2016.11.21 — The Word of God at the Synod of the Saint Archangels, Michael and Gabriel

The Word of God[1] at the Synod of the Saint Archangels, Michael and Gabriel[2]

My book is being opened and waiting for Me to come into it with a day of feast and heavenly glory. There has been great preparation in heaven and on earth here for this angelic feast, and here We are, sitting down at the table and at the food on the table, and I, the Lord, am giving and blessing those led by their longing here at the spring, in the citadel of My word on the hearth of the Romanian people.

The festive retinue is great, and great is the beauty of the heavenly hosts with which I have arrived here and with which I am standing on the threshold at My arriving for the welcoming at the feast! I am the Bridegroom of the feast, and those who are celebrated are in My retinue, and they are the heavenly hosts and their great chiefs, the archangels Michael and Gabriel, followed by the chief angels according to their various kinds, the world without beginning and without end of God’s angels, the servants that fulfill His commandments, the commandments of love, of the loved One.

Oh, this day of feast is wonderful, so wonderful! Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful is here, in this great settlement, this settlement as heavenly work now!

Oh, peace to you, to those with whom I, the Lord, celebrate, on this day of holy comfort! Oh, you have come together at the spring of My mouth, sons. Moreover, We are here, too, those coming from heaven, and We are sitting at the same table of love! Oh, I would open the eyes of your body to see with them how much glory is surrounding this settlement, both inside and outside, renewed now by the word and deed. Oh, what glory of angels and saints, all full of the spirit of comfort!

You, those who have worked hard at this ornament of settlement for the Lord, you are those who give comfort by preparing feasts for those who are celebrated from heaven with their day of feast from year to year and comfort now those who are here, together with those that have gathered because of their longing for the feast, and joined their ways and reached My holy mountain in order that I may speak to them from this mountain, oh, sons welcoming of guests, guests coming to the table of feast from heaven and earth, but also from the world of those who sleep with the hope of the resurrection of all things, as they were with God at their first building, for today is a day of calling at the autumn table of those asleep from generation to generation, and here they are, at the table with the angels, and they fully taste the comforts.

I, the Lord, wonder among those coming from heaven with Me here, and I let Myself be seized by the entire comfort and wonder catches Me and I am trying to seek the words with which to lay Myself down into the book in this sweet heavenly moment and full of the glory from above and below, glory as God’s.

Oh, peace to you! Peace to you, those from heaven who are here! Pace to you too, to those on the earth gathered here and filled with longing and wonder now! I am speaking and telling as in the old times: «Give ear, you heavens, and I will speak; let the earth hear the words of My mouth. My doctrine shall drop as the rain; My speech shall condense as the dew, as the rain on the tender grass, as the showers on the herb», (Deut: 32/1–2), as it is written.

Oh, how could I have come visibly, not enveloped by the word? I would have liked to be always like that, to be seen and to work at sight with My glory, oh, but I am such a foreigner with all people, so much unknown by them, and this because of their estrangement from Me, so that no one, no one would know Me; and it might happen to Me as two thousand years ago when no one knew Me and gave Me over to be crucified and all condemned Me as a foreigner to them all. Oh, I hid from everyone’s eyes after I had finished My work, and today I do the same, but I am also coming as at that time and I am near the man, and at the same time, I hide, and My word coming from the cloud over the earth has got power in it; (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.) it really has, well sons who are celebrated today together with the angelic hosts, the armies of My glory, well sons.

And now, the word of My mouth sanctifies on this day the renewed shelter of the House of the Meeting and this comes to serve the Lord for further holy assemblies, as the footstool of My feet when I, the Lord, come and stop over here with those in heaven. I am strengthening by the word its calling for the holy service and I put upon it the sign from above: in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, the seal of the Living God. Amen. This seal full of godly power will be the protection from God and it will keep far everything that is not from God, and all evil things will be dispelled from all the places on which this seal is, for this earth and all its creation belong to the Lord. Amen.

And again, and again, a seal is being put on this day at the service, the being of the new well, having come out above now and getting under the Lord’s seal, and it will be beneficial with its water, for I, the Lord, said and made it, and near it there will come and stay, a protector on My behalf, it will come and stay the one who showed to the world Me two thousand years ago, John, the Baptizer, the one who was My baptizer, too, on the day when he showed Me to the world as the Lamb of the Father, confessed by his mouth, for he had received from the Father the revelation of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Together with this patron near the well, I am still setting another chosen vessel. Here, on the mound in the hill of the Lord’s citadel, the martyr Ekaterina will stay near the well as angel, for I had put in her a spring of wisdom from above and this spring arose from it and renewed the land of many in the time of her confession, and this gift of wisdom will dwell as working here on the mound, for here I have the seat and its spring over the earth, and all come here and everything starts from here and sanctifies the earth.

Behold, there are works set to work by Me with service here, and My word sanctifies and seals, oh, and the world of those asleep is comforted with great comfort, that have an invitation to the table here, on this holy day for all the same, and My today’s country, the Romanian country, is receiving now as an ornament flower everything that I have been making new, or renewing into its midst, and I wait for her at the spring to drink so that she may be known as Mine, for I have been getting out water from here and giving her to drink so that she may know the Lord, her God. Amen.

Oh, there is much sin on earth, and the sin is only infection all over the earth, and every man is a target for this pain that penetrates the body, the heart and the soul, and it infects the whole body of man’s being, and it kills most of them completely, for I am the One without any sin and I come out completely from the one who is infected by sin and only it remains and man dies because of sin, as I told Adam in paradise that he would die if he had not followed My word, the word of life, and I had also told him not to take from any other word to violate My word with it!

Oh, I would ask and teach all men to be Christians, and I would help them to know the mystery of the one who is Christian, for a Christian according to the truth does not get enchanted with his habit for sin, with anything he may see or hear, and he remains full of life from above, full of God’s commandments in the time of his body on earth, and the one who slips to the poisonous taste of the sinful life, that one has not embraced yet My advice and the Christian life, the Lord’s holy life, for he who embraces it does not need any deception or wasted time outside of My kingdom in him, and he rather looks at everything within a cold mind, and he rejoices only over the heavenly sweetness, and he waits for it as for the love so much waited in his heart, the angelic life in his body.

Oh, man lost from My arm for your pleasures, behold what news I am bringing now to you: when you work with one of your tools in order to build something new or to demolish something to make a new thing and more durable, you try not to hurt yourself with that tool, and therefore, you use it carefully to do the work you need. Oh, in the same way you have to use those that you work with, in the same way you have to work with the tools that can bite of your soul, of God’s work with you. Therefore, pay great attention to the windows and doors, as light and darkness enter man through the door and window, and the man’s things for life or death can enter through all the gates of his senses.

Oh, sons gathered at the voice of My word sprung for you, oh, seek, sons, to feed your souls always and seek to take and to give food, as if you only take, you are called lazy, and laziness is a sin that leads to death, but if you also give, then you are those who are merciful and you will receive mercy as well, for the soul has to eat always, as otherwise God is spoiled with His work of life giving, but choice food is needed, and it does not have to be any kind of food, and not any dead or imposed food.

Oh, I teach you angelic food and I want you to be angels and have an angelic life in your body, for the holy life in man is the angels’ life, oh, sons. Oh, how dear is to My Spirit your coming to the spring, to the food of word from above, sons! You love to come too, but you have to love the angelic life too, the life without sin, as sin is the great infection which can do harm to the man who is sick because of sin. Behold, you have the heaven with its food from above. Take, eat, and try to have the good taste of the life with God, and from those that pass away on earth try no longer to take life for you as everything is fleeting on earth, but behold, I come on earth, and I am the eternal One, and when I come, I come for you. Therefore, be like angels, sons. Amen.

Oh, hearing, we hear, Lord, Your teaching left on the people on our day of feast among those in heaven.

Amen, amen, the angelic hosts say: let all those on earth stand well with awe and pay great attention at Your word, as the Lord is coming with the angelic hosts; He is coming with the heavenly armies and He is coming down on earth so that His holy word may bring health over the people.

Oh, You are blessed, and Your name among those in heaven is great, Lord praised by all the heavenly powers that serve You! Oh, praise to You on our day of feast here, in Your new settlement, which has been renewed now, adorned again, Lord, and beautifully dressed as for Your glory! Crowns of angels are here in the air and they become Your beauty on this holy day. For those in heaven, for the invisible world, everything is air no matter where they may stand or work Your glory and do Your will.

Oh, Your glory is wonderful in the midst of Your creatures from above! Comforting wings we are stretching over those gathered under this shelter, renewed now for Your today and tomorrow’s glory, oh, Lord. We are totally in love. Oh, how great Your works are with which You comfort those from above and those from bellow! The angelic armies sing and the heavenly powers swing under the song of the angels and all dance with happiness because You are their happiness. Oh, comfort those in hell, too, and bring them all the moment of happiness, as the day written to come when You will ask to come back those who are asleep, when the world and the sea, the earth and the hell will give back their dead and You will proclaim the great resurrection, oh, Lord, as that is why You have come from heaven on earth and You have come to be the Savior, oh, Lord. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.)

We all sing in one voice, saints and angels, and we are praising Your coming and the word of Your mouth, and being filled with love we are saying: Blessed is the One Who comes in the name of the Lord; now and forever He is the One blessed and He is the One Who blesses giving comfort and speaking. Amen.

Oh, the glory of this feast is wonderful! Oh, how much has been waited in heaven and on earth this holy day! Only I, the Lord, only I know how much thrill I have been getting from those in heaven and on earth, who have been waiting for this day of comfort between them and Me.

The heaven and the earth are one here, now. Oh, who can see this except those who believe in My gift given to them for this faith? This heavenly happiness is like a sweet dream, it is like a nice fairy tale and the union here of the heaven with the earth on a day of heavenly celebration is very charming. I have been very much worried for the preparation of this day. I have sought from heaven to be able to work from the earth and to help so that My word may bring fulfillment and the renewal of this settlement. All the people ask from Me to do them good and to fulfill their prayer, and when I fulfill it, they call this a miracle after that, but the real miracle is that when someone does God’s will on earth, oh, and how much I want to have many workers that do these kind of miracles, so that little by little there may appear the miracle of God’s kingdom with people, with those who do My will and word, and not I, theirs. Oh, it is not well for man to take care of himself, and it is better for Me to take care of him, and he can do this only when he does not take care of himself, and leaves with Me this care for him, and he to take care of My business, for I have many things to do and little help do I find on earth.

Oh, what am I supposed to do now to fill you with My entire comfort and with that of those around, with whom I have come and met together, oh, sons gathered under the glory of My word? My arms are opening to embrace you all for I am comforted that you have come and We have met here. I have always got comforted Myself when We have meet together and I have always sighed dearly when you also have dearly sought to follow Me as the sheep follow their shepherd when he takes them to pasture and water them and when He protects them from the wolf and beasts of all kind. I am giving you back this whole comfort. However, how are those who are comforted? Oh, be like angels, sons, for this is how those who get comforted are! It is great happiness to look like angels, to be like them in everything, to suffer like them for love and when this sufferance no longer comes to an end, for when it is not, then love is not as well, and woe to those without love, sons! Oh, do you really know this woe? This question I, the Lord, ask you. Keep asking it always, always, whenever you feel that you lack this sufferance and when woe comes to you.

Now, on this table, I am bestowing blessing over the renewed settlement and over the new well, which has been put into its service now, and again, I am bestowing the blessing over the sunset, when you, travelling sons, set on your way back to your little houses, and you are accompanied by those in heaven, who have this mission to fulfill in all My feasts with you here. Oh, do not forget about love and about the sufferance for it, sons fed up with so much love, for I am only a wound, I am only love after you. Oh, remain enchanted with My love and give it to Me, sons, as I give it to you. Do not give it to one another, but all of you gather it in Me, and for this you need to have watchman and a teacher always, as I have also told you some other times, only for you to be fully faithful to My word brought to you.

Now, peace to you, much peace, sons! We have been nourished with the joy of the feast and of the meeting for it. And We, those from above, and you, those from below, all have eaten and got comforted. These moments are moments that do not perish, but they are gathered and remain, for they are moments spent with God and all things that are with God remain.

Oh, I would endlessly remain with you in this heavenly state. Let us remain embraced with each other, oh, sons. Let nothing and no one pull us out from the embrace between you and Me, the holy embrace!

Peace to you! Be God’s sons, sons of love!

Peace to you! Peace to you!

I remain with you, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

You can see more documents containing the Word of God here:


[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

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