2014.12.14 — The Word of God at the feast of the saint Virginia, God’s trumpet

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The Word of God[1] at the feast of the saint Virginia, God’s trumpet[2]

On a day of the feast over My establishment during these days on the hearth of the Romanian people, I am writing Myself into My today’s book with a threefold feast, and those in heaven are rejoicing at the table of My word, which is laying down into its book.

It is the feast of My church of New Jerusalem, for My trumpet Virginia is the well-wisher of this establishment and she has with her the first apostle I had called to follow Me at the work of apostleship, Andrew, My first disciple, who is celebrated near her, as twenty-three years ago, I had him here on the day of the sealing of the little garden of My word, after I had set in it the shrine, the little white stone, the symbol from the end of the time of the preaching of My word over the earth, and then I sealed this establishment for those in heaven and for the spirit of My word proclaimed here above its little garden to be set into its book and which is to be shared then as food, to the growth of those to whom the Lord reveals Himself to be followed by them, after that their faith in My coming as word on earth comprises those who make their steps on My way of today, to My joy and to the joy of those around, as disciples are needed.

I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, I am He Who gives wisdom to man to understand God, as I also gave to My disciples to understand Me with My entire work, when Father had sent Me on earth to do His work among men. I am with the day of the feast on this establishment. On this day of the year, My trumpet Virginia has come among those in heaven, too, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) and she has got her community in heaven as she had on earth and she is the patron saint of the people of My word, and together with her was also brought the apostle Andrew, as day after day we celebrate the threefold feast on this mysterious day; first the day of the sealing of the little garden of My word (December 12, no.), and next to it the day of the feast of the apostle Andrew (December 13, no.), and then the day of My trumpet, (December 14, the New Style, no.), everything in a feast in heaven and on earth, and behold the feast is crowned with My word and theirs, as I, the Lord spend with My saints.

I am He Who gives wisdom to man, for I built the man. I am the Builder of man, and man is My building, My making, for without his Maker, man can do many mistakes and he always, always needs wisdom, and behold, the improved life is built slowly, slowly, by many, many mistakes, from which man keeps on learning being helped by God for his making, for man is weak, feeble, and he caught in his mistakes, he is powerless in sadness and sufferance, and his Creator makes him by helping him to fight against everything that stands to capture him and weaken his life.

Oh, My people, I would like that man may have wisdom from Me and I would like him to be obedient for his wisdom, because no one gives him wisdom but God. There have been built schools and books on earth so that man may start going to school as a little child in order to learn wisdom and to get educated. Oh, well My people, what is God supposed to do with the one who learns wisdom from school? The unfaithful keep asking themselves and doubting of God because of their pride and they say that the Scripture is not true because man needs to have knowledge and then he must know how to write. I want to tell these that it was not the school or the book were made first but man was first built, and when I built him he knew and spoke with Me and I with him, as I knew, I built and I put in My creation, and man knows to speak, how to speak and what to understand, for what man has, he has from God, the Creator. Oh, from where does the child know to cry when he is born? From sufferance; he knows from pain, he knows from birth pangs. Oh, sons, man has knowledge from God, and then men help each other and everything is set in men from God so that they may know. Who educated Adam, who taught him how to write, how to read and what to know? Who taught John, the Baptizer, who helped him from his childhood and to Jordan to make the Lord known to the people? Who taught the prophets to listen to God and then to write? Oh, sons, has the animal around man learned how to get educated? From where does he know to love, to caress his master, and who has taught him to be so faithful to him. Oh, it is not the mother who teaches the child. Neither the animal teaches another animal what it has to know and to do. Oh, no, but the Lord is the Builder of man and of the things in man and of everything that is a being with a living soul between heaven and earth.

Oh, how much faith, how much closeness to God the Maker, how much thankfulness man has to know, and all this through God alone! God has to give wisdom to man in everything and always and not man is to give and get his own wisdom. Oh, what miracles would be between earth and heaven if man understood how to work from God! Behold how the man’s life is built, the life pleasant to the Lord in man and set slowly little by little, slowly from many, many mistakes, so that man may learn from his mistakes and to get wisdom for the good things then. However, now, My Virginia has a word on her day of feast and is accompanied by her people from heaven at the today’s table, for I, the Lord, also have in heaven a people born out of her work with Me, and I have on earth too, and this is how We do the work of today.

Oh, My Virginia, may the work of your word at the table of today be blessed! Amen.

Amen, amen, Lord, and may Your people learn and be attentive from heaven to take wisdom from God and not to ask themselves how, for You are the Spring, Lord, and now I am listening and speaking.

Sons of the Lord Word today, receive love with wings from the Lord, for it takes you through sweet and sorrowful times. May your little hearts be bound to the Lord, because the man, who knows his eternal beginning, remains with Him, when the Lord is coming to put on His right side those who had and have love.

Oh, it is a day of the feast of the establishment, where the Lord has set you, and we, those in heaven, are at the table with you. Next to my day of feast is with his day of feast the first disciple of our Lord, the apostle Andrew. Together we bow before those in heaven and before those on earth who keep our feast. We were together witnesses from heaven on the day of the sealing of the little garden of the Lord twenty-three years ago, and you were witnesses from the earth, together with the witness bishop through whom it was declared the sealing with sanctification of the little garden of the word, and we see this day now and we have something to sigh from. However, today we are also getting comforted because we have at our table those in heaven, the community from heaven of this word which is building of sons for heaven, and we keep the one-year memorial day for the little soul who joined us one year ago and we are speaking a little bit about this, because it is much humility and much care, and it is much to work and much power for work and we are not stirring the pain above and below, but we rather are working in a heavenly way and this is how we are comforting. These two children, of which one is above with me now, were taken into the arms through sufferance and holy comforts were given them enduring their life sweet burdens, and the Lord have always taken them and put them at His work, and behold, He still has them and they are His workers. Behold, next to my feast is this one too, and we all work, and we work both from the earth and from the heaven, and we adorn the day of the feast of this establishment, and the people from the heaven is rejoicing greatly now and the Lord is persevering for the progress of His work, to the fulfillment of everything it is to be worked, and now, children from below, you should have love with wings and work, and you should also sit on its wings, because without love it is very hard, well sons.

Oh, Lord, let Your people receive the wisdom from heaven, for You are the Spring. Man has no way to get educated from the books from the earth, for all are in You, and without You man goes wrong and he learns only from man; he learns from the one who thinks that he knows and that he has learned to know. Oh, from where does the horse or the little sheep know; where do the animals know to eat grass from, to drink with their mouths, to cry when they do not receive all these from You, oh, and how much wisdom they have and know? We, those who are dwelling now among those in heaven, from where are we supposed to know to come near and to speak now at this brotherly and festive table? Oh, we know from You, Lord, and from You we can do, as we walk and work with You.

Oh, knowledge is not to be learned from the earth. The man built by Your hand and by Your Spirit in the beginning has not learned to speak from the earth. Let the unfaithful not ask themselves about who wrote Your history with man in the book in which it was compiled, in the Scripture, Lord. Oh, who taught John, the Baptizer, to think, to speak, to prophesy about the Lord and to speak with the Lord at Jordan? Behold, You are the knowledge in the man carried by You and the man without God among people on earth should not exalt himself. Neither did I, Lord, neither did I learn knowledge from the earth, but You came to me and put in me the spirit of prophesy; You put in my bosom Your speaking with man, in my mind and in my sight. (See The Life of Saint Virginia, r.n.) Let the people, who do not understand the Lord and all His works on earth among people, wonder, for the people who have God have enemies on earth, too, because they are those who are like God, and those who have no enemy are nothing, but are only good for drudgery and that is all.

Let them repent and confess, Lord, all those who have stayed with You by this work of word and then they left the spring and the place of the spring. Oh, let these bow in order to be released from this sin, because this sin is heavy in heaven. I am Your trumpet, I am waking them up, and I am calling out to them and saying: repent, you those who ate honey and milk and then gave up. Oh, it is not possible to remain judges. Hurry up to come out from this accusation, because it is written: «Do not judge and you will not be judged!» (Matt: 7/1) Oh, if you have spoiled the Lord’s face, and if you have not repaired where you have struck, the Lord can forgive this, but He cannot forgive when there is no repentance and confession after that. Oh, how much sufferance on us, those from heaven, on those who are now a community in heaven from this work of word on earth! We are big confessors for you, but without repentance in you there is no power from heaven for you, and you can go down and down with the Lord’s lack of fulfillment in you, with your departure from Him and from His spring of which you have also drunk. Oh, get up as long as it is daytime, and shake your little shirt, wash it and refresh your love, as it is not your sins but your lack of humility that separates man from the Lord. I am asking you this from heaven and I am sounding the trumpet after you; look for your lost light, as there is no salvation in the world and you walk on the way with the sinners, but king David wanted to remain like a forsaken man in the Lord’s courts if he had to choose to go in the way and in the place full of sinners, because the world and its sons are in this place of sinners, well sons. I want to comfort you and I want to wake you up because the mark of your steps near His spring cannot be wiped out as long as you have walked with the Lord.

And I am also asking You, Lord, to give them wisdom; give it to them, Lord, as man does not have wisdom from the earth, but he has it only if You put Your gift in man in order that he may use it. Oh, the man who has something has only from You, and he who does not have from You, does not have anything, anything, even if no one on earth has more ranks than him, more education and all sort of high positions.

Now, I am dedicating to You, Lord, this great day of threefold feast, and the apostle Andrew has his prayer prepared before You on this day. Amen.

— Oh, Lord, open the heavens for the sons of the Romanian people to see You, as for two thousand years I have been waiting for Your glory into the midst of this nation, which I sealed by Your name before my coming to You through the cross, by the way of the cross with sufferance, Lord. I was faithful to You in pains and through the cross, and now I am waiting for Your gift, Your glory on the Romanian land, the joy which I have been waiting for two thousand years, Lord, and behold, the joy is being born little by little and it becomes complete, and I have been waiting, like all those in heaven, for the time when Your day of glory will comprise the haven and the earth in it, and Your saints will have their day of comfort too, the day of joy. I was Your witness on the day of the sealing of the little garden of Your word and I set the power in the gates over the garden so that this little garden may be Yours and not of the world, and Your bishop of that time spoke the word of sealing and Your will was done through us in heaven and on earth at the same time, on that day of testimony.

Oh, brother bishop, do not forget, do not forget the great moment when you had a mysterious ministry near those in heaven on that day when your word was written over this little garden for its sealing. You are written in heaven with that day and no one is able to go up into heaven to wipe you out from the book of that day. Oh, keep yourself in the book with the spirit of your heart, because this leaf cannot be torn down from the book. I am asking the Lord to enshroud you within the spirit of the faith, which you had on that day, and you should fight as much as my prayer is for you before the Lord.

Oh Lord, glorify Yourself in him for You, for he was Your witness and then it was written a day of testimony in heaven and on earth, and I am coming down on this day, as this day is a great feast; it is a threefold feast, Lord. Amen.

— I, the Lord, am laying My comfort everywhere. For those in heaven and for those on earth I am giving My comfort and relief and I am strengthening My work because there is very much work, and comfort and power are need for work.

My people, you should learn. Wisdom is received from heaven. I will release through the gates teaching upon you on this day, and you shall work then upon you, for you need to take from heaven and to have. Oh, peace to you now! It is a feast day over My establishment with you and My table is from heaven. You should work much peace and this is how you are to fulfill My word upon you, the word by which I am telling you: “Peace to you, My people, peace to you!” My peace with you, My people son! Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.