2013.03.10 — The Word of God on the Sunday of the dreadful judgment

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The Word of God[1] on the Sunday of the fearful judgment[2]

Peace to you, peace to those who hear My word while it is coming and writing itself into its book of today to be shared with those who love it and take it as bread for their soul! Oh, peace to you, and share God further, as many have been waiting for My coming down into the word and many have been looking out of the window (The Internet window, r.n.) to see the word coming to them, and many keep the way of My word when it comes to them to give itself to them and they to have it as the word of life at their head, the word of God over the earth. (See the selection topic: „As lightning that comes from the east, so is the coming of the Lord”, r.n.)

Oh, peace to you, peace to those who take Me from those who receive Me and then share Me with you! Oh, listen to the word of eternal life when it reaches you! It is full of love and full of mercy and power for you, as it is hard on earth. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, and My Father Sabaoth is sending Me to you as word on the earth. On the earth of the Romanian people, I have settled My manger of descent and I am coming down into it, and My word comes into being in its book. (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb — The Book of Life”, r.n.) Oh, behold what mercy and what a miracle! Oh, behold what comfort! There is no comfort for man besides God; however, does the man want to understand this, to be full of longing, and to be alive after that for the Lord?

After I had built the man, I, the Lord, took care to teach him what to do and what not do to; however, the joy foreign from his Maker got into his heart. I felt he had a burden in his heart then and My place became uncomfortable and narrow in him and I could no longer find My peace inside man, for he had started to disobey the Lord and kept on doing this sin more and more, until the garden of paradise saw its enemy, for man did no longer seek with God, but rather he kept hiding from Him. Then the law of paradise chose to be with the Lord, and the law of man chose to be with the man and thus man fell from paradise; after that, the human kind has spread all over the earth, sons and daughters of the man built by God, and the children have taken after their parents on earth going down from one generation to another.

Then I proclaimed holy news to man and I descended on a high mountain and wrote with My finger the commandment of the love of God and I gave to men the commandments of life, for they had swerved from the way of life. For those who love God, I said: «You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might, and you shall love your neighbor as yourself!» (See Deut: 6/5) And for those who do not love God I gave commandments against the sin people committed and commit every way possible because of their lack of love and I said: «You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not give false testimony against your neighbor, you shall not covet your neighbor’s house». (Ex: 20/13–17) And I said that to help man. I have been a nurse for man for so many thousands of years, and I have been doing My work over the earth through chosen vessels for Me, and I have not forsaken man after he had given himself to sin because of his lack of love for God. Oh, even today I am like a perseverant nurse and I always look down on earth to see man and to advised him on his way, for his way is full of sin, and then is full of dangers that come from sin, from the devil, for sin is the devil which hides from God, and it hides in man. However, I am the One Who pierces the heart and the man’s kidneys and nothing is hidden from My eyes between heaven and earth, and here is what I do: After two thousand years from My coming on earth, in a body of a Virgin, becoming a Man to be able to come into the man’s way and to prove My divinity, as I had already done that, oh, behold, I am coming again, and I am coming as word on the earth and I stay with it in the man’s way, and I speak sweetly and entreatingly and I exhort him to understand his origin and to see where he comes from, where his origin is from and what he has to do for his coming back to his Father, to God, to love, for God is love from heaven, love as in heaven and not like on earth, as man does no longer know the origin of love and he takes from the devil a dirty love, love which betrays God, and what shall I do and give him to see this?

Oh, I come into your way, man. Remember Me! I wait for you to know Me as your God. Behold, you have made a Judge from your Maker. I sit on the throne of judgment for your works and I put them on My right or on My left side, and you will go there where they gather according to their kind. (See the selection topic: „The fearful judgment”, r.n.) You cannot hide in you or in man; you cannot hide from God. You cannot kill Me so that I may no longer be, so that I may no longer know or see your estrangement from Me. Oh, remember your origin! Man was the work of My hands and I labored when I created him after I had made the heaven and the earth to serve him as his adornment and the man to rejoice over those that testify for Me before him, and I became tired while I was bringing them into being and then I rested from the labor of My spirit and body, for I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, was body from the very beginning, as God is, and I made man in God’s image and after His likeness.

Oh, man, receive Me when I knock to receive Me! Turn back to your origin! Turn back before your works write your eternal place, for man is sinful and he will not have any joy from sin.

Oh, I sit on the throne of glory and I speak to man and I am surrounded by the angelic armies, as it is written into the Scriptures the sight of My glory. My very mouth spoke about the day when I would speak with all people, and two thousand years ago I said: «But when the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on the throne of His glory. Before Him all the nations will be gathered, and He will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will set the sheep on His right hand side, but the goats on the left. Then the King will tell those on His right hand side, ‘Come, blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world, for you have loved Me in those who were My little ones, giving them comfort.” Then He will say also to those on the left hand ide, ‘Depart from Me, you cursed, into the eternal fire which is prepared for the devil and his angels, for you have not loved Me in those that are My little ones.” These will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life». (See Matt: 25/31–46) This is what I spoke two thousand years ago and My word has remained on the earth. Let man measure his stature and his life in comparison with these two ways I have set for the human kind, and let him wake up his heart and his conscience if he wants, for this is not a game, and it is to pay attention to the voice of My mouth upon man.

There comes the time for the soul, there comes the news for My passions endured for man two thousand years ago and there comes a time for the fifty-days fasting for the awakening of the soul and for the washing of the body full of sin in man. (See the selection topic: „About fasting and almsgiving”, r.n.) The parable set now before by the saints of My church even from the early times of the Christian people on earth, this parable is being set now, before the time of the fast so that it may work at the right time over the souls of the people. Oh, if only the people may pay attention to it! My word at that time has got mercy and justice in it. I have described everything to man so that he may know and choose by himself, for this is what I spoke to man in paradise; I told him what to do and what not to do and then he chose by himself and he chose to separate from God by disobedience and then by its sin. However, men have to pay attention to this, for My word of that time and the one now stays face to face with them and it is time for them to consider this. I stay like a nurse before them and I show the way to them and I tell them where to go and how to live, and behold, that is why I am coming now on the earth, and if I did not come as I am coming now, it would be harder for man, but it is written for Me to come, and that is why I am coming. I am coming and sitting on the throne of My glory, surrounded by all angelic armies and I am writing down on the earth the judgment of the man’s works, and how shall I not do this when it is written for Me to come and to fulfill in this way?

Oh, sons of men, oh, people of Adam, the first one built by My hand out of clay and breath of life, oh, come to meet Me, for I am sitting on the throne of glory and I am speaking to you and I am standing before you with the judgment of your works. Oh, hear Me! My word comes into your way to give you power and by it to become God’s sons to be saved from the judgment for the works, for man does not work for God or for man on the earth, but only for himself, and this is sin and is added to the wages for the sin. Oh, listen to My voice and make peace with God. I, the Lord, call you: prepare for your salvation! I come into your way to support you, for you have lost your power to come back to Father God. I have to fulfill this page of the Scripture to draw all to the Father, but as many of them who may want to believe and seek to listen to My word in order to come back and to give themselves to Me?, so that I may also give them further to the Father, cleansed from sin and whitened through holiness for the day of My glory, then I will have them all around My throne and not only the angels; however, I will not have them near My throne to pronounce upon them the painful judgment, but I will have them for My glory with them, a glory like that of My angels.

I, the Lord, am the vessel of the mercy of the Father Sabaoth for every man, for God longs for man. Oh, wash way your life in this vessel, for I became a river of word, cleansing water for you. Come, oh, come and become clean by your washing into this river of life, so that I may tell you on My day of glory: «Come, blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world!» (Matt: 25/34) (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.) When I founded the world I founded the paradise as well and all its holy law, where the death by sin had no place, but the man who was brought in paradise did not inherit the paradise, because he pulled himself out of it for sin, and he decided against the love of God, and since then he has been crying after the love he forsook; the paradise has been crying and God has been crying after man too, and My tear has become word behind man and I have been calling out to him to hear Me and to take Me into his house so that I may be his Master and his Savior.

Oh, how much love man needs to come back to Me and how much hatred for sin so that he may be able to pull himself out from this root and to come back so that I may put him back into the garden prepared from the foundation of the world for those who love God!

Oh, examine yourselves much, you those who love the way with God and who have chosen to walk in it! Examine your love and its works, for it is written for those who are blessed of My Father to have works for Me. Stand up well and always for the works on My right hand side, for many of those who have a good heart do the works both on the right and on the left side and do not know what they do, and they do not know where to gather too, for they are divided, and they need teaching to know what to do so that they may not gather anything for those that are not earned with the Lord and with His saints who are heirs of the glorified kingdom, where the Lord is King.

Oh, be gentle and humble in your heart, you, those who chose to be with those on My right hand side! Stand only for Me, you those who decided to be with the Lord and for love, for love has got its own consorts! Be sweet like God! Do not answer evil with evil, but with good, with peace and with love, that the evil may be weakened and swallowed by good, for it is much evil on earth, for its power and its work have to go down. Amen.

And you, My people, share Me when I come to you as word on the path between Me and you, for I cannot leave you to be hungry of the spirit of life, son. Oh, he who does not eat from God does no longer have any power, and I do not have any power in him for Me, too. Oh, be nourished with God more and more and get sweetened much, that I may also get sweetened from you, son, for the men’s sons give Me much gall and vinegar and I long for power from you, and from Me to you after that. Oh, take care of the love between you and Me, between brother and brother by self-denial, and seek that this saving work may be seen with you, which keeps you in the spirit of self-humility, and take care of your mind, well, My people, and then also take care of the word of your mouth as well, well son. Feed each other with only that is sweet, what is sweet from God and from you, and give Me this health too, for I am only sufferance everywhere on the earth, and My Spirit sighs with mourning, sons.

Oh, the time of the fast is coming. Take care of your words, well sons. Let only sweet words like honey come out of your mouth and eat like that and give to others food like this, and then you will have much power for all those that are worked for the heaven and for those set on the earth by you, as My Spirit has always been with you and has always watched you, and give yourselves to His watch, well sons.

Oh, I have set into the book preparing word for the coming of the time of the fast and I ask you to sweeten one another with My power, which is coming to you as word, and from which you are to become work always, and you will be My blessed ones, standing on My right hand side, as I am at the right hand side of My Father because I do His will, His works, and the Father works with Me as I also do the works of the Father with you, which are given to Me to work with you, and we have to work together, and we are to do the works of the Father, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.