2008.08.28 — The Word of God at the feast of the Assumption

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The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Assumption[2]

I become word over the earth and I give Myself to those who seek Me with the longing of their hearts, for those who believe in Me are full of love, are full of longing, and those who do not believe in Me are those who persecute Me, are those who deny Me. I am the Lord, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and I am the Son of the Virgin Mother, after the Father sent Me on the earth by My birth from a virgin body two thousand years ago, for her longing after God was a stairway for Me to come down on earth, to come after man. And why to come after man? Oh, I have come on the earth after man because the man’s longing calls Me to come and his sighing calls Me, because the man’s spirit spends only in sighing, but the man does not know how to perceive this sighing of his spirit. He seeks, poor of him, and he has always sought after his happiness and life and he has worked hard within his search, but the Spirit from above is far from his understanding, for he does not find what he looks for, and I come into his way and give him of My spirit, for the man has missed it and he does not know where it comes in him the longing and the sigh from his longing and his labor for life. Woe to the man who does not read in the Scriptures to see God’s works on the earth and to believe in Him, and then long for Him as his companion and then to become himself God’s companion on the earth!

Oh, My sweet mother! Oh, the reading of the Scriptures about Messiah’s coming, the man’s Savior, was sweet for you, mother! Oh, how much you had waited for Me to come on the earth and to serve Me with longing! Your love for God wanted Me and made you into a praised stairway for the coming of My angel to you with the news of My coming by My birth from your virginal body, and then you received Me and set Me then before the people either to their faith or to their denial, mother. Then I lived on earth and fulfilled all that were written to be fulfilled, and then I went to be again with the Father, that is in the glory which I had from Him before the foundation of the world and by which My Father has glorified Me on earth, for I am the Word of the Father and I am his power in the heaven above and on earth below, as it is written.

On earth, in this day, it is the feast of your coming to Me and to the Father, mother, for if I went to be again with the Father, you remained on the earth and you remained with My disciple. I was on the cross and I spoke to you about him: «Behold your son», and to him I said: «Behold your mother», and you submitted and fulfilled in that way and remained with him, and he loved you with My love in him, for his love knew Me and then served Me with great love, and behold, love serves love, and there is no other kind of service for love, because My love in man has its own companions.

Oh, My dear mother, I have set on the hearth of the Romanian people the place of My coming of word on earth, for the Father has sent Me again on earth, mother. The Father has sent Me as word on earth, (Apoc. 19:13) and He has sent Me again after man, mother. From the beginning I am the Word of the Father, and when Father wanted to lift up for salvation the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, a people which was in bondage in Egypt, Father made Me word upon Moses and I had spoken with the people of Israel for forty years, mother, and I had led it to the country of promise, for its sigh had reached to God and then Father sent Me to save it from under its sigh and to teach it the longing for God, the faith in God and its works, mother. Behold, this is how Father has also sent Me today as word on earth, for the end of the ages has come near, and all and everything has been waiting for the coming of the Son of Man in heaven and on earth, mother, for by My birth of your virgin body I became the Son of Man and I became the Savior of the world, for the man lives only in bondage on earth, mother. I am speaking with you before those who have come together at your feast near the place of My spring of word. The mystery of the fallow land with a treasure in it, this is the mystery of the choice of this land in order that I may come, the land of the Romanian people, mother, and Father wants to announce it as heavenly homeland, the homeland of My coming again from the Father to the man with the news of the kingdom of the heavens, with the glory of My word, which fills the earth and the heaven, but only the man’s heart he does not fill, for the man does not long for God on earth, mother. Oh, let Us speak at the spring, My mother! The heavenly armies have come here, at the spring, for you, within a feast for you, and I am the Son of God and I am your Son as well. Let us feed those who have come together again near My spring of word, for the longing has brought them here, and their faith and love need power, mother. Let us glorify Ourselves with the glory that I have had from the Father before the foundation of the world, oh, mother full of word like your Son, the Word God, for the glory of God is the word, as it was in the beginning as well, mother! Amen, amen, amen. (See the selection topic: „The glory of the Lord”, r.n.)

– Oh, sweet Son of the Father Sabaoth, and mine! The Father’s economy for man’s salvation from death is great, dear Son! Oh, the man does everything on earth, but the man does not have time and longing to open the Scriptures and read in them about Your coming then and now and then to see their fulfilling as I saw them when You came on earth two thousand years ago. Oh, how much You missed the man then when You came! Oh, how much You have longed for man and for his longing now when You are coming again! Oh, how much We, those from heaven, have longed, oh how much longing We have, dear Son! This is the time for You to come: there is no longer faith on earth. Behold the sign when You have to come. (See the selection topic: „The sign of the Son of Man”, r.n.) As in the time of Noah, the people on earth do not have love of God and do not have faith, but they rather have faith denial, (See the selection topic: „As in the days of Noah”, r.n.) and this brings on earth its burning, the burning on it of all that are made by the man opposing God, for man’s thoughts are not like God’s thoughts. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire, r.n.) Oh, how much You have suffered from this separation between man and You, Lord Son! Soon, soon, the man will see how much You have suffered, for Your sufferance from man has overcome Your mercy, and behold, You come to offer him, you come to speak to him as a God full of power, but he, hearing does not hear and seeing does not see, because the sin of faith denial is on earth, Lord Son. (See the selection topic: „The changing of the holidays — renunciation of faith”, r.n.) I become word over those who have come together at the mouth of Your spring and I tell them to read the Scriptures as I read them, and then I waited for You to come, as it was written in the Scriptures for You to come, and I tell them that the longing after God becomes a glorified stairway for Your coming again to man, oh, Lord. Amen.

I am coming down with a sweet voice of mother to the place of the spring of the word of my Son and I am finding you gathered at a heavenly table. I am one with my Son. I am in Him and He is in me, for this is written for the Lord to work through those who believe in Him. I am coming to give you the exhortation of life. Love life! It is my Son, Who took the dust into His hand and made the man in His image and after His likeness and then He breathed life upon him with His mouth. Love the life, for my Son has given it to you, for the life is in Him and the life is the light of the people! Keep away from death and keep away from sin, for the sons of men do not know what death is and that is why they spend in it. Oh, do not love the world or what is in it, for the world has come to an end and God to the beginning, (See the selection topic: „The end of the world and the Day of the Lord”, r.n.) and it is worked again as in the beginning by word, and God makes them all again. Oh, separate yourselves from sin, for my Son suffers from your sins! Your life be like a virginity! Your living and your life to be of a monk! Look at the saints who have overcome the world and the flesh, that is their body, which lusts against the spirit and then they have sanctified for the Lord. Oh, come back to a life of paradise on earth so that life on earth may come from God and the Lord to take away death from it, for it is written to be so. Oh, do no longer eat meat! Oh, do no longer eat meat! Oh, do no longer eat meat! It is your fault, man, that you eat meat! It is your fault that you do not love God. It is not the devil’s guilt that you have this sin. Your sin is the guilt of the flesh, the sin that you do not love God. You cannot love both yourself and God, for he who loves himself denies God and then he persecutes Him. (See the selection topic: „What defiles a man, what enters or what comes out of him?”, r.n.)

Oh, leave off the lust of the body, which comes from the lust of the eyes, and this comes from the spirit of haughtiness of life! Oh, leave off the love for yourselves and give your love to the Lord, for it increases with Him and does not decrease, and this treasure will come out before you if you gather it with the Lord to have it, for the Lord labors only and only for man and He humbles Himself laboring. Oh, rejoice over the Lord’s gifts and over the sacrifice of love of His sacrificing people and then I will exhort you again to my Son, Who becomes word on the earth now, at the end of the time, on the hearth of the Romanian people. Be gentle and humble in your heart, be like my Son! Do not be like the sons of men, do not be like the sons of this age, who live as in the time of Noah and bring forth fire which burns the world, for the earth burns from the man’s sins, because the sin is a fire and it is the man’s end.

Oh, open up your arms and embrace my Son as I embraced and loved Him more than my life! Oh, come to be born of word and to become the sons of God, for those who believe in Him, they are those who do no longer die and they are those who live, and they live in Him, in my beloved Son, in Whom I was well pleased with my love, with my entire longing and with my entire living on earth. Bear this life on earth and you will live the sweetness and you will live through it and you will be christs, and the Lord will be glorified through you, for His will is your sanctification.

Learn the love and its apostleship! Learn the life without sin! Learn the love from John, my Son’s beloved disciple, to whom He gave me when He went to the Father after He was resurrected, and he took me to his home, loved me, stayed with me and fed me with my Son and I lived in obedience of God. Amen.

Oh, your house needs to be useful to God, not to you, if you are God’s child. This is what a child of God needs to know. Moreover, how is your house supposed to serve God and not you? First of all you have to serve God and not you or those who are yours, and then you have to bring the Lord into your house, at your table, at your heart, in your deed, and then He will enable you to do His work on the earth and over the people. Your will have to die so that the Lord may be able to make you His will then, but not only from time to time but always, and in this way you will be God’s kingdom, oh, sons fed by God with food from above, and you will be God’s house on earth as John was, the beloved disciple by his love in him and to whom my Son gave me when He went to be with the Father.

Oh, be gentle and humble in your heart, humble in your conduct and appearance! Come out of the world for the world has come to its end, and the Lord to the beginning! He who stays in the world, that one drinks of its wine, either he wants it or not, and he who comes out of it, that one drinks of the Lord’s wine, from His table, from His graces, which become God’s glory over those who stay under grace. Take, eat and drink from the Lord’s mouth, for the word of His mouth glorifies itself on the earth and calls the man to life, to the love of God, and the dead to resurrection! The day comes and those who are asleep will come to life and will testify about this word and about this place of spring of my Son. Oh, what will do then, those who deny this coming of His after man? (See the selection topic: „Resurrection of the dead”, r.n.)

Oh, Son, Emmanuel, we go to those who have gathered at the spring and give them healing and faith, for this world gives falling and unbelief to the people, Lord. On this day we sit at the table with them and then we will give them exhortation again, for it is a great feast of word over those who come together in my day of feast at the spring of Your word. I have comforted You with my coming over those who have come to hear from heaven and to receive comfort. Oh, comfort them, for You are the Comforter and Savior, oh, my sweet Son and God. Amen, amen, amen.

I comfort them, mother, and I will comfort them again in the course of the day. We embrace them at the dawn of the feast and We will embrace them again in the word to the end of the day, and the Father will have comfort from this work set before Him, for the will of the Father is man’s sanctification, oh, My mother, sweet in word as your love for man, for you were sweet for man, mother, in all your time on earth, and this is how you are also now from the heavenly glories when you comfort those that are faithful to Me, mother. Amen.

Oh, My sacrificing people, I bow to thank you because you have prepared a day of feast and stopover for those who come after Me and after you to listen to My voice. Be content and thankful, for it is a great work with Me for you to prepare a table for Me so that I may dine with the man and to exhort him to a life without death on earth and to make him a son of holiness, a son of the power, which overcomes the world in man. Amen.

And you, those who have come at the spring with longing in your bosom, I have refreshed you with the river of life, (See the selection topic: This word is the river of life”, r.n.) and I will refresh you again and again and I will teach you in the course of the day and send you My entire comfort, My entire exhortation, and you are to give away all your worldly worry, and be like angels on earth, for I, the Lord, do not ask you that which you are not able to do, and that is why I ask you only what the love for God can do. The love of God casts out fear and it casts out sin, for sin brings about fear over the man’s heart. Where there is not God’s grace, there fear is and there sin is. Oh, love God and come here to the spring to learn to love God! Come and learn, for I have at the spring those who teach the man from God! Come to meet God and you will receive life as a reward. Soon, soon, there will be nothing on earth and there will be only those who love God and will receive their life as a reward. Amen. I come soon, and My reward is with Me and I will give life to those who love life. Amen.

I am in the midst of the people with this spring of word, for the man without food from heaven on him dies; he has always died. Let the man come to learn from Me life by this word, for I have come again from the Father to the man, and I work with the glory which I have had from the Father before the foundation of the world, and this glory which I have from Him is the world of My mouth, the world which made the heaven and the earth, and which has made again a new heaven and a new earth, a new Jerusalem and a new people, as it is written into the Scriptures to work, I, the little Lamb of the Father, for those who are redeemed by Him from among people to be My kingdom on the earth.

Peace to you! Peace to you! Peace to you! I come to an end with My word and again I will speak it to the end of the day, and to the end of the day I will give it to you as your food. Amen, amen, amen.


This day of feast is the comfort of My mother, the Virgin, the greatest day in her life on earth. This day is a day of comfort, and I, the Lord, want that those who are fed with the voice of My mouth to know that My mother, the Virgin, has put all her longing into this day, for after I went to be again with the Father after My resurrection, I left her the longing after this day, the longing after God, a longing greater than the one when she had waited for Messiah to be born on the earth among people as it was written in the Scriptures to be fulfilled.

You, those who have come together in this day at My voice feeding of souls, learn from My mother, the Virgin, the longing after God as she did, for she had been waiting with an unquiet longing, day and night, her union with the homeland from above, with the Father and the Son and with the Holy Spirit and with all the heavenly and angelic hosts. She knew entire what it meant God and the country from above, made ready like a bride, adorned for her Bridegroom, the eternal day, which she received as a gift forever when I came and passed her the border between the visible and invisible things of God’s creation. The creation of the heaven and the earth, the creation of God carries in it all the visible and invisible things, and I want the man to know what God’s creation means and what God means. I, the Lord, stay seized within endless pain that the man does not know what God means, where He is and where the man is. I want the man know that he cannot hide from God and that the man makes Me suffer from an endless pain.

After I built the man and put My spirit of life in him, he immediately exalted himself, he became haughty and then he immediately hid from God; he felt in his body to commit this sin and this was his separation from God, Whom he perceived as his enemy. Oh, behold, what sin teaches man! The sin has the most hidden face and carries in it its seen and unseen things. I want to make the man used to let himself be made by God, that God may be made by grace so that there may no longer be enmity between him and God because of the sin hidden in him and which he cannot hide from God.

You, those who come at the spring of the wisdom of God’s mysteries, of the visible and invisible things of God, learn from Me that the man has in the creation that the makes, the visible and invisible things worked by him and which God knows them all very well. Men are enemies and killers to each other, and I want to make the man get used to understanding that which he does not understand by everything he does. The man has his fallen nature within him, the hiding from God, not the hiding from man, for if he had not in him his hiding from God, he would not have his hiding from man either. The hiding between man and man is enmity between them and it is nothing else, and I came on earth two thousand years ago to teach the man what light is, for there is great sufferance on man and in man because of his hiding from God and from man. The man who hides with the invisible things worked by him before God and before man is seized then by the fear that comes from hiding, and this sufferance was born by man in paradise, for man was set in paradise with his first body and over which he had to have God, Who knew how to make him and Who knew to keep him and to work him always so that the Lord could be able to have the man and that the man might not have himself, but the Lord to have him instead if He made the man to have him. However, this wisdom left the man out even from the beginning, and this happened because the man opened himself to the foreign spirit, the one unknown to him, and the unknown can only make harm to man, as it had already happened even from the man’s beginning, and then I, the God Word, spoke the word and said to the spirit opposing to My will in man: «I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel». (Gen. 3:15) Behold, the wisdom, which the man forsook in paradise, made the man become God’s enemy, enemy by hiding, enemy who has not received anything but sufferance over his body and curse over the earth, which was supposed to be a nourishing and of food giving mother, if the man had remained in obedience and not in hiding of God. When I, the Lord, spoke this over man, I was and I was not the man’s enemy, but the man alone makes God his enemy then when he hides from Him as he would hide from an enemy, and then he alone makes the man his enemy as well when he hides from man as he would hide from an enemy.

Oh, God’s mystery with man is great and I want the man understand this mystery and the man to be able to perceive it as My mother, the Virgin, perceived it and wanted it in all her time after My resurrection by which I went to be with the Father, for then she longingly wanted to come into the kingdom of the God’s invisible things, Who nourished with them her longing after them, because she was the dwelling place of the cleanness and the light of all her things, for she did not know in her body and spirit the spirit of the hiding that comes through the work, but she knew only the wisdom of the mysteries, which had to be kept in secret for their protection before men, for men are enemies to each other by their hiding and there are enemies by self aggrandizement, by working haughtiness, for man demolish man for his greatness on earth and he does not do this for something else.

Oh, My dear mother! Your love and patience was sweet, My mother! The mystery of your life, the mystery of your heart was your love and mercy, for great was the feeling of your loving of people spirit, My mother! The mystery of your life, that which was above any other love on earth of the man, clean in his heart and life, the mystery of your love carried in it the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit’s will, the love which is called God and by which you loved the people, all the people, mother, for you had mercy on them, and you suffered within yourself from this mercy just as those, in whom We put the mercy for man to its work, mother, have pain in themselves today too; mercy which works for man, My mother. In your day of feast I have opened the mystery of your longing, for this day carries in it your joining with the homeland from above, with the invisible things of God Creator, mother, but they are a heavenly mystery and are not hiding from man, but rather they are carried by God in secret for those who love Him on earth, waiting for their union with Him, as you waited for it all your life on earth, My mother. Oh, rejoice over the day of your coming among those from heaven and scatter the love of God over those who seek after Us in the house of the mysteries, in My work of word, here, at its spring, mother. Amen.

– Oh, my Son, Who are full of word now, in the end of the time! In the time of Moses, when You had been speaking into the midst of the people of Israel for forty years on its way to Canaan, You had appeared as a strong God over the nations of the earth so that they might become the way of Your path with the people of Israel from place to place to the land of promise, but like Adam in paradise, Your people became haughty and fell from the way, and that people fell because of its haughtiness, because its haughtiness made it forsake You and forget You, Lord. However, You had accompanied the people with great word to support it somehow and that it might not deny You among the nations. You made it the light of the nations in that time, for You were that light into its midst. However, it became darkness, for it hid from Your commandments and it did no longer have You as its Savior, neither You nor Moses, for woe to the one who doubts after he believes before he sees! You are hidden within Your mysteries, but the man is not like that, he does not work like that and he is Your enemy instead, dear Son, and he makes You fear, Lord, for I know this fear that comes from man, and it made me suffer deeply when I had You on earth as my Son, given from God to me, to give You birth, to grow You and to protect You from the man who is enemy to God. However, both God and man fears the man hidden in himself and in man, and again, a man like that is afraid of God and hides, and he is also afraid of man and hides from man, for the one who is hidden in his self and in man breathes fear into another man near him, and the spirit of hiding is felt near when it works from man upon man. Oh, the man will speak to himself that this is how God works as well. Oh, man, oh, man who do not love light, do and work everything that the one around you can see and you will be saved from the sin of hiding and you will do well to the man, as God does, and only then you will be able to say that you work like God.

Once a king, harsh in his nature and warlike, was passing by on the way with this army, armed for war, and there he met two holy people in his way and they were running away to hide, and the harsh king called them out following them and then he spoke to them: if you are with God then why are you hiding, why are you afraid? However, they answered him: we are not afraid for us, oh king, we are afraid for you lest we may cause some sin to you, and that is why we hide from your face. Oh, behold how much love, how much spirit loving of people overshadows those who love God and man.

You, those who have been drinking today from the spring the spirit of the wisdom of God’s mystery, come and learn from God, for the time is dear now and you have to use it for God and not for you. Give your time on earth to the Lord as I gave it to Him! Help each other to the way of the heavenly mysteries, for the Lord stays again with the man in the word and leads him to the mysteries of the life, as He had lead Israel for forty years in the wilderness of the nations on earth to the land of promise. Let the love for God replace in you the love, which takes the man out of God. Learn the love of God and its mysteries from above! Love in heaven, do not love on earth, and help each other for God’s mysteries as Joseph helped me on my way for the Son of God, Who became my Son on earth! Oh, how much he helped me, how much he loved me, how much he concealed me before the people for the word of the Son of God in me and then for His coming to the people, as the time of the Scriptures decided to be so! The love for God needs to have witnesses on the earth as I had even from the beginning of my life among people and to its end on the earth. In the same way they should have witnesses and love for man, as I loved and had witnesses of my love for man, for I had always loved them and done good to them on their way to heaven, and I was giving my heart to them for I needed the man’s love to give it to God with the whole man, but behold, the man’s sin does not want to have witnesses, rather he had the devil as his witness, as the first man built had God and the devil as the witnesses of his haughtiness, because the man can hide neither from God nor from the devil and then my Son saw satan falling down from heaven like lighting because he bowed to man’s haughtiness, to man’s will.

When the unfaithful brought the sinful woman to judgment for my Son to judge her, He was revealing with his finger on the ground their written sins, the sins of those who prepared their stones to kill with them the one they caught to be put to death, and their judgment was greater than the wickedness by which they wanted to punish the wrong one, and behold, the man cannot hide behind another man, for no one is righteous before God, but on the contrary, he who tries to blame the man is no other than the one who went wrong more than that one.

The man is sinful and has to humiliate himself and not judge, for it is written: «He who judges has already been judged». And how does that come? The sin in man is that which judges the sin of another man, for the man is not like God, Who does not judge, because God is Savior and is not the man’s Judge as man is, poor of him, the man who is judged by his own sin.

Oh, do not judge sons! Forgive and you will be forgiven, as my Son said! While I was on earth I helped, cleaned and embraced all the sinners, all the sick people and I taught them and loved them and I shared only love, only mercy, only peace, only goodness. He who wants to be loved, that one cannot love, but he who loves himself does not seek after love, but he only shares it. Behold, the first woman loved herself, and she wanted to be loved and caused death upon man, and the second woman did not want to be loved, but she loved instead, and shared love upon man, love and life, for it is a great mystery for the man to be born of heaven and not from the earth.

Oh, seek after your birth from above, that which comes from God, to have the love of God and to share it around, you, sons and daughter on earth! Oh, do not remain in your birth from your fathers, for the body you have from your parents stands against the Spirit from heaven. Seek to be filled with the longing of the homeland from above and of its invisible things and lead to it all the people on your way on the earth with the people. My life worked this way as long as I lived among people, and this is how I waited for the sweetest day of my life, the day of my meeting with the invisible things of God, Who made the heaven and the earth, all the visible and invisible things. Be sons and daughters of God’s light! Do not hide from God, but long after Him instead, for the mystery of the creation from God carries in its mystery all the visible and invisible things, from which the man cannot hide. Oh, the man’s sin teaches the man to hide from God and love teaches him to share God so that there may no longer be enmity between man and God and between God and man because of man’s hiding from God. Love God and love Him like me and like John, to whom my Son gave me into his care when He went to the Father! Be wise through those in heaven, not by those on earth! Become sons of the wisdom from above, which makes you heavenly in your heart, love, look and work! Save the people from their judgment, by teaching them the cleanness of the heart to each other and to God and the merciful help, for he who does not judge his neighbor, that one is not from the earth but he is from heaven instead, and such a man escaped from judgment. Oh, the mystery of love is great! It teaches you the things from heaven, not from people. The haughtiness and the judgment that comes from it are learned from people and humility is learned from God and through it the lack of judgment. Amen.

Oh, my dear Son, I have been in this day of birth giving from above of the man who comes and hears Your voice here, at the spring, the voice which gives birth to a new man from it and which makes the man God by Your grace, which flows and makes divine there where it is set. Be glorified, be blessed by those who love You on earth as in heaven, oh, Lord, oh Son of the Father Sabaoth, oh, my Son, of the mother Virgin, who brought You from the Father to the man on earth to be with the man and to come back again to the Father and to come again, as You have already come again fulfilling the Scriptures of Your coming by which You announced then Your coming of today. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, My mother, open up your arms and then cross them back again for those who love Us, mother, and then embrace them within the mystery from above! Let the man learn from Us the mystery between Us and man, mother, and let all of them love Us among those who come at the spring, and let Us love them and give them the heaven, mother, for the invisible things of God’s creation comprise them within their mystery, and they need healing to their sight so that they may see with it those that are not seen by the man’s eyes, by the man’s mind, mother.

Oh, people coming to the spring to hear the voice of God! Come as God wants you to come and to be and do not come as you like to come and to be! See My will, see it into My word upon you and become after My likeness and you will walk in the light, for those from God in man are in the light and are in its mysteries as well, and blessed are those who know to read God’s mysteries and those who carry them on the earth! I hid in man and with the man then when I worked mysteriously, but I did not do so to hide from man but I worked like that because the man is not kneaded from heaven to see and to know as in heaven. He who receives from heaven, that one works like God and is judged by the people on the earth like God too, because the people are from the earth.

Oh, no one is able to take anything from heaven to carry and to give if he is not given from the Father to have and to give and to bring forth fruit to God. I have told you now about this mystery, people who come at the spring to grow with the food from God and seek to learn well this mystery, which I have told you about now. Oh, take only from My mouth and do not take for you from the man’s mouth, for the man is God’s enemy by hiding and he is also the man’s enemy by those hidden in him. Oh, take from Me, take from My mouth, and take from those who share God with you, for they cannot take if God does not give them to take and to give. This is how you are supposed to learn and to believe, and let your faith and its fruit be blessed, people that come to the spring and if you come, then learn, learn the longing after God, people nourished by God! Amen.

Let it be blessed the heart of those who will take this teaching into their hearts for their birth from God! Amen.

Peace to you, those from the mouth of My spring! Peace to those who come together near you at the spring on feasts! Amen.

Peace to you, those who love My peace, My love and its mysteries! Be the sons of the heavenly mysteries and work with them in the mystery of the Holy Spirit, Who shines when He works, sons! Be the country of the brightness of the things from above on earth, for My country on the earth now, in the end of the time, bears from Me its beautiful name, the country of brightness, according to My working graces in it, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.