2008.01.08 — The Word of God at the Synod of the Lord’s Mother

The Word of God[1] at the Synod of the Lord’s Mother[2]

In the second day of the feast after birth, I, the Lord, come down again as word into the book and let on your table food from Me, word coming out of My mouth for your life and for its renewal, and this is how I feed you, as a mother that chews the food in its mouth and then takes it out and gives it to her son, so that he may grow being fed by the food in her mouth, people born from the abundance of My word in these days of God’s son, Who comes with the clouds as it is written. Come son, come My people, let us sit at the table with the wisdom, Who was born before the morning star and Who became flesh, born of the Virgin, so that He may grow into a perfect man with the people, full of grace and truth, word of the Father’s word. Come, My people, come to learn and to become My fulfilled word, as I have always taught you and urged you, for I can make you, since I can speak upon you the word of making. Your mind is the dwelling place, which is able to receive Me or not into your inner being, but even from the beginning God has breathed a wind on earth, refreshing of man’s soul, and the man is able to receive from it, the spirit of faith from the mysterious wind, the spirit of God’s knowledge and then the spirit of God’s fear, and behold, this is how the man is born of God on the earth, and then he worships Me like Abraham, for this was Abraham’s birth from Me, and then He believed like God and then God gave Himself over to him by the mystery above nature of God’s works between God and man, first by faith, then by sight and then by the fulfilled word, because Abraham became God’s bosom then, and God became Abraham’s bosom, and who can see with the eye or touch by hand this mystery above nature of the holy faith, a faith that does not examine but rather is fulfilled beyond the knowledge and view of the passing man? Oh, this is how Abraham has remained, the man who does not pass away, the man born of God, and in whose garden those, who are faithful like Abraham, take a rest, from him and up to this day, My people.

Oh, the fulfillments of God’s word are not as on earth. A man born of God like Abraham, does not look on the earth to see the fulfilled word, spoken by God, but he rather looks in God and in His dwelling places, for I do not dwell with the people in their dwelling places, in those that are made by their hand in time, but I do live with the fulfillments of My mysteries in My dwelling places, in My time with man, and not in man’s time, for during Abraham’s time I was on the earth among people and among kings, and I was through Abraham, and I was through Melchizedek, and I was greater than all those who rule over the nations, and I was resting mysteriously with the fulfillments of My mysteries through the faithful ones, who were My people, My homeland and theirs into the midst of the nations on the earth, and of the kingdoms over them, for My fulfilled word is My kingdom over the earth, and My kingdom has nothing, nothing in this world, but it has in My homeland on the earth, the homeland of those who believe like Abraham, see like Abraham and fulfill like him, without the world having a share in God’s things, which are not of this world, as neither Abraham was of this world, when he got up with his people and overcame the kings with their weapons and their armies of human people, of people not born of God, for the people are born by God’s word; they are born of the word and those, who are born of God and are, remain mysteriously among people, but they are from God and not from the people, and this is how they stay on earth in God’s kingdom and not in man’s kingdom, which is not from God, for I prevailed against Herod in the time of My childhood, for I was the King Who came from the Father with a kingdom, which did not fall down as Herod’s kingdom fell, who fought against My kingdom believing that he could make it fall before him, but it was not so, for the one who raises the stone receives the stone against his head, and the one who raises the stone does not overcome otherwise. Amen.

Oh, I have not got anything in this world, My people, and you are not supposed to have either, for this is how We overcome the world, in this way, by not having anything in it, just as Abraham had not had anything in it, and this is how we overcome the world, and are above it, and this is how it is understood the Scripture, by which I told My disciples, who used to have faith in Me, and I told them this: «Cheer up, I have overcome the world!» Amen.

Oh, My people, this is how you are to believe in My words, son, for here it is what kind of God you have on earth with you! Oh, I would teach you more, much more I would open wide My little bundle to give you from it for you to understand and then to believe and see like Abraham, and to see the way he saw God under the oak tree, but you should believe like Abraham undoubtedly and to increase in you his faith from under the oak tree, by which he saw and understood and believed God, Who was enveloped within mystery by those that are seen and which hide God under them. Amen.

Oh, how beautifully I have come on earth to be the King of the kings and the Lord of the lords! What a mystery this beauty was, My coming among people within great mystery, under the glory not understood by people as glory above the glory perceived to be that way! My mother the Virgin was of a royal kind and it was the greatest on earth according to God’s mystery, but who knows this so that he may worship with this glory this greatness of the queen Virgin, My mother? The kings of the nations rule over them and those who belong to God reign over creatures, and the creatures serve Him within a mystery, and behold, God’s kingdom is not of this world, but on the contrary, this world is included in God’s kingdom, which the kings of the nations do not understand, do not see it and do no praise it, (See the selection topic: „About the kingdom of God”, r.n.) just as those, who had the opportunity to see Me while I was revealed on earth were not able to praise Me, but there were still some who saw and knew Me, confessed Me and preached Me, those to whom it was given by the Father to know Me as the Master from Him over the creatures, the Master of the creature, the mysterious Master, reigning over the faithful and dwelling in them and fulfilling through them, as I fulfilled through My mother the Virgin the coming of the Son of God from the Father on earth to the people and as I am fulfilling Myself today by My coming again from the Father to the man, clothed within the mantle of the word and speaking from under it, the robe which the man does not understand when it sees it written into the book and it being settled face to face with man.

Oh, My people, the word is the mystery not understood to be so on the earth, and I exhort you to be wise and to be faithful when I teach you to take care and to use your faith in My words, for I have taught you no to speak any kind of word by your little mouth, for all the words are collected and all prove the man with God and God with man within a great or small measure or with no measure at all, and this is how the man comes together with God and with those who come out of this mouth and which lifts him up or brings the man down face to face with Me.

Oh, son of My people, I do not rejoice but I rather grieve much when I see you seem that you do not hear the word by which I want to set you before Me according to My will. Oh, son of My people, do not take what does not belong to you or what do you not work to have. If you want to have then build so that you may have, and if you do not build, then be content with what you have from Me. Oh, do not be discontent for I am the King of the creature and I have given Myself as an example of humility and patience, and these are love, love with propriety in Me before you. Oh, do not behave like man, as the people behave between man and man, but treat the man as I treat him, because if you do not work this way, you are not My born one, you are not born of God like Abraham, but you are born of the manly seed and you work like that. Oh, here it is how I teach you the birth. I teach you the birth from Me, as I give to work to those set by Me before you for your making from heaven on earth, for I work through the gates for you, son, as I worked through Abraham, through Moses, through David, by whose mouth My mouth was speaking, prophesying, establishing and working, for My testimony is the spirit of prophesying, and seek to understand why I have started to press My finger on this word again and again, for I want you to know Me when I work into your midst with My working Spirit by the spirit of prophesy. Oh, I want to teach you the wisdom of birth and your fulfillment by all My works upon you, and their fulfillments through you, the one faithful to them, if you work by faith like that of Abraham, who did not question, who did not doubt and who was praised from earth to heaven, from those that are seen to the mysterious ones of them from which they proceed.

Oh, you are tiny, My people, so little for the wisdom of the mysteries, but My teaching upon you is understood by the natural wise people when they hear it from My mouth that is speaking above you, and behold, the natural wisdom helps the faith, as it helped Abraham. I have exhorted you to be smart, My people, to be able to understand and to believe Me by all that I bring upon you. If I, the Lord, have unsealed My spring for you, My mouth, which becomes word upon you, then stay well, stay with fear and be attentive, because if you get used to your business, with those things in your life and that is all, then you cannot stay within My counsel, at My mouth, to take and to understand from God. I would like you so much to be able to please Me by everything you are, but My pleasure is not according to man’s pleasure so that I may rejoice in this way from man, but the man has to learn which My pleasure is, and then to become the work of My waiting, for I long to love him in this way, to have something to take from man after he becomes My pleasure, as My Virgin mother did, the greatest soul on earth, the most beautiful, the most pleased to God, God’s rest on earth, My people. Amen, amen, amen.

Oh, my sweet fruit, fruit of my womb after my heart conceived You within it! You are the fruit of the Father and You are my fruit, the fruit of my soul, dear to God, the fruit of my soul, giving rest to You, Lord born on earth from my soul, giving rest to God, for only in this way You are able to dwell with Your rest in man! Oh, how beautiful, how full of word and grace, how great the mystery of the word in this day and its wisdom are, but Your people is small, very little, Lord son, and You seek to make him like Abraham and to be able to fulfill Your mysterious kingdom through him on earth with the people, the heaven on earth, as in heaven so on earth in the midst of the kings who reign over nations and rule upon them. Oh, what a beautiful spirit You put in those from the gates when You come to give it as exhortation over Your people! We stay and listen to the spirit of the new making over Your people, for You have room in its midst with Your wisdom, which tells the evil to get out as a stranger and the beauty of Your life to be able to get in man, the cleanness of the heart in sons, the understanding of the clean and healthy mind, Lord, for the man has to cleanse his mind, to sieve it out through a fine sieve, so that the man may work then only those that are Your whole things, only those that You need in man and not the man’s, and then the man’s heart receive in it the rest of his mind, the work passed through the sieve to remain in the sieve only the godly things, as my mind worked them and only them, Lord born on earth for man.

Oh people carried on the arms of the mercy of my Son, Jesus Christ! Take great care to value the Lord’s gift into your midst, for the old Israel did not appreciate it and then perished if it did not appreciate it. Take care to appreciate those from God so that this gift may be given to you, the gift of the clean heart, which helps the mind to be God’s dwelling place and not yours, if you belong to God. Be content with what you have when you start to bear from God, and this is a great wisdom, great and unspoiled measure, for those without any measure from God spoil the man, and they make the man fall. I tell you this from the example of my life, for after the Lord announced me by the angel about the One, Who cannot be contained, that He would dwell in me to be born as a Child and to grow into a perfect man and to be Master of everything, a visible Master, I became little, very little, and this was the way I lived all my time on earth before any creature and before any man, small or great, and this is how I proved myself that I was God’s dwelling place, the Lord dwelling among men, the great One by His humility. Oh, look at those who guide you, little and tiny people. They are great by their humility, and which many do not see, because it is the working one, not that which is understood by man to be humility. God rests over them because of their humility, and it is painful in heaven over all the heavenly armies that God cannot find humble vessels among people, humble hearts like God in order that He may make them into His path to the people, a stairway from God to man, and from man to God, for God descends and ascends, ascends and descends on the stairway for man, son, on the stairway of the humility of man’s heart prepared by God for the humility in it, humility before God, not before men, and which becomes God’s dwelling place among people and for the people, just as God also made Me His dwelling place for my humility. The mystery of the clean heart has a visible work, son, as the mystery of the unclean heart has, and if you, who are God’s people, do not learn the mystery of the clean heart, then you work something else within you, and you can make wounds to God if you do not learn the faith in God and its work then before God. The one who is faithful to God takes from God and works like God and not like man for the life of the people. The one who is not faithful to God takes from the devil and works like the devil for the men’s death, son, as you know that the parable of the adder is, which got up with the work of the devil and got into the bear’s way and told him that the deer wanted to kill him so that he might be the king over the world of the animals, and in this way the adder got into the bear’s heart the death hatred against the deer and the bear got up to kill the deer, because of the adder’s words. However, the adder rushed to the deer to tell him that the bear comes to kill him, because he heard that the deer wanted to be king, because he had got the crown built by God on his head, and when the bear came to the deer to kill him, the deer bowed before down him to give him honeycomb as to such a king that he was, and then the bear calmed down and found out from the deer that by no means did he crave after the throne of the animals’ kingdom. Oh, behold what kind of work does the unfaithful one work, the one who is discontent, to whom the devil comes and gives him according to the work of his heart, for the devil has a big hook over the discontented man. This parable, which shows the face and the works of the devil and of death in man, has to be understood for the wisdom of the mind and then for the cleanness among brothers, for the wisdom from God comes only over the clean hearts and which shows their work and their God, the God Who overcomes death in man with its entire darkness, and the Lord pours out all these lessons of life upon you by the humility of the hearts of those who exhort you to God’s life in you, people of God’s Son, born from God in my virgin body and then in it among people. Oh, learn your dwelling in God’s kingdom and learn about the dwelling of God’s kingdom and of its light in you, for it has an illuminated face and it works likewise in you then when you are born of God, just as I, the mother Virgin, made God’s mysterious work among people, work above nature, giving birth to child and virgin in my body, mother of a child grown in my virgin body, a virgin body, which nurses a born child at the bosom, a child to be nursed. Oh, blessed is the one seized by God’s mysteries, for one day my Son told those who guide you in His name, and He told them this: The unfathomable mysteries are the mysteries perceived by the man who is perceived by them,” and this is how they remain in the Lord’s mysteries, and this is how they remain in them, and this is how God leads you on earth to Him, people of His mercy for man. Oh, learn this mystery and the work of the clean heart, son, for the one who is faithful takes from God and works like God within his life, and the unfaithful one is the one who takes from the devil and works like the devil for his death, but you should seek after the mystery of your clean heart and after the spirit of the holy faith, which loves those who humble under the hand and under the mysterious work of God’s Son, the only One born of the Father before eternity and the only One born of my virgin body, before the morning star, as it is written. Amen.

Within a great and virgin affection I have sat in a counsel of new making for Your people, my Lord and Son, shy little child and perfect man at the same time, for these both are Your being all the time, child God! Let us work, dear Son! Let us make Your people a child, to teach him more and more the mystery of the clean heart, the mystery of the virgin heart, for the wisdom of his heart is his new birth, that from You, mysterious Master of the creature, for You came so mysteriously and were born a child on earth then when You came! My life and behavior was decent before You, and my passing among people in the time of my body was also with propriety, and this is how I made the people godly for You, and this is how I made clean and young people for You, dear Lord. Oh, this is how You and Your disciples worked and called and worked and made them young, for You were the One Who could make them Yours. It makes me suffer just like You for all those who, in the midst of Your people, do not love the mystery of their making in Your image and after Your likeness, and these things are known from far away, and they are an obstacle of Your godly glory, which waits at this border, Master of the powers by Your humility and by Your godly endurance before the unfaithful man through his works, which do not let themselves be kneaded by You into the light, Lord Master by Your humility before man. Oh, teach them with power, teach them! And all those who love You with faith and obedience and with contentment for these, Lord Master, will receive Your wisdom in them. Amen. I am an example of life for all those who want to follow You taking their cross and denying themselves, denying their mind and its work in order to take You in them as their mind and helm, just as I stood before You and in You, and not in me, and You were my Master, and then You were my Son, the One born of the Father and of my virgin body. With much propriety I spent time on earth before You and before man, and with humility from You, Lord born on earth by my humility. My life and my behavior were fearful among people, and this is how I made the man godly, and such a holy work I give today for teaching to the sons of Your people, which I want them to be children like You, God, humbled like a child, like a lamb, like a true God by Your humility, a child born of my humility, little child and perfect God among people on earth, from Your birth and up to Your ascending again to be within the Father, to Whom You ascended again to be always with Yours, and to be from near the Father with them, as You are. Amen, amen, amen.

– Oh, mother who gave Me birth and forever virgin in your body! I cry like you, and I cry in you and with you after the virginity of the soul and the heart of man, mother. The parable of the wise and foolish virgins shows the man that the virginity of the body does not help the man to gain the kingdom of the heavens and the entrance at the eternal table of My wedding, of My coming with eternity, mother. Behold, the body does not use at anything, My mother, for the spirit is that which gives life and salvation, and that is virgin, the virgin man, who bears God in him, not spoiling God’s Spirit in him, for God’s Spirit is the One Who makes the man young inside and then outside of him, outside of the man’s body, seen by people. The spiritual man is the one who works like God and not like man who works in the name of the Spirit of God, for the Spirit of God in man is not in word but in power; it is in the works of the spirit, which works through their fulfillment the signs of God on earth, as it is written. Amen.

I have taught you, My people, with great wisdom of mystery in this day of feast of My birth as a child from the Virgin, born two thousand years ago, in the Bethlehem of Judea, and here I am, a Teacher full of the power of the Holy Spirit, pouring Him out with the breath of My mouth over you. I pass through the gates and I come to you to teach you how to work and how to love you according to your work, like Me and not like you, and to love you not only according to My mercy. The one who lives out of My mercy, that one is the one who has received mercy, and then the pretentious one, but the one who works by My power and like Me, that one is glorified with My glory, and I rest in him and over him and then with him over the man. Amen.

You shall not despise the spirit of prophecy, sons. Learn to receive God, as Master over you in all your time and moving, and you will be small, those who are humble like God, those born of God, those taught by God. Learn the mystery of virginity, for My mother, the Virgin, carried Me in her and had a virgin body. Amen. The one who carries Me in him like My mother Virgin, that one becomes young in his body and by God’s word, Who comes in and then out, and glorifies Himself with His work, make the man into God’s glory, a glory that does not crave after glory, but after God, and this is how I want you to give birth on the earth by the word of My making through the spirit of prophesy, which rules from Me, and such a kingdom I want to set before Me when I come, so that I may come, My people, to come and to be with the sons who are like Me, and then they will see as I am, as it is written. Amen. (See the selection topic: „The coming in a visible way”, r.n.)

Oh, My people, when I see Myself in you as I am, then I come visibly, but you should not want this, and rather you should work this, for the whole of My coming waits for your face, not for Me, not for My coming, and it is written: «The whole creature waits with eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed, for those like Him and who will see Him, when they will see each other, God will see them and they will see God, they will be able to see each other», for this is written and it has to be fulfilled what is written, My people. Amen, amen, amen.


Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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[1] God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni — Romania, redactor note.

[2] Translated by I.A.

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