2016.09.21 — The Word of God at the feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother

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The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother[2]

My Father Sabaoth is sending Me into My book of today with a day of heavenly feast on earth and in heaven, in heaven and on earth, for it is the day of the man’s salvation the day when My mother was born on earth among people from God’s gift that came down on earth by prayer, for her barren fathers had been praying to the Lord to give them the gift they received after that, and My mother Virgin was born and grew up, and then she carried Me in her virginal womb, and in heaven there was glory and it was sung when she gave Me life on earth, and behold God’s mystery: My mother Virgin, her birth and then My birth after that, and out of this mystery the man’s birth from above is born, the work of two thousand years, to which every man is called and waited.

Oh, it is a day of holy feast for you, My mother, and it is beautiful in heaven on this day and We are coming down and laying down with it into My today’s book on earth, mother, and We are also coming down into the middle of the people of My word to have a heavenly time together: We with it and it with Us, mother.

Oh, you are full of glory and surrounded with glory, My mother! The Lord’s glory goes beyond man’s power to see it with his eyes and understand it with his heart in all its mystery. However, We strengthen the weak body that stays before the face of the glory from above when it confesses itself on earth with its mystery, mother.

Oh, how little is understood the mystery of the work of My word and its way now on earth, mother! God’s carriers are both with the earth and the heaven and they have to carry tasks from above and from below, and they need to do that on both sides, and I, the Lord, take care of this power, for otherwise this power would consume the man, mother. Oh, Our Father had worked with such a great mystery for you and for Me and laid Me in your body to carry Me, to give Me birth and to show Me and announce on earth God born among people, oh, My mother! Oh, with such a great mystery Our Father protected Us from the people with great blindness, My mother, for they did not see God in My Being, coming down from above on earth!

Oh, how great care the Father has to work for Himself and cover the glory of His heavenly mysteries, when they are worked and established on earth among people, mother! Behold, We have to take care of Us, those from above, and We strengthen from above the power of the Lord’s mysteries in their work on earth, for the prophet Daniel, who stood before the revealing of the Lord’s mysteries to testify about them after that, was completely overwhelmed by their glory which was known by him at its sight, but the Lord came near him and lifted him up to strengthen him, and he got up from that weakness to his duty because he had to take care of the king’s business, for which he was responsible, and he had to organize it properly all the time as he was appointed as an overseer by the king, oh, and the one, who fell with awe before the glory of the Lord’s mysteries, strengthened himself and got up.

Oh, My mother, if God had not become flesh, if you had not been born on earth to give birth to God Son, then what kind of salvation would the sinners have had, those who see their sins blaming themselves for them before the Lord, the Savior of those who have become lost because of sin? Oh, does man really know, does he really know what makes him holy? Oh, how much repentance the saints have needed all the time! Behold, repentance sanctifies man, and the saints have always had the prayer of repentance before the Lord and they have always confessed their sinfulness and always pressed it down, mother? Oh, why really, do all the people not do this, mother? Oh, are not all sinners, all of them, mother?

Yes, Son Lord, all are sinners, but only few of them believe and know how great God is and how praised and holy He is, and some do not even want to hear and consider this truth, for they cannot bear it because they are so deep in sin, and more than that, they try to wipe out from their way and mind the truth of life and the God of man’s life, oh, dear Son, and You suffer and are despised by the sinners, who do not know what sweet honey is repentance for their soul and the holiness worked by the spirit of repentance, the spirit that cannot be endured by the devil who brings about sin in man, Lord Son.

— Oh, mother, My mother, behold My great mercy for the man who lacks holiness and the work of repentance, which sanctifies, mother! Man despised Me in paradise after he had disobeyed God. And the same thing happens after that, he who commits sin despises Me and does not receive Me to heal him from what is sweet to him and bitter to Me, and if he does not want to bring the sin into the view with the abominable sin in him, then he despises Me just as Adam did in paradise when I wanted to bring into the light his sin done by disobedience, after which many, many sins were to follow. The love of God died in him and so did Adam because love died in him, and when I wanted to bring him back to life from the death caused by sin, Adam did not receive Me and he rather despised Me, and as a result I took him out of paradise and brought him on earth, if this was what he had chosen for himself.

Oh, not even in paradise, My mother, not even in paradise did I speak with man as much as nowadays, mother. Oh, behold what a great miracle on earth during this time, mother! Not even with Moses, not even with the prophets had I worked so closely, so fatherly and so much, mother. Oh, I spoke very much upon My people from the beginning, and in whose midst I became the Son of Man born out of your virginal body, mother, and I taught him very much and put the commandments of life upon it, but it fulfilled so little, less and less, until it cast Me out from him, and it did not cast Me away because it did not know Me, but rather it cast Me out from it because it knew Me, and it was also because of its sins that Israel banished Me through its rulers, and Israel thinks, today like yesterday, that it is the greatest and most blessed people, and all the people on earth see how big he feels among the nations of the earth, oh, how big, mother!

Oh, Son Lord, God Son, You have put so much over Israel but instead of appreciating this, it has showed its unfaithfulness against You and against the fathers and it has remained with its haughtiness up to this day. And the same has happened with the Christian people of yesterday and today, for at Your beginning You built with us on earth, You built Your church and strengthened it on strong pillars, (See the selection topic: „The true church”, r.n.) on believing apostles and holy by love and by the fulfillment of their love full of repentance, and those after them have not worked like them, but almost all of them, in the course of time, have become sick of their lust for glory and money, and they kept on inflicting on You sufferance and shame, Lord. Just as Adam did in paradise, they also cover the darkness of their sins and stand before the heaven not cleaned from sins, and all these take place on earth before You because of their lack of the fear of God and of their sinful works, those of the people and of the shepherds upon them, who only bear the names of shepherds but do no longer tend the flock, they do not resemble You and Your disciples full of repentance and sacrifice with fear and respect, Lord, for those who do not have fear of God, have secrets, and their secrets are darkness, and there is no light in them because of their hiding in themselves. And how is it possible for them to get rid of this darkness but only by the fear of God and especially by repentance, as Your saints worked life for them and holiness by repentance, always, always repentance, oh, Lord?

However today, Lord Son, we have to feed, to rejoice and to comfort the Christians, for the Christians come at the spring, and we are to make room to the meeting with them and to divide the time and the work in two, for we have to go to the meeting with them on a day of royal feast for Your church, and we will work by dividing in two the news of the word from above on my day of feast. Those who share us will know how to work so, to have enough time for the meeting with those who have come to the spring too, and only after that to come back and to let it be known about the whole work and word of today.

It is much work here, Son Lord, and the time is pressing with all that are here to do, and now we are going to stand before those who have been led by their longing to the spring and to the Lord’s place of rest and of His saints, and we are to give them food, too, and we are going to tell them this:

Comfort the Lord, oh, sons! Sing to the Lord, sing, be glad and rejoice over Him! Call Him, for He is your help! Sing sweetly, play the drum and sound the trumpet, for it is a day of feast! Play the psalteries, play the harps and sing for this is a law, it is a commandment from the Lord for the feasts! Sound the songs and praise the Lord and His name with the instruments for singing, as it is written, and I am reading from the book from above to tell you these things. Oh, do not forget, do not forget this commandment, you those who have come out of the world and come to belong to the Lord, to take and to work from Him!

Sing, for it is a day of holy feast, oh, tired sons, and in this way come and rest from your hard work, rejoicing, singing to the Lord and making Him glad. Amen.

— Oh, I have reminded here at the spring that the worshipping and praising songs have to grow higher, mother. The feast with those in heaven is singing, for in heaven one sings and keeps on singing glory to the Lord, praising His name, and David said for those on earth: «Sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Sing to the Lord! Bless His name! Proclaim His salvation from day to day! Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples. For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!» (Ps: 96/1–4–96 MT = 95 LXX)

Oh, come and rejoice over the Lord and call out to God and come before His face, you who are coming to the spring! Oh, rejoice with Him in feasts, oh, sons, because this is written to happen.

I am going to teach you now, for I said that I would speak with you and with those who come to present themselves before the Lord at the feasts.

Let them be healed from their sins and from the wounds that come from sins, let them be healed, those who come to My spring of word and in My citadel here to present themselves before the Lord!

I am teaching you this on this day, and those who often come, and now we are dividing in two what I am leaving on the table with you of the spirit of My teaching upon you and upon those who have to learn more and more how to come and to present themselves before the Lord, oh, sons, for the citadel of My word is the Lord’s resting place and the resting place of His saints first, and then it is the resting place of those who are planted here for the watch of the citadel and for all My works into its midst, and then it is to the joy of those who come at the feasts together with My joy coming from them, from those who love the Lord, as He teaches them how their love is to be. Amen, amen, amen.


Oh, I said at the feast with the assembly at My spring of word, I told those who were gathered then, I told them to watch upon their love to grow, as it grows by longing and this longing has to grow all the time. I said that here one comes as before God, for here I have My work and I come here with My saints.

I am teaching you on this day, sons from the spring, and I am laying the teaching on the table with you and I am sending a book to those whom My word calls within its mystery, and those who are full of longing, come by the power of love and faith, for love feeds faith, and faith becomes burnt offering in the fire of love, and I, the Lord, feed on love all those who are drawn by the grace of My word when it overflows over those who want Me within this word, which calls man at the table of the heavenly feast, the one who is tired of walking, the one who needs rest and comfort.

I leave holy speaking into My book for those who come to My citadel of word at the feasts, and I really have to leave strong teaching, for not all those who come, or those who are to come from now on, oh, not all of them have got good conduct towards Me, towards you and the place of My glory here, and I have to teach them, not to come anyhow when I, the Lord, call and gather them at the table in order to give them, for there are more and more meetings at the spring, well sons, and you have been working hard, getting ready and standing before those who have come, and I am teaching them how to give thanks to God each time they come and how to look properly at the place here and at you, those whom I have set here to watch.

You, those whom the longing brings and come together near Me here at the spring in the days of My feasts and in those of My saints, oh, you have to grow in love; however, you are not supposed to do this alone, as My teaching is needed upon you, to know after that one should come here with propriety, and at the end of the meetings one should leave this place with a spirit full of content and holy love and with My life in you. There are some who are coming near, there are some among those who do not see this with good eyes, are not reading beautifully, do not love nicely or are not speaking nicely, and that is why, I, the Lord, am bringing them together and teaching them so that My advice may cling on to them.

Oh, everything is clean for those who are clean; this is what you have to teach them, and everything will be clean: their sight, their reading, their love, their speaking and everything. I said that here one comes as before God, and whoever keeps in mind what I have said, that one will fulfill in this way, only that those who come have to know how God is and how man is.

Oh, those who come to be here and to stand before the Lord, should not come here as to any other common place on earth, oh, no. Behold, not all those who come, not all know, especially those who have never been here and have come for the first time and they do not know that here one should not come with gifts, because here there is an order set by Me and this order has to be kept. I am the One Who gives Himself as a gift, and the one, whom I give Myself as a gift with all of My teaching and salvation word, does not have to give Me gifts. The man who follows the Lord is taught to bring gifts to churches, to monasteries, but here one is not supposed do this, for it is worked only from the inside, and not from the outside, for the order over all the things here. I, the Lord, have advised those who stand watch here and I have told them always to keep their hands clean from everything, from all things that are not after My knowledge over the things here.

You, those who come, oh, learn how to come! Do not bring gifts! Those that are from here have to remain with clean hands, and I, the Lord, have established everything that is here. Oh, it is not possible for the crowds from everywhere to be here. Only those who have completely cleaned themselves in all their things, only those I, the Lord, call to work with Me for everything that I have here.

With much watch I keep this settlement and everything that is worked here, and I have called to support Me those whom I know closely and teach them as in the time of the first Christians, and even more, and the spirit of the world has to stand aside from everything that is and is worked here.

Those who come at the table here have to leave their habits and their way of speaking, for I take care of the spirit and the ears from here, those who are attentive to Me and to those from above, and it is not good for every kind of speaking of those who are here to have its way here at the feats with coming at the spring; on the contrary, one should come only with joy full of holy propriety to spend here.

I have looked and seen the conduct of some who have spoken much and noisily and all kinds of things at My table with those gathered here. I have seen two by two speaking, but I have also seen much stirring without reason and lack of good conduct. All those who come have to learn that the place here is God’s mystery on earth and His light upon people and His Spirit Who knows man, even if those from here behave so warmly, so naturally with those who come to the spring. Those who start to come here for the feasts have to be dressed in proper Christian clothes and with much propriety lest some kind of stumbling may appear among those who gather at My table of word.

The table of God’s word is like a bread, which I, the Lord, break and share, and those who come at My table do not have anything to give for I have things to give, and this is how it is here; one is supposed to take from the table and not to bring on the table, and this is how those who come here have to behave, at My table of word.

Oh, it is not good to send letters to My place here, for what is written remains written, and those from here have to take only from heaven, and only what I give them from the earth to take. And he who wants to correct something here, something which is spoken or written, oh, that one does not know that it is good or wrong concerning Me what he speaks or writes, and that is why I, the Lord, am advising him to holy propriety towards My settlement here. Those who do not learn from here about God coming as word of exhortation over man, then such a man can cause evil speaking, scorn, a judging spirit and even pains over those who watch here. And what is going to be with these, who do not learn what this place and My mystery with it are?

And, finally, I would teach all those who come to My spring of word, and I would like them to be able to learn how to eat clean food, as I have given man to eat in paradise.[3] The fasting for the Lord’s coming is called this kind of food, and this habit is cleanness of spirit, and I have always advised those who love and believe in My coming and I have told them to stay with holiness around Me, and for this they should embrace My will upon them and sanctify their life and its living: clean food, clean body, proper clothes, a good and gentle spirit, patience, faith and much love together with all these, for God is love, for even if I came for the sinners to help them to their salvation, still I am not the God of sinners, but I am the God of those who love Me.

Oh, well sons, who come after Me to the spring to take of My spirit, I give you sweet and powerful advice, for behold, I want that it may not come difficult to you to make the Christian prayer left from the fathers, in order that it may be seen, well sons, for you have fathers in heaven, who left you as a holy inheritance the life with prayer. However, how is the faithful one able to love the same prayer every day? Oh, how is he not supposed to do it? As he cannot live without air, without bread, without water, without clothing, without so many things for life, oh, in the same way he cannot live without prayer, as the prayer brings the one who prays before Me acknowledges the Lord by his prayer to Him, and higher than any price is the price of the prayer, living close to the Lord by prayer, by communication with God, for the life without prayer for it, is not life, oh, and many of those who are churchly baptized do not pray, they are not used to prayer because of their addiction to sin, and behold, every man, who does not come before God with his prayer between him and God, is drawn to sin.

Very easily man goes astray, departs from the Christian customs and gets involved in other things, and he forgets about the Lord, about the mystery of life and its price. The man’s life is from God, and the Lord has to be loved as the saints of My church loved Him and left the spirit of repentance to be worked by the sons of the Christian people, and repentance is proved by prayer and intimacy with God by the spirit of prayer, and the holy fathers left a right moral standard on the way and a way with right guidance, with a good and whole measure for the soul of the man’s life, and behold, time for prayer is needed all the time once with everything man does in his days, for I told My disciples: «Watch and pray, that you don’t enter into temptation! Pray continually». (See Matt: 26/41)

Oh, if man prayed continually, it would not come against him any kind of evil, temptation, trial or wandering away from the way with God, but behold, man does no longer pray, and he is no longer with God if he does not meet the Lord in prayer.

Oh, how beautiful it begins the prayer worked from the fathers and left to the Lord’s church, oh, how beautiful! He who prays asks from the Lord, asks the King to come with His Spirit to fulfill everything to the salvation of the one who prays, and he asks the Father through the Son. Oh, how beautiful!

The spirit of repentance is the spirit of prayer, and people do no longer love this. Oh, be lovers of these miracles, sons, who follow in My steps to walk on My way! Behold, I taught and I teach you always so beautifully, so greatly. My mother Virgin has looked at Me now and listened with so much affection in everything I have been teaching you on her day of celebration among the saints. She has been protecting you for a long time as you have been working My will. She will help you if you call her. She loves you if you love and follow her Son. She is the angel from above of the Romanian people and land and comes to the help of My work on this holy hearth.

My teaching sanctifies this land and I long to have on the hearth of the Romanian people a holy people, the most powerful nation, and under the sun, there is no other stronger nation among other nations than the Christian people, the people of Jesus Christ, My people, sons, a people earned by God, as it is written, a people as you are, a holy nation, as I am, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

[3] «Then God said: “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food”». (Gen: 1/29)