2008.04.20 — The Word of God on the sixth Sunday of the Lent, the Palm Sunday

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The Word of God[1] on the sixth Sunday of the Lent, the Palm Sunday[2]

Peace and power I, the Lord, put into the gates for My coming down as word into My book of this time. I come as word from the Father after two thousand years from My first preaching of the new birth of the world, but this road of Mine is full of thorns, because no one expects Me to come, for the man does not know how to understand the Lord’s coming, that which is written in the Scriptures to be fulfilled now. I hear people on earth how they speak in their hard times that they got tired with life, but I do not hear them saying that they got tired with death, for behold, the man does not know how to know about life and death as Lazarus knew, who died and was resurrected, who carried then in him the wisdom of the mystery of life and death and the wisdom of the mystery of the resurrection, and all these he knew through Me then.

It is a feast for the memorial of God’s glory in this Sunday, My people. Al the people who gathered together on a day like this two thousand years ago knew that I took Lazarus out of the grave and I resurrected him, and they all came out to meet Me in that day, crying: «Hosanna! Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord, the King of Israel!» and I sat on a foul of a donkey as it was written. I am speaking with you in a day of glory, people of My word. I have always given you wisdom to understand through it My word that is upon you, My coming to you, My dwelling with you, for the one who does not understand from God does not stay with God and one like that goes into the world again, for the opposition against Me is as great as it was in all the times, and I want you to understand this and to get used to be more and more loving and to protect God more and more beautifully, to protect your faith and your steadfastness with Me, for when I came from the Father to pay with My life laid down on the cross for the man’s life I endured great shame from the people, and I was sold on silver twice, My people, and the second time I was sold after I came to life, and woe, the people of the empty glory, who ruled at that time over Israel’s soul, did not know how to defile My glory more.

I am speaking with you, My people, to give you the power of My word, for My word has eternal life in it for you, the one who believe, and for those who do not believe in it, it has eternal damnation, as it is written about the judgment through the word. Now there have stood up many mouths who say that I am not this word and that the man speaks this word from himself. Oh, if I were a man on the earth now and if I heard this word, then I would speak about the man who would give it to Me that he is God’s man because of the eternal life of this word and I would eat of it, of its saving life, for woe and woe again to the man who has spoken during these days that this word is not spoken by My mouth! Oh, My people, here it is how they go to the world, those who use their mind, as also those from two thousand years ago did, who brought false testimony against Me in any way until they made bold to pay silver even after My resurrection, so that they could spread on the earth the greatest lie, as though I was not resurrected and that I was stolen from the grave by My disciples. However, My resurrection and the resurrection of My saints has been proven, and the sin of falsehood remained then on the heads of the hypocrites, for those who serve the lie are devils, and here it is what I say that the man does not know how to know about life and about death, about truth and about lie, about light and about darkness, for these oppose each other and struggle in the same body after the man takes the side of one of these.

Oh, My people, stay with faithfulness near My bosom and receive My word and fulfill it upon you, son, for any work that is persecuted when it works in My name, that is from God, because only God is the One persecuted on the earth, He and those who love Him, receiving beatings, denigrations and crushes as He did. Woe to those who run away from the cross getting tired with it, for the life without cross is a shameful life and it draws the man only and only under the spirit of lying and of the empty glory, the spirit who opposes God with rebellion, for this is how this opposition of spirit against Me in man is known, and it is known by its rebellious work. Oh, those who revolt do not gain anything, anything. They do not gain even their freedom, for there cannot be anyone more enslaved than them, because they are slaves to the fruit of discontent, of murmuring and unbelief, and behold, woe to the happiness of those who are unfaithful in this world!

Oh, Christian, if God has opened your eyes to step in your walking on this way in which I come as word on the earth to build with it a people for the Father and for the heaven, do not seek to fall into the spirit of doubt and of unbelief, for those who separate from the body of this people will be put to shame, both in heaven and on earth, and again, those who stay and do not know to be alive and to give to God according to His pleasure. The unbelief in which he who comes to be and then falls because of his doubt, this is a very shameful pay, and this reward proves him out, it brings his unfaithful life into view, that without a stature pleasant to God, for the unfaithful rise in revolt and then try to thin out in My people, and that is why I said about the one who comes and then leaves becoming a traitor, that it is enough to step aside and this means betrayal because he betrays God, with Whom He stayed and then he leaves off God’s mysteries, and a man like this makes his own mind and then works only evil with it, only rebellion, only death, as only the devil works again by those who are gained by him and in whom he becomes seven times stronger, as I said by the word two thousand years ago about those who fell from grace.

I promised you, My people, that I would come to you and tell you how the faithful man is able to stand up again against Me. I wait to be able to work before you with power, with vigor. I wait for the power in the gates to be able to come with solid food, with much word, for those who have helped, without waiting for them, poor of them, the rebellion which is slapping My cheek, they filled My forehead with thorns and My face with slaps, My body with whiplashes and bruises for their discontents. However, do I really owe them anything, or they owe Me instead?

Two thousand years ago, I was speaking with many who believed in Me and I wanted to set their being, for they were not made, but when it was to walk with them, My word had no room in it, and I was telling them: «If you do not believe in Me, you will die in your sins.» (John 8:24) This is what I am telling those of today who have come and have not stayed to their making, but they have even despised Me instead, they hit Me, they betrayed Me, they blasphemed Me and I tell them this: if you do not believe in My word and in My bowing to you, then you will remain in your sins, as those of two thousand years ago remained, who did not let Me cleanse them, but on the contrary, they took Me and crucified Me. Behold, the sins they have committed do no longer let the man to be cleansed by them anyhow, but more, he even tries to justify them, to protect them and to have them, and I can no longer help people like these but only by sufferance. I, because I am good, have always asked them and said to them: come, sons, come to repentance, for you gain nothing from your righteousness, sons! Come to Me so that I may cleanse you, if you show Me your sins, or if you let Me tell them to you, for behold, I tell you about My wounds by which you have filled Me now! I cannot forgive you but only through the gates. Nowhere on the earth will you be able to receive forgiveness between you and Me but only within the gate of this work, in which you have come freely to believe and to be. I cannot work for you but only by My order. Flee from the spirit of doubt and unbelief, for you gain nothing out of this, but these spirits only draw you away from God, as during the time of those fifty years they had drawn away those in My people who came and doubted and then they left and again they came and left again, and this does not mean resurrection. He who does not know to come, that one knows to leave, and a man like this does not learn something else.

Oh, My people, that is why I have come to you with the spirit of wisdom. Behold how those who are not wise come to leave, and it is happening today as two thousand years ago since those who believed in Me did not know then to become God’s sons, and thus they returned again to their own business as they also came. I leave you now in a spirit of the feast of My glory, and I will try again to set Myself as word upon you in order to make up My whole book of this day, because there is weakness within the gates and I can hardly work.

May the glory of the Palm Sunday feast be blessed, My people, My day of glory when I entered into Jerusalem on a foul of a donkey two thousand years ago, when they sang to Me “Hosanna!”, those who denigrated Me afterwards and blasphemed and crucified Me. Strengthen yourself in the spirit of the wisdom from above. See that I have asked you to put down on a paper everything you need to listen and fulfill. See that My word may not remain unfulfilled upon you. In a churchly way I can fulfill into your midst and not otherwise, and you have to understand how this comes, My people.

Oh, children from the gates, I have told you to write epistles of resurrection to My people tested by the spirit of the rebellious, as My work has also been some other times. Help the people to know from God and not from man the whole truth of the things, from you and not from the rebellious ones, for the rebellious ones make wrong steps, they trample on you and Me and want cover they guilt after denigrating you. Strengthen the faith of My people. Strengthen yourselves for Me and for My preaching, for My testimony is the spirit of prophecy and you can be useful vessels for Me and for My people. Give to My people strong little wings and keep it in My way, for you are dear for Me and the people loves you and it follows you, because I give it powers by your love for it and by its faith and I also give it comfort. Send strengthening to My people and I will be in you when you will speak upon it. Peace to you! I take away your weaknesses, for you need power to work, to clean the people of its sins and to give it always resurrection, for I am the Lord of the resurrection upon you. Amen.

Peace to you, My faithful people!

Peace to you either, the one who are doubtful, who do not know to stay in My arm of heavenly Shepherd to be able to guide you! Woe to the one who follows the feeling of his mind sick with doubt and murmuring!

Peace to you as well, those who blaspheme My word and My people, for you are without peace and wander away from God, because if you knew what God means between heaven and earth, you would not fall into doubt, you would not fall in unbelief and you would not lose God from you! Peace to you, stubborn suns, for you good, because you have left the way of righteousness, the way of love, of peace and endurance, and chose to rebel! Do not wonder that I tell you “Peace to you!” for you are to be pitied. However, My peace is from heaven, and you do no longer want now to be with God. Oh, what will you gain in the way you are walking now? Amen, amen, amen.


I come back again into My book with you, My people Jerusalem. All the saints, all the angelic hosts love, protect and glorify the land of the Romanian nation, and this is because I, the Lord, have you as a new seedling on the hearth of this nation with My work of the second coming from near the Father to fulfill this Scripture, for the Scripture of the renewal of the world is promised by Me to be fulfilled, and I needed you, My people, for no one is able to work his fallow land without working tools. Behold, I let you know to get ready beautifully within garments of white and clean flax, within little garments of resurrection, and to sing to those from the village the song of the Lord’s resurrection, to sing on the streets, My people. Sing with a holy heart and give voice to the spirit of the resurrection over the little village of My word, for there is need of resurrection on the earth, we need to comfort the earth because of its sighing. Let us teach the people what love is, son, for the people rejoice over the sin only, only over the emptiness, only over the lawlessness. The feast of the resurrection is a heavenly feast, but the people serve the devil in the time of the holy feasts, and I hold your little hand and walk with you in the streets and set you as My fruit and as the fruit of the love of those who have you on their way to Me, for I have before you those who suffer for your life, for your holiness, well, well, My people, and they are denigrated, hated and calumniated, but I asked them to speak to My people against the foolishness of the evil spirit, which makes its tools to denigrate My work with you, the way of My holiness that has come with Me on to the earth to show it to the people and that they may choose it as their way, those who can see it and feel it in their hearts, for the man cannot understand the truth of My coming of this time anyhow, for he feels with his heart not with his mind, not with his wisdom, which the man says that he knows and that he has got it.

Get dressed for the wedding, Jerusalem, and sing to Me the resurrection in the streets. I bless, with the Father and with the Holy Spirit, your walking with a feast. Show the people what sin is and teach them what holiness is. Show them their sins and urge them to a life without sinning. Tell the people that the sin is wrapped up so that the man may not know it as his enemy, and also tell them that the reward of the sin is bitter, for the world and its spirit is the prison in which the men’s souls, together with their bodies, are in bondage, and the man’s knowledge about God and the reward of everything the man gets are not known into the world, for on the earth there is no teaching about God and the man learns only about sin on the earth. However, I have you as My vessel, My people, and I have to make you My light on the earth, if I have you at all, because two thousand years ago I said this: «While I am in the world, I am the light as the world», (John 9:5), and I also said about the disciples: «I in you and you in Me, for the world to believe that Father has sent Me». (John 17:21) Amen.

Oh, My people Jerusalem, My word upon you cannot be silent, for behold, the time has come for the tare to be weeded out from the wheat, and the wheat has to be protected with great love, with My great love for wheat. Whom do you see that rises and departs from you, you shall not follow him, for each one is drawn now to what he has earned by his work that he has done by now. My patience is as great as seven thousand years and I have been waiting for man, but the temptation is also great on the earth, and those who love themselves and love glory do not have power to overcome and fall into the impossibility of going along the path with thorns, on the way of the cross, on the way with brothers, which is not easy for the one who cannot overcome and humble so that he may not fall from it, for the proud cannot walk in it, but only those who are small can walk in it, those who know to stand by holding My hand, holding the hand of the Father and their brothers’, for woe to those who did not want and do not want Me to rule upon them, and it is written about them: «Those who did not want Me to rule over them will be taken and cast out into the fire». Behold, the world is this fire, and a Christian can no longer be holy in the midst of the world, hand in hand with the world, for the living with the world defiles him; it defiles his garment, his house, his walking, his mind, his longing, his prayer, his feeling and all the other things that cannot be with God when they are in the world. I have told My people not to bring the world into his house, in his courtyard, for the world has a dirty body and defiles the Christian with all his things. I have taught the one who believes in Me to make his way with holy water when he passes through the world, but by no means should he bring the world in his house guarded by the angels for him. Woe to the one who falls into indifference of soul! Oh, the disobedient does not want, he does not want to listen! Behold, this is how the tares are brought into view when the times come.

My people, I teach you not to give the love for holiness on anything, and also My watch on your behalf, for you are My support on the earth and I need a holy house that I may be able to come, to be able to be in the world and to be the light of the world into your midst. You shall love nothing more than holiness; it saves you from death, and let the love among brothers be great, for holiness is fed with My love among brothers, the love which heals the man from his sin and which the world does not know.

Let there be love between Me and you, My people! Let your love be trained, for I have into your midst those who watch for Me and for you. However, you shall not exalt yourselves upon others, for haughtiness is a devil, it is the spirit and the voice of the devil, which sows its tare. Be full of the spirit of humility one on to the other and you will be full of My grace. Amen.

Sons, sons, I tell you once and once again: get up at dawn and go to your beds after sunset, for it is sin for the day to arise on the earth when you lie in you beds, and it is good for you to arise in the way of the day like some flowers which stretch out their body into the light waiting for it while it comes out. And if you get up at dawn, wash your face, worship God with your body and spirit and join Him at your prayer, and then work all that are to be worked in My courtyards and houses with you. Be perfect in obedience to God, be sweet in your word and behavior, for the angels want to stay with you working, and if the man does not work, the angels do not work either. Learn well to work and rest, for without rest you cannot work and, again, without work you cannot rest, and this obedience brings health into your body, your spirit and your soul in you, to you and to Me. Every evening get together in the ear and organize your work for the second working day, to know at dawn what you are to work. Then all will be then with fruit: both your spirit, soul, body and the love and brotherhood, your peace and resurrection and the renewal of the world, for every new beginning springs up with you. That is why I have made you My people. Take on you the little and white garment at My wedding table and do not forget what you have to fulfill, for soon I will speak again a new word to be fulfilled and we will fulfill My entire word that has been spoken to you to be fulfilled. Amen.

Now, I set again upon you the blessing for a feast of resurrection, sons. Go, My people, and comfort the man with My work in you, for the man is tired under the burden of his sins! Sing, son, sing the song of resurrection and give to the man powers of victory over death and holy joy, for without the joy of the soul, the man cannot walk in My way with a cross! Peace to you!

And as for you, leading children, prepare My people beautifully, both in his soul and in his spirit, and teach it beautifully and with a holy preparation to go and preach My feast of resurrection and its spirit in the streets. Let your work over My people be as in heaven and not as on earth. Amen.

As in heaven and not as on earth, you should fulfill My work with you, Jerusalem, for you are not of this world, sons. Amen, amen, amen.


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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.