2008.01.19 -The Word of God at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism

The Word of God[1] at the feast of the Lord’s Baptism[2]

The Spirit of God is hovering over the waters and the angel of the waters is coming and putting the Spirit in the waters by the word spoken over the waters so that they may be sanctified by the power of the word and by the grace from God, coming down from God over the faithful to those whom the Lord has given power to become sons from God by their faith, for this is how I, the Lord, spoke to My disciples two thousand years ago through My Holy Spirit: «He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become God’s children, to those who believe in His name, for the Word Who was in the beginning became flesh, and lived among people, and those who received Him saw His glory, such glory as of the one and only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth», as it is written. Amen. (See John 1:11–14)

Peace to you, to those who have come to take water of Epiphany, and I, the Lord, teach you the spirit of faith, to receive of this spirit of God giving birth in man and to be able to love God, for no one is able to believe Him, but only those who love Him. The one who takes holy water with a spirit of Epiphany upon it by the word spoken over the waters to be holy and to have in them power of cleansing and healing, that one believes then in this water and gives it a place of honor in his house and in his life. This is how you are supposed to do as well, for the word which comes out of My mouth to cleanse you, to sanctify you and then to guide you when you take it to honor it in your hearts and over your lives after that, for as the Spirit, Whom you do not see that is hovering above the waters in this day to sanctify them at the worked spoken upon them, as you believe in the Spirit, Who sanctifies the waters without seeing Him, the same with My word, which you do not see but you hear it after it comes out of My mouth like a big river, in the same way it washes the man inside and outside of him if the man knows to believe, loving with power the God, Who gives life of His life to the man, if he is able to believe as he believes in the power of the water sanctified by the word and by the Holy Spirit at the speaking of the word which calls the Holy Spirit over the waters. Amen.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and God was the Word, and This was from the very beginning with God, and all things were made through Him. When God made the heaven and the earth, the earth was formless and empty and darkness was on the surface of the deep, and God’s Spirit was hovering over the surface of the waters. Then the Word, Who was in the beginning, spoke the word by the Spirit and al were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made of everything that has been made, and in Him was life, and then, two thousand years ago, the Word became flesh and lived among people, full of grace and truth, as it is written about My glory from the Father. Amen.

Oh, it is not hard for the man to believe in My word, which made the heaven and the earth in the beginning when the earth was formless and void, when it was not made and empty. Oh, it is not hard for the man to believe in My word, which was hovering over the waters in the beginning and took the earth out of the waters. Behold, the man believes in the holy water with a spirit of Epiphany, but he needs to know how it is sanctified. The Spirit of God hovers over it and the word of God sets over it holiness and power of word and healing and faith. Amen. And as the Spirit of God is not seen, the same with the word of God, but behold, the man has to understand that the Spirit without speaking of word cannot work and these are inseparable at the making of the work of creation, and in order for the man to believe in the Spirit and in the Word Who was in the beginning, I came two thousand years ago and became flesh, I appeared before the people full of grace and truth to help the man believe and see the Spirit and the Word Who was in the beginning and through Whom everything was made that has been made. And again, to the end of God’s mystery, as in the beginning, I, the Lord, the Word from the beginning, Who was God, work again as in the beginning, for the earth is formless and empty, and I will take it out of the fire, as I took it out from the beginning, for there is fire now on earth, the fire of lawlessness, and in which all the people burn, an ephah which comes into view, and in it the lawlessness of the entire earth, and the Spirit of God hovers over the fire as He was hovering above the waters when the earth was formless. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The apocalyptic fire, r.n.)

My spirit becomes word upon you, those who have come together at the water of Epiphany and teaches you the spirit of faith, and the faith is that which hopes. You, who are My people, the people of this spirit and of this word, and again, you, who have come to see My people and My work with it, I, the Lord, teach you in a day of the spirit of Epiphany the gift of the holy faith, the faith that comes as a gift. Amen.

Oh, son who believe, oh, My people, and you, man who want to believe as well! Oh, you should not believe in Me in the earthly way, son, for I have taught you that the kingdom of God is not of this world, no, no, son. In this world there is only sin, only fire, only fire of lawlessness, in which the life of the sons of men and of their offspring is consumed. In the world there are Sodom and Gomorrah, from which I take out those who are Mine, and Mine are those who love Me believing in My promises of new heaven and new earth, and with whom I am able to work these things and give form to the earth, which now is burning as high as nine fathoms and which is full of blood, everywhere only blood, for the world does not know to do anything good, nothing but sin and blood, and the Lord does no longer have any room where to take a rest in a clean place, and the holy man and loving of God has to make way when he walks on the earth, he has to sprinkle his steps and his little path with holy water with power of word and to make a ford for himself so that he may be able to walk on, for My image in man gets lost by troubled waters, as the man, who sees his image in clean water cannot see it any longer after the water is troubled with every kind of dirty things, and this is how it is on earth, there are only troubled waters, only wilderness without God everywhere, and the Spirit of God hovers over the waters and brings into view the one who is clean in his faith and work, and He gives him power to become His son, born of God on earth, and this is how I, the Lord, work, with the grace of My word in this time: a new heaven and a new earth and a new man, and then New Jerusalem from place to place, My homeland on earth, Mine and those who love My homeland, coming out of the world to receive the Lord as their being, their Maker, for this age pass away, and the Lord and His sons remains. Amen.

Today I have become Teacher within a spirit of Epiphany to teach you the work of the faith, which helps the man to be born again, of God’s word giving birth of new man, and as the water listens to the Spirit and My word spoken upon it for grace upon it, in the same way, the man is able to listen if he wants, for this power for him does not come from Me but from man, and then for Me over him, as I told to the weak sick man who prayed to Me asking: «Lord, if You want to, You can make me clean», and I told him: «I want to. Be made clean!» (Matt. 8:3) I told him to get cleaned and then I to give him, to give Myself to him to bear Me. Amen.

Oh, faithful people, you shall not believe in Me in the earthly way, for I have told you that the place of My kingdom is your inner being, and if you cannot have it inside of you with all its adornments but you rather wait for it in this world, empty and formless, if you believe in Me in the earthly way, trying to understand Me this way, then the devil, the ruler of this world writes unbelief in God for you. Oh, you shall not believe in an earthly way in My promises for you, for I did not declared them for the world, but for you, and you should work to their fulfillment, for I took you out of the world so that you may not be like it, so that you may not be part of it or taste of its wine, and not taste of it in your spirit either, in your body or in your soul, son. Oh, look at My disciples of two thousand years ago how they were staggering, for not even they believed in Me otherwise, but they believed Me in an earthly way, and they waited for Me to be King over the nations and they to be near Me, if I would reign with the power which they saw in My great works, and the signs of the people’s healing and of the resurrection of the dead. Judas, not even when he got up in the day of My betrayal did he not believed that he did something wrong, for he believed in Me in an earthly way, as in a man with power, as in an earthly God, but I had nothing, nothing in this world, but only My mother and them, My disciples, and they were God’s kingdom on earth. There where I am with My people, there My kingdom is on the earth, and behold, it is not of this world, My people. (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.)

Oh, I want you, My people, to be My spiritual and not My fleshly disciple, for I have given to you My gospel of that time, and behold, again the one of this time, so that you may know to how to be My disciple in your spirit and within the holy faith, not within the fleshly one, for I with the disciples of that time could not but come back to the Father and teach them without Me being really near them, so that they could perceive the Scripture about Me spiritually and to understand it being set over them, not being set over others first, and so that they might be able to understand My mysterious work, that which is inner in man, and I told them: «Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, so that the Spirit may come to you and to teach you». (See John 16:7) Oh, it would have been useless for Me to remain with them, for with Me near them they doubted of the promises and understood them in an earthly way, because they were fleshly both in their mind and in their faith, and that was why I told them that it was to their advantage to go again to the Father, but I also told them that I would be with them to the end of the time, and they did not understand how that came either, for the one who does not understand God with man spiritually and heavenly, that one doubts. Oh, I had no one before My resurrection, on one to rely on, I had not anyone but My mother and John and James, for the others were doubtful and fearful, and then I was sold and My disciples remained without Me and I was given to be sacrificed, and after I was resurrected and ascended to be again with the Father, I sent them the Spirit, and they knew like God from Him. Amen.

Oh, My people, I teach the grace of faith which keeps you in Me and which keeps Me in you. Take care with faith, you, the one who believe this coming of Mine now on earth as mysterious word and body, take care so that the word spoken by you, spoken at random, may not condemn you, son. I advise you to be a doll for the faith and its work, for the doll does everything the puppeteer does with it, and it is more faithful than a living man, for it does, if it is handled by the puppeteer. However, more and more you should take care so that the word spoken by Me upon you may not condemn you, son, for that is God’s word.

Oh, My people, that have been Mine from old time! I call you too to instruction. I call you again, son. I call you to understand that which you did not understand when I came to you, when you came to Me to hear and to work. Oh, that you could not be My doll in your time and that I was your doll instead, to show you the work of the doll and then for you to be able to learn, that I was under your will, and your will was not good for you, and behold, today too, not only yesterday, but even today, the world calls Me the liar, for I have not had disciples in you by this time to be able to rely on them, and because of your doubt in My work, the world calls Me the immoral and the liar and the man calls Me as well, and the man says that I am not this word of resurrection and that the man is, and it says that My bearers are not God’s sons waited by the Scriptures to be, and that the church of the world would be that which is Mine, but if it does not lead to a holy life, and it also does not have any love of Me, then how it is supposed to be My servant? By its mouth? By its robe? By its walking into the high temples and that is all?

Oh, I like to dwell in man, for it is for that that I built the man, and you build high temples in vain to enter them and to call the people to you if you are not God’s temple, temple of the Holy Spirit, as it is written for Christ’s church, oh, servants who set into My name over the crowds. God needs you, He does not need temples of stone, for the temple in Jerusalem in which I entered was torn down stone by stone and it remained nothing on it, nothing of it, and I spoke two thousand years ago about this time, Mine with My people, chosen out of Romanians and I prophesied saying: «The hour comes when the true worshippers will worship in spirit and truth», (John 4:23) that in God and not in high temples, but in small houses, in little chambers, which are comprise them within the mystery of prayer and with My sacrifice for them every day, so that they may be My saints, for My holies are given to the saints, and as the calling of the church is for those who commune with My body and blood to their life in My life assumed on earth. In the time of the first saints it was very beautiful, as today, when I, the Lord, have waited again to be over My faithful ones, for the holy apostles walked and established priests through the cities even if in a city where there were no more than two, three or four Christian people, but they received the Lord on their table and they fed on Him in secret, and there was great persecution for My church, not as over the church of the world, which climbs on a height at the hand of anyone who wants to come into it and at its table. Well, if this is the church of the world, who is supposed to enter it then but the world?

Oh, My people of today, work the victory as I did, for I overcame the world, and I teach the one who comes to see you because you are Mine and I tell him how to overcome the world too, for the world is not overcome by other kind of power than by that of the humble spirit in man, and this spirit teaches you to live in God, not in this world, and it teaches you to humble yourself like Him too, and then the world does no longer love the man who works like that, and this is how the man gets out of the world and not otherwise. The man without God in him cannot bear this opposition, he cannot stay freely under defeat, and this spirit opposing to humility is called world in man, a man who had not given up the world for God’s kingdom in him, but the one who overcomes himself for My kingdom in him, that one has got those in his household as enemies, those who are close to him, those who are used to him, and they hate him if he becomes My dwelling place among those in his household. Behold, everything that is considered old upsets the man and he seeks after everything that is new on him, even if it is about those in his family who rise against each other when it is about God in man, and thus how am I, the Lord, not supposed to speak the word to make all things new that bring eternal joys, not human, as the man seeks after those who are fresh by which he throws away those, which he thinks that are old even when it is about his family, about his neighbors?

Oh, My people, the godly man is not received by the one who is not godly and he is not believed having God in him, but I, the Lord, strengthen the word of Epiphany over the waters and I give Myself to the man to clean his mind, to strengthen his faith and to tell him:

The Spirit of God hovers over the waters to fill them with cleaning power of all that harm the people and which are made by people and by the devils.

The water of Epiphany is sanctified with the cleaning power of mind for man, for the mind has to be passed through a dense sieve to be able to receive the Lord in it, and then the grace of the holy faith for all the Lord’s works with the man, for the kingdom of God is inside the man if it is at all, and it is not in this world! Amen.

Peace to you, those who have come to the feast of Epiphany, to the water sanctified with the power of the word! The Spirit of God is hovering over the waters. The Spirit of the Lord is coming down upon those who give Him a dwelling place and then His fruits are seen in those who are humbled like Him! Amen.

I have enveloped you within a spirit of Epiphany, My people taught by God. Oh son, become an example of the kingdom of the heavens before people! Show the people their sins so that they may know that they are sins, for the people do not have teachers for My kingdom in man, a kingdom, which has nothing in this world as I also do not have anything. I have taught you, that the man on earth should also hear it too, that is about the food of life making in man on your table if the man takes it to put it on his table as food. Oh, you shall not believe in Me in an earthly way and then teach the man who comes to you after Me likewise. You shall rather be a teacher of eternal life in man as I am, My people, and you shall be like Me, and you will see Me as I am, and I will be like you, and the world will see this miracle, My coming to you, for you have come to Me and you are, and I have come to you on earth and I am Who I am, and behold, I give Myself as word of Holy Spirit over to the people and I call to Me those who want to be like Me and a dwelling place of My kingdom in them afterwards. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.)

Peace to you! In a spirit of Epiphany the angels sprinkle you with holy water. The saints and the angels drink water of Epiphany near you, and even those who are asleep come and drink and compose themselves and their longing until I will quench their longing.

The Spirit of the Lord scents you with His gifts. I, the Lord, have spoken My word upon you: Peace to you!

In the beginning was the Word, and I was the Word in the beginning, and I build again by the word, and the world will see Me and will believe seeing, and those who are faithful to Me will take the crown of their faith and will see My comfort, for I am the comfort of those who believe in Me with power, with Holy Spirit and power, My people, and you will be the one comforted for you faith, which I multiply for you to have faith and that I may have faith in you either, for the fulfilling of everything that I will fulfill by My Spirit and by My building word, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

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