for it, for My teaching is great and sweet upon you, and I have not spoken with anyone by this time as sweetly as with you, for you are the youngest people and this is how you are supposed to behave, as the youngest one, sons, for you saw that when Adam was not a child, he did not have and he did not need any submission, any propriety or help or watch upon him, for he was suddenly big, a mature man, and those who are big, behold, they do not listen, they do not stay under supervision, under education, under parents, sons. However, I came as a child when I came, and I was submitted to the care, to the obedience, and to the fatherly love and protection, and this is how I began My teaching upon man. Oh, you should do the same. What you have seen at Me this is what you have to do, too, and you will be led by the Spirit, sons.

I have written Myself with you into the book on My day of the feast of welcome. We have met together with the word of the Holy Spirit and given each other the greeting of peace, and then We have put on the table, only holy instruction, sons, and you should give it further to the people who have part of the food of My word, so that they may eat and grow up from this manna, for otherwise they eat in vain from it, and they will also be called to give and account for it, for it is the Lord’s gift, oh, sons.

And now, because We are about to finish the word of the day of the feast, I am greeting you: Peace to you, sons! And now….!

Peace to You, Lord!

— Oh, well My people, learn to behave properly, learn the propriety full of sensitiveness from above and full of teaching for it, sons, worked between you and Me after that, between brother and brother, and again, among you all, and among those who see you with God in you, to My glory with you, oh, sons.

Oh, peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you, sons! Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.