2014.06.09 — The Word of God on the second day of Pentecost, the feast of the Holy Trinity and the feast of the birth of saint Virginia

The Word of God[1] on the second day of Pentecost, the feast of the Holy Trinity and the feast of the birth of saint Virginia[2]

And there was evening and there was morning, and again there was evening, and thus the first day of the week has got into My today’s book, the day of Pentecost, the day of the feast of the Holy Spirit, and the first day of the week starts once with the sunset, once with the twilight on Saturday and it goes with its glory to the sunrise of the day of Monday.

Moreover, behold, the sun has comprised within its lightness the white tent, the garden of the meeting and the peace which is now with the Lord and with His saints over the garden, and it is crowning now the whole hard work, which has been done for the preparation of the celebration of the Holy Spirit, sons.

Oh, peace to you, well sons! I, the Lord, has been waiting for you to wake up and to receive Me, to open My book to be able to come and set within it as word, to replenish My descent into the book, as I said that I would comprise you again into the word and I will speak with My mouth after the day of the feast of the Holy Spirit, which is going now to its place in heaven. I am comforting now your little bodies, then your little hearts and their content, and your life with Me further, sons; then let all take of My mouth, all those who have walked in the way above and not below, to the place on the top of the hill, the mound on which I, the Lord, am stopping from My walking and setting the table of word on the earth. The white horse and its rider, the mystery of My coming to you so that I may travel with you then, (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic white horse”, r.n.) and from here I am going all over the earth, so that it might not get to the man’s mind how it works My word, once it is spoken, because after it has been spoken, it works, it fulfills, it goes, it breaks the ground afresh and it makes room for the Lord, for His holy will and for His fulfilled Word.

The sun has comprised under it My place with you now, at dawn, and it fully enjoys by looking. Its gentleness has no limit, as from the creation of the world I set the sun and the moon in the sky, My day eye and My night eye over the earth, My window between Me and earth day and night, and these cover the glory from above of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Lord’s place, whose window is seen day and night.

Oh, the sun and the moon had not been made yet, when I, the Lord, created the heaven and the earth. It is written that first God created the light. The light was made when the Lord spoke the word to be light, as there was darkness in the beginning over the deep, and God’s Spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters. God worked the heaven and the earth in three days, and each day was one evening and one morning, and when the light appeared, God separated the light from the darkness, and this is what God created on the first day of the creation of the world, and only after this day waters were separated from waters and after that by His word, God created the heaven, the earth, the seas, the green pastures, the herbs yielding seed after their kind on earth, all these in three days, and on the fourth day God set the two lights in the expanse of the sky, the sun and the moon, and He called them the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. Then He also made the stars, as it is written about the creation of the heaven and the earth; and God made these on the fourth day of creation, and woe to the one who does not believe what God has left written on earth about the creation of the heaven and the earth!

And then, by His word, the Lord built all the creatures, took clay into His hands, and made man. He made him in his image and after His likeness. And thus it was the fifth day and the sixth day, the day of the man’s creation, the sweetest day for God, the Creator, and which the Lord has also been waiting for, because man has become corrupted and therefore he needs be built again.

Oh, I would like to speak about the creation of the heaven and the earth, and I would speak with every man of science, with the one who was called by such a name, and I would tell him that he knows nothing, that it is in vain that he has got a scientific name, because the heaven and the earth belong to the Lord, as it is written, and only their Creator knows to speak about His creation, about all its movement, as the mind of the limited man has become totally confused, the one who talks tall when he is not big enough to do this, when he does not know God, the Creator. He who speaks about sun and about moon, about their movement or about their lack of movement, let that one asks himself if he recognizes God, and only after that let him speak about God’s creation. It would be enough for such a man to open the book of creation, who wants to search the heaven and the earth, and it would be enough to read in it the first page of the book of creation, a page on which God writes His work of the creation of the heaven and the earth and of everything that serves this creation.

Oh, it was not the sun and the earth that were first made, but the light was first set by the Lord for the creation that was done after it, and then God made the heaven and the earth during the light, as one cannot see to work in the darkness. Behold, the light of the day does not come from the sun, but the sun comes from the light and it rises and shines and it warms up or even scorches the earth, and the man of science cannot be right, for behold, since these giants came out on to the earth to corrupt the man’s mind, the man’s faith in God had long gone out and his good conduct before the Creator of the heaven and the earth. The giants in the old time had a giant body and those from the end of the man have their own huge foolishness and they share it on the tray to the foolish ones, for those who are touched by God, do not stretch out their hand to take from this intoxicating mixture, for the man’s haughtiness has got up to God with their searching and sight to be able to destroy Him, as man says.

Oh, how much I am going to bring the man of science to shame! Woe to them, woe to those who leave their body and come before God, the Creator, to give them their place, which they have earned on earth with their errancy from God’s will! Woe to these proud ones who thrust their nose into someone’s affairs, as it is not their business what they want to do and to share to the temptation of those who do not love God on earth with their lives.

This second day of the feast of Pentecost is a holy feast, and the holy fathers have written for this day the feast of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the feast of the One Who has made the heaven and the earth, for These three are only One God.

Come, My Father, let Us come and set Ourselves into the book, Father, as this day is written for Us, and each saint speaks on his day of synod among saints. Amen.

— Oh, My dear Son, Our humility was great even before the creation of the world, and it is the same to Us now, in the end, as We are working again the beginning, because man pulled himself out of paradise at the first beginning and got corrupted; he separated from the Father, from the Son and from the Holy Spirit, and became corrupted, because he wanted to be a man of science, poor of him, and this is the mind of those who put to test God, the Creator, and they turn their back to Him and hide His word so that they may be those who speak about those that were made and are.

Oh, behold Your humility, but You are the Saint of the saints, and You do not speak only on Our day of synod among saints, but You have been speaking from the beginning to the end, and then again before the beginning, for it will be beautiful again for Us, those who suffer and humble as much as man makes Us humble, and We humble ourselves because of the love out of which We are built, for God is love, as it is written, and it is without beginning and without end, like God, in Whom love is built.

We are speaking with One another in heaven and on earth on this day, and the Holy Spirit and His work, which binds Us in a cluster of Trinity, becomes word from Us over the earth, My dear Son, and We have stayed filled with longing under the white tent with those gathered at the spring on the day which has passed once with the sun rising of this morning. The first day is the longest day of the week and it lasts from the Saturday sunset and to the sunrise of Monday, and every man should step aside with his business and leave to the Lord this day set by Him two thousand years of rest, a day of resurrection, a day of glory.

Oh, what a great mystery the three days of Your creation out of clay have, dear Son! When You were on the cross where You gave Your Spirit, You took a bit from the sixth day and then You took the whole seventh day and You rested under the earth on this day and after that You came back on the first day of the week, a working day, dear Son, and You got up to work before the break of Sunday, for You got up from the crucifixion death on the cross and We stood up, dear Son, to the work of the resurrection, to the work for man, and You spoke like Father saying: «My Father is still working, so I am working, too». (John: 5/17) And then We worked out the day of salvation of the man lost from heaven, lost from Us, the day of resurrection, the earnest paid for the man’s resurrection, My dear Son.

Oh, who has truly got the courage to question the mystery of the creation of the heaven and the earth and their work and then the mystery of the new man and his work? Only a fool has the courage to question and speak before God, the Creator, the man sound in his mind does not dare do this, and he remains calm and looks at the Lord and he humbles himself silently, as it was not given to man the wisdom for the revelation of the Lord’s mysteries, for You said to Your disciples, who, poor of them, were trying to ask You about the kingdom of Israel, and You told them: «It isn’t for you to know times or seasons which the Father has set within His own authority. Nevertheless, you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. You will be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth». (Acts: 1/7, 8) And then You hid Yourself, as a cloud received You out of their sight and it took You up from the earth, and while they were looking steadfastly into the sky as You went away, two witnesses stood by them, Moses and Elijah, the heavenly messengers who spoke to them about Your coming back again on the earth, under the mystery of the cloud which covered You from their eyes to come near to Me, to come on My right side, at Your place near Me, My Son, heir on the earth, for You had overcome and gave Yourself to Me, resurrected from the earth, to bear the mystery of the creation of man built by God out of clay and Spirit in the beginning, for You are born of the Father without beginning and You are without beginning, and You are born of a Virgin mother two thousand years ago, then You came alive from the earth, oh, dear Son, and You will return on the earth as it is written.

Oh, with whom shall I, the Father, speak all these things if not with You, as at the first beginning, when the heaven and the earth were not made yet, but only We were, We, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and We were One God even from eternity, for otherwise nothing would have been built then of those built by the word.

It is Our day of synod among saints and all the armies of saints are looking at us; they are looking at Our humility and they stand in awe in their spirit before God’s humiliation and they are praising this glory, which is born of humility and it is. Behold, every man has somewhere to learn from, only that he may want to look at God, for We stand, We are and We speak under this word, and man can hear Us if he opens and if he has ears to hear.

This book will get into the houses of those who were with Us here on the day that has passed to its place in heaven, the place of all the witnesses, and those who will take this word will be comforted and will startled before the mouth of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Spirit Who walks in the wind and brings the word; He brings the Lord’s voice over the earth. The Spirit has to speak over the houses, over the churches, as it is written, for the churches to hear what the Spirit speaks; however, who is mercy enough to open to the Lord, before Whom the kingdoms shake, and the thrones of those who like to reign?

And now, You are My word, You are My rest, and I am Yours, for in man We could not find rest after Our labor, but this joy will come; it will come and We will be again as at the first creation of the world, and it will be great joy when man will come back and he will be as he was meant to be, as he was built to be, to be God’s rest, My Son, within Whom I, the Father, work and rest perfectly, and I rest while working. Amen.

— Oh, how beautiful, My Father, how beautiful is the Son in the Father! How beautiful is the Father in the Son, how beautiful! Oh, how much delight of the Holy Spirit in the Father and in the Son, between Father and Son! Oh, how beautiful! Only those in heaven can be fully satisfied with this holy beauty, and man should only humble, believe and love as the Lord has advised him for love. Let man see how great God is in His humility, from which man is supposed to learn, because the Lord is great by His Trinity and man cannot understand the weakness from his own being, which does not have in it fully the light and the rest of the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Woe to the man’s trinity, woe! What does it come out of it? It comes out the sin, which fills the earth everywhere. Man does not look holily to one another; he does not work holily with one another, and woe to the man’s trinity, woe! I speak and tell about this pain of the Lord, with the hope that this will make man see his weakness and the spirit of the devil, which enslaves the man to sin. It is a day of feast of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but this pain from man to God, the Creator, is part of God and God is love and pain, His love is His pain, and His pain is His love. Oh, if only the man understood how much resurrection his pain would work for him, how much cleanness, how much washing of sin, how much holy preparation!

Man, do not forget how much sufferance you do to God. Have love, too; have love, because the Lord has much pain from your life far from God, far away, man, who wander away from your Father, Who waits for your return and for your humility from it, because only it can make you turn back. Oh, do no longer seek after joy, do no longer laugh, man! Try to see how sweet, how comforting is the tear of humility, when the Lord can penetrate you with His light and make in you the new heaven and the new earth, to make them in the light, and then the Lord to set on your sky the sun and the moon, and they to do their work, shining through it. (See the selection topic: „The heaven — the throne, the earth — the footstool: the man deified”, r.n.)

Oh, the comfort of the day of Pentecost has been sweet in My garden with you and with all those gathered under My word, sons. We have given great joy to the spirits of nature so that they may come out and rejoice once with Us and with you in the air here. Their voice and their sweet noise have been like a sweet and holy song, the same when you use your voice for singing, for storm, for everything of the nature and creation when you bring before Me and before My heaven of saints and angels and before the brothers and sisters of faith, who come here with longing, at the heavenly meeting, and when you set holy parables, parables of exhortation and sight with exhortation of the truth of good and evil, for this is how I worked when I was on earth, and I left My written work as much as the man’s pen can comprise it, so that his comprehension may see and confess.

I have stayed with the Father in the word on this day after the feast, sons. I have cried with the Father as God cries. When I cry on earth in the word with you, the Father cries at the same time as well, and We are One here above and down on earth. And We have taken with Us My trumpet, the trumpet that I had been sounding on earth for twenty-five years by this word at My beginning with My Virginia, with My trumpet, well sons, starting with 1955 on the hearth of the Romanian people with the word of My coming of nowadays, in the end of the time. I have taken her because there is a feast in heaven and at you for the day from heaven of her birth on earth. In that year, on 27th May she had her day of birth, and she also has her feast among the saints. Oh, We have taken her with Us and come to you so that she may comfort the little and painful heart between you, whose wound does not catch any crust, oh sons, for this is the true love, that which never dies, as it is written.

Catch voice, Virginia, and put your comfort over the little heart, not known around it with its sigh, the little heart which guided you on hands to Me when you came home in heaven, in the house of My saints, as I came home to the Father and to the saints after I had finished My work for which I came on earth two thousand years ago. We are standing and listening to your speaking, Virginia. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.)

First listen to my prayer, Good Lord. The pain of love is sweet, but the tears have to be comforted, Lord. Put Your comfort on each hidden tear; put it and bind the wound with it, as there is no other bound for this open wound. We need power for You in this little heart with an open wound in it now, and it does not have to feel the separation in it, and it does not have to feel alone. There is a feeling of loneliness in it because of the wound that has remained. Let our comfort, always brought to it, be like a crust for wound, good Lord.

Oh, my dear child, I am speaking now to you from near the Lord on a day of the feast of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, a day, which is also my day of birth in this year. You two were the children of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and the Lord made with you His new beginning of new people. The wound that you have now is heavenly and is divided in two. One in the thought of the other always, this is how you are working now, from above and from below at the same time for God’s field and over His courtyard of sons, the fruit of the Lords’ work with you after my departure to be at home with the Lord. The departure is and is not. You are in his mind in heaven, and he is in your mind on earth, and in this way you are working now. He has got a great wound for you, and you have a great wound for him from this departure, which was done for the work of the Lord from above and from below at once.

However, you mourn with an unknown mourning by those around you as children of the Lord. You do not dare cause any pain to someone with your wound, as you know what pain is, and you have always known and loved; by sufferance you have loved like the Lord, for you are without any comfort like the Lord, but those who are wounded get comforted from the wound, they get comforted with their thought at those who suffer like them. Oh, you have remained with tears on earth, but you look for courage so that you may not cause any pain in heaven to the one who is yours now with the Lord, so that he may not suffer from your pain from the love in you. He cries in heaven, you cry on earth, and you two have the same thought, that is the Lord to come on earth as soon as possible, and, again, thinking of the Lord’s field; you two have the same longing, that is the Lord to come on earth, in His coming with the cloud. You, up in heaven, and he down on earth, one sighing in another, you are not separated in heaven and on earth.

Oh, this is the truth about you now, but your work with the Lord had to be done from the heaven as well, and I am coming to comfort you if you allow to be comforted. Oh, how much you struggle not to trouble your little heart lest you may cause pain in heaven to the little soul in which you cry, so that it may not see you suffering, but that it may see that you manage and you can endure with power what you have to endure from the Lord, because his love for the Lord took great care on earth for you to be able to work what the Lord had to do and to give to be endured. Oh, put me on the wound, as for you I am speaking on my day of feast, and let the Lord’s people receive my speaking of today and let it learn the love from heaven, which does not separate those who love themselves in God, but rather it grows much bigger when separation comes.

I have a request. Put away the thought of loneliness and your pain will be gentler in you. Those in heaven bring great help to their loved ones from the earth. Think only about the Lord, Who takes care of all His people, and let your sighing give birth to big fruit for the Lord, for the Lord’s homeland, for those from heaven on earth, and if the work is with sighing, then the fruit of joy and the unity come after that, for the Lord is coming soon, soon, with everything He has in heaven, and do not forget what He had said: «Behold, I come quickly!» (Apoc: 22/7)

Oh, people of the Lord, the wounded heart is beautiful. Learn what love is, son, for you have from where to learn. It is taught from pain. Be open to be able to learn, for you have to be the heavenly fruit of those who picked you flower by flower to make to the Lord a holy garden with a very sweet fragrance for Him. Amen.

Lord, I am giving to You, and I sit down so that You may fulfill Your word, the word that comforts Your beloved ones. Amen.

Verginica, (Verginica — the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) I have kept silent before the sufferance of this painful little heart, within which you have spoken today for the pain in it. I cannot stir its wound, because I have to work what always has to be worked, and My great work replaces the pain, it helps the one who suffers and it holds his hand through sufferance, Verginica. You are a mother in heaven, as much as you were on earth for My beloved children, and I thank you for the comfort put on the wound that is crying on earth as in heaven now, as you have spoken and made clear by your speaking.

Sons, I have spoken with the Father, and the Father has spoken with Me and We have glorified the feast for Us. The word of God between Father and Son is the word of the creation of the wisdom in man. Let those who are full of the longing for My place with you here take it and let them not stay separated with their heart from Us and from you so that they may be able to stand, oh, sons.

I, the Lord, am sealing with My name the word that has come out from My mouth. Jesus Christ is this word, as My name of today is called the Word of God. (Apoc: 19/13) Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

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