2010.09.21 — The Word of God at the feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother

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The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Birth of the Lord’s Mother[2]

I am coming down on earth as the word of man’s making, for it is written for Me to come again. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ and I am coming again, and I Myself am speaking with man and I am invisible, for I am surrounded by the angelic hosts without a body, as I ascended to the Father when I departed from My disciples, for a cloud of angels hid Me from their face, and an angelic voice told: «This Jesus will come back, as you saw Him going to the Father». (See also Acts 1/11) (See the selection topic: „He comes the same way as He ascended: He comes with the clouds”, r.n.)

I become word of My coming to man and of the man’s coming to Me and I dwell into the midst of a people that I have been preparing during these days for My glory, and My glory is becoming word and is given further through its sharers, (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.) through its heirs, and it is not given to anyone who has to share with the people the news of My coming to be believed, My word of today and the man’s calling to Me. Oh, it is not for anyone who has to do this, but only those to whom I, the Lord, tell them to preach Me, and by their own life and stature to show Me and then to preach Me, and the one who gives news about Me that I am into the midst of a people speaking over the earth does not have to be alone, but he who sanctifies himself to become the messenger of the coming of God’s Son, Who is coming again for the living and for the dead to give each one according to his work, needs holy companions. Amen.

Oh, My people, I dwell into your midst as word and feast of word, because My mother the Virgin is celebrated by the hosts of saints and angels and by the nations in heaven and on earth, and I embrace My mother and become word for her, and she becomes word for Me, because it is a holy feast and My word is angelic food, the food of the saints and angels, oh, sons, and the man’s food should be likewise, oh, likewise, because it is written: «Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God». (Matt. 4/4) Oh, if man wanted to do like that, then he would understand My coming of today in the word. It is not possible for man to desire, to receive My word, to understand it and to believe it if he does not love My grace upon him, that is holiness, without which no one knows and sees God, neither in word, nor by sight and nor in the creatures, but those who fulfill Me in them, they, oh, only they know Me by this word and receive Me, for this coming of Mine is true, but you, man, do not read the Scriptures to know, that it is written in them that My coming is as sure as the dawn when it comes and appears over the earth and it fills it with light and then with sun, and all grow on earth under My eyes and they are given to the people to invite them to know God and to thank Him for all His gifts for man.

Oh, mother Virgin, the angels, the saints and the people bless and praise you, mother, as it is a holy feast on this day that reminds of your birth on earth among people, born of a barren mother, overshadowed and gifted by God for your birth. It is not written in the Scriptures about your birth, but where is it written about it? Oh, it is written in the history, mother, in the history of your life and of your time, as in all the time the history has been written on earth, as the Scriptures were written, mother, but there was no more room in them as much as was written about God’s history with people and of His works on earth and in heaven. The man has got used to calling Scripture only the book on which this name is written, but the Scriptures are big, mother; they are vast both until Me and after Me, and in those Scriptures you are as well with your childhood, with your holiness, with your love, with your faith, with your life at the temple of prayer, mother, with My birth from you, oh, My mother Virgin and forever Virgin. (See: The Gospel of James[3] — The story about the birth of the Most Blessed Mother of God and forever Virgin, r.n.). And from you and up to this day many Scriptures have been written, mother, and many places, many people, and many heavenly works upon people have been blessed, and many saints for heaven have raised from among the people and multiplied the number of My church and their life was written in the Scriptures of the time, for each one of them has become My church to dwell in it, I and My angels and My saints, I and you, mother, We and the Father, oh, Mother Virgin, church of God’s sons and yours!

The Father has sent Me to you as seed from heaven in you to grow it into your virgin body and to be born of you a little baby, and I was made of your body and blood, mother, and your mystery with Me and My mystery with you on earth and in heaven are great, but the man is not wise enough to reach down with it and to understand those from above by the humility of his spirit, mother, and man does not know the heaven on earth, and the heaven above does not know him either, for he eats only bread, poor of him and he does not know of the angelic food, of the word that comes out of My mouth, of every word that comes from God to feed the people with it as the angels and the saints eat of it, mother.

Oh, what a table, mother, what a praised table, with all the saints and angels at it in the time when I speak and set the table of word here on earth, into the midst of My people! Only those who are wise believe and understand My word, and those who work the lawlessness do not understand mother; they do not understand anything and keep on minding their own food, that is lawlessness, mother; however, it is written into the Scriptures that many will search My book of today and will thoroughly look into it, and only those who are wise will understand it, (See the selection topic: „About the Book of the Lamb — The Book of Life”, r.n.) and those that work lawlessness will not understand anything, and it happens with them what Isaiah prophesied when he said: «For if you give to them to read they say that they are not learned or that they do not understand or that it is sealed». (See Is. 29/11) And this is how they remain what they are, blind to God and unfaithful, and this is how they finish their journey on earth, mother.

However, now We have become word of feast and put it on the table of your day as food, My mother, for it is angelic food, and the heaven and the earth together take of the table of My coming on earth as word again sent from the Father to man, mother. Amen.

Oh, what a sweet time with You into the midst of the people of Your word made up of Your sweet word and fed in this way and what a bad time is beyond these boundaries, Son Lord! Oh, what will do the one who was clothed and put within this mystery, and then he got bored with it and looked for it outside, Lord Son? Oh, what did he really look for? Silence or peace? Justice or rest? Oh, woe to those who have not complied with the burden of Your coming, with this great mystery and borne with fear and great obedience of saints and angels, so wonderful from heaven to earth, wanted for seven thousand years to come and to be, and borne by the angels to work it for the living and for the dead between heaven and earth!

Oh, people born of the word of my Son, Jesus Christ, see how you stay, always search out your conduct face to face with this great mystery, which gave you birth to be God’s tabernacle on earth during these days. You should always, always take and eat the food of the angels and of the saints, for the heaven joined the earth in your time with the Lord on earth and my Son is invisible and clothed with the angelic hosts into your midst speaking over the earth and the Lord has made you His messenger to the people and the people come to you to take from your table with the Lord, and like the Bridegroom coming out of his chamber, the Lord comes out from your midst to the people and He calls out from the door of your tent so that the people may hear Him, so that they may come, take, understand and then become God’s sons by the heard word and by faith and love, for love heals the man from sin and brings mercy to him and then forgiveness and resurrection.

Oh, Son, Emmanuel, the child put by the Father as seed of the Holy Spirit in my virgin womb to grow in it as a child to be born, a body made up of my flesh and blood by the power of the Father Sabaoth! Oh, how much grace embraces a forgiven sinner and how much love rules upon him after he tastes of Your grace, of Your truth, Lord! Oh, how much gratitude shows You the one seized with Your mercy and forgiveness from You, from Your sanctifying grace! How much patience, how much humility rules then upon the one who unites with You by forgiveness and by love with the help of the spirit of repentance, such a sweet spirit in the one who bears it!

He who grieves or gets cruel in times of trial or in time of rebuke, that one does not know what love and its beneficial and sanctifying work are, and the lack of love among brothers has to be healed, Lord, because the mystery of Your Gospel about the love among brothers is great. Oh, where was the love between the two brothers, who separated when the father opened up his fatherly arms to meet the prodigal son, a time that destroyed his body and soul? On the day of his repentance, the heart of the son who remained near his father hardened and his love of brother was put to test, because he thought that his father did injustice to him and thus he hardened his heart and his face fell, and here it is how the heart of the man works, when he sees how it is given the reward that he thinks he has the right to it. Oh, love is not like that; it does not do such things! It is not that which receives, but it is that which gives and it is given, and how the father with the two of his sons was supposed to be when the love, the mercy and the forgiveness of his heart were put to test on the day when the son who remained home rebelled because of the forgiveness of his brother?

Oh, how badly Israel treated You, oh, my Son, when You came to it bearing the burden of all the sinners and lost people, child born of my virgin body and then put on the cross by those who did not receive You to forgive the burden of their sins! Oh, they were afraid of You that you would take their right of inheritance and they showed their wickedness and their heart burdened with greed and sins, and then they have been afraid all the time, from then and up to this time, so that another people, which You have elected from among the nations of the world to show Your mercy on it, may take their place, and thus they have been struggling all the time for precedence among nations and even today Israel is ruthless and hard in its heart and work; however, You have a mysterious word and You perfect Yourself by it over the earth and You give birth and grow a new people, a new Israel, an invincible kingdom, the kingdom of the heavens with the people, the Christian people full of the spirit and body of holiness, Lord, a nation newly-born of Your new word and to whom You put Your new name on its head: the Word of God, Your word of today, which gives birth to a new people (See the selection topic: Romania — The New Jerusalem — The New Canaan”, r.n.) and which You will be to feed with the food of the angels, and not anyone is supposed to preach Your great work of Your word, because not anyone speaks this word to be given to the people, but only by those whom You call and teach and then You send them to become an example of Your kingdom among people, for You cannot be born otherwise in people. Oh, let the bad man not set down to take Your word to preach it, because You do this, for those who are sent are those who become an example of Your kingdom in them, and it shines from them and the people ask about it at its sight, as they also wonder when they see the people of Your word, which has become Your house of coming so that You may come and speak on earth, Lord Son. Oh, glory of Your coming now, and up to the day of all fulfillments! My comfort for You was my word. My speaking with You and with Your people was my comfort and Yours and his, oh, my Son, my Son Emmanuel. Amen.

Oh, mother, oh, mother, I suffer from those who hurt you, from those who despise you, and they do not need a more severe punishment. I made up My body of your flesh and blood, and then I came out of to the people on earth, I invited them to come to Me and to the Father, and I became their food. I gave them My body and blood as food and I told them to be holy after that, as I was, for those who take Me as their life become one with Me. Woe to those who trade with God for their benefit! I have given Myself by sufferance on the cross to man as food and I have not asked anything from anyone but only love and holiness for My place in man, and I have told the man to come back to Me and I have also told those who lost their adoption: “Come back, children fallen from faith, for I have become one with you and I have made you My people, and I will heal your disobedience!” Oh, those who sanctified themselves became saints for Me and then they cried for their sins all their life, because they were thinking about My sufferance from their sins and about My endurance for them and they did not have the courage to hope for their forgiveness anyhow, but rather they gave everything for it; everything that they were still able to give to God with their life after that, and they did not give anything to the devil but were wiping out with every passing day, more and more their evil works from the book of the devil and they were making their place into the book of life by everything they worked and were, by their prayer and humility, and so many forgiven sinners were filled with grace and My grace in them worked great miracles; however, today, man does no longer know to put his hope in God, and he hopes only in man and he does not get ready for Me, but he gets ready only for his old age, poor of him, and he puts his hope in his pension for his old age and not in God, and not in the poverty for his salvation. Oh, there has been no saint to have a pension (retirement pension, r.n.) on earth, but they only have had God instead and no one has expected anything from man, but only from God. I say this because I suffer from the sinful and weak hope of the man who gets ready for his old age with his fallen mind, putting his hope in hard days and needs for his life. Oh, how much I suffer when I see how little man gets ready for heaven, how little he prepares to meet Me, for his self-denial and for the hope prepared for him in heaven and which would prepare his life in heaven! The heaven comes down on earth and man chooses the whole earth and I suffer from such a low falling of the man’s mind, who worries and keeps worrying of all his passing days, and behold, only those who are wise know to unite with God, to understand and to have the Lord as their guide, life and care. Oh, if you knew, man, what days are coming, you would not want them to come, but you would stay only with My day, only with My time, only with My coming, because no one will give you anything, anything, soon, soon. (See the selection topic: „The great tribulation”, r.n.) Oh, what shall I do to you if you put your hope in the time, in the man who passes away and who is no longer? Oh, how shall I really teach you anymore, to get you used to My kingdom, not to that on earth, not to that from man?

Now, I am finishing with My word of today and I am sealing with My name My table of word for the feast of My mother the Virgin and I leave My blessing on your head, My people, and I always refresh you with the exhortation from above: stay close to Me that I may get warmed from you, and I will take care of everything for you, from heaven and from hearth, and thus to be able to work for each other.

I, the Lord, Jesus Christ, set My name upon My word, over God’s Word, My new name. Amen.

And you, mother Virgin, My mother Virgin, be comforted with My work of word between Me and My people, word that becomes angelic food, the food of the saints and of the angels, and which I, the Lord, give to the people as food, mother, and those that work lawlessness will not understand this, but only those that sanctify themselves, only those who are wise and holy will understand, and they will walk in the ways of love, on the way with a living spring on it, on My way of today with man, the way of My coming again from the Father to man with food of word, angelic food for man. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

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