2012.11.21 — The Word of God at the feast of the saint archangels Michael and Gabriel

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the saint archangels Michael and Gabriel[2]

My glory becomes word and proclaims itself with an angelic feast, and at the head of the angelic ranks there go the archangels Michael and Gabriel and after that there come groups after groups according to their works divided among them. I, the Lord of the angels and the Lord of the saints, have sounded ahead of time so that those who love My feasts may come together at My spring of word, here where I graze My flock, a people of sons, whom the Father has given to Me to work with them for My coming, and then they are to give Me further as food from heaven to the souls longing after Me, after My glory of today, which becomes word and which builds the man. (See the selection topic: „The glory of God”, r.n.)

Great glory hovers with Me and it carries My throne in the sky above, which penetrates everywhere here, where all the angels are spending now, for I miss a heavenly party on the earth with the people and I long so much after that. My Father is filled with the joy of this day, for He wants Me to have comfort from man, for I have suffered much for man and I have not spoken a word of discontent before the Father, for He has always suffered, He has always suffered once with Me, and He has suffered in Me too.

I have sounded and brought you together with the word, you those who started to walk towards My gardens of today into the midst of the people, who do not know to understand My glory into their midst and the people of My word. I have widely opened My arms to hold you all within one embrace, and to teach you to embrace like Me too, for I do not embrace like man, as whoever closes his arms to embrace someone, he does no longer have them open, but he holds tightly the one embraced instead. However, I open up My arms and this is how I stay with them, to give all an endless embrace, just as I was ready on the cross to embrace everyone within My cross, under My cross, and I let Myself be nailed on to the cross to leave the sign of My embrace working, and in this way I went to the Father before My resurrection, and this is how God’s embrace is, and it is not like man’s embrace, which holds tightly his arms when he embraces, when he wants to show his love.

I open up My arms and stay with them open and I embrace you all, I embrace you all as you have come to My longing, for I long after a heavenly feast with the people, and I long for this. Glory to God in the highest and this glory follows the Lord wherever He goes with His glory from above. This is how I have come now with the heavenly armies and we are giving rest to our longing, I and My angels, who are accompanying Me groups after groups with the feast of today, which has been given to them by the great saints of My church from its beginning.

Oh, how much heavenly glory is embracing you within it now! Oh, how much I have been longing for this! I have been longing to spend with people on earth, and I want to tell them to believe in this word of Mine, for everything is possible to the one who believes, and man can see My glory if he has faith, for by his creation from Me, man has two pairs of eyes, two pairs of ears, and man has two pairs of senses too, by which he can see, hear, feel, taste and smell the heavenly things, which accompany him by their creation, by their being from God.

My embrace always remains open. I have left it to be nailed so that its love may remain in the man’s mind, in his mysterious eyes, and that he may cry with love for the One Who is open love forever for all those who find it to their comfort in times of trials.

Oh, with what voice, with what kind of sweeter word shall I take you into My word now? Glory to My Father Sabaoth because I rejoice with you on this day of the angels, with which I always rejoice crying, and I cry rejoicing, for the Lord does not have some other kinds of joys! Oh, open your hearts to meet you in them. The angels are staying here groups by groups, and they keep their eyes and ears open to hear My word with you. There are no longer on earth any of those who love God and that is why there are so few those who are drawn to the Father here, at My spring of word to reveal Myself to them with My coming for the preparation of a people to come to meet Me and with which to carry My cross of today, the cross of My coming after man, for My Father is sending Me again after man, for man has completely sunk and waves after waves cover him, and My labor for his resurrection is hard.

Oh, I cry, I cry for the land and for the Romanian people and I cry with the Father. I want to make this crying with you on this day of angelic feast. I want the Father to see Me praying with you and consider this. Raise, therefore, your little hands now with Me once for the prayer to the Father, oh, sons. Even if not all of your obey God adequately, I am bowing before the Father with you, with all those who are gathered near My people from the spring and I am asking the Father to receive this, and may the angels write once with the book in which I am writing Myself on the earth, and let them proclaim on earth and in heaven My prayer with you to the Father for His will over the Romanian land and over its people now. Come! Let us all put off the whole worldly work now, and let you take after the angels for a while at least, and let us bring our prayer to the Father now, and say once with Me:

Father Sabaoth, open to us and let us come in and receive our prayer through the door, as it is a time of trial for the destiny of the Romanian people, for this country is like a rebellious city, whose leaders do not pay any attention to reproof and are like the lions who roar, and when they judge, they are like the wolves in the evening which do not leave anything over for the second day, and when they are to listen to some prophecy they start even harder to indulge in worse and lawless actions, as it is written about the city of oppression; however, come and have Your power dwell in it and cleanse it from defilement and save it, Father, from those who are rebellious in it and from their darkness upon it, for the wolves come at night; they do not come in the day time to the sheep to suck their life. Surround it at its borders with Your holy angels, and let Your whole work stand against the work conspired by the rebellious in it. Chose those who are good to rule and put them on Your right hand side now, in the thick of the battle, and overcome for them those who have prevailed against them for such a long time, Lord Sabaoth. Oh, bring together within Your power all those who commit lawlessness and lie, enmity, greed and so much haughtiness, and bring them under the watch of strong angels and bring to a stop their wicked work too, and as You may find it right, then take out from under their threatens those who are better than them and give them victory upon them, oh, Father, for the good sons from the Romanians cannot work alone and stop those who backstab in the middle without knowing what they do with the destiny of this nation. These are few words but with big hope; by these words we are asking You to work against those who become haughty and keep on sitting on their high positions over the Romanian people, while they are rebellious sons, the sons of lie, (It is about the „left-wing parties” that „lead” the country, r.n.) weapons with which they want to fight and to overcome for them. Oh, hear us now with victory against them, against those who are rebellious and greedy for their swelling over the Romanian people; hear us, oh Father, so that the unbelievers may see that You are the God of this Romanian people and that You rule through Your Son, Jesus Christ, the Word, into the midst of this people.

I in them and them in Me, Father. We in Him and He is us, oh, Father, this is how we are praying now, standing before You in one spirit in the midst of the angelic hosts and of their feast of today, for You have armies of angels and You work miracles through them. This is how we are praying, Father, in a day of the angels’ feast and this is how we ask You to bring our prayer into fulfillment over the Romanian land, and let the sun of righteousness rise over this nation, and prepare sons with clean hands on the seats of governance over the Romanian people now, oh, Father Sabaoth. Amen.

Behold, the angels have written and our prayer to the Father is being written now, I together with you, so that He may bring the power of justice and its victory for those who have clean hands, whom the Father is to lift up and overcome with them those who are oppressing this nation at this time.

Oh, I am happy in My pain from man; I am happy because I have a hospitable people to which I come and where I can be found by those who seek for Me here. Not many come here, for here man has to die to himself and the Lord has to come to life in him with His steps, with His life. Not many come here, but only those who love to be children and to have a Teacher upon them, for I said that the children have to come to Me and My kingdom to be theirs, and behold the confirmation of My word I spoke two thousand years ago, for he who cannot leave mother and father for Me, he cannot be My child either, and he belongs to his mother and father, even if he believes in Me and keeps My commandments; however, if I cannot have him under My cross for My comfort under it, he cannot be My child and to have My kingdom as a gift given to him.

Oh, not many come here as they go in crowds in other places known to have grace but where no one asks man to separate himself for My kingdom, and that is why I am happy because I have a hospitable people to which I am able to come and where I can be found by those who seek Me here with a heavenly feast, after which I long.

I put flowers at your little crowns for each joy with you when you come after Me to listen. Oh, the mysteries from here are so great, they are so much comprised within a mystery so that it does not get to the men’s mind the power of the mystery which I, the Lord, envelop here in the word to be able to keep it and that it may work all the things that are to be worked by God, while the whole humankind goes in for the things of its nature, far from My will on earth with the people.

Now, My angel Michael commands the angelic armies to sound from the trumpets their greeting for you. I, the Lord, am blessing his entrance because he is My angel. Amen.

— «He who is like God», this is my name, my Master Lord and of the angelic armies, which have come together with me here in the front. This is how You want to be the people of Your today’s word, and You want to be called after my name: «He who is like God». Amen.

We are going now into Your name and with You into the battle, Lord, for You have great pain for the Romanian people because of those who are liars and greedy for honor into its midst. We start the battle to throw them aside, and the battle is hard, but together with the sons of Your people we can do it, Lord, as without man You cannot do anything, as also man cannot do anything without You, because You created the world for man and it is not easy to understand this by the man’s common mind.

The angels sound their trumpets above the Romanian land and proclaim the battle against the darkness, which has set over the city of the Lord, over the Romanian country, the country of brightness, the country of the coming of Christ as word on the earth. Oh, let yourselves be overcome, you, those who are oppressing now so hard the soul of this nation, from which you descend! Put down the weapons of wickedness by which you have lost your wisdom and your fear of God! Behold the angelic armies waging war against you and they sound their trumpet upon you so that you may hear; (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets”, r.n.) and you will hear bad news according to the iniquities that you work. Oh, fear God, as otherwise you will be afraid and you will be taken unexpectedly because you have not loved instruction and you have not paid attention to the Lord’s warnings, and now you are to give an account to the One Who has been calling out to you because of His pain from you.

Oh, bow your heads, and you will surely bow them. I am Michael, the Lord’s angel, the chief of the angelic armies and I have told you that we start the battle against you, for the Romanian people is in the Lord’s hand, not into your hand, and you are definitely going to humble yourselves for it is time for the Lord to judge, after you have spoiled so much, and you are surely going to see that. Amen.

Glory to You, Lord, in the highest, and I, Your angel, left a written word over the Romanian people, and now You are the One Who will bring this word into fulfillment through Your angels. Amen.

— It is an angelic feast, and My angels are My workers and they are My glory, and they have brought here at the table those who are remembered now, those who are asleep, for you have made their memorial sons. Woe to those who say that there is conversation with the dead here at you; however, I the Lord, tell them that here is the speaking of the saints and not the speaking of the dead, and it is the speaking of those who rise in glory, as the little Abimelech was resurrected, after he had slept a very long time, at the prayer of the prophet Jeremiah, who asked from the Lord that that gentle child might not see the fall of Jerusalem. Oh, there is no speaking with the dead here, for the dead do not speak. Only those who are alive speak, only those who are alive walk with the Lord, just as Enoch had always walked with the Lord, and as a result he had not died but rather he was taken to be with Me.

May it be blessed the spending at the table of those coming for the memorial spoken for them, those who have come from those who are asleep, and we have given great comfort to them on this angelic day. There is no other greater joy between heaven and earth than their joy is when they are brought for their memorial and to their calling by the angels. I, the Lord, leave a great spirit of joy, for My mercy by this word is great.

Behold what a great feast, how much honor, how much joy, how much comfort! The spirit of comfort from heaven joins the spirit of comfort on the earth and we give it to each other. I am giving My godly embrace leaving My arms open, and I am asking you in a godly manner to be firm for My honor through this word in which I embrace you, and do not step back, as the back step is for the traitors, whom the devil comforts then with the spirit of doubt, the spirit of judgment, the spirit of unbelief and the spirit of their turning back to the world again, for what else would deserve those who leave the Lord for their will? However, you should take from Me and give further so that you may have, to earn with Me according to My will and by this to be able to stand firm and to keep its work with you. However, steadfastness cannot be tested but only if man has got upon him a strong hand for him, someone who is fuller with God and by whom the Lord is able to hold his little hand and always to test his steadfastness, for after that there is no other way for those who know the Lord here, for they would go down and no matter the way they may take, one would write forsaking of God, and the one, who seeks such way for his steps, would no longer have any faithfulness, after he had tasted so much joy, stooping under it with his soul burnt with longing and with care in such a way that the longing may not go out.

Ask from the Father a new mind, a new heart and always renewed, which is able to help you for the spirit of steadfastness, the spirit that is full of patience and crowns. My word is coming down now to thank you, for you have become joy for the Lord on this day. I am exhorting you full of longing, do love holiness. It reveals any evil that might come to touch you. With it, you will be My people, and for it, you will have a name like that of My angel: «He who is like God». Amen.

I am giving you now travelling angels on your way back. Oh, sons, sons, keep the angels together with you! Make room for them near you! They are from heaven. This is how you are also supposed to be. This is how you are to be, because man was built by God. Amen.

The angels sound the trumpet; they always sound and they sound it loud and they set to watch and to great work over the Romanian people for the spirit of truth and for the battle for it. Amen.

May the spirit of angelic feast remain upon you! Peace to you! I am the Lord, Jesus Christ. Only those who are gentle and humble in their heart know Me by this word and receive Me as their Teacher. Not even two thousand years ago have I worked otherwise the teaching of My word over those who needed God.

Oh, stay close to this spring, you those who have tasted it and seen that the Lord is good. Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.