2011.05.15 — The Word of God on the fourth Sunday after Passover, of the paralytic

The Word of God[1] on the fourth Sunday after Passover, of the paralytic[2]

I am the Lord Teacher, the Lord, Jesus Christ, and all the time I have to teach those who are God’s sons on earth and I have to give them power to be My sons, for they have to work much in order to keep their birth from above, because the devil, God’s adversary, is very much against those who are Mine and who listen to Me, but I am their Teacher and I have always strengthened their power and faith with power in it, for against their faith, the enemy hosts, visible and invisible, known and unknown, fight in every way possible, and I always have to cut short their time of rebellion, because if I have not always shortened it, no one would be with God on earth any longer.

I am staying again as a Teacher into your mist, people of My word. If My Father works, I work too, I work for Him, I work in a good field and I also work in a bad field to be able to seed upon it, and behold how wonderful My work is into your midst, the seed of My word, son! I work with much word to make a field for Me, to refresh it and to grind it so that I may be able to sow My seed in it and then to make it spring, to grow it and to bring forth fruit, but the enemy always finds new powers by the spirit of the world over the men’s souls and then destroys and pulls My crop out, for there are few watchmen for it, and there are so many enemies. Always, I always have to shorten their time and their evil work, but at least the man helps Me in My hard work for his salvation from his enemy, who has got his poison, the spirit of the world, and the man is weak before this temptation and there is no one to strengthen his watch and his love for his Salvation. I am his Savior, but the man does not have love and the absence of it brings about pains, tears and sigh.

Oh, I have been teaching you, My people, the work of love, to learn well and to have good knowledge of it, and you should show its fruit to God, son, for without it, man is nothing before Me, and it, if it is at all, makes the man take after Me, not after man, and it makes him see and understand and then it makes him capable of doing it, only that much watch is needed so that this heavenly work in man may not wither, as it is from heaven and man is from the earth, into the midst of the spirit of the world, which blows everywhere.

Oh, shall I not come and teach you from Me on this day, My people son? Man needs much teaching and he always has, and let he who seeks Me find Me on your table of word, for I have revealed Myself here, where I am, and I reveal Myself to those who look for Me here. Two thousand years ago, I worked examples about Me every way possible for man to see what God does and what man does, what the Lord can and what man cannot do, for I stopped near the pool that was healing anyone who went down in it for his healing by a healing angel and I found a thirty-eight years old paralytic and he had no one, poor of him, there was no one to take him down into the water at the arriving of the healing angel. I went close to him and asked him: «Do you want to be made well?» And then he, who was sick, answered Me: «Sir[3], I have not one to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up, but while I’m coming, another steps down before me». And then I said to him, «Arise, take up your mat, and walk». (John: 5/6–7) There was no one to help this man, who was suffering very much, for each one was taking care of his own sick, and I went to help the helpless one after the healing angel passed. Oh, there was no man to help him, oh, there is no one to really help the man, and I come down from heaven, from My Father, to help the man, and I look at the rulers over the people’s souls to recognize My work and My word making of new man over man. However, did I not say through the Scriptures that the new birth of the world will come from the heaven, that the time of the renewal of the world will come?

Behold, those who sit in the name of God over people do not wait for the fulfillment of the Scriptures. As two thousand years ago, the rulers over the people, who persecuted Me and sought to kill Me because I healed the sick from his long sickness, oh, in the same way are those of today; they do not recognize Me, they do not love the word of life, and they always find „a knot in a rush” to remain unfaithful, but I tell them as to those at that time: «My Father is still working, so I am working, too». (John: 5/17) Oh, they did not want Me to be the Son of the Father, and that is why they said that I pretended to be the Son of God and that they had a reason to kill Me, defending the Father against Me.

Oh, people without help in your weaknesses, without a man to help you, here it is what the rulers who sit over your souls do! You do not have a man to show you My healing spring for your lives, and when I come to help you to do you good, to make you a way and to make the light on the way to your Good from heaven, then come those with an unfaithful Jewish soul, they come into your way and cut your way, and they tell you that I am not God’s Son, Who speaks over the earth to wake the dead from the tombs, and they say that it is only a lie the way of My calling after man today to give him healing and to take the death away from him, for I told to the paralytic and with power I told him: «Take up your mat, and walk!» (John: 5/11) Oh, if I were not God’s Son, would the sick man arise at My word spoken upon him? Moreover, I showed him that he was sick because of his sins and then I told him: «Sin no more, so that nothing worse happens to you». (v. 14). And then he walked on his feet, which I made new again for him. He walked to the Jews who were persecuting Me and told them that I, Jesus, healed him and raised him healed, and because this happened on a day of Sabbath, they looked for fault with Me to spread out disbelief over those who wanted to see with faith and to believe in Me, in My power from the Father for healing over the sinful man and sick because of sin.

Oh, people without help for the weakness that are upon you and who have no one to help you, I am the same today too, as I was two thousand years ago. I am and I keep working and I am Who I am, and I am coming to raise you up from your weaknesses and to strengthen the faith of those who believe and to give from it to those who do not believe, to give them power to believe, and that they become God’s sons, by the power of faith, by the love of God, after they have felt My power and love for man.

Oh, the power of faith is great; the man who can put in man faith with power in My word of today and yesterday is great as well! I am the same yesterday and today; I am the One without beginning and without end and I am Who I am and that is why I can work. When I told Moses to speak to those who were unfaithful that I am Who I am and I was the One Who was sending him to them because they were holding captive My people, they hardened their heart even more and turned their back to the great signs made into their midst by My power through the prophet Moses, through My messenger to them. However, I stood powerfully before them and accomplished My work and took out the people in bondage and brought it into the country of his parents, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then I destroyed those who were not faithful, for it is written: «As dust is scattered by the wind from the surface of the earth, so the way of the unfaithful perishes».

Oh, My people, so much nourished from heaven, oh, son, you should stay awake for the faith, for I stand into your midst and I teach you all the time because I gave you the birth from above by My word. Any mother takes care of her child with all her care and love, and she always watch over him and she always teaches, nourishes him and works much for his life. This is how I also watch upon you and feed you and I clothe you within expensive clothes, and those who are not faithful see and know your beauty and trouble their heart in hostility to you, well, My people. Oh, you should not believe when they say that they do not understand, those who rule upon the people’s souls. No, you should not believe that; however, they are guilty towards Me for their souls and for those upon whom they reign, and as the Jews two thousand years ago, they want to stand in front, to have honor, because they are afraid of the One Who is in the heavens, because their greed for glory and because the lack of the fear of God in many of them makes them not receive Me from you when I give Myself to them and I give Myself to the man to My glory with him and to his healing from sin. Oh, I stay with My kingdom to the man’s ear, to the man’s mouth to give it to him and in such a way that it may be his homeland after that, and the man does not want to be the son of the heavenly homeland, and rather he wants to be with his temporariness, which does not give his salvation. However, I keep teaching you all the time and I stay forever with you and I teach you, and I am your Teacher, son, for man needs God as much as he does not understand this mystery, the mystery of his life, which is from God in man.

I want to come near man and I want to heal him, and those who rule over people, those with a Jewish soul, put Me away from the man’s mind and heart when I am coming now to sit down as the word of man’s creation, in order to establish the Scripture of the renewal of the world, and to tell those who are not faithful that they will not remain, and that only I will remain, as I am Who I am. I am working as two thousand years ago, and that if My Father is working then I am also working; I am working for the Father and I am working for man as well, and I keep working. Oh, man, you should also work, for he who does not work like Me, behold, he does not eat and remains hungry, and the one who does not work dies with the food near him.

I have also taught you on this day, oh, My people, and I am resting while I stay into your midst to work. Oh, take care of the eye of the faith, son! The eyes of the body are very limited, they see only the visible things, but the eye of the faith has much and wide sight and it brings with it those that are not seen and together with Me it goes with the faithful one, and it prepares a high reward for his faith, which sees God’s invisible things sharply, and which the Lord has built for man and they are; and as for you, My people, you have to bring into view those that are not seen of your Maker and theirs, for I have come with you from the Father in heaven to work and to push aside the dividing curtain so that the glory of God’s invisible things may appear, son, and which he eye of faith perceives and works them always; and the faithful one on earth works for them because the faithful ones are God’s sons and with them the Lord works on earth the glory of the heavenly homeland, the homeland of the faithful ones. Amen.

Oh, with much decency, put the eye of your faith to the great work, My people, the eye which passes the boundary and has the sight of God’s invisible things, the glory of the heavenly homeland, which waits at the border, and they wait with great faith, the faith of God’s sons, the gift for Me from them, so that I, the Lord, may give Myself over to them with all My glory from My Father, with My glory from eternity, My glory for them and then upon them. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

[3] Greek — can also mean “Lord”.