2008.12.30 — The Word of God at the feast of the saint prophet Daniel

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the saint prophet Daniel[2]

Today is a day of feast into the midst of My new Israel, My people of the Romanians that are born of My word upon it, and I give work to be done over it in this day. I give instruction to My people, because I am its Teacher. I, the Lord, within My descent to it on this day, have with Me Daniel, My prophet, a man loved by God, as I called him, and I will work with the saints over the spirit of My people, for I have to strengthen more and more his watch for My coming with the spirit of his growth according to My will before Me, because the darkness is thicker and thicker on earth and the unbelief and contempt against the Holy Spirit is growing higher and higher, because the man took and takes out more and more this kind of life for man on earth, and man delights man, man to man to his departure from God, to the extinguishing of My light over the earth, to the going down of My light on earth and to the going down of the working grace from God upon man.

When the spirit of prophecy does not have any room on earth, when man makes out of his mind his guidance and to all those on the earth, then the Spirit of God is kept in prison in such a way that it may not blow upon man and to wake up men to watch, but not matter how much God’s Spirit is put to silence, the man is not able to prevent Him from his breathing over the earth. No matter how hard it is, the Spirit of the Lord makes His room in the prophets and enters and opens the ear of the stiff-necked due to their human haughtiness against godly greatness, which rules the world, for the making from God has the Lord as its Master and it acknowledges his Maser and serves Him. Amen.

I am into your midst with the host of the prophets, My people. I have among them the one who is celebrated on this day, the one well pleased with Me for the greatness of My dwelling in him by his great faith and love of God, by his great perseverance for the fulfilling on earth of My word written in the Scriptures up to his time, and which he was waiting for them with great longing to come down on earth for the Lord to overcome with His establishment and the man to grow weak with his estrangement from God, for all the time man has been far away from God’s grace, far from His love, and this has happened in this way even since the man, built by My hand, became haughty against Me, and by this tasting of the spirit of death, the spirit without God in man, and for which the man loses his crown prepared by God for him, the work of the holy grace, which is good to the Lord in His work with the man on earth.

Oh, well sons, I suffer very much from those who come out from My grace after they taste of it to their enlightenment from Me, to their crowning with the work of My saving graces for man on earth and in heaven! Oh, well sons, who are always taught by God, do you know how is the one who endeavors to the work of My grace in man with a great zeal and with great faith? That one has got great power of love and service with love for God’s work with man, as the prophet Daniel had. Even when he was a subject to the service of man’s kingdom upon man, he worked full of My grace too, and it was seen that he worked that way. However, if one like that, coming to the time of trial before the unbelievers, staggers and doubts of the godly truth of the working grace in man, or if he sticks by his hand to something on the earth, his human glory or his possessions, that one undergoes his falling away from grace, greater than the one from which he woke up to come and be the disciple of the life commandments, which keep Me as Master in man, and it happens to him as it happened to the disciple who, out of fear and cowardice, did not endure to the end and came out from under the crown prepared by Me, which was hovering then above his head, and which was the crown for the faith and for its working graces in man, the crown of man’s salvation and of the glory of the Lord’s grace on his head. Oh, this is happens with the one who stays with Me for a long time, nice weather, and then, losing his steadfastness, his cleanness of heart and the good and complete fulfillment of My life in man, he comes to doubt afterwards, he comes to unbelief and to his fall from grace, and the crown of the grace, worked out for Me, does not want to come down to sit on his head, and it is prepared for the one who fills the place left empty by the one who did not keep the firmness of his steps on the way in which he walked by that time.

Oh, it is ugly and it will be ugly the man who does not keep his steadfastness for My holy work, for any step started with faith and long perseverance in the good and holy work, the work for God. My prophet Daniel was despised by those who worshipped the kingdom of the world; however, his steadfastness with Me did not go weak even for a moment in his little heart, but with so much room in it for My place in it, and for this he was praised on earth and then among My saints.

Oh, sons I want to teach you beautifully on this day; I and My disciple that I love so much because of his love for Me and for his faith and perseverance before Me. The work of My graces started to dwell in him even from his childhood, and I was the wonderful One in him, great God and a spring of heavenly grace over the faithful and over the unfaithful and also over the kings of the world. He has got great prayer before Me, for he knew My will and My expectation and reminded Me from the Scriptures about the work of My kingdom and My works on earth, and I promised him a great inheritance after his going to rest, since then and to My today’s coming, by which I have prepared a faithful people for Me and with which I will fulfill to give a reward to the saints and prophets of that time, as it is written in the Scriptures about its coming and about My coming with the saints to this table, the table of the giving of reward for the work of the holy grace to My workers. Amen.

I will greatly, sweetly and powerfully put My teaching upon you in this day, I and My disciple, I and My prophets, for My prophets are full of steadfastness to the end, and this is how they have the reward of the prophets on their head, the reward of a disciple, My people. Oh, but we have to do some work from Me in this day with you, and then we are going to travel, sons. We are going to set some children under My blessing and to teach them to love in them the life and heart of the little children and then we are going to set them to watch, to keep and to work upon them My place in them, upon them and upon the place, which they have now under their care so that I, the Lord, may dwell with them in their dwelling and they to work My life in them and serve Me with it, and by serving Me to spend up to My coming in the last day for the faithful ones, who will receive their reward. Amen.

I leave My blessing over the renewed shelter and I am giving it now into use for the body, for the spirit and for the soul of those who are set in it in this day by My blessing. Let Daniel, the prophet, give them, from now on, the help from heaven and the angelic protection, while they are to give Me their living, their love and their saving work, always learning to work it, for only in this way the diligent man receives the crown of his salvation, which means the forgiveness of his sins. Amen. I, the Lord, advise and exhort them not to sin and I especially urge them to keep away from the spirit of judgment and to come near to the spirit of the right measure of everything in thought and deed, and I urge them to get used to understanding well of My steps towards them when I come to heal their thought, their heart and their work. Teach them too, working sons on My behalf, for the making of My new people. They have to understand well to be little, so little, and in this way to stand before Me so that I may be the great One upon them, for he who pretends to be greater and smarter than God, then a man like that loses his wisdom and loses his crown prepared by Me for those who are faithful and steadfast to the end.

Peace to this house! I leave My blessing upon it and may My blessing be kept on it! Obedience to God is the work of those who are blessed! Behold, we make all things new, as it is written into the Scriptures to be done, and any new beginning to be fulfilled in its work to its entire appearance. I, the Lord, will attend from above with the saints and with the angels, and also from below with you, working children upon My people, every work that will be perfectly accomplished in every place renewed by the word and by the works, for it is written: «We make them all new!» Amen.

We come back then into the book, children from the gates, that I may come down in this day with great power of word over the spirit of My people. The world has got ready for a great banquet to celebrate the year that has passed and to meet the coming year. Oh, poor of it, world, it is intoxicated with the spirit of ignorance of God and it does not know that I am the One Who can work and that it cannot work! All the sons of the world are intoxicated with it, but I have told you: “Come out of the world, My people, that you have no participation in her wine, and that you do not receive of her plagues, for her sins have reached to the sky, and the Lord has remembered her iniquities; however much she glorified herself, and grew wanton, so much give her of torment and mourning, for she says in her heart: «I sit a queen and am no widow and in no way see mourning», (Apoc. 18:7), but My angel will take up with much strength a millstone and will say: «Thus with violence will Babylon, the great city, be thrown down, and will be found no more at all, and in her will be found the blood of the prophets and of saints, and of all who have been slain on the earth». (Apoc. 18:21, 22, 24) And the angel will still say to her: «Return to her just as she returned, and repay her double as she did, and according to her works. In the cup which she mixed, mix to her double, for it has increased to her mourning», (see Rev. 18:6), as it is written. This is how I, the Lord, showed the fall of the world, the city opposing to Me, as I showed it to My beloved disciple, to John, the bearer of My word in his time on earth. Through him I prophesied the fall of the haughtiness of the proud people of the earth and the salvation of the faithful ones. And as for you, My people, you should read, son, the Scriptures; you should read them as Daniel did, and remind Me from them about My promises and seek in them after the fulfillments from Me, and also pray to Me as the prophet Daniel did, for he prayed with fire in his little heart for My fulfillments on the earth. Read about the old times, read the Scriptures, My people, and see that the prophets wrote in them about My time with you and the last Scriptures, and be worthy and ready for the work of a disciple, for the world goes with more zeal to its reward, but you should walk more longingly to meet Me, for I also walk to meet you and to meet those who are faithful, and I go to the end, and we will set the table for the prophets and for the saints and we will give them an inheritance, the inheritance which they have labored for and the crown of their labor, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


I come back into the book and I come with power of word over the spirit of My people. Amen.

I have always given you, My people, teaching, for I am your Teacher. When you came to be My people, I became your Teacher, and great wisdom has the one who has a teacher and counselor upon him. I work upon you with the saints, for they need to have an inheritance with you. Give them an inheritance with you, for they have labored in My vineyard, in My work over the earth, to make My way to the people with My kingdom, as by sighing greatly they have worked from Me upon man, for man is stiff-necked and is used to the land and to those on the earth, which are seen and which make the man fall from God, a fall from grace, because those that are not seen and are made by God, cannot be seen, loved and wanted but only by man’s arduous faith, and faith is for the things that cannot be seen, and behold, the man is unfaithful when he remains only on the side of those that are seen. Oh, only in this way the man serves on earth, and when I speak for man, you should not get out from under My teaching, My people, for I cannot teach the people, since I do not have them for instruction. Oh, not only that I complain to you with affliction from My sufferance, but I also exhort you to receive instruction upon you when I leave My mourning that comes from man in My book with you. Every man is a sinner and the sinful man is ugly. That one does not know to grow up, or to grow less, for this knowledge is received from a teacher, and the man does not receive Me as his teacher, because he is proud.

Oh, My people, the proud man calls you and Me sect. However, why do you call Me sect, proud man? You are proud like those in the time of My body, who called Me and My disciples sect and also those who bowed to believe in the word of life, for I was a spring of word and deed over those who sought with Me for the healings from the burden of their life. Oh, and if I, spending with those who believe in My word of today, the word of life and the word of My new name, which is called the Word of God, (Apoc. 19:13) as it is written, if I am called by you so, only because I do not string along with you, and not because something else, then what are you? If I am a sect then what are you? Do you take after God that you are so haughty as though you are not a sect? Oh, it does not matter that you called My people in this way, which has My word upon it. As for the one who fights for a position of honor, no one takes his right that he assumes for himself, but this right is not kept with blame and blasphemy against those who, like the disciples in My time, seek to please God and not men. Oh, the world is not worthy to be healed, and that is why I leave it to drink of its cup, having you its teachers, lest the world takes from the seed sowed by Me on earth for the man’s resurrection from his sin. Behold, your sons get up in the middle of the night and serve the devil (Serve the satisfaction of bodily lusts, of fornication, r.n.) as in the time of the bishop Basil the great, when the people and devils made devilish noises to grieving of the soul of My servant, who was praying to Me speaking a word against the spirit of the darkness of this passing age. Oh, these are your disciples, for the fruit of your work is evil and I have not heard you speaking ill of all those who do evil before Me and before My saints; but on the contrary, you baptize, commune, marry and bury in the grave then those, and you do not call them by a name of a sect, but only those that fight for My life in them you call them so. Oh, it does not matter that you stand up to despise My way to man for your fleeting glory. I, the Lord, remain the Teacher of those who seek Me at this spring and I water them from the river of life and fulfill this Scripture, (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.) and behold, you do your work, and I do Mine, and each one listens to his master. However, I urge you too, as a true and merciful Teacher that I am, to seek not to forget what it means for the man to be a Christian; you should not forget the Scriptures that teach you how Christ’s church is supposed to be. In no way does it take after what you are, for you are of the spirit of the world and have the ruler of this world as your father, as those who called Me sect two thousand years ago had him too, and they showed their power from the earth and not from heaven and crucified Me by death on the cross as a rebel, as one who broke God’s law. I do not bring on you any sufferance or any evil by My descent as word on earth to make preparations for clean people for Me and the way of My glory by which I will reveal Myself soon, soon, in order to fulfill the Scripture of the coming with glory of God’s Son, but you incur great sufferance upon you because of your great unbelief, for behold, you are fulfilling now the sin of the faith denial more than anytime, and you ordain each other on great chairs to lead the world from them, and the world is the Babylon in which God’s wisdom does not have any room. I do not get upset with you that You despise Me because of this work and you call Me sect, or because you call My people foolish as it does not serve you but Me, but I urge you not to have your heart set on the heavy sin of the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, as those in My time and in the time of My disciples did, and then they persecuted them everywhere as though they were wandering away people. Oh, do not be afraid that I take your kingdom. I have nothing to do with it, for I do not have a kingdom like yours, but I rather have something else. I have what you do not have and what do not want to have. I have obedience to My Father, that what you do not have, even if you call My Father your father. However, if He were your Father, then you would love Me too and follow Me as I follow Him.

Two thousand years ago, when God’s servants denied Me to My death, I said this: «Now the ruler of this age was already judged», and I am saying it once again in these days to the servants who say that they are masters over the people on God’s behalf, masters of men’s souls, while they condemn God’s Spirit to silence, to lie and stumbling, Who breathes over the earth with a spirit of man’s resurrection from sin, for I, God, the Word, seek nothing for Me or for My people than to wake up the man to his resurrection from sin, and behold, while they commit this horrible sin, denying the One Who speaks to them from heavens, I, the Lord, speak again and tell them this: now the ruler of this world has already been judged. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, My people, oh, sons, I do not get upset with the servants of the church, who dishonor Me and you, for they are blind, but you should be wise, for there are not many of them who do this, and who bring all of them into submission so that they may not humble themselves to watch and to serve My word of today. (See the selection topic: The true church”, r.n.) Those who serve in churches in holy robes, they listen to their master on the earth to keep their human glory, but they know that God is this word and that it is the fulfilled Scriptures, as written into the Scriptures. Oh, My word upon you has become man’s comfort on the earth and his hope of getting out of his sin, and you should be wise, listen to Me and listen to God, for He is your Teacher by the thick darkness, in which the world lives and exalts itself to its destruction.

In this day, I have some work to do with the saints, upon you, My people. The host of the prophets has come down with Me at My table with you, at their inheritance of today, and I have Daniel among those who are celebrated by them, a man pleased with God, as I called him in the Scriptures. I give you My teaching sweetly and greatly, and the saints work upon you the same, and you seek to be the fruit of the teaching from heaven, so that the Lord may not speak in vain on the earth. Learn, son, from Me and from the saints, for I have humbled Myself very much in these days of the end of the time and I have longed very much to have a holy and faithful people with power for Me and for the saints, for the saints, son, have waited for a long time for My last people. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, good Lord, I have waited with consuming fire in my little heart for Your coming and for Your kingdom on earth with the people in the time of My body. You were coming down on me and comforting My prayer for Your people of that time and You were alleviating the burning of my heart, for the longing after You was consuming me. You have put the gift of wisdom and prophecy into my spirit and with it I served the kings of the earth, for it was for my wisdom from You that they set me to rule over their people, but only to You I dedicated my life and my wisdom. Oh, You should have such a people in this time, for great are the fulfillments, which have to come out now, but Your people should also be according to their measure.

Oh, people so much supported from heaven for your faith in the Lord’s coming and for its entire fulfillment on earth! The kings of the nations and their people submitted me to their vain glory so that I might no longer worship the Lord, but to worship the man instead, but I remained faithful only to God, and my little heart was only in heaven, and I asked the Lord to bring the heaven down on earth and the fulfillment of His kingdom, as His promise was. Even from that time the Lord showed me the Scriptures from yesterday and today, His coming and the resurrection of the dead, and the quenching of the faith for these Scriptures, which will come out suddenly, and the Lord showed me how the wise people will shine in the last days, and I prophesied from the Lord, that these, who will exhort many people to walk in the ways of justice, will shine like the celestial vault and will be like the stars forever and ever. This is the destiny which the Lord has ordained for you, people of today, and that is why He is coming with such a great river of word to you, as it is written that: «The river of the Lord has been filled with water; You have prepared food for them, for this is Your speaking». Oh, the Lord struggles to exalt to great faith and to great resurrection, the Romanian country, which I saw in the spirit, for it was meant to be the country of brightness in the end, (See Dan. 8: 9,17,19; 11: 16,41) because of the Lord’s river, which flows from Him over it, and you are the new seed sowed by the Lord to growth and fruit bearing in the soil of the Romanian land, and do not forget the wisdom from above, so that you may perceive it and to be able to turn it into deed into the midst of this nation, for we, the Lord’s prophets, saw it from afar and we saw today’s country of the Lord shining. However, you, people of today, have to understand deeply and with great faith the Lord’s work in your days on the hearth of the Romanian people, for this nation has its election for the Lord’s coming to it, and here it is how the Lord is coming and becoming word over this nation to call from its midst to His happiness the nations of the earth that have heard the Lord’s glory in you! Oh, open my book with the Lord and read in it with prayer to the Son of the Father so that He may give you understanding from the Father and to know to bring this nation to holiness by your prayer, by your sacrifice and by your love, for the Lord will work to be like that. Amen. I exhort you to be humble and full of burning after the Lord’s glory, as I was, but seek with great prayer to the Lord, so that He may fulfill. Amen.

Oh, be afraid of your falling from grace! Be afraid of ignorance and of lack of your sacrifice for the Lord’s victory! Keep and fulfill all the Lord’s orders! He has taught you everything with great abundance of grace and word and you know everything. Seek to kindle your longing after all the great fulfillments, the eternal ones, as I also longed for them. Stir this longing to one another, as we do, for I had disciples faithful to the Lord, friends loving of God like me, and we were eating clean food, of clean seed, and the Lord gave us great wisdom over all the wise people of that time, and I, Daniel, took from Him the gift of the knowledge of the visions and dreams, and with great grace I stood before the kings, in the name of the Lord, and I had beautiful humility, and because of this the kings loved us, they loved me and my friends, and the Lord saved us from the hand of those who wanted to kill us because we were worshiping only Him. Oh, this is how you are to worship too and you should not be afraid of man, for man is weak and does not know to grow up, neither to grow less, for on one hand, the man has to grow, and on the other hand, he has to grow less for the great work of the Lord, and here the depth of spirit is needed for the man to perceive this mystery. Oh, stand up to fulfill with the Lord beside you the last Scriptures, for we, the Lord’s prophets, waited with great longing for the Lord to be victorious in time and for His kingdom on a holy land. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, My people, I teach you greatly in this day and My saints also teach you greatly. Take care of all My orders upon you and do your duty with regard to everything I have taught you, son. When I give some work to do, then let it be worked according to My order, for otherwise the order is spoiled and it falls, and behold, it is hard for Me. Oh, it is very hard and I try to strengthen My power for the work. Oh, look, sons, how much power I, the Lord, have given to these wise sons in the time of My prophet, Daniel, he was relying on them, and great was My victory through them over the kings of the earth.

Oh, My people, I tell you a parable, son. The man has made big and heavy machines for the loading he puts on them and he has been intelligent in his understanding for the heavy quantity put on the machine, and then he added more wheels to it and this is how man sustains his loading put on the machine. Oh, this is what I have also wanted to do with My heavy burden, and I have wanted to rely on many for the drive of My heavy chariot, but many have risen in revolt and not enjoyed over the help I have given them, and this is how these have revolted, those on whom I have relied to do My work and to rule My people gathered for Me by it.

Oh, I suffer from the Christians, who are stubborn in their spirit. It hurts Me that some of them give much room in them for the spirit of stubbornness, and My wagon pulls heavily, and I am a merciful, merciful God. Oh, you should also be merciful with Me, My people, and you should also listen to Me, but in order for you to listen to Me, you should love Me as Daniel and his three friends did, who were not harmed by fire, when for My name they were thrown by those who were stiff-necked into the fire and in other trials that they had to go through for the glory of My name borne by them. Oh, come to have love for Me, My people, so that you may not live fruitlessly on earth, for people live in vain on earth, son, and so they die. Oh, come to have love for Me, so that the Lord may not speak in vain over the earth! I would teach you day and night and I would not look at the blaspheming man, who stumbles against My great word upon you. I would always teach you, only for you to take care to long after Me, son, to be able to make you an interpreter of the confused languages of the people who are haughty in their spirit, and that they may see My working grace in you, and that they may give glory to My name, which is on your head, My people. Let us rely on each other, for My great work and My heavy wagon is hard to carry out! Come, My people, to redeem the time, son! See how the prophets worked and seek to appreciate the prophecies so that you may have from Me and from them the reward of a prophet, My people. Oh, come, always come to your condition of My wisdom from above in you, for My time with you is to work and to do the great work of the heaven on earth, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.