2016.01.20 — The Word of God at the synod of the Saint John, the Baptizer

The Word of God[1] at the synod of the Saint John, the Baptizer[2]

Peace to you sons. We are opening the book of My word and setting in it the second day after the feast of Baptism, for John, the Baptizer was with Me in the water of Jordan and I made him known by My Gospel of baptism, and when in the middle of the water We confessed each other before the crowds, oh, how was it possible not to remain written into My book My speech with John on a day of Epiphany? I spoke with him in the water and he spoke with Me and the speech between the two of Us was written to be remembered, and My speech with John at the feast of Epiphany is ready to come into My book with you and you are witnesses, sons.

Within the glory of the feast of Epiphany, We leave into the book the word between Me and you, My Baptizer! Oh, it is not because the holy fathers of the church ordained your feast close to the feast of My baptism, but because both of Us are confessors to each other as We were together on that day, and especially because all those in heaven celebrate a day of synod and glorify the One Who was baptized and the baptizer as well, to the joy of the whole heaven, as among those in heaven the glory of the feasts is greater; it is with more thrills and it is sweeter because there is much comfort for those who have controlled themselves and chosen the life with God on earth, the hard way that leads man to heaven, and for their sufferance without comfort, oh, there comes the comfort to which every traveler has longed on his walk on the way from earth to heaven.

I have taken the feast of Epiphany up to heaven, sons. I have stayed with you, I have comforted heavenly with you those who have come from far away to My spring of word and to the water of Epiphany. It is sweet for Us, those from heaven, the meeting which comes one after the other in the feasts here with them, because only love carries those that come, and I, the Lord, help them on the way with heavenly company and I am embracing them here in the word after that, and, again, after the moments of the comfort and joy here, We are giving them the armies from above to watch them, and the Lord is comforted on earth with the people, with those who are faithful, who receive comfort.

Oh, how much humility is needed in the hearts of those who come together when those in heaven join the glory of the holy days with those on earth in a heavenly speaking! Oh, how much holy garment those who meet together need to have, those from heaven with those on earth, those from earth with those in heaven, the same feeling!

I am blessing your speaking with Me, My Baptizer, for My day of baptism is not separated from you. Amen.

Oh, I want to put humility into Your today’s book of word, Lord, baptized by the Father, by the Holy Spirit and by my hand on Your day of baptism, and many witnesses arrived in heaven at that time, for there were many gathered together at Jordan for the forgiveness of their sins and for their washing with the spirit of the water, for I was in the Jordan and the Holy Spirit was working by the word of my mouth near the water that was cleansing and sanctifying, and my humility was great, Lord, and with it I was staying in the water, and I was bestowing much baptism upon many, for many came in waves, waves, to the cleansing from their sins so that they might be able to know God and to receive Him in them and for them.

I was advising them to humility, while they saw my humility, and I was leading them to repentance, promising them the kingdom of the heavens, where man cannot be but clean, and he who does not clean himself remains so.

Oh, my appearance and Yours were great at Jordan. The water stood still and then withdrew at the sight of the Master. Then we spoke in the water with one another and our speaking was spread from mouth to mouth, and then the Father’s voice came, a voice from the clouds and said: «This is My beloved Son. Listen to Him». (See also Matt: 3/17; 17/5) And the crowds were comprised within the Father and the confessed Son and the Holy Spirit interceded for the making of the miracle, for He fulfills everything according to His work.

I appeared humble, Lord, on Your day of baptism, and You were humble too; and We were full of love, and mercy was the work of the love in Us, by which We were cleaning the people. These are the work of the saints, Lord and little Lamb, and the work of those who oppose the saints is the wrath born out of haughtiness, out of the desire to rule and power upon people, but the saints are those who are long enduring and endure with love and love comforts the pain of anguish, Lord; it comforts, it sanctifies and shares faith over the ages, and those who are patient have nothing to lose; however, those who are full of pride lose, and those who are angry do not earn anything by their proud power as long as they sit in the seats of power. Oh, both then and now We are looking with mercy at those who seek for power upon people, but they are the weakest ones and are afraid, they are afraid not to lose the seats of power, the dominion upon people, Lord, but those who are humble are not afraid because they have Your kingdom in them, oh, Lord.

You those who think that you are faithful to the Lord and to His coming of today on earth, come near and listen to my speech, John the Baptizer’s speech! Oh, get used as much as possible to know and to do then the work of humility, and then repent for the kingdom, which is coming on earth soon, soon, God’s kingdom. The Lord asks no one when He wants to come with His kingdom on earth. He comes and reigns because a King from heaven is needed upon people, and people on the seats of the church are to be mourned over and ashamed, and also those who get angry with the Lord’s coming and with His voice for the preparation of men.

Oh, do not be angry, you those who have sat down on thrones of dominion over people. Behold, you do not love the flock of the church. You do not take after the Lord, you do not resemble the merciful One. Not half as much do you resemble our Shepherd, Jesus Christ, the Lord and the King, the Lord of the saints. Oh, do not be angry, for it will happen to those who get angry with the Lord and with the Christians who love as it happened to those in the time full of wrath against Christ and His disciples. Those who do not want the Lord among people and with people on earth gather the reward with wrath in it. Oh, come to humility and then to repentance for your works against God, for otherwise you will be crushed by the reward of your evil works when the justice for everything will work alone and when man, good or evil with God, will no longer have any power against the heavenly powers, which the Lord comes with.

The spirit of prophecy is my work then and now, and I did and do the work of a messenger. I am coming and asking you now, oh, what are you doing? Behold, what you are doing! You want to strengthen your kingdom and build lofty palaces to take the men’s eyes so that you may reign more ruthlessly under the folds of your robes of kings, over those who are tired; however, many people will arise and ask you about their salvation and they will look at you as at those who violate the holy laws and then you will understand the rebuke but all and everything will whisper and tell you: It’s too late! It’s too late!

Oh, sons of men, I, John the Baptizer, wake you up to watch and to repentance with watch. There is no more time to ask for land, to want land, for there was a Romanian poet, who called out before the ruling seats of the country, and he called out in the name of his people speaking to those who had high positions: we want land! Oh, those people did not have any land, poor of them, they did not have rights on earth, and those who ruled scorned them and the people, who lack the heaven not the earth, cried in vain; however, I advise you to seek the heaven for the earth, for woe to the earth without heaven on it with the people, woe! Those who do not have in them the heaven on earth do no longer complain about anything. They are good and beautiful and are happy in their troubles, and shortcomings or discontents do not put them down, but the longing after the heaven on earth breaks them and they cannot be overcome, just as I was, without any right on earth among people, and I lived far from people and close to the Lord and to His angels. After I came out to Jordan to prepare the Lord’s appearing, as the heavenly message was upon me, oh, the rulers of my people did not receive me because I announced the Lord, Who was born in Bethlehem, and because I called out to the people to come to repentance and because I went to the king of Israel to correct his immoral stature, I was given to death, and I took over my place and great work in heaven, and today I am the same John, the Baptizer, and I am calling out to the people to ask for the heaven to come on earth and the Lord to pour out the cup of lawlessness upon those who keep on filling it.

And as for you, sons of faith, I am telling you now from heaven: do not be afraid of people, no matter how great and strong they may think they are. Let them be afraid of the mount of lawlessness, to which they have kept building and to you, the faith and its fruit. Oh, the salvation is coming; you need to know that it is coming. It is coming when no one expects. Amen.

And now, Lord, Jesus Christ, Your word and mine will complete the table of word on this day of the synod of saints, on which I am celebrated because I was with You in the river Jordan, little and obedient Lamb under the hand of Your slave, and those who love Us to the richness of the heaven on earth are a strong citadel with a foundation in heaven, Lord, and they speak with You and acknowledge You so, as the water of Jordan knew You as Master and greeted You, and the sign in the Jordan of that time even today is confessing the Lord in the waters on a day of Epiphany, to the faith of many. (See the miracle of the return of the Jordan on the Epiphany day, r.n.)

Oh, raise Your hand, Master, raise it and stop the plan of the people, that is plotted against Your power by which You rule, and show them that it is not them but You Who are Master and Who have in Your control all breath and movement on earth, and give them Lord, give much hope to those who wait for You with Your complete victory, for those who are long enduring, hoping in Your salvation.

With the spirit, burning with the fire of prayer, I am asking You, the Good One, oh, do not let the Romanian people and land without God, without You, Lord! This land is the country of Your coming, and behold how You come and share Yourself with those who want You and with those who do not want You! Oh, put faith in people and rulers and bring the heavenly time on earth here! I am in a synod with the saints and this is how we ask everyone, because we love this land of Yours, which the Father chose for You for the end of the time. Make the nations of the earth be afraid before these borders, sealed by Your word, and let the nations understand Your coming as word on earth and Your great preparation for the day of the glory when the faithful ones will rejoice over their Savior, and You will share mercy and comfort, Lord.

Oh, glory to Your great name, glory to Your kingdom for Your saints are Your glory, Lord, and they are Your fruit! Amen.

— Oh, My Baptizer, I have here people who wait for the heaven to come on earth and who call out day by day: “Lord, come!” This people will not be put to shame. The people of My word is small but it is good and diligent, and only beautiful things spring behind it on earth; however, those who are great and make waves are afraid of it, because only they know how to do it. The rulers over the church are afraid and make themselves ridiculous because of this fear.

Oh, do not get angry, you who say that you are great servants at the altars to the Lord. Oh, no one will take your kingdom. It does not resemble My kingdom, since you do not resemble God’s people, for I was poor, scorned and humble, and you are rich, praised by people and proud with your pride in you, and behold, you do not resemble God. Oh, do not be afraid! In vain you get troubled and make waves. Look at the love and the good and beautiful walking of the sons of My word and do not sting as you know how to do it and bite in order to cast out those who do not comply with you. Oh, how praised you would have been if you had received My word, with which I come, comfort and bring man to life and teach him on the clean way for his walking! Oh, how bad it is for you when you lie in ambush to despise and then threaten those who bow to take the love and word of My mouth! However, I am telling those, who are oppressed by you, both in the face and in secret, taking them out from around you, and I am telling them this:

Oh, do not be sad, you who are pressed down, those who are rebuked by those who are great, who sit upon you to keep you as slaves of their greatness. The Lord brings you under shelter in bad time, and you should rejoice! Oh, how much cruelty in their hearts! How great these persecutors feel and think they are! Oh, woe to their greatness! They are weak, since they are afraid and defend their kingdom in this way. I, the Lord, neither at that time, nor at this time am I received by the bishops, and Judas, whom they used, saw only in the end that he was deceived, and then he cried out and told them the truth saying: «I have sinned in that I betrayed innocent blood». But the bishops did not care about him and said: «What is that to us? You see to it». (Matt: 27/4) Nevertheless, Judas gave their money back and they remained with the money with which they paid for the Lord, and they used it too. However, you should not let yourselves get caught by the trap of deceit, for almost all the bishops of today are like those of old, and woe to those who, among the servants at the altars, allow to be deceived, believing in the power over the world of the bishops of the times!

You, servants at the altars, flee from the love of money and from greatness! Do not be enchanted by the money and by the positions in the church. I am your example and you should take after Me, to feel that you are God’s servants. The servant of God does not comply with what the people of the church do, who, behold, they are ready and able to overthrow and bring the ship down to the bottom, the two thousand year church, which has endured and has not mixed up with those who have been foreign from the heavenly law upon it. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)

Oh, there comes the demolition and not the building of the faith, for there comes and appears a great mixture, and this is not from God or from the saints, but it is rather from the Antichrist, about whom it is written that he will be to surround the citadel of the saints, Christ’s church, but I speak the word and say: Let him who is to perish, perish, and let those who are faithful not be afraid! This union is not from God but it is the Antichrist’s work that with a hidden face under the robe of Christ’s church, as it was two thousand years ago. (See the selection topic: „The antichrist and the apocalyptic beast”, r.n.)

I am strengthening the word and say: Not the people but the saints will work on earth for My church, and when Gog and Magog would dare surround the citadel of the saints, fire from heaven will come down on earth, fire and brimstone will work, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire, r.n.) and the Antichrist’s plan will be consumed together with all his angels, and I, the Lord, will sit on a white seat and open the books, and I will open this book too, and all My work will be seen, like that of the enemy people, and I will sit on a high mountain with My bride, as it is written, and My new name will be called the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13) Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.