2009.01.19 — The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism[2]

The voice of the Lord is that which speaks and becomes a river of word over the earth. The river of life is called My word, which has been flowing from My mouth during these days, and he who drinks of if never thirsts after anything but only after God. Amen.

I come down on earth with a feast of Epiphany. I come into the book as word, and through it I sit on the throne and reign, for the throne which I sit on as king with a kingdom that does not fall is the heart of the faithful man, who fulfills the commandment of God’s love. This is how I was King, and this is how I am King today, for My kingdom with man is not as on earth, and it is on earth as in heaven. Amen.

Peace to you, those who set for Me the word spoken by My mouth! When My mouth speaks, your ears open and this is how I come into the book, and like a good Shepherd I pasture the nations with this rod, and I touch with it the waters in a day of Epiphany and I put in them the Holy Spirit to the cleansing of the faithful man, for My word is the shepherding iron, and I clean with it the man’s heart and I give Myself to him and sit on the throne and reign, and this is how I have a kingdom on earth, and I am the King of those who love Me and give themselves to Me as My kingdom, and I am the Shepherd King.

Peace to you, children from the gates! Set Me into the book to shepherd those who come to the water of Epiphany, to shepherd those that do not come and those who will be hearing My word of Shepherd, through which I baptize the man’s heart with the baptism of the Holy Spirit to give birth to the man, for the man is born from below. And now, behold, I am shepherding. Amen.

Oh, take heed, take heed, you those who understand through My gift upon man, and you, those who do not understand God’s dwelling with man, My kingdom with those who know God! Take heed and cry out to God to open up your ears and then your mind to understand God on earth as in heaven with His kingdom and then with His will, for two thousand years ago, I taught My disciples to ask from God that My kingdom and My will to be done on earth as in heaven.

Take heed, you, those who are faithful, and you, those who are not faithful to My word of today! Those who take heed at of My word from the beginning, preached by the prophets, and that from two thousand years ago, that one is the who pays attention to My word of today, for he is only for the faithful ones, and let the unfaithful humble themselves and call Me to come towards them and to reveal Myself to them and they to ask Me to go to My Father to intercede for them to send them their salvation from faith, for this sin leads the man to the lack of watchfulness, and it leads him to the darkness. Oh, learn from Me, learn what the word ”church” means. If the teachers who stay upon you do not teach you this, then come near that I may teach you. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Teacher of men! Come and be My church, for man is a church either to God or to satan; he is either in the service of the Lord, or in the service of satan, and soon, soon, satan will no longer be and there will be great sufferance, torment and sigh in those who served him in them. It is written into the Scriptures that I will dwell with the people, and they will be My people and the Lord Himself will be with them and will wipe out their tear, and death will no longer be, neither pain, for the first things will pass away and I will sit on the throne and speak and say: «Behold, we make them all new!» Then I speak that they may be written, for My word is faithful and true, and then I fulfill, and after that I declare: «It is done!» and then I say again: «I will give to the one who is thirsty to drink freely from the spring of the water of life, and he who overcomes will inherit this and I will be his God, and he will be My son». Amen. Oh, this is how My church on the earth is, and I sit on the throne and speak a word of making, for I make My kingdom of the faithful one, and My throne is his faithful heart, and I sit in it as on the throne, and the faithful one serves Me, and through those who are faithful to Me, I dwell among people and I make a people and a kingdom for Me, and I make it with man, for I work with him and say: «Behold, we make them all new!» as it is written, and I do not work alone, for it is written to work with man everything that are written in the Scriptures to be fulfilled, and this is how the man is My church on earth. Amen.

In a day of the feast of Epiphany, I am working Holy Spirit over the waters for the man’s sanctification, I am working with the man and I do not work alone. Amen.

You, the three sons anointed with the new anointing in the garden of My word in these days to speak with you the word of the reconciliation with the Father of the faithful man and of the unfaithful one, you, sons, say once with Me over the waters and ask power from the Holy Spirit over them so that the man’s heart and then his love and then his tears may be cleaned with the help of these waters, for man has many tears because of his sins, sons. Let My voice and yours be over these waters and let them overflow with water and thus to water the land of My waters from you, for the springs taken out over into My garden with you are a big mystery, sons and with them I sanctify the earth and seal it from waters in waters with the Holy Spirit and fire, and I wipe out your tear and with you I crush the death and sit on the throne, I dwell in your little hearts and speak with you and say: «Behold, we make all things new!» and then we write these and we say: «It is done!» and we say it again: «I will give to the one who is thirsty to drink freely from the spring of the water of life, and he who overcomes will inherit this and I will be his God, and he will be My son; he will be My church and My servant», as it is written. Amen. My voice and yours come down upon waters in a day of Epiphany, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, fills them with the power from above and works with them the cleansing of the earth and of the man who thirsts after My word of life giving. Amen.

My voice is sit down today over the earth as word of Epiphany, and first I feed with it those gathered at the spring of Epiphany. My Word is the Holy Spirit the Comforter for those who are faithful to Me, and there are fire and brimstone for those who still do not have faith and by this they strike in My coming of today from the Father to man. I am within My second coming by this word and I come to prepare a clean people, a people of disciples, and I come to raise for Me witnesses full of spirit of resurrection over people, because people lie not being lifted from their sins, and they do not hear My weeping in them.

Oh, My word is coming down over the earth to open up the man’s hearing, which is not resurrected from his sin! The Lord is coming with a feast of Epiphany so that the man’s heart may be sanctified from His word! I make My disciples and speak with them the voice of the kingdom of the heavens with man, and blessed is he who lets his hearing be healed, then his heart, his love, and then his faith which is making of new man, and by which we make all things new, I and the faithful man. Amen. The evil and unfaithful man gets dogs and teaches them to bark and he also teaches them to bite. However, I get disciples and I teach them to listen, I teach them to comfort the sufferance in man, and I want to bring with them the man to repentance and to the love from heaven. This is the difference between the church of the world and My church, and each one of them keeps its sons in its arms and they know its sons. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.)

You, who are struck from your hidings in the word of My coming, oh, do no longer strike; do not longer strike in the sons of My today’s people, people of Romanians, people of My word! I, the Lord, do not keep a record of this serious sin, for this is what these sons, denigrated by you in these days, have been asking Me to do. Oh, you are not many, but if you come back to repentance from those that you have worked against the word of My coming and of My faithful people, I do not call you to account for this sin, for I am the Shepherd with the cross, the One with mercy. Behold, the man without a merciful guide upon him becomes a Judas and falls while he is led by those with their hands full of blood, full of wickedness, revenge and accusation. Oh, not so are those who are Mine! They accept reproach, for man cannot keep My life in him otherwise, a life protected from wrongdoings and always cleaned by them. He who lets himself be guided by those with bloodstained hands, that one parts company with My disciples and then becomes a Judas. Oh, how comes that, with bloodstained hands? Oh, My people, I teach you My instruction, for he who does not come to be taught, he leaves My disciples then. Sons, sons, he who blames without keeping his sins into account, that one makes Me and the heart of the wounded one bleed, and then he gives power to the devil to cause sufferance, to make war with those who are Mine by My power in them and not by their power. Oh, he who appears to be without sin, that one is a liar and that is why he strikes and points his finger to the one he blames, and those who are seized with the spirit of hatred and revenge, those are filthy with the blood of those they strike. This is how Herod did because of the sin in him, and the sin had power to tie up the steps of My baptizer, John, so that he might no longer call out to the people and to call them to repentance and to their resurrection from sin. The sin seems sweet to the man and he cannot leave it off, but rather he leaves God and thus it happens because My throne in him is looted, because he who wants to plunder a house first he ties up the strong one of the house and then the house falls into the hand of the plunderer, as I said through the Scriptures.

Oh, you those who sound the truth before you know it, you should know that this people chosen by Me from the Romanians is My vineyard! I want to give to you from its fruit if you repent from the evil in you, from the curse, which you try to scatter over the sons of disobedience on earth, who do not know to distinguish left from right. Oh, I want to cheer your hearts up by calling you to remorse because of the wickedness in you. You think that you bring benefits to Me or to the people, but the one who is unfaithful to My word of yesterday and today cannot do any good either to Me or to his neighbors, whom he tries to divest of their hope, for woe to those who do not sanctify themselves for My coming, for My kingdom in them! The word full of blaming is a word of blasphemy. Oh, be good and do not give yourselves to ignorance of soul! The sufferance that you want to inflict on those under the burden of My coming will cause you great pain. I have asked you many times to put your sword into the sheath, because you can be cut by it. Oh, come back to repentance! Come back now! Do not be unfaithful when I ask you to come out of the darkness of hatred and to turn to the wisdom from above. I am Who I am. I am not man. I am the Word of the Father Sabaoth, and I paid for the man’s life on the cross. Behold My love and behold your love! I have reached My hand after you if you want to understand this. I, the Lord, am the Shepherd King, and I come on the track of those who fall from grace and give them My hand to come out of their falling and I reach out My staff to them to tend them to the pastures, to wake them up. Amen.

You, those who are stiff-necked, shepherding in this way over the people, My word full of life, love and mercy for man is not the evil spirit! Oh, do no longer rely on yourselves to keep trying to close the way for the man to this spring! Look at those two thousand years ago, who tried like you to choke the coming of the righteous One. See how it was then and be afraid of the spirit of unbelief! The reward for this sin comes over the earth, the sin of unbelief. You say that you watch so that it may not creep in any wandering spirit on the way of God with people. Oh, show Me, show Me My way with the people if it really is! I am the way, but the people are not on My way but they are on their way instead, and the wandering spirit is in their way too, and they perish like the sheep that have no shepherd, for they have not shepherd to give them food, who are to establish My kingdom in them. Come to the knowledge from above and you will know by it the wisdom of My word, My coming as word over the earth now, in the end of the time, to prepare My way and then to come with My great and fearful day, as it is written for Me to come! (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) Exhort the people to repentance, as John, My baptizer exhorted them. Be merciful to the nations, for they have wandered away from My way with man! I come and find the fence of My vineyard fallen to the ground and all passengers-by tread on it. This is sin! Look at the parents and call them out to your help to come and to save you from the spirit of Egypt, from the perishing spirit of this age. I am the One Who took with a strong hand My people Israel out of Egypt. I go to take the man out of his sin, but My way to man is hindered by the man haughty in his spirit. Oh, let Me be the guide of the fallen man; let Me, you who stop the way of My word to the people! Let Me go into the deep and wake up the man from his fall, for man has to be resurrected and I am coming down to bring together those who are Mine, and My sign is the word of My coming and My faithful people. Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man”, r.n.)

Oh, I also call out, Lord; I call out from near You to the stiff-necked to come to repentance. I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness to make ready You way, for two thousand years ago I told the people of Israel that I baptized them with water for the forgiveness of their sins, but that into its midst there was One Whom they did not know and that One was the One Who came after me and Who was before me, and the second day You came to Jordan, and I said: «Behold the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world that He might stand before Israel; that is why I came with water, because I saw the Spirit descending upon Him like a dove from heaven and He remained upon Him, and He Who sent me to baptize with water, that One spoke to me: on Whomever you will see the Spirit descending, and remaining on Him, the same is He Who baptizes in the Holy Spirit! And I have seen and testified that this was to the life of the people». (See John 1:29–34)

Oh, I also call the man to repentance. I call out to those who are unfaithful and I tell them this: the voice of this word is not the evil spirit, but it is the Lamb of God, Who washes the sins of the world, and He washed them away and washes them, for the river of life has become the world which has been flowing from His mouth during these days, and I see and testify this, and This is He Who baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire. (See the selection topic: „This word is the river of life”, r.n.) Therefore, repent! The kingdom of the heavens has come near to you as two thousand years ago. Do not be stiff-necked as those from that time were and took the Lamb of God and gave Him to be scorned and to be tormented! Repent, you, those who fell in unbelief, and He will heal you! Faith has great work and works out in man the image of the Lamb of God, and otherwise there is no faith in man. Moreover, I will teach you repentance in my day of feast and I will ask from the Lord power to you, to be able to learn. Amen, amen, amen.

– I, the Lord, the little Lamb of the Father, I will come with John and I will shepherd My people, and I will give to the sides My teaching to the life of men and to the resurrection of those who have fallen from faith. Amen.

In a spirit of Epiphany, I release the word of love over My people. Be children in your love, sons, be infants with your love, for only in this way your love will be complete! Oh, many want to come back to life, to come back to Me, but they cannot because of their sins, which keep them far from love in them. The man full of the stench of the fleshly sin is known with his inner things, he is known by those who are sharp in the Spirit, and a man like that, being full of weakness, sees everything by his guilty eye under sin, like those in the time of My body, and to whom John, My baptizer told: «Repent and bring forth fruit worthy of repentance, for the axe lies at the root of the trees, and every tree that does not bring forth good fruit is cut down, and is cast into the fire». (Matthew 3:7, 8, 10)

I embrace you within a spirit of Epiphany, My people. Sanctify yourself in My word and let My word be sanctified in you, son! Oh, let My name on earth be made holy as in heaven, for My throne of King is the heart of those in whom I dwell on earth with a kingdom that does not fall down! Those who are priests and kings in My name on earth among people and for people, they reign like Me either, and they reign in the heart of those who love them and they are kings through them and for them. Amen.

My kingdom is not of this world. It has its realm and throne in those who are My church, My country on the earth, a country without borders, and which spreads from margins to margins by those who love Me, having Me in them as King, as it is written about God’s tabernacle with people, and the Lord will dwell with them and they will be His nations, and God Himself will be with them, their God, and the lot of those who are unfaithful are the lake that burns with fire and brimstone and which is the second death, as it is written.

Oh, My people, you should not die with the second death, for it is the unbelief and it is the lot of those who are not faithful. Stay with My word of today and do not look back, but take heed only at My voice, for I am He Who sees and knows to guide you through those that are to come to test the people. It is a turning time, and those who do not have Me as word upon them will not know the time, and they will wander away and will be smashed as sons of disobedience.

In a spirit of Epiphany I comfort you with the spirit of the holy hope. Peace to you, faithful people! Oh, how happy, how happy will be those who are now faithful! Their patience weaves a praised crown to them, for the patience with faith is rewarded and there is no other rewarded patience otherwise among those who endure. Those who endure by waiting to see those that I promised, they do not come to see, and those who endure with faith, comforting My Spirit and My waiting, they will comfort each other, for they will be comforted. Amen.

Peace to you, peace to those who have drunk of the spring of My word and of the waters sanctified by the spirit of Epiphany! Make way with the power of the healing water, for the Holy Spirit has descended over the waters, and the waters work from heaven over the faithful and unfaithful ones to the glory of My name and to the confirmation of My true word, the word which has been speaking with you on a day of Epiphany, sanctifying your hearts, making them My throne, the throne of a King with a kingdom that does not fall. Amen.

I am the One, who baptizes with the Holy Spirit and with fire the earth and the nations on it, and I have spoken in a day of Epiphany to the people gathered at the spring, and I have spoken to the nations. Blessed are those who have ears to hear and blessed are those who fulfill My word in time of darkness, in time of unbelief!

I am Who I am! I am with the believers, and I am their King, and they are My kingdom, and with it and with them, I will have victory far and wide, as it is written that I have to come, and I will come to be victorious. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.