2012.12.14 — The Word of God at the feast of the Saint Virginia, God’s trumpet

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The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Saint Virginia, God’s trumpet[2]

I am sitting down before you with a table of word, with the spirit of the teaching of the eternal life, well My people. We are putting food on the table abundantly; I and My trumpet are putting important teaching, because it is needed everywhere and it is needed for the people of this word to join the whole fulfillment of the teaching from above and to give to God the assurance that the whole advice will be obeyed and fulfilled, the whole fulfillment from heaven upon this people. Amen.

Peace to you, My people, peace on day of holy feast upon you, for on this day we are celebrating My trumpet, Verginica, (Verginica — the diminutive to her real name: Virginia, r.n.) who carried God in her time on the earth. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) I, the Lord, am blessing your heart, your ear, your will and your submission, well people of My word, so that you may receive from Me and fulfill in this way. However, first of all, you have to help Me trust you to the end, and not only for a short time, as My struggle for My whole victory is very hard then when I cannot trust very much in those who give themselves over to Me for My work with them, and I am God, well My people, and I am not from the earth, because I have come from heaven. On the earth, a man buys a tool which becomes his possession after he takes it from the one who has sold it to him, and he receives guarantee, as on earth one uses the word trust for a short time for a tool, which was made and put on sail after that in order to be useful to the man’s work, and then, the one who makes it is relieved of responsibility and he sells the work of his hands to those who use him. Oh, however, I, the Lord, keep asking Myself, what shall I do when man comes to Me and gives himself to Me, or when someone helps a man to understand God and follow Him after that? Shall I take from the hand of the one who has led the man to Me? Then can I ask from this one any written proof that the one he has brought to Me will be faithful? Behold, you need a guarantee so that you may trust man, and you need him to bring a guarantee to you too so that you may hand him over to the Lord and not to suffer on his behalf before the Lord after that.

I am with My trumpet Verginica within a feast among saints, well My people, and we are going to do much work and we are going to measure much and many things, and there will be a day of teaching upon you on this great day, a day like that when My trumpet took her place among the saints and when she was relieved from the body of her sufferance and then she has bowed down in heaven under spirit of heavenly watching for her further work with Me, which has been sent on the earth to its advance, when she came into the people of the saints, to be at work among those in heaven.

There have been many in the people of this word; they were and have past or remained up to the end on the way of My fight for the building of a people so that the Father may have it as His on the earth by My trumpet sounding upon it through the voice of My sounding, from which I was speaking; I was speaking and not she, as I was speaking by the prophets; I was speaking, I and not they. I fight enduring and crying as a God, and I have been working for almost sixty years and I have been fighting to accomplish My victory and the Scriptures of the last days, in which it is written about My coming with its voice over the living and the dead. I needed and I need trust in those on whom I rested and I rest, for otherwise I rely on man only as much as he wants, and he who works with God like that is guilty, and guilt brings about atonement for it. Neither I, the Lord, nor those who work for Me by My election can trust in the one who remains free from Christ and free from his care upon him on earth, for a man like that can do much harm to God and to His work, and then he uses many hidden secrets, especially if it is his nature to do so, the hiding from God and from people, working and spending from secret to secret, the work which brings forth enmity and separation between him and those that see him working like that and despising the brothers.


Part two

We are coming down as word into the book, oh, My Verginica. My people has honored you, it has brought you a hymn of akathist and it has comforted you too. I, the Lord, have looked at it and the hosts of saints, who have come with Us for a day of feast written over My garden of word, are looking like Me at you, who are celebrated today, and they are honoring My gift that you have been carrying on the earth in the end of the time and they get drunk with a holy wonder, asking themselves how was it possible that your body had endured so many embers on it for such a long time of My coming through you on earth as word, oh, My prophetess, in order for you to be the one who carried Christ-the-Word, Who was passing through you with His speaking!

You are ordained with a day of dedication feast in the little garden full of word, where I, the Lord, descend in the clouds above it (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.) and where I speak so that My word may be written on the earth. I glorified Myself through you and I kept you whole in your body and you did not melt under the heat from Me, as this is what I wanted; however, you suffered very much, because I had longed after man very much and I came after him, and you were My dwelling place. The apostle Paul saw My light which covered My body when I spoke to him on his way to Damascus, and his eyes grew weak because of My brightness before him on his way, and this sign remained on the body of the one who was chosen to be an apostle on that day, and My Spirit and My grace remained upon him to proclaim My glory everywhere he was relating the story of My appearance before him. However, I was entering you and working at the moment of My word spoken by the voice of your mouth face to face with those who were writing to Me the word that so that it may remain, and I had never had such work on the earth up to you, and there will never be.

Oh, My trumpet, oh, My Verginica, how great your submission was! And it was the same with your fear of God too, and you were trembling at My word and you were obeying without murmuring, and My gift, bestowed upon you, was big and hard to bear, and this was your offering brought to Me, that is, your body in which the spirit of My word entered as I enter the man in the time of the holy communion, and I was passing from body to spirit, oh, My trumpet, and sweat was running down on you, as I was a consuming fire in you and I was working wonderfully as you had not been consumed with it. Oh, you had been nourished only with pains, both in your body and in your spirit, and you had no joys on the earth; (See The Life of Saint Virginia, r.n.) still, you had only one, and that was because you could bear My coming as word over the earth so that I might be able to prepare the faith for a people who was to rise after you and with which to be able to prepare a dwelling place for the Lord on earth, a new heaven and a new earth, and not as the world or its priests do and make churches for the world; oh, not like that, but for Me and for those who renounce the world coming out of it and bringing themselves to Me as offering of faith and offering of perseverance for the fulfilling of the last Scriptures with them, for the Lord needs hands and legs and He also needs love in His last ministry of His word, which is coming down on the earth.

We both had been suffering years in a row, waiting for the love of the people that was nourished through you with My word, Verginica, but that people loved little, and he loved for itself, not for Us, those who were standing before it for its grace, for the shining of its life. We were following it closely and were bringing love to it and We were giving it joys, but I could not harvest any fruit from those that were once a people. (In the time of the dictatorship of the communist read beast, r.n.) Then I took you above, among the saints, and from there We have been working and preparing sons given to Us, and We have been able to prepare My wedding table and put on it abundantly from the chamber of My word and always from fresh word, and then We have also managed to proclaim ourselves much and to have guests at the table, Verginica, and then We started to takes steps, as My promises were written over a people in the time when you were My trumpet on earth.

Oh, what mysterious accomplishments and what great they are for the small mind of man, who does not look and who is only man and that is all, and who does not think like God. The love of God is required to be much in man. I built man for it, and for it I am still working My word on the earth today, and I give Myself to the people to their understanding for those from above with them, but the flesh and the world cannot save the man to God, just as a prisoner cannot flee from his prison in such a way that he may escape from it.

Let us remember My time with you on the earth, oh, Verginica, for the people, young in its age, has much to learn, the people which I have won by the spirit of testimony; it has to learn well at this school and it has to do that which the people from the beginning and the one from the middle of the descending of My word upon it did not do. Oh, I was often going from house to house of Christians and I could not go anywhere else, for the Lord is gentle like a dove within His Holy Spirit and He cannot stay in unfavorable places for Him and for the glory with which He goes between heaven and earth. We were going to the Christians and We were descending in you, and We were speaking to that house and to those who were coming together at My word. It was difficult for Us because We were not pleased with the life and with the cleanness of the house. We were going to Christians so that they may be encouraged to learn and to prepare themselves for My coming to them and to receive their life, their house, their body and all their condition, oh, and We were not finding anything beautiful almost everywhere We were going, and My glory was suffering and humiliating and We were staying in you with My pain to suffer together from all the pain from Our waiting for them. We were releasing with great mercy ravishing fragrances and these were suffering too in the Christian houses, for they were from paradise and they were Our companions and it was giving fragrance in the place where We were descending, so that the Christian who had so little love for God might not be able to rejoice. However, he was boasting then that he was with the Lord with his heavenly fragrances in his house and with his trumpet at the table of word in his dwelling place, and there was no repentance, no humility, no raising from sin and from the bad smell of sin, for they all were enjoying life and did not want to leave off their pleasures. Oh, how much I was suffering from their lack of love for Us! And even the heavenly signs, by which We appeared before them, could not bring them to their repentance for sin in order to become holy for the Lord after that.

Oh, how much I was suffering! Oh, how much your body suffered, My Verginica! The people loved the worldly food and it was rejoicing over it and the Christian was not holy with respect to his food and his habits, and We were suffering and enduring. Christians were coming to you to give them from heaven. They were coming into your house and were taking off their shoes at the door and they were coming in and leaving a stench into your house after they had taken off the shoes they had worn on their way, and then I wanted to protect you, as the Christian was not supposed to be received into your house anyhow, for I had mercy on you and on the angels near you all the time, for I could also not choose anyone in order to take near you, dear souls to you and to Me by their life with Me, to be able to rest on them for your mourning, for the heaven which was suffering in you, oh, My trumpet.

Let Us teach those born on the way and let Us always teach them, and let Us call to obedience those who want to get used to the holy life, too, as man can get into heaven only with holiness in him and not with his knowledge, for he who displays his knowledge is not saved from the spirit of haughtiness when it does not have any sufferance in him for the love of God. Oh, I am not speaking alone now over those who hear Us speaking, and behold, We are speaking to them.

Oh, sons, do not be Egyptians, for I, the Lord, use all your visible and invisible body members, all your senses, and you are not beautiful either in heaven or on earth; you are not beautiful if you do not to smell heavenly and pleasantly for those in heaven and for those on earth with you. Oh, take care of what you eat, well sons! Do not eat like the Egyptians whose body and spirit smells of onion and garlic, hot, sour and pepper, but rather take care of you to smell like the heavenly fragrances, where bodies have no power and neither have the bad smells, which make the bodies uglier and uglier and give them a very bad smelling, for I, the Lord, promised that I would seed a people for Me and I wrote that I would fill the earth with thousands and millions of lilies and roses, and not with onion or garlic, not with worldly tastes on My way with man. Oh, listen to the signs I slip in among you as I am able to bring them and fulfill My exhortation upon you in a heavenly way, for behold, the world puts smells over the smells of their bodies and it commits this sin, for the holy fragrances are from heaven and they come from within man when they are, and they do not come from those that belong to the hypocrite knowledge, no, sons, no. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.)

Oh, eat light dishes, well sons, for you are no longer from the world to look after all kinds of tastes and smells, but you are the sons of the heaven and you have to look like fragrances for angels and for saints. Oh, why was I bringing fragrances from heaven and why was I filling the house I was entering and sounding My trumpet? I was doing this to help the Christian to make a distinguishing and to understand My longing for him, for the heavenly fragrance was smelling into his nostrils, the fragrance within which I, the Lord, am all over between heaven and earth and this is how I travel, and this kind of places of rest I want to find with the sons on earth, as I especially like the place from Bethany where I was welcomed with fragrances for My entrance to them, for the people at that time was very much used to expensive perfumes for the Lord, and it had upon it the ritual of washing away everything that was not pleased to the Lord, and if that people had not loved itself so much, it would have had grace and it would have had the love for God on them, just as those from Bethany had, with whom I, the Lord, used to stay on My way to those who were oppressed by pains and trials, and then on My way to the Father after that.

Oh, sons from My spring of word, be teachers over the gentle people on the earth, who do not have My teaching upon you. Give them My word and pray to Me to make them a way and fruit to them, and be lilies and roses, oh, sons. Behold, Verginica is only spirit of comfort at her party with Me and with the saints near you. He wants Me to speak, as this is how she was used with Me to do. Oh, but you too, Verginica, you have to give them too, for You are My trumpet in heaven, and all those who come after their graces in heaven go on with the work of their graces on earth. Amen.

Lord, You have spoken to them what Our greatest pain is so that there may be here teaching for those who seek their love for heaven. Their condition and being has to be as in heaven, and Your things with them have to be refreshed as in heaven, as all the Egyptians are the sons of men and they are everywhere and put fragrances over rot and they are the sons of hypocrisy too, but those who love You need to have like You and need to be like You so that You may appear before the men who know that they are Yours, and this is how they are to be Your witnesses. Amen.

You should learn, well sons, and you should learn to be obedient for the Lord’s whole speaking upon you, as the word church is the most scented word; it is the place where the Lord spends time with His people, a feast as in heaven, as in paradise, as among the heavenly fragrances, oh, sons. The mystery of this word has got its embodiment on the earth and the mystery of the church comes to the Lord by its work. Oh, take care to feed the love among you, and let it stay always at the midst with everything it means, with everything that means God and His work upon man, for those who do not listen are those who do not cultivate love, are those who get tired with themselves and stay without heavenly work after that and they are only flesh. However you pass all the time from body to spirit, and may your bodies be lilies and roses and let them give themselves to the Lord with their fragrances. If the Egyptians, the sons of the world, have in their nature the work of the fragrances for their idols, oh, those who belong to the Lord on the earth need to have in their nature their love for the Lord and the mystery of the Bethany with them more.

The Lord has spoken to you in the day of the dedication feast of His little garden with you and He has told you about my sufferance and His sufferance from the pleasures of the Christians nourished for a long time with manna from heaven, springing from my mouth and from His flowing Spirit. Oh, how much I suffered, oh, how much shame before the Lord from those who could not separate themselves from their fleshly honor! Oh, sons, the Lord expects much love and much wisdom and obedience from those who are written near with Him on earth and with Him in His work! Rejoice because it was the Lord that has spoken to you more on my day of synod among saints. I in Him and He in me, this is how I have spoken to you.

Oh, be good, sons! Oh, be obedient so that you may be good! Be warm, be calm, be gentle, be greatly humiliated. Eat light food like some holy men, for this is the responsibility for the saints. He who wants to love the Lord has to learn this. Amen. Oh, the Lord has got many beloved people from this kind of grace and many victors over their bodies, for man is that what he eats and he is not something else and he jumps out of his skin as he is. Eat sweet food, eat those that make you sweet and well pleased, which make you light and very well smelling of the heavenly fragrances and at the table with the heaven, for the heaven is with you at the table, well sons, and you are not like all the people on the earth, but you are the Lord’s Bethany, His today’s house. Oh, do not forget to be beautiful with God, for as you are for Him, so you are for those around you, for measure is from heaven. Peace to you! I want you to be comfort. Amen.

— Oh, Verginica, I want them to be My comfort. Peace to you on the feast of the dedication day of the little garden, which you have in your heavenly care! Oh, do not cry! It is a day of dedication feast. Let Us hide Our tears on this day. You have disciples who followed you, who carried you and kept you, and they have love for you, they stay before Me and write My word into the book when it comes with its voice over its little garden, (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb — The Book of Life”, r.n.) and the mystery of the new making goes on and My word has power. Let us hope! The earth waits for Us with the heaven above it within great work and the day will come when We will no longer cry. Amen.

I want you to be comfort, oh, sons, and I want you to bear My mystery of Bethany within your spirit and in your body for I have none besides you. The humility in you can always make you My help, My comfort, and you should carry Me with holy propriety over you and over the earth with My word from you, oh, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.