2009.05.17 — The Word of God on the fifth Sunday after Passover, of the Samaritan woman

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The Word of God[1] on the fifth Sunday after Passover, of the Samaritan woman[2]

The Lord is coming on the earth as word and He announces Himself coming and speaking over the people of His word from the midst of the Romanian nation. Hosts of saints and angels are coming with Him and sitting down into the midst of His people, faithful to His coming of yesterday and today. Amen.

I, the Lord, am the One Who announces Myself with My coming down to you, My today’s people. I am coming with the saints; we are coming carried by the angels and we make a stop within a heavenly feast at the well of the meeting, worked by Me first by the word, and then set here, in My courts for My people near the spring, My today’s people, on which I rely with My works for My coming on the earth to man, a people which I love with great love and I protect it with godly care to have it and to rely on it within joys and pains, in My work and in My rest. Amen.

Peace to you, My people near the spring! I make a halt of word for the feast of the well of the meeting and which has from Me the Samaritan woman as its protecting angel, with whom I, the Lord, spoke at Jacob’s well, and whom I turned into a messenger apostle of My coming from that time from the Father to man, who was believed by those who knew from the Scriptures that I would come on the earth for the man’s salvation. Oh, sons, on this feast we need little cups and benches at the well for the saints and for their Lord and yours, and the Lord is sitting with His saints and you within a great mystery and He gives you of His Spirit, and you should take and share with those who drink of My spring of word and with all the people who do not apply themselves to believing and to become God’s sons by faith, by love and by their sacrificing for My coming on to the earth, because it is the time of My coming for the living and for the dead, and those in the graves hear and are comforted at My voice full of resurrection and relief for them, (See the selection topic: „The dead hear My voice”, r.n.) because this work of word is for the resurrection of the dead first, and it is for the raising from the dead of those who are in their body and who do not look up to heaven until I, the Lord, call them to see and to cry out from their pains to Me so that I may lift them up afterwards, as I raised the Samaritan woman on the day when I met her at Israel’s well.

Oh, what great relief, what great comfort for those who are asleep within their body is the work of My word upon you, My today’s people of My word! For them there is no longer any other help but My word in these days and everything that comes up to Me from you for their remembrance, as I have taught you to remember them all, from Adam and up to My coming, born on the earth and then set for the waiting of their resurrection through Me, the One resurrected from the dead for each man and the One Who is sounding the trumpet now for their waking up, because it is written in the Scriptures that those in the graves will hear My voice and get up to their reward, good or bad, but I have come now on to the earth to relieve the reward of the man’s sins and to give comfort to those who are asleep, for more than the living ones, those who are asleep hear My voice of today and are coming together near the spring and they are without number, and little by little they have prepared themselves for their waking up, and many of them will confess My work of yesterday and today, as it was two thousand years ago, when I got up from the dead and once with Me many were resurrected and confessed, confirming My divinity and resurrection, (Mat: 27/52–53[3],About these see Gospel of Nicodemus: Part II. — The Descent of Christ into Hell, r.n.), in such a way that the people remained in the faith that I am the One Who is and that I am alive forever and ever, as it is written. (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.)

Oh, I would stay longer time with you in this day, My people, and I would teach you; I would always, always teach you, and most of all, I would teach you to love instruction, because if you do not love it, then you learn from you, from your mind, and it is not good in this way for man, but it is bad for him this, and he who does not take from God for him, then he is without God. Oh, you shall not grow weary with My staying with you, son. If I stay with you, then what else should I do but always teach you, always teach you for those that are from above for man on the earth? Oh, people do the same for the people; however, the man takes from him and gives to another man and the man feeds another man with those in man, good and evil, and this is how it has been happening with the man time by time, for after the man fell from his good that I meant for him at his creation, he has no longer denied himself, but rather he has always denied Me, for this is how the man has got used to doing even from his beginning. Oh, and when I hear that he has got mind and gifts from God within him, then I break Myself under mourning from man and I stay small under his mind and I do not have any steps toward him, and he does not have for Me either, and My mourning from man is great, and I would teach you very much when I come to speak to you on the feasts, My people, on the feasts at least, for he who does not learn from Me, then he learns from himself and that is why the man dies, the man always dies, and I cry and cry for man and from man and I do not have any comfort in My mourning.

I met the Samaritan woman at the Israel’s well and I spoke with her on the earth as in heaven, not as on earth, and I helped her to know how to speak with Me and then to know Me by My speaking with her, and I spoke with her in parables and I gave her power to understand, because she had faith in Me and in My coming, and that is why I decided to meet her at that well and not anywhere else, and I told her that he who drank of the water I was giving him would never thirst, and she was always asking Me to give her.

Oh, My people, he who takes teaching from Me, that one does no longer thirst after sin, and this is how I did with the Samaritan woman with whom I spoke at the well then. I gave her water, I gave her of My word, and with it I watered her, and the spirit of My word seized her and made her faith wake up and then she went with her faith and woke up her city to Me and the Samaritan people knew that I was the Messiah sent by the Father, as it was written in the Scriptures to come. Oh, this is how I am revealing Myself today too, to those with whom I am speaking during these days on the earth. I am speaking with the man of today as I did with the Samaritan woman and I am giving him to drink of My water, for I have come on the earth to give the man to drink from Me and no longer to drink from him, for if he drinks all the time from him, then he does no longer come to know Me, to preach Me and then to follow Me up to heaven, as the Samaritan woman followed Me from the Israel’s well and up there in heaven. (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.)

Oh son taught by God, let the man on the earth take My exhortation upon you and thirst after My teaching, after My water! One day I told those through whom I made My coming in the word, I told them about humility and pride, to know what these do in man. Oh, son, learn from Me, for I am humble and gentle in My heart because I am God and this is what I want the man to be too; I want him to be like Me and then I want to rejoice over him, over the one who takes after Me, for the man does not rejoice over another man’s prosperity, and that one is a sick man, if he does like that. Oh, son, oh, you should not make your way over anyone, but rather make your room in everyone! This is what it does you good and to all those around you. This is the humility, which makes man beautiful and dear. If the man does not have humility, then he has got pride, and this is what stands against humility, and if he does not have pride, then he has got humility and this is what stands against pride, and this is what you have to know, man, that the Lord is coming to you and is telling you to know in this way.

Oh, My people, the Samaritan woman had humility in her and that is why she had the gift of faith in her, and I came into her way and gave her of My water, of My teaching. Look at her in this day at the spring of the meeting well, accompanied by male and female martyrs, of confessors and of the apostles in My gardens of today, and I, the Lord, in their midst, and everyone with you at My table of word, and the Samaritan woman speaking with you from among the saints, My people.

Oh, may your speaking with My people of today be blessed, confessing martyr. I, the Lord, make your entrance at My table of word in your day of feast, and you will be like Me, with a spirit of teaching over My people and over man. Amen, amen, amen.

You deserve much greatness, Lord, for You are wonderful among Your saints and among them in heaven and on earth! Your meeting with me at the well of Israel then gave me Your word full of Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit embraced me in You, Your Spirit, Lord, I am speaking to Your people of today about You and about me, and let him them hear and learn.

I was only weakness, poor of me, oh, sons of the Lord on the earth today, but I had a strong and beautiful faith in me, and with it I was waiting for the Messiah’s coming, according to what I knew and believed from the Scriptures, and all of a sudden, the Lord made me one of His apostles, sending me to do this, to preach Him as His coming on the earth, Messiah sent by the Father to man. Oh, make your faith perfect, for only and only by the man’s faith the Lord has been able to do His works. Do not wait to be holy in order to follow Him and to help Him to come, but rather believe in him, and He will make you like Him, as He made me, and then I went and preached Him to my entire house, to my entire city. Then I always cried with fear for the reward of my sins and this came from His grace to me, and I clung with my entire faith to Him and to His confession and I paid for my sins atoning on the earth by martyr sufferings, I and my entire house, and I was His apostle, confessing Him as a martyr of His name.

Oh, seek with longing after Him, you, sons of men, so that He may forgive your past sins! Come to the spring of His word of today and learn from it! No one is able to sanctify himself until he first believes, and he who does not sanctify himself he is the one who does not believe in Him. Oh, do not mock, do not laugh at the sinful ones, because you will fall worse than them; however you shall never scorn those with whom the Lord are pleased or you will suffer without being comforted, for the Lord’s graces are unthinkable and you do not know where He can make His dwelling place among you! Oh, a humble sinner who sees his weakness is worth more than a haughty righteous man who sees the sin of his neighbor, despising him without knowing his love and tear in him, which come from the humility of his heart, sweet and painful for his weakness, as I also was on the earth, and the Lord spoke to the people: «Do not judge before the Lord does!», for each man is judged in some way, according to his heart, good or bad in him. Oh, learn to pray and you will see the Lord’s graces helping you! Pray in the morning, pray in the evening, pray in the middle of the night and stay with a mourning soul, asking the protecting little angel to help you and speak to him like this: oh, my little good angel, little angel of my life, lift me up from my sin for I am weak and feeble and you are my help, my protector and caretaker. Help me not to perish, for the sin overcomes me; raise me, the fallen one, from under it, the one followed by perdition, and always give me your hand for the great name of Jesus Christ, Who forgives the sins of the world, according to His grace when the man humbles himself for his weakness. Amen.

Oh, Lord, teach them on my day of remembrance as You also taught me, while receiving, You filled me then with Your grace. Oh, turn back to their faith those who want to step out of Your little boat, that with sons in it, and teach them not to blame, not to make excuses by blaming, for he who blames falls. Teach them to forgive, teach them to love and to believe, for You seek after faith with man in order to give him his salvation then, as You also gave mine when so gentle and so warm You treated me for my faith in you! Then You taught me to drink of Your water so that I might never go thirsty and You gave me power to do so and in such a way that You may come with me from place to place and to be able to set You within the people in my city, and then I served You and I was happy in my work for You and then in my sufferance by which I was confessing You. May Your people of today give You great honor into its midst and give to them Your comfort to those who are broken under the blows, for the lack of faith is fed with doubt, and doubt comes in man from pride and then that man persecutes by the spirit of his haughtiness, by his lack of wisdom in his works before You, the One Who knows to work over the sinners and over the righteous, but more righteous are those who are faithful, Lord, and the simple man does not know who Your righteous ones are, who those who love You are. Glory to You by Your word full of grace, and great joy to Your saints in my day of feast, for I have come to a halt at the well and I have drunk of it with Your saints and we mysteriously are sitting at Your table of word with You, and then peace over the sons and daughters of Your people! Oh, let the sons and daughters of Your people learn the wisdom of Your today’s word, which says: sons, you shall not make your way upon anyone, but you shall make room in all, for this is the humility that makes the man beautiful and dear. Amen.

Oh, learn from the Lord; learn from His saints in a day of teaching, sons and daughters of the school from above for you! Love peace, take it from the Lord within you, and among you and you will learn His humility from Him. Amen.

Lord, bless the entrance and the exit of Your saints, for we are coming with You, You are our way and comfort, and You are the eternal One, and there where You are, there we, Your saints, are as well. Amen, amen, amen.

Peace to you, those coming from heaven with Me and with the spirit of confession! Peace to you and peace to My people on the earth! There is a great need of peace on the earth and into the midst of My today’s people, and My peace with it is a great mystery, for the devil has put forth his strength against the work of My coming of word on the earth and he tries to put down to the earth those who are sitting at My table.

Oh, My people, stand firm in your faith, for the time is coming with a great shake over you and it is the time of mourning after those who may want to fall out of My little boat, of My love for man, for I have come from the Father to the man with a little boat of salvation, but man is like man and does not want to listen when I ask him this, as he says that he can or that I can work for him if he does not listen, oh, and he does not know My steps when I come towards him to help him, as I have done in all the times, when I have given the man life and way for him on the earth and then in heaven.

Oh, My people, I want to make this mound from My spring into My way to the people, and for the people to Me, and that is why I ask for obedience, for there is a great order in heaven, and so it should be within My places with you, and there it should not be as on earth with you. Oh, how beautiful it will be on My hill with you and I want to come closer with My will, but I need love and obedience so that My people may work with Me and for Me, accompanied by angels, during these days of My work on the earth, for I draw new little souls to Me, because I want to have more than what the man has, to have more than the man has.

I will calm down the whole opposition that gets up to stand against My way and we will go and not stand still, sons, and you, those who cry for Me and with Me, wipe out your tears, which I have always seen with you, and be comforted in hardships and from evil speaking upon you from those who have come back and still want to turn their back to Me and to you, and for whom I lift up what I have given them, if they do so; I lift up their faith, their love and wisdom from above, if they did not want these for My service with them and theirs with Me, by My spring of word and not otherwise, for those who have turned their back are revengeful then because of their stubbornness which falls upon them because of the heartlessness of their faith, and behold an oppressing tear on My Spirit because I have asked by My servants a little soul who knew and loved My work with you and who was with you in his heart, and I prayed him asking him for help and he did not want to listen to Me, for fear that he would listen to you and not Me, and it was set up in this way by those who do not want Me upon them, and they exhorted him to turn his back at My request upon him, and I was very much aggrieved and cried much in heaven and on earth, and I have come down to you with this pain, children of pain bearing for God and here it is what I am saying now: I will also work likewise for those who turn their back to Me when I ask them for a little glass of water on My way with you. As they helped Me when I asked them, in the same manner I will help them, and each and every one makes this measure, and not I. Amen.

Oh, the man does not know a greater opposition especially when I am under the mysterious veil when I come into the man’s way to test his love, his dedication and its love! This is how I will give him, to the one who opposes to give Me when I ask from him, and we will work likewise for one another. As the man gives Me, likewise I will deal with him, for this is how he teaches Me to do, and I am the Lord of justice. Amen.

Oh, do not worry, sons, no, no. I support you mysteriously for My work with you, and I make My way near you with My entire help and I smooth My way against all man’s opposition, as for a long time I wanted and want to make it beautifully and more and more beautifully on My places with you, sanctified by My word for My glory, but the man’s disbelief stands against Me and his opposition puts pressure on Me when I do no longer know how to do and to speak up My word and to be able to fulfill it then through all this hard time for faith and obedience from man. Oh, even by this time, I have not wanted to fall under punishment those who have struck into My glory, and not in you, on My way with you during all the time of My dwelling with you, but blasphemy, disbelief and doubt have become firm in those who are strong by them and then they have become deed with punishment for those who have struck like that, and look back and see how many of these have earned their pain and destruction.

Oh, who is like the Samaritan woman, sons? Who else believes like her during these days, knowing Me as she knew Me at the well of Israel, listening to Me as I told her and humbling herself in such a way that her humility might be able to make her into a great apostle of Christ over her city in an instant? Now, here it is how hard man listens to Me, for he says that I am not, and he also says that I appeared to the Samaritan woman in My body. Oh, but now I am in spirit and at that time I said that I would go to the Father and he who would sin against the Holy Spirit, Who came into his way to put his faith to test, that one would also draw upon himself that which I spoke against[4] this sin. Amen.

Oh, My people, do not forget My exhortation of today! You shall not make any place upon anyone, but you should rather make room in all, as this is how the humility makes the man beautiful and dear! Give Me place, make way for Me, not for you, for I am the way, only for the man to want to receive Me and know Me! I will always be with you, My people, and I will make My way for you and with you, for only I am the One Who brings good to you and you should be the one that listens like My child, and you will be My kingdom, and I will be your homeland, the homeland of the little ones, of those who love to be little children, the homeland from heaven on the earth for those who become My heaven, My rest on the earth, the kingdom waited for ages and wanted to be, and I, the Lord, and My heaven of saints and angels will fulfill, and soon, soon, I will be on the earth with My homeland, with My kingdom, and with it I will give forth light from near and from far away, and it is the new creature in man, God in man, in many and in however many they might be, and they will be the homeland of the heaven on the earth, the homeland which is coming, the homeland from above. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

[3] «The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised and came out of the tombs after His resurrection. (They entered into the holy city and appeared to many).» (Mat: 27/52, 53)

[4] «Therefore, I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.

Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, neither in this age, nor in the one which is to come.» (Mat: 12/31, 32.)