2016.07.07 — The Word of God over the nations and over the rulers of the nations

The Word of God[1] over the nations and over the rulers of the nations

The Word of God at the feast of the birth of Saint John, the Baptizer[2]

Watchfulness is needed from heaven on earth, and I, the Lord Jesus Christ, set to watch the work of My word and I choose with it the good and the evil on the right and on the left, as there has always been struggle between evil and good, and if there would not be any watch from heaven, then everything would be mixed up and it would become a deep without bottom, but My watchfulness has no rest and I have the saints at great work all the time, for the struggle between good and evil continues all the time and the heavenly host is at war against satan’s army and it is still to be fought and to be watched, and I, the Lord, am at the helm until the end of the war, and it is written that I will be the Victor and that I will bring into fulfillment the mystery of the new heaven and of the new earth, and those that are written will come into view, if this is written, and the battle is at its height.

I bring My peace down on earth and I work with it against the commotion among the nations, for the rulers over the nations have lost their peace and they are afraid of one another and they show their teeth to each other, and I, the Lord, come as word into their way and I say this:

Peace to you, peoples, and to you, who are at their helm! Oh, peace to you! It is written into the Scriptures that the weapons you threaten each other with will be turned into plowshares and this will come true, and I am asking you: when? Oh, get the best of yourselves by love and not by wars, as there is no greater power between heaven and earth like love, and the time has come and it has already come to turn your weapons of war into plowshares and that you may earnestly desire this. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, overcame not by sword but by love, and I brought only comfort, only blessing and I said: peace!

Behold, you are afraid of one another, one from another, and try to keep watch as you know, making weapons of threatening to threaten each other and to kill, and by this to put out one’s outbreak before the other one. Oh, no! Love is needed and not hatred, and no weapons of war, but you should work out the love as I did it, because the Father sent Me on earth to be born a man from the man and to show to the great and to the small ones on earth what life was and how it had to be lived and how it had to be earned, so that the man might be able to share eternal comfort afterwards.

Oh, examine your heart and search what it is in it and what it does and what it is built in it for demolition or for building. I, the Lord, give you from Me, and I give to you with the word. And you should also work among you with the word of peace and not with the word of threatening and hatred, because if you do so fear of one another seizes you and you will make weapons of war; however, you should not forget My word for I said: peace, and in times of oppression and commotion among peoples, I also declare today: peace!

Oh, do not marvel, you rulers over the peoples, and do not ask yourselves where God’s word that exhorts you comes from. Seek My spring of word on the hearth of the Romanian hearth, the country which the Father Sabaoth has meant once with My birth on earth to be My house, My courtyard and My shelter for My coming in the end of the earthly time, when it was written to come on earth and to shepherd the peoples and their kings with it and to bring peace, comfort and love from heaven, by which to build the new age, My age with the people on earth, (See the selection topic: Romania — The New Jerusalem — The New Canaan”, r.n.) and behold, there have been sixty years since I started here, with the Romanians, the work of My word on earth, and I have a clean cowshed, where I write the book of My word, and which the angels write for Me in heaven that it may be written in heaven and on earth at the same time, and to stand with it before the people and to give them comfort, exhortation and salvation.

Behold, I see commotion among the nations and threatening from one side to the other and I speak out the word of peace and protection against the evil one who struggles to keep the humanity within a great tension.

However, you rulers of the nations, oh, examine your hearts and be filled with holy love and send each other a message of peace, of brotherhood and steadfastness for this, and do everything into My name and embrace each other within the spirit of brotherhood as God’s creatures, for where God is, there peace is also, and where the Lord is not, there is not peace as well. Therefore, you should also be love as God is love and then you will be blessed, those who are gentle and humble like God, because love is not possible without humiliation, no, and also do not even try it for gentleness is born out of humility and then it becomes an elevated behavior in man.

In a day of teaching and of holy exhortation over the nations, I bring My word on earth and I establish it into the book, and I let it be known from margins to margins by those who share Me from the spring, and the hearth of the Romanian people is My feast table of word, a table where I have been sitting and writing Myself down as word on earth since 1955, up to this day and until tomorrow, and I have mysteriously governed and watched between good and evil and I have armies of saints and angels as My help, as it is written in the Scriptures that My coming would be with the saints, and My name is the Word of God. (Rev: 19/13, r.n.)

I call out to the table of word from east to west (North Atlantic Treaty Organization — NATO) and Russia, r.n.) those who rule over the nations, and I tell them to take from My table, to have exhortation from God and to share love and peace and to learn by heart the ten commandments, and by their fulfillment to establish peace on earth and to make My way to come, for I do come, because I greatly have to overcome the antichrist, the man of lawlessness all over the earth and to show him who God is and to let him understand this openly in such a way that he may let himself be overcome by the true God in heaven and on earth, the God of the faithful and holy man, Who calls to repentance those who walk without God on their ways and in all their work. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.)

My way between heaven and earth is My walking, which becomes word, and My word is My forerunner, as John, the Baptizer, was two thousand years ago, who was born on earth for God and for the people and who was My forerunner, as also those, who have carried today the work of My word over the earth far and wide, are My confessing disciples and forerunners with My gospel, who announces My victory, and it will be established on earth the mystery of the New Jerusalem and My new people, the Christian and well faithful people, the holy people, who will believe the Lord, a people earned by God, as it is written that the Lord will dwell with the people, with His holy people, whom He will wipe out its tear from its new face.

I come down as word on the hearth of the Romanian people and I have prepared ears to hear Me, as I was speaking with Moses in the old times, then with the prophets, with the apostles and with those to whom I had been speaking in time, and they had been hearing Me, and this is My mystery into the Romanian people, where I have been dwelling to speak over the nations and to govern in secret, for the hell is on earth now with its entire face and with its entire work full of sin against God, and it has been spreading out greatly its hostile work of the man who loves sin, but I, the Lord, am the Almighty One and I come and pave the way by cleansing, shaking and sweeping, and I am the One Who cleanses My threshing floor, and then I sow and water and take care of My crop, for I am the Master of the heaven and of the earth and all the power was given to Me in heaven and on earth, as the One Who overcame the death by My crucifixion on the cross and then by My resurrection done so wonderfully, so magnificently, only that the man does no longer have love in order to believe and to follow God, and he, poor of him, dares stand against Me and not to listen to the Lord, the One full of power. However, I am gentle and humble in My heart and I want to fill the man’s heart with My being, to save him on My side, to prepare His comfort and to make him a confessor of God, and My Father sends Me as word on earth, and He sends Me after the man as He also sent Me two thousand years ago, when I came to pay for the life of the man with My life, and now I come to remind him of this work and to shepherd him within the spirit of comfort and of the holy advice and to build the heaven on earth with him, that is God’s Paradise, for the man builds his own paradise, which he has no part of, because only those things that are built by God, and who are all for man, are eternal.

Therefore, come to your senses and receive love from the Lord, you who are rulers over the nations, and teach your peoples the mystery of love and its fruits, for there was once a great king who said that the rulers of the peoples have to be the best mothers for their peoples and to grow good mothers for the peoples to have the love of a mother over them, and to have growth, watchfulness and peace. I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, have been speaking to you, rulers over the nations, and My name is written over My speaking with you. Amen.

Behold, in a day of feast with a synod of saints for John’s exalting, My Baptizer, I have sat in counsel with the rulers of the nations and I have given them exhortation of love so that they may put out the thirst for wars, because it is not them who made the earth to strike it so cruelly with weapons of war, but I made the earth instead, and I want to keep it away from wars, to comfort it with My word and to thank it for everything it gives to the people, faithful and unfaithful, on it. Oh, the earth must not be struck, because if the man strikes it, the heaven also strikes the man, for the man to see the damage, which he alone makes to himself by his lack of love and by his disobedience to God, for My Father sent John, the Baptizer, two thousand years ago, two announce My coming and My kingdom with the people, and he advised them towards it and showed Me to them, for it was for this that he was born and this was what he worked. So, I am coming down with him in the word and we speak for a while, the same as My speaking with the saints is in heaven.

And behold, My Baptizer, in your day of feast, I have spoken to the rulers of the nations, who summon up for war and sufferance over the people, and We have Our duty to go ahead of them and to give them the heavenly news of peace and salvation, for when the Father sent Us, We worked only in this way. Amen.

Yes, Lord, it is to be cried out with a long crying over the earth and over the nations, for I was calling out everyone to repent from their evil things and from any kind of sins, and that all the nations may stand before You then, but if the man is not touched in his heart by the feeling of love and gentleness, he cannot come to repentance, for repentance needs the way of love, oh, Lord, and behold, You and we, Your saints, call the nations to the spirit of the holy love, by which they may find You as their God and feel Your love, with which You put out the hatred, the wars and all kinds of tensions and You bring peace, Lord, and beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Gospel of peace, as it is written!

Oh, Good Shepherd, what shall we do with the people and with the rulers of the nations to love peace, and by the spirit of the working peace to destroy any kind of hatred among neighbors and among nations and to bring forth joy, harmony and Your kingdom with them, Lord? Nothing what is eternal is possible without You, oh, Lord, and we preach this gospel over the earth that God has to be with the people on earth and that they have to receive the Lord and to offer Him a bed, and that the people have to build together with the Lord the paradise on earth and its comfort, for the paradise is the comfort itself, oh, Lord of comfort. Therefore, it is this exhortation that we send over the earth, and we ask You to bless its fulfillment among the people, for You, Good Lord, You are the One Who can do it. Amen.

— Oh, this is how I am going to work, loved disciple, for the man destroys and I repair, and I accomplish the good, which the man cannot work out for himself, because it is not the man but the Lord that has to work, as it is written.

Amen, amen, I say to you, nations on earth, and you, governors of peoples, stand up by the work of love and rise above the evil and fulfill the commandments of life before Me, because there is no happiness for the man like that of the joy by which he can do the Lord’s will, and only then will the man find out what peace is, for it is the fruit of love.

Open to Me to enter as Savior to you, nations and rulers of nations, for the time has come and it has already come to be with you on earth and to build the paradise, oh, sons, and let it be on earth as in heaven, because without Me you can do nothing, nothing alive, nothing eternal for you. I give you love. This is what you have to share among you.

Fight against sin, sons. It separates you from God, from your eternal happiness. I am the Lord your God and I have no sin. Oh, this is how you should fight in order that you may also be. I am gentle and humble in My heart. Oh, this is how you should also desire to be.

My joy that I have spoken to you is great. I give it all to you, but learn to value it, sons, for behold, I have been speaking to you and great is the comfort, which comes from My speaking with the man on earth!

Oh, peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you, and I leave the spirit of comfort upon you, My Spirit! Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

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